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55 Best Robot Vacuum Names For Your Little One

Have you recently got yourself a robot vacuum? If yes, then congratulations!

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This handy little device has a mind and personality of its own. Rather than just being a cleaning device, it will often interest your kids or pets. So, like any other family member, it also needs a good name, that you or your kids can call it by.

And this isn't only for setting up the device's name. Associating a name is quite fun, especially while giving voice commands to summon it for a quick cleaning session.

However, coming up with a name isn't as easy as it may seem. We often tend to gravitate towards similar names or towards such names that don't fit.

Hence, to make things a tad easier for you, we are here with a guide filled with potential names for your cleaning companion. So, hold tight, and let's begin with the best robot vacuum names!

1. Irona

We couldn't possibly start a list of robot vacuum cleaner names without mentioning this famous character from Richie Rich. And, if your robot vacuum is as passionate as Irona, then the name's a perfect fit.

2. R2-D2

Are you a Star Wars fan? If yes, then naming your robot vacuum after a loyal astromech droid can never go wrong.

3. Wall-E

How can we even forget this doll-eyed cleaning robot? So, name your robot vacuum Wall-E if it happens to love cleaning as much as our beloved Disney Pixar character.

4. J.A.R.V.I.S. Or Jarvis

Have you always dreamed of having something similar to Tony Stark's AI assistant? Then, make your dreams come true by presenting this famous name to your robot vacuum.

5. Mr. Robot

As you can guess, this robotic name is inspired by the series Mr. Robot. We just hope that you will remain in control of your robot vacuum.

6. Marvin The Paranoid Android

If Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series has never failed to make you laugh, then you could think about giving this name to one of your robot vacuums.

7. Rosie

Rosie is one of the most iconic names to give a robot vacuum cleaner, as it comes from a popular show The Jetsons that used to air in the 1960s featuring a robot maid.

8. Bender

Happen to have feisty features in your robot vacuum like Futurama's Bender Bending Rodríguez? Then there's no need to think of other names.

9. Hal 9000

Do you have smart features like a Wi-Fi connection in your robot vacuum? If yes, then give it the name of Hal 9000 that belongs to Arthur C. Clarke's popular Space Odyssey series.

10. Alfred Pennyworth

You can only hope that your robot vacuums can be as loyal and efficient as Batman's ever-present butler, Alfred.

11. Buzz Lightyear

Those who have grown up with Toy Story know the emotion behind this name, and you can keep it as your Roomba's name to honor its work to keep the home clean.

12. Consuela

Consuela, the mother of twelve, is great at cleaning Peter Griffin's house in Family Guy while maintaining a straight face. If your robot vacuum is similarly unbothered by you standing on the floor, then give it the name of Consuela.

13. Optimus Prime

Fans of the Transformers franchise can actually find plenty of inspiring Roomba names, but we think that Optimus Prime does stand out on account of his leadership skills. Let's just hope the name rubs off on your Roomba!

14. Rambo

Rambo is rather a fun name for a robot vacuum to signify its dedication to vacuuming your floors, and the name comes from the eponymous film franchise.

15. Obi-Wan Kenobi

When it comes to Star Wars, no one can forget Obi-Wan Kenobi, the legendary Jedi Master, so if you're a fan, you could give this name to the robot vacuum as a tribute.

16. Butter

Apart from being a well-known robotic character from Rick and Morty, the name Butter will also remind you how essential the robot vacuum is for cleaning up the mess on your floors.

17. Mr. Meeseeks

Keeping up with the theme of Rick and Morty, Mr. Meeseeks is another great name for a robot vacuum as the gadgets are also eager to help you out in cleaning around the house.

18. DJ Roomba

If you happen to own an iRobot Roomba, then DJ Roomba is the perfect name to give to it if you're a fan of the TV series Parks and Recreation.

19. The Terminator

Do you realize how useful a robot vacuum is for your home? As it helps out in vacuuming the floors throughout the day, so a name like The Terminator is more than justified.

20. Johnny 5

People who are a little old school will remember the Short Circuit films which star the Johnny 5 robot. You could give this name to your robot vacuum to honor its smart and intelligent approach to cleaning.

21. Robocop

Well, no one is better at arresting the dust and hair on your floor than the handy-dandy robot vacuum, so why not name it after the popular movie franchise?

22. K9

One of the critical tasks your robot vacuum cleaners will have is to vacuum up the billions of cat and dog hair strewn around your floors. So, naming the device in honor of Doctor Who's companion can never go wrong.

23. Jeeves

Let's be honest that there are times when the strange activity of robot vacuums does crack us up. So, naming it after an iconic character, Jeeves created by P. G. Wodehouse doesn't seem like a bad choice.

24. Mr. Carson

Any fans of Downton Abbey over here? If you're, then it's hard to forget this straight-faced butler from one of the most iconic TV shows that have ever existed.

25. Argus Filch

Kids raised on Harry Potter will never forget Argus Filch, the caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And, just like him, the robot vacuums at times seem to lurk around your home for no apparent reason.

Funny Names For Robot Vacuums

26. Hairy

We couldn't help but include this in our suggestions as it's a pun on Harry, one of the most common English names. But, it has a greater significance as Roombas are often highly efficient at cleaning pet hair.

27. Dustin Bieber

It's always good to hope that your robot vacuum model works as well as Justin Bieber sings.

28. Sir Cleansalot

At times, you do want to give respect to your vacuum cleaner, and nothing can be better than ushering it with a formal name if your robot vacuum is connected to a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa.

29. The Grimeinator

Say goodbye to all the dust and grime present on your floors when the Grimeinator bot is out on its mission.

30. Sir Scrubsalot

This is one of our favorite names as nothing can keep your home clean and tidy, like a little scrubbing. So, such a respectable name is apt for the Roombas.

31. Dustbin

Isn't it fun to call your robot vacuum a dustbin? And, if you think deeper, it's a literal dustbin as it holds the dust after it's done with vacuuming.

32. The Mother Of Dust

Does the robot vacuum remind you of your mother, who never forgot to tell you about cleaning the room? If yes, then you'll surely know the importance of this name.

33. The Dirt Detective

The latest robot vacuum models are perfect for a smart home, as you can call it to clean the dirt out of hidden corners. Hence, it's apt to give it a suitable name.

34. Cat Car

The internet has graced us with instances where pet cats have hitched a ride on robot vacuums. If your iRobot Roomba happens to have a similar feline friend, then it can surely be called a Cat Car.

35. The Maid

Fancy a party trick? Connect your robot vacuum with Wi-Fi to use a virtual assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa and set its name to "the maid". And, when your friends are over, surprise them by calling out to the vacuum cleaner by its name.

36. Optimus Grime

Yes, it's a pun on the name of Optimus Prime from the Transformers, and we aren't sorry for thinking that the name is funny.

37. Puumba

Along with being a great The Lion King reference, Puumba will also be quite suitable for an iRobot Roomba. Funnily enough, this name also rhymes with the popular workout, Zumba.

38. Katniss Everclean

Katniss Everdeen may have had a hard time in The Hunger Games, but she didn't have to clean the dirty floor of your room like the robot vacuum.

39. Dustin Timberlake

Do you like shaking to the tunes of Justin Timberlake? If yes, then give this punny name to your robot cleaner to laugh every time you call it out using Google Home assistant.

40. Vlad The Inhaler

This exquisite name is a pun on the name Vlad the Impaler, and rest assured, your bot vacuum is way better than the inspiration behind Count Dracula.

41. Minion

For some people, their robot vacuums are no less than a minion as there's always a need to clean a floor or some room.

42. Sir Vacsalot

If your bot vacuum tirelessly cleans without any complaints, then this respectable name is the best way to honor its work.

43. The Mop

Sometimes it's funny to give a literal name to an object, and as the robot vacuum is a cleaner, calling it, a mop won't be that bad.

44. Roundabout

Just like in a roundabout, your vacuum robots always know how to follow a path without hitting a wall.

45. The Grim Sweeper

Even though we are sure that your iRobot Roomba will never be grim about cleaning a room, you could still give it such a puntastic name to chuckle while calling it out.

46. Not A Toaster

Well, it's obvious that your Roomba isn't a toaster, but the robots don't even look like the usual vacuum, so you can create this name to have a bit of fun.

47. Pet Hair Eater

Give this name to your iRobot Roomba if it works as a savior by picking up all the pet hair present at your home.

If you have kids, then a robot vacuum often has to pick up food crumbs along with other dirt, so a cute name like Cookie Monster works out well. Also, it's easy for the kids to remember to summon the gadget when needed.

49. Baron Von Sucksenstein

Bring a little fun to your life by giving your robot vacuum a fun name like this which has an air of importance but makes you chuckle at the same time.

50. The Housekeeper

The Roomba is nothing less than a caretaker for your home as it always makes sure to keep the space clean.

Human Names For Robot Vacuums

51. Bob

As Bob's a common English name, you can always select it as a name for your Roomba as it's easy to remember.

52. Mildred

The name Mildred reminds us of the peaceful yet model housekeeper who is always there to help out her employer, and we love to see similar qualities in a Roomba.

53. Roberto

Along with sounding like the name of a Spanish butler, it's also a play on the word "robot" which is often used to describe a Roomba vacuum.

54. Andrew

Andrew is the friend that's always by your side, just like the Roomba, or robot vacuum cleaner is ever-ready to clean.

55. Martha

Martha is yet another great name for your robot vacuum as it's simple along with being helpful for you to build a strong connection with the trusty cleaning device.

Best Robot Vacuum Names For Your Little One

So, those are all the name suggestions we have for your robot vacuum. Pick one that's closest to your preference, but be sure to give it a name. Or, use this list as an inspiration to come up with a name of your own for the beloved cleaner.

Also, remember that you can change the device's name anytime, so don't fret about making a choice. If you're unsure, keep the default name for a while, and then come back to this list for a fresh perspective.

Furthermore, if you happen to think of any other amusing names for a robot vacuum cleaner, do let us know. We would love to add it to our list so that everyone can find a suitable name for their Roomba.

Till then, goodbye and take care!

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