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11 Best Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Alternatives To Consider [Reviewed]

According to DIYers, a pocket hole jig is an essential component in their toolbox. In fact, most people don't leave for work without carrying one.

Professional precision drilling tool, furniture jig, hinge drill, Forstner drill.

When it comes to choosing a suitable pocket hole jig, the first brand that comes to mind is the Kreg Jig. Believe it or not, it has made woodworking a lot easier and the best part is that even first-timers can build projects without learning any special skills. 

However, its high prices have got many DIYers looking for alternatives. So, in this article, we have compiled a list of the 11 best alternatives to the Kreg Jig. These options are just as good and some of them may even surprise you with their performance.  

Without further ado, let's jump right in. 

Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Alternatives


Woodworking entrepreneurs are using a drill through the wood holes to assemble and build wooden tables for customers.

  1. General Tools ‎850 Pocket Hole Jig

General Tools is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality and innovative precision tools. And the 850 Pocket Hole Jig from the brand is certainly no exception. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this product offers everything that you would need to successfully complete all your woodworking projects. 

General Tools Woodworking Pocket Hole Jig Kit - All-In-One...
  • POCKET HOLE SET: Our easy-to-use tool creates corner and...
  • ANGLED DRILL GUIDE: The drilling kit includes a pocket hole...

Why Did We Like It?

Coming from a brand with over 100 years of experience, this unit left us impressed with its accurate output. You can use it for a wide variety of applications, such as nailing screws in tight spaces, constructing face frame cabinets, and more. 

Weighing just under 2 pounds, it is highly portable and you can even mount it on a bench, thanks to its high-quality camping system. Plus, it is super easy to use, which makes it the perfect companion for both professionals and DIYers alike. 

Apart from this, it is compliant with the FSC standard, meaning it is made of ethically sourced wood. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, so the brand has got you covered and helps solve any defects. 


What Could've Been Better?

We believe that it can be a good alternative to the Kreg Jig in most respects. However, while testing it, we noticed that the height of the holes could not be adjusted according to the thickness of the material, which was slightly disappointing.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Height of the holes cannot be adjusted

  1. Milescraft 1325

Founded in 2002, Milescraft is one brand that consistently delivers innovative and user-friendly products that stand out on the market. Understandably, the 1325 pocket jig is an alternative you wouldn't want to miss out on, mainly because of its four-board thickness setting. 

Milescraft 1325 Pocket Jig 200 - Complete Double/Twin Pocket...
  • Spring-loaded sled adjust button allows the jig to be set to...
  • Built-in imperial & metric scales allow you to easily...

Why Did We Like It?

We were thoroughly impressed with what this product offers. For starters, we loved the built-in metric and imperial scales that let you track the thickness of the workpiece. Speaking of thickness, it comes with 4 different board thickness settings ranging between 1/2" and 1-1/2", making your work a lot easier.

Furthermore, the hardened steel creates a dense tolerance between the drill bit and the bushing. This allows you to make a precise and clean pocket hole while also minimizing tear-out. Also, the 3/8" stop collar sports a split design that prevents the set screw from slipping when secured.

We love its heavy-duty plastic storage case, allowing you to keep all the important components in an organized manner. What’s more, the price is affordable, and it is backed by a 3-year warranty, which makes it worth the investment.  


What Could've Been Better?

Without a doubt, this product is an affordable alternative to the Kreg Jig. It supports light-duty work and is a suitable choice for occasional DIYers and beginners. So, it may not be the best option for those who are looking to use it professionally or for large-scale tasks. 


  • 3-year warranty
  • Accurate and clean pocket holes
  • Easy to use
  • Great value for money


  • Not suitable for professional use

  1. MulWark Premium Pocket Hole Jig System Kit

Our next recommendation is yet another quality addition from the house of MulWark, a brand that is committed to delivering affordable and durable DIY tools. On that note, allow us to introduce you to the Premium Pocket Hole Jig System Kit, an all-in-one set and a robust alternative to the Kreg Jig. 

MulWark Mini Wood Pocket Hole Jig Kit - Two Pocket Screw Jig...
  • ♦ Complete Pocket Hole Kit: Our pocket hole jig Includes...
  • ♦ Effortless Assembly:Mulwark pocket hole jig kit provides...

Why Did We Like It?

Right from the get-go, its premium-quality construction caught our eye; made using re-sulphurized hardened steel, this product is one of the most durable options on our list. Also, it comes with a magnetic spot that enables you to easily adjust the position of the jig. 

Moving on, you can easily measure the thickness of your workpiece and place the jig accordingly, thanks to its adjustable thickness settings. In addition, the guide hole is positioned at 15 degrees, thereby reducing the size of the pocket hole for efficient output.

That’s not all and you will find that it has a lifetime warranty, which shows that the manufacturers have faith in their products. Overall, this set is everything you need to get started with your very first pocket hole assignment.  


What Could've Been Better?

We didn't come across any significant drawbacks while testing this product. But, we feel that the instructions could have been a lot better; it was unclear, and the booklet was quite small, which could be an issue for first-timers. Other than that, it works perfectly. 


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable
  • Thickness of the wood can be measured
  • Hassle-free experience


  • Complicated instructions

  1. Wolfcraft 3751405

For over 70 years, Wolfcraft has dedicated itself to designing high-quality products that users can rely on for a long time. And the latest 3751405 model is a true testament to the brand's quality and reliability. Moreover, it features extremely durable and lightweight construction, making it a tough competitor to Kreg Jig’s products.

wolfcraft 3751405 Dowel Pro Doweling Jig Kit
  • Doweling Jig Kit that features a compact design coupled with...
  • Cast aluminum doweling jig ideal for creating edge-to-edge,...

Why Did We Like It?

In our opinion, the main USP of this product has got to be its 9-hole guide, which saves you from the hassle of marking and measuring holes. Additionally, each guide has a bushing made of hardened steel, delivering much-needed durability. 

Now, its unique clamp system deserves mention, as it lets you join boards for simultaneous drilling. What’s more, it features a doweling jig made of cast aluminum which is perfect for creating edge-to-corner, edge-to-edge, and T-joints. 

Impressive, right? Well, there's more and we were delighted to find that it works perfectly with materials having thickness between 1/2" and 1-1/4". Plus, with the brand's limited lifetime warranty and affordable price tag, you can rest assured that it promises to be a valuable investment. 


What Could've Been Better?

For the most part, it does a pretty decent job. Having said that, the guide bushings are a bit oversized, which prevents them from delivering accurate results. This was quite disappointing given all the exceptional features this unit comes with.  


  • Affordable
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Ideal for thick materials


  • Oversized guide bushings

  1. Massca Aluminum Pocket Hole Jig System Set

Next up, we have another outstanding alternative to the Kreg Jig from Massca, a brand that manufactures top-quality products and is popular among DIYers. Hence, it should come as no surprise that the Aluminum Pocket Hole Jig System Set is one of our top recommendations.

Massca Pocket Hole Jig Kit M1 - Adjustable & Easy to Use...
  • Advanced Hole Precision – Create perfect woodworking...
  • Adjustable Depth Setting – Each pocket hole jig kit...

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, we really liked that every jig sports a depth knob, which helps in adjusting to the wood's thickness to avoid splinters and damage. Plus, its top-notch hole precision lets you repair wood joints and create accurate woodworking holes with ease.  

As far as the build quality is concerned, it is made of heavy-duty aluminum, which offers a sturdy and reliable support base while working. We also found that it comes with a lot of carpentry accessories, including drill bits, screws, and a stop collar to assist with your DIY project. 

On top of that, the built-in dust collector does a great job in collecting all the dust particles and debris, hence keeping the workspace clean. Naturally, it is one of the highest-rated options on the market. 


What Could've Been Better?

Despite testing it rigorously for hours, we couldn't find any significant flaws with this product. But, it is not for those who are on a humble budget, as it is one of the most expensive alternatives to the Kreg jig. That being said, the quality of this model totally justifies its price tag.  


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Efficient dust cleaning
  • Top-notch precision


  • Tad bit expensive

  1. VINWOX Pocket Hole Jig System

We are halfway through with our recommendations, and here is a product from VINWOX that you can't ignore. Featuring sturdy steel drill guides, the pocket hole jig system allows you to achieve optimal accuracy by laying down ideal pocket holes for clean wood joints.

VINWOX Pocket Hole Jig System – Adjustable Woodworking...
  • ✅Pocket hole jig kit creates pocket holes at variable...
  • ✅Hardened steel drill guides achieve maximum precision for...

Why Did We Like It?

To be honest, the VINWOX Pocket Hole Jig System is not just any other conventional jig system. And the main reason behind this is the fact that it can create pocket holes at various center distances for a wide range of materials. In addition, the super sturdy drill guides further deliver clean pocket holes.

Now, it is made of sleek and highly-durable anodized aluminum, which helps it stand the test of time. Added to that, consumers will find a ton of woodworking accessories in the kit, including bezels, wrenches, drills, and screws for a hassle-free DIY experience.

Moreover it is priced quite reasonably, and can handle large-scale projects quite conveniently. So, it’s safe to say that it is one of the best Kreg Jig alternatives that any DIYer can hope to get their hands on. 


What Could've Been Better?

It is a noteworthy alternative to the Kreg jig, mainly because of its durable aluminum body and its compatibility with materials of varying thickness. Having said that, the markings on the bushing are all backwards, which may confuse first-time users. 


  • Affordable
  • Sleek
  • Durable
  • Accessories included
  • Lays down clean looking pocket holes


  • Markings on the bushing are backward

  1. Armor Tool APJ1400

Armor Tool doesn't need any introduction as it is a trustworthy brand in the DIYer community. On that note, we bring you one of its finest innovations, the APJ1400 Auto-Jig Pocket Hole System. It is a must-have for all DIYers and woodworkers looking to create clean pocket holes. 

ARMOR TOOL Auto-Jig Pocket Hole System - Starter Pack -...
  • REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR JOINERY - Say goodbye to manual...
  • EFFORTLESS CLAMPING - The Auto-Adjust clamp adapts to...

Why Did We Like It?

It is safe to say that this model is one of the top performers in all aspects. Its self-adjusting feature makes it suitable for heavy-duty projects while the auto-adjust clamp enables you to secure woods of various thicknesses. No wonder, it acts as a suitable replacement to the Kreg jig.

Another thing that we really liked was its color-coded screw system, which makes it super convenient to match the size of the screw to the dimensions of the pocket hole. Plus, it is rust-resistant, thereby ensuring a longer tool life.

It also comes with a detailed instruction manual, so that you can easily mount it on any worktable. Moreover, its built-in dust collection does a pretty decent job in keeping the workstation clean. 


What Could've Been Better?

Despite being a premium-quality product, it has a couple of downsides. Firstly, the holes tend to clog which makes it challenging to get the desired output. It also features an expensive price tag, which could be beyond the buying capacity of most DIYers.


  • Suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Rust-resistant screw system
  • Suitable for working on woods of varying thickness
  • Comes with detailed instructions


  • Expensive

  1. Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig

The Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig has been designed for a spectacular performance. Whether you are an occasional DIYer or a seasoned pro, this product may help you achieve the desired results. Featuring a sturdy locking wedge, it is the ideal option for inserting various drawer slides. 

Universal Drawer Slide Jig - Cabinet Hardware Jig Install...
  • Universal Rockler Drawer Slide Jig: Install drawer slides...
  • Works For Most Drawer Slides: The Rockler cabinet hardware...

Why Did We Like It?

With the right balance of smoothness and precision, it is one of the top alternatives to the Kreg Jig. It features a sturdy locking wedge to securely hold the slide in place to prevent slippage. In addition, you can clamp the jig further for more stability. 

Now, for any jigs, drawer installation is a major headache, but this product handles it with ingenuity. It can easily accommodate drawer side heights up to 1-3/4," and the adjustable index foot enables top-notch accuracy. 

Also, it doesn't matter if you are a first-timer or a professional because using this jig is super easy. Not to mention, all its outstanding features are coupled with an affordable price tag, making this product one of the best options on the market. 


What Could've Been Better?

The performance of this product is undoubtedly flawless, but unfortunately, the same cannot be said when it comes to the build quality. It was made of flimsy material, therefore it was not at all sturdy. Other than that, it works perfectly. 


  • Affordable
  • Delivers precise results
  • Easy to use
  • An ideal choice for first-timers


  • Poor build quality

  1. WEN WA1527

Now that we are nearing the end of our list, here's another product that you should seriously consider. It’s time now to introduce you to the WA1527 Metal Pocket Hole Jig Kit from WEN. This product is one of the most durable alternatives to the Kreg Jig as it’s made using heavy-duty anodized aluminum. 

WEN Pocket Hole Jig Kit, Metal, Step Drill Bit, Self-Tapping...
  • Drill quick and accurate pocket hole joints; perfect for...
  • Adjustable toggle clamp accepts a range of thicknesses,...

Why Did We Like It?

According to us, one of the key highlights of this product is its adjustable toggle clamps which are capable of accommodating woods of varying thickness. Plus, the hardened steel drill lets you drill precise and clean pocket holes, making it a suitable choice for woodworkers and carpenters alike.  

Furthermore, it is built using top-grade anodized steel, which ensures durability and long tool life. But despite its incredible durability, it weighs just under 5 pounds and you can easily carry it from one jobsite to another. 

We also liked that it contains 100 screws of sizes between 1" and 2", ensuring that you never run out of screws while working. Moreover, the mounting holes help you place it on a benchtop very easily and you can use its L-base to drill holes in tight corners. 

Lastly, like most WEN products, this pocket hole jig is also backed by a 2-year warranty.


What Could've Been Better?

This product is undoubtedly an outstanding choice for professionals as well as DIYers because of its clean results and durable build quality. But, we noticed that its instructions are unclear and difficult to read. Meaning first-timers and occasional DIYers may view this as a significant drawback.  


  • 2-year warranty
  • Versatile
  • Highly durable construction
  • Portable


  • Difficult to understand the instructions

  1. T&A Jig Joinery Kit

The T&A Jig Joinery Kit deserves a spot on this list mainly because of its multipurpose nature. Featuring 3 different drill bits, it lets you nail a wide variety of DIY as well as commercial projects with ease. But there's a lot more to this product, so keep reading.

Wood Woodwork Guides Joint Angle Tool Carpentry Locator -...
  • MULTIPURPOSEThe mini pocket fixture is very suitable for DIY...
  • DOUBLE POCKET Dual Pocket 15癉rill Angle, 2-way hole, can...

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, we were impressed by its versatility and affordable pricing but that doesn’t mean it compromises on performance. You can use it for constructing a wide range of things, including dressing and train tables. 

Featuring dual pockets at an angle of 15 degrees, this product allows you to make accurate screw connections to increase work efficiency. Furthermore, its knife head enhances the overall performance, thanks to its 3 drill sizes, meaning it is suitable for working on any wooden surface.

Moving on, its metal construction offers durability, and you can work for extended periods without any difficulty. On top of that, it contains multiple stoppers and sleeves for a smooth experience, so that you can handle various projects. 


What Could've Been Better?

We found a couple of drawbacks while testing it. Firstly, it tends to jump around, and you will have to clamp it down. What’s more, the drill bits that came along were not to our liking as they were slightly shorter. 


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Effortless working experience
  • Versatile


  • Short drill bits

  1. Big Horn 12600

Frankly speaking, this list would have been incomplete without this product from Big Horn, a popular brand that sells and manufactures top-grade hand tools and accessories. Added to that, the 12600 pocket jig is an option that can give tough competition to the Kreg JIG.

Pocket Hole Jig Woodworking Kit, 3/8" step drill, 5" square...
  • Stop collar to control depth of hole
  • Adjustable drill guides control angle of drill

Why Did We Like It?

This brand is merely 20 years old, but we have to admit that the Big Horn 12600 exceeds our expectations. It is everything that consumers would need to drill clean pocket holes with ease.  

The adjustable drill guides help control the angle of the drill while the stop collar does a pretty decent job managing the depth. Unsurprisingly, it is a go-to option for professional woodworkers. 

Apart from this, it is made from premium-quality materials, delivering a highly durable and sturdy design. Speaking of design, the yellow and black color combination makes it trendy and eye-catching. 

Other than that, it weighs well under 2 pounds, making it extremely lightweight and highly portable. Needless to say, consumers will have a great time working with it. 


What Could've Been Better?

Firstly, it doesn't come with a carrying case, which is quite disappointing as a case allows you to store all its important accessories. Also, it is only adjustable up to 3" which is a letdown. Apart from that it is a top-notch alternative available at a reasonable price.  


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Eye-catching color
  • Clean and precise results


  • No carrying case

Professional precision drilling tool, furniture jig, hinge drill, Forstner drill.

Kreg Jig Alternatives Buyer's Guide

So, were you able to make a choice after going through all our recommendations? Even if you weren’t there’s no reason to worry because knowing just the product names isn’t enough when looking for the best Kreg Jig alternative. 

In fact, there are several other factors that you need to keep in mind to make the purchase. For this reason, we have discussed all the essential points in detail, in this buyer's guide section, to help you make an informed decision. 

We strongly recommend reading till the end; otherwise, you might miss out on a thing or two.  

  1. Durability

Durability is one of the most important factors that you must consider while buying the best Kreg Jig alternative. As such, we strongly recommend going with a model that features a metal construction as it provides durability, thereby increasing the tool-life. 

Also, choosing a durable jig becomes all the more important if you intend to use it professionally. 

  1. Adjustable Settings

The product should have adjustable settings, meaning the size and the angles should be changeable as per your convenience. That said, models that are slightly expensive usually come with all the relevant features and adhere to materials of varying thickness without requiring additional effort. 

  1. Accessories

Most jigs come with accessories such as screws, bits, clamps, etc., to enhance your working experience in this day and age. However, not all of them are important. Ensure that you go through the instruction manual properly, as it will provide a clear idea of the accessories that you actually need. 

  1. Intended Use

You should be honest about how you are going to use the product. Opting for expensive models may not be the best idea if you intend to use it for light-duty tasks and occasional DIY projects. Having said that, you still need to ensure that the product is durable and long-lasting.

Another thing to consider is the thickness of the materials that you want to drill using the jig pocket hole. Your unit would turn out useless if it failed to expand while fitting different materials. 

  1. Warranty

Since pocket jigs require a substantial amount of investment, it is always best to go with a model that is backed by a warranty. Usually, the top brands offer a warranty of several years, but you should always check that yourself before buying. 

Screwing a self-tapping screw into a metal fastening hole on a wood strip using a screwdriver, the work of a carpenter.


Hopefully, this review-based guide will help you choose the right alternative to the Kreg Jig. Before wrapping up, we would like to let you in on our favorites from this list.

The overall best on this list is the General Tools ‎850 Pocket Hole Jig because it is very easy to use and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Apart from that, the Milescraft 1325 is easy to use and helps create precise pocket holes. 

But, if you are looking for a pocket jig that will last a long time, we certainly recommend going with the MulWark Premium Pocket Hole Jig System Kit. So, that's all for now but we will be back with more exciting product reviews. 

See ya soon! 

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