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11 Best Central Vacuum Attachment Kits, Powerheads & Brushes

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What good is a vacuum cleaner without the right powerhead? It is the central vacuum powerhead that determines the quality of cleaning.

Even if you get your hands on a premium vacuum power system, without the correct powerhead, it will not deliver optimum output. The output will be lukewarm and most of the dust and debris will be left behind. Hence, buying the best central vacuum powerhead for your system thus becomes an absolute must.

But there’s a small catch. When you visit the market, you are most likely going to get confused with the thousands of similar options that are available. And this you be racking your brain over which one to buy.

So, in order to help you, we have designed this guide with the top 11 options that you can try. You will get a detailed outline of all the features of these units along with a buyer’s guide.

Without any further delay, let’s dive right in!

Best Central Vacuum Attachment Kits 

Vacuum cleaner accessories, filters, brush nozzles on a white background, spare bristles for cleaning.


As one of our top recommendations, we have the OVO KIT-LV40DP-OVO central vacuum kit. This unit comes with an electric powerhead and a universal switch that ensures compatibility irrespective of which part of the world you are settled in. Let’s take a quick look at what else it has to offer.

OVO Central Vacuum Deluxe Plus Accessory, 30/35/40/50ft...
  • Not to be used with electric carpet beater or electrical...
  • 40 FT LOW-VOLTAGE HOSE: ON/OFF switch control at the handle...

Why Did We Like It?

When using a vacuum power nozzle, one of the most crucial things is the flexibility that it offers. And this one comes with an electric hose whose length can be adjusted by up to 40 feet. This enables you to reach the most challenging areas on your floor and take stubborn stains off the carpet.

Moreover, the ease of use that this brand offers is nothing short of incredible. The hose is completely crushproof and hardly requires any maintenance. And because the switch and hose are universal, it can fit all switchboards irrespective of where you are located.

On top of that, the tools that come included in the package are of excellent quality and highly efficient. For example, the air-driven carpet brush is perfect for taking out dust that has been collecting for a long time. And the hard surface brush, which is made of horse hair, is perfect for cleaning ceramic and hardwood floors.

What Could’ve Been Better?

After using it for a few weeks, we noticed that the on and off switch doesn’t work too well. You might have to press on it hard to make it function properly. And in case it does not, contact the manufacturer and ask for a replacement.

  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Includes all tools
  • Adjustable hose
  • Switch works slow

2. Alder Central Vacuum Kit With Hose

If you are looking for a central vacuum system that is lightweight and super simple to use, the Alder central vacuum kit with a hose is your best bet. What’s more, cleaning the tools won’t require you to strain your nerves.

35' "Comet Central Vacuum Attachment Kit with Hose, Power...
  • Exclusive to Alder Products, the "Comet" electric power head...
  • Comes complete with a 4 piece tool kit (12" Floor brush with...

Why Did We Like It?

We understand how using a vacuum cleaner for a long time can become tiring, especially when its power nozzle is heavy. But that isn’t the case with one. This kit includes a crash-free hose that is exceptionally lightweight. And the 3-way switch, along with the ergonomic grip, makes using the model a breeze.

Moreover, the electric powerhead comes equipped with an LED headlight, which enhances its performance even further. There is an internal switch that enables you to turn on the powerhead automatically when the wand is tilted back. And it switches off by itself when the wand is placed in an upright position.

Furthermore, the wand comes with a swivel head which makes the tool highly functional. It becomes extremely useful if you have full-house carpeting as the telescopic wand helps you clean under the furniture and reach compact areas with much ease. This also becomes possible as you get better control because of the unit’s design.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We have noticed that the brush comes equipped with a belt that makes the suction powerful. If not done right, then chances are that you will lose control and that the dirt will start floating instead of getting sucked into the model. To save yourself from such a problem and to clean the carpets better, we would recommend that you read the user instructions well.

  • Does not cause fatigue
  • Easy to install
  • Highly efficient
  • Long hose
  • Brush functioning requires precise control

3. Broan-NuTone CT150B

For cleaning hardwood floors or surfaces with carpets on them, you should give the Broan-NuTone CT150B a try. Homeowners will surely love this as it makes the task of keeping your home dirt-free extremely easy. And first-time buyers will not have to worry about its performance at all.

Broan-NuTone CT150B Attachment, Black
  • CENTRAL VACUUM FLOOR TOOL: Extra wide 10.8" tool provides...
  • MULTI-SURFACE DESIGN: Moves from hard surfaces to carpet...

Why Did We Like It?

The most important feature that makes this model stand out among its contemporaries is the fact that you can use it on hardwood floors, tiles, vinyl, and also on regular carpets. And when cleaning, the operation will be completely quiet, causing no disturbance to anyone present in the house. So, without any doubt, this vac scores high on efficiency.

Furthermore, its multi-surface design enables you to use it on all types of floors. And it is the ease of use that this brand offers, which will make you like this unit even more. With a set of rear and front wheels, it maintains excellent and easy airflow. The wheels act as a roller and enable you to push the device around with ease.

Apart from that, installing this unit will seem like child’s play. All you have to do is attach the central vacuum hose to the device, and your home will get an efficient and quick cleaning.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite performing quite well, we do have something to crib about. On receiving it, we noticed that the packaging was not done well and that the box in which it arrived was a little tapered. We expected better from a brand as good as this one.

  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Turbine makes no noise
  • Easy to use
  • Provides efficient cleaning
  • Packaging needs improvement

4. EZ SPARES BMD-20-32

If you are on the lookout for a product that is stellar and offers incredible suction, you must definitely try the EZ SPARES BMD-20-32 replacement turbo brush head. With this unit by your side, you can rest assured that all floors and furniture in the house will be taken good care of.

EZ SPARES Replacement Turbo Brush Head 1 1/4 inch...
  • Inner diameter is a standard 1 1/4 Inch (32 mm)size for all...

Why Did We Like It?

The first thing to catch our attention when it came to this product was its stellar looks. If you are an Iron Man fan, you are surely going to love it, as the design is inspired by the iron man movie and flaunts a glossy red baking enamel.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about its efficiency while cleaning your carpet or under the furniture well. The built-in roller, brush, and wind wheel together will make your floors will be speckless after a single round of cleaning. All these pieces of equipment together ensure that the suction is strong enough to remove stubborn dirt stains.

Moreover, the brushes present in the kit are of exceptional build and thus quite durable. There are also smooth-rolling wheels and suction strips that help you remove pet dander effectively.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We noticed that when used for a long time, the brush seems to get heated too much. It is true that the brushes are soft but start malfunctioning when used for too long at a stretch. Hence, we would recommend that you take small breaks when using it.

  • Stellar looks
  • Durable
  • Suitable for effective cleaning
  • Excellent quality equipment
  • Brush tends to get heated up

5. ANBOO 8542019759

Next up, we have the ANBOO 8542019759, which is one of the best electric powerheads that we have tested. The best thing is the hose of the unit, which is so flexible that you can wrap around and keep it organized so that it does not occupy too much space for storage.

ANBOO 32mm 1 1/4 inches Vacuum Hardwood Floor Attachment...
  • The inner diameter is 1.25 incn(32mm), fits all vacuum...
  • Natural horsehair bristles,considered the best material for...

Why Did We Like It?

The versatility that this central vacuum system offers is nothing short of incredible. It is 1.25 inches in diameter and fits all types of standard vacuum cleaners. Hence, you do not have to worry about any difficulty while installing it into your system.

Not only that, but the brush that comes in the package also has a high-quality build and a long lifespan. It is made of natural horse hair, making the bristles incredibly strong and resilient. The brush is well-equipped to handle stubborn patches of dirt. So, when it comes to the overall build, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for money.

Moreover, if you are worried about the device getting worn out soon, you can forget about that. There is a soft rubber guard to protect the equipment from regular wear and tear, which prevents scratches. Long story short, this unit will look as good as new for years to come.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Even though we were quite impressed with how well this unit performed, we have to say that installing it is a little challenging. If you are new to using central vacuum systems, getting it in place can be quite tricky as the user manual is not very detailed.

  • Versatile
  • High-quality construction
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Durable
  • User instructions not detailed

6. Cen-Tec Systems 93785

The Cen-Tec Systems 93785 premium vacuum kit is an excellent fit for both conventional and electric hoses. It has a unique button lock feature that prevents it from getting separated from the hose to make for convenient functioning. With this, cleaning in and around the furniture would become simple and less tiring.

Cen-Tec Systems 93785 Premium Vacuum Attachment Kit with...
  • Designed to work with both conventional and electric hoses...
  • Includes a 12” pivoting neck natural fill floor brush in...

Why Did We Like It?

Irrespective of the kind of hose you use it for, the performance of the tools is pretty impressive. There is a button lock stub tube that successfully engages the chrome wand that is included in the set. The wand also has an incredible button-down feature that makes disengaging super simple. As a result, you won’t have to face any storage-related issues.

Moreover, the brush is soft and does not damage or make scratches on your floors. So, you can save a lot of money on maintenance. Without any worry, you can use it on all kinds of hard floors, such as those that are made of vinyl, concrete, hardwood, or laminate.

Aside from that, the power nozzle is of an excellent build and does a great job at collecting dirt from carpets or from under the furniture. There is a window cut present on the face of the nozzle that further enhances its output.

What Could’ve Been Better?

When opting for this ultra-lightweight central vacuum kit you must remember that the tools are not very suitable for cleaning large areas. We observed that the attachment heads are a little small, and if you plan on using them in large spaces, you would have to work for a long time.

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use
  • High-quality fittings
  • Long-lasting
  • Not suitable for big spaces

7. Cen-Tec Systems 93048

When you are looking for a combination power nozzle that can handle versatile operations, give the Cen-Tec Systems 93048 central vacuum kit a try. It comes with a power brush that can handle cleaning dirt spots and pet dander equally well. On that note, let’s learn more about its features.

Cen-Tec Systems 93048 Central Vacuum Kit with Switch...
  • The lightweight highly flexible hose is made in the usa and...
  • The 93048 is compatible with air turbine nozzles and all...

Why Did We Like It?

This central vac attachment kit makes no compromise when it comes to quality. The hose included in the package is lightweight and completely flexible, making it super easy to clean the carpet in your house. There are pin jack inlet valves that enable you to switch on and switch off the device quite easily.

Beyond that, the hose is easily compatible with all types of air turbine nozzles of most major brands. So, you do not have to spend extra money buying different accessories for different nozzle types. You can rest assured that it abides by all necessary industry standards to provide top-notch results.

Moreover, we noticed that the wall end is designed in a way that it fits Nutone and all other inlets. It has a 1.50-diameter opening, and that ensures it fits all standard hoses and power nozzles available on the market.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only issue that we had to encounter with this unit is that it is quite a task to maintain it. Because there is no rubber guard, scratches will form easily unless you take proper care. To save it from regular wear and tear, you have to remain extra cautious.

  • High-quality build
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Works with all standard vac tools
  • Well functioning belt
  • Time-consuming maintenance

8. GV 35ft Central Vacuum Kit With Power Head

GV 35ft Central Vacuum kit with Power Head is one of the best bets if you are looking for a vacuum hose that fits with most standard central vacuum systems. This model is compatible with most of the units and never fails to deliver an impressive performance.

GV Central Vacuum kit with Power Head 35 Foot Hose and Tools...
  • GV 35 foot Central Vacuum kit designed to fit nearly any...
  • GV POWERHEAD - 6 stage height adjustments, LED headlight,...

Why Did We Like It?

You can trust this brand when it comes to output delivery. With the high-end tools included in the package, cleaning becomes easy as suction becomes super effective. As a customer, that is one of the most important features that you look for in a central vacuum system.

Moving on, what makes this product really stand out is its construction. The design and the material are such that it hardly requires any maintenance and will last for a long time. And with a little effort and practice, you will gain better control that would enable you to use this in the best possible manner.

Also, you will find an extremely sturdy gear belt attached to this device. Honestly, the tools included in the package make the product worth buying. The LED headlights present on the wand and the suction motor further add to the efficiency of this model.

What Could’ve Been Better?

It is true that the length of the hose (35 feet) is great when it comes to cleaning your house. However, we noticed that the hose is not too flexible, and that makes storage pretty difficult. As you move around with the item, you will feel the weight, and that easily causes fatigue.

  • Great customer support team
  • Quiet operation
  • Free of maintenance
  • Good for cleaning pet hair
  • Stiff hose

9. Electrolux ‎045280

Electrolux is a popular name in the market when it comes to cleaning tools and their product; the 045280 central vacuum floor brush is one of a kind. This flat brush would help you get rid of dust and stains in your house in no time. It is ultra-efficient as it provides quick results.

Electrolux Central Vacuum Premium Bare Floor Brush
  • Fits ONLY Electrolux Quiet Clean, ELUX1600 and Beam Q...
  • This floor brush comes with a square neck and is NOT...

Why Did We Like It?

Carrying vac systems around that are heavy in weight can be quite challenging. But this power brush will not give you a hard time at all. It is ultra-lightweight and won’t add to the difficulty of using the central vacuum system. Because of its soft bristle, it does not get damaged easily.

Moreover, the brush head is highly flexible, making it easy to clean under furniture. Removing pet hair with this item is as easy as a breeze. The bristles are designed in a manner that provides edge-to-edge cleaning without you having to bend while you are at it.

Also, this brand understands how valuable time is, and it has designed the soft nylon brush head accordingly. It is flat and board, covering a large space at a time when cleaning. As a result, you can get it done fast without much hassle.

What Could’ve Been Better?

When buying this item, you need to remember that it is not suitable for every wand type. If you have a round wand, it won’t fit that. However, if your wand is square, it would fit that perfectly. Keep this factor in mind to make sure that the product does not go to waste.

  • Portable
  • Flexible functioning
  • Long-lasting
  • Quick operation
  • Not suitable for round wands

10. Ultra Clean Central Vacuum Powerhead

The Ultra Clean central vacuum powerhead comes with an entire cleaning set that will help you take good care of your house. With the power nozzle, wrap-around wand,, and wheels, rest assured that you will get nothing but high-end cleaning.

Ultra Clean Central Vacuum kit with Powerhead hose and tools...
  • ✅ Electric Powerhead with Chromed Steel Brushroll and...

Why Did We Like It?

Once you unbox, you will find a pigtail-style power cord included in the package, which is of an impressive length. You can direct the beater bar, and with its support, you can easily remove hard stains and dust. It is made of chrome material, and that makes it tough and durable.

Also included in the package is an electric hose. You will find a 3-way switch which makes it quite easy to use this model. Besides the hose, the wand performance is pretty excellent. The bag that you find in the package will help you effectively store both the hose and the wand.

And the best part is that the device comes with a height adjustment feature. This enables you to use the power brush without having to bend too much. As a result, you can reach difficult areas to give them a good clean without much hassle.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite performing well to meet our expectations, we did notice that its price is a little higher than some of its more popular competitors. So, if you are on a budget and still willing to buy it, it is best to plan properly.

  • Height adjustment feature
  • Easy to store
  • Ultra flexible
  • Excellent output delivery
  • Price is a bit high

11. Cen-Tec Systems 94038

There was no way that we were going to wrap up our recommendation list without having mentioned the Cen-Tec Systems 94038. When it comes to vacuum tools, this brand is the first to arise in many people’s minds. And after seeing how well it performs, we are not surprised why!

Cen-Tec Systems Kit TurboCat Air Turbine Tool with Hose and...
  • Includes the popular Turbo Cat air turbine tool in the gray...
  • The gray Turbo Cat features an eleven and a half inch wide...

Why Did We Like It?

There is hardly any money or effort that you have to spend on maintaining this item. In case there is debris stuck to the device, there’s nothing to worry about. The design is such that they will not be able to enter the turbine and disrupt the motor. So, you can rest assured that you will enjoy nothing but the best output.

Furthermore, included in the package is a steel telescopic wand that would make cleaning your house extremely easy. The button-down element makes it very convenient to disengage the hose from the wand, giving you better control and access to clean. Even storage becomes free of any hassle.

Moreover, the wand presents a height adjustment technology making it easy for you to use the item. You can keep the wand collapsed when not in use and extend it to a 35 inches length as and when required.

What Could’ve Been Better?

On receiving the package, we noticed that some of the tools, such as the roller, motor, and wheels, were missing. If you face a similar problem, contact their customer support team and ask for a replacement.

  • Ultra-efficient design
  • Good customer service
  • Easy to clean
  • Light in weight
  • Quality control team is not good

Corrugated Tube for Vacuum Cleaner on white background close up

Central Vacuum Attachment Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have given you a complete round-up of the products, were you able to decide which central vacuum powerhead would be good? Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to decide yet.

Knowing just about the products might not be enough to make a good choice. There are a few other factors that you need to keep in mind before deciding which systems to opt for. And in this section, we will take a look at some of those and factors.

So, without any delay, let’s quickly take a look.

1. Type Of Flooring

Not all electric powerhead is suitable to function well on all floor types. Simply put, the brushes need to be specific to suit the kind of floor that you plan to use them on. So, before you buy one, it is essential to decide where you are going to use it.

Suppose you have a beautiful hardwood floor! In that case, you need to select an electric powerhead that won’t damage them. However, there are some central vacuum powerheads that work well on almost all types of surfaces. As much as that seems like a great deal, keep in mind that the price would be relatively quite higher when compared to the others.

You would mostly need this type of vac in case you plan to clean both the carpets and floors with it. In such a situation, it is best to go for a powerhead that can be used on all types of surfaces, even if the price is a little high.

That said, it is best that you go for an electric powerhead if you have to clean soft and thick carpets. On the other hand, if you have to clean thin carpets, you can easily opt for an air turbine powerhead.

2. Central Vacuum System Compatibility

Compatibility is a crucial factor to keep in mind when looking for a central vacuum system. Imagine investing in a power nozzle only to realize that it does not fit your vacuum wand. It is crucial to remember that not every power nozzle or power brush fits every kind of wand and hose.

So, we would recommend that before buying powerheads, check whether they will fit your vacuum cleaner system. Powerheads that support a wide range of vacuum cleaners generally have a high price. Keep that in mind before deciding which one to buy.

3. Height Adjustment

Some of the high-tech central vacuum powerheads come with height adjustment options. This helps you to use the powerhead, hose, and wand on the surfaces with much ease.

As a result, you would be able to clean your house much more comfortably without having to face any fatigue. So, as a customer, you should look for a model that makes using central vacuum powerheads feel as easy as a breeze.

4. Types Of Powerhead

The type of powerhead that you would need when cleaning a carpet would be very different from the ones you would use to clean hardwood floors.

While testing, we noticed that there are mainly 2 types of central vacuum powerhead that you will find on the market: electric and turbine. And for the best results, you need to set up your power nozzle and the entire central vacuum system correctly.

Air-driven powerheads come with a high-power turbine that makes use of the airflow to turn the brush roller. The electrical powerhead, on the other hand, makes use of an electric motor to turn the brush roller. But for this, you would need an electrical tool that can be just plugged into the socket for use.

5. Belts

In terms of the function they perform, a belt is a very crucial element in a central vacuum system. A belt included in a vacuum cleaner system can be of 3 types. Either they are a flat belt, a poly-v belt, or a clogged gear belt.

All these 3 types serve the same purpose but vary in terms of their longevity. Geared belts score the highest, followed by poly-v belts and flat belts.

6. Design

If you have cleaning-related issues, finding a model that ensures quiet operation and provides ultra-smooth functioning is an absolute must. This is only possible when the design is good and enables you to easily clean low-lying furniture and soft carpeting.

You should totally opt for a model that comes with all the tools that you need for efficient functioning. This way, you do not have to buy extra attachments for your vac and spend more money on them.

Black nozzle with a vacuum cleaner brush, on a white background.


That’s all for today, folks!

We hope you had a great time learning about the 11 best central vacuum attachment kits that you can try. We researched extensively to compile this list for you and hope that it has helped you decide what would work the best.

But before we say goodbye, we would like to let you in on our favorites. The OVO KIT-LV40DP-OVO central vacuum kit remains our favorite overall. And if you are looking for a unit that is easy to install and use, the Alder central vacuum kit with hose is the best bet.

With that, it’s a wrap. Let us know which one you liked the best in the comments section below.

Until next time, have fun cleaning!

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