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9 Best Jigsaws of 2023

When it comes to getting a good woodworking workshop going, jigsaws are an amazing power tool to have. Their reliable cutting mechanism, coupled with their ease of use and precision, make them a DIYer’s favorite companion when carving wood.

Carpenter's hands with electric jigsaw close-up. Work in a carpentry workshop. A man cuts plywood with an electric jigsaw. Electric tool for woodworking.

Jigsaws have gotten pretty popular off-late, so much so, that there is an immense variety of them on the market today. So, picking the one that can fit your needs the best can actually be harder than it seems.

From orbital models to reciprocating, from corded designs to cordless ones, there are a lot of features one needs to keep in mind before making the purchase.

And so if you’re suffering from a similar jigsaw-choosing dilemma like so many other DIYers out there, then we have just the right list and guide for you. The jigsaws that we have reviewed today, are not just incredibly popular but are some of our absolute favorites as well.

And we’re confident that one among them will be able to fit your needs perfectly.

Best Jigsaws

Photo of employee working with electric jigsaw in summer on street

From robust cutting power to ergonomic design, these jigsaws have been selected based on their performance, features, and user reviews. So, if you're ready to take your woodworking skills to the next level, here's the list of the 9 best jigsaws.

1. Black & Decker BDEJS300C Jigsaw - Best for Domestic Projects

If you're looking for a Jigsaw for domestic woodworking projects, then the BDEJS300C from Black and Decker is going to be our pick for the day. This light and easy-to-use model provides incredible value for money and has been dominating the market for some time now.

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 4.5 -Amp (BDEJS300C)
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION – 3/4 in. stroke length for cutting...
  • VARIABLE-SPEED MOTOR – 4.5 Amp motor generates up to 3,000...


When trying out the BDEJS300C for ourselves, what stood out the most was the design and build quality. For a jigsaw that comes at a price that the BDEJS300C does, it's indeed quite rare to get a product that is as durable and as functional as this.

It's one of the best cordless models today and comes with a variety of features that make it quite user-friendly and a great pick for beginner woodworkers. It also provides variable speeds of up to 3000, along with a 45-degree bevel and a wire guard sightline channel for improved accuracy and control.

However, though fun and easy to use, the BDEJS300C will disappoint when it comes to stroke lengths. The 4.5 AMP motor, might be able to take up smaller, more domestic woodworking projects perfectly, but will fail during heavy-duty use, making its stroke lengths feel limited.


  • One of the best value-for-money corded jigsaw models
  • Comes with variable speeds of up to 3000 RPM
  • Easy to use, and is certainly a great pick, for beginner woodworkers


  • Power is quite limited for heavy-duty work and can make the strokes feel limited

Power Source: Corded | Motor: 4.5 A | Blade Material: Metal | Strokes Per Minute: Up to 3,000 | Orbital Settings: 0 | Bevel Capacity: 45° | Blade Change System: Tool-free

2. DEWALT DCS331 Cordless Jigsaw - Best for Power & Versatility

In the home power tool industry, Dewalt is known for making some of the most versatile models in the market. And their latest cordless DCS331 Jigsaw is an incredible woodworking tool with a lot of customizable options, that is bound to make any user happy.

DEWALT 20V MAX Jig Saw, Tool Only (DCS331B) , Black
  • All-metal, lever-action, keyless blade change allows for...
  • All-metal, keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0 degree, 15...


What we love the most about the DCS331 is its keyless blade clamp. It makes changing the blades incredibly easy and is one feature that we do not find in a lot of cordless jigsaw models at that price range.

Moreover, for a cordless model, the Dewalt DCS331 is incredibly powerful. Cordless jigsaws, unlike corded ones, are not exactly known for taking on heavy-duty projects, but the DCS331 is one of the very few exceptions to this fact.

Because of the adjustable bevel settings of 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees, bevel cutting at angles is made significantly easier and more precise.

However, all of these amazing features come at a rather high budget. The DCS331 is not the cheapest jigsaw on our list today, and this is precisely the reason why it's not as easily accessible by the average domestic woodworker.


  • Comes with a keyless blade clamp which makes blade changing very easy
  • One of the most powerful woodworking cordless jigsaws on the market
  • Adjustable bevel settings for improved precision and ease of use


  • Quite expensive and out of reach for most domestic and average buyers

Power Source: Cordless | Motor: 4.5 A | Blade Material: Metal | Strokes Per Minute: Up to 3,000 | Orbital Settings: 4 | Bevel Capacity: 45° | Blade Change System: Keyless

3. Bosch JS470E Corded Jigsaw - Best for Professional Woodworkers

For the more adept and professional woodworking enthusiasts, Bosch has a jigsaw model in the form of the JS470E that is sure to make their job a whole lot easier. The device is incredibly tough, and powerful and can make quick work of the toughest of woodworking jobs.

BOSCH JS470E 120V 7.0-Amp Corded Top-Handle Jig Saw, Blue
  • ERGONOMIC TOP-HANDLE: soft-grip areas supply a solid,...
  • CONVENIENT: featuring a tool-less blade change system and...


The Bosch JS470E is all about balancing power and control. We just adore how it's capable of generating a torque that can make the blades go through wood, aluminum and even mild steel in a matter of seconds.

The precise control settings will help the user keep the jigsaw steady and stable, and get accurate strokes when required. It helps professionals get those complicated as well as intricate woodworking jobs done on time; while the cordless design allows for easier access to the hard-to-reach spaces.

Moreover, the models come with a lot of amazing accessories, each of which is just fantastic. From a non-marring plastic overshoe to an anti-splinter insert as well as a bevel wrench, the JS470E is sure to give you a great start right out of the box.

However, be wary of the weight. The JS470E is one of the heavier jigsaws out there and is why we will not be recommending it for newer users.


  • Incredibly powerful jigsaw model that makes the toughest woodworking projects look easy
  • Provides easier control because of the precise speed settings
  • Comes with a fantastic range of accessories


  • Is quite heavy, and we will not be recommending it for newer users

Power Source: Corded | Motor: 7 A | Blade Material: Alloy Steel | Strokes Per Minute: Up to 3,100 | Orbital Settings: 4 | Bevel Capacity: 45° | Blade Change System: Tool-free

4. Black and Decker Smart Select Jigsaw

The Smart Select from Black and Decker is one of the most reliable woodworking jigsaw models on the market today. It's capable of doing a little bit of everything; from cutting metal to carving wood and plastic, there is a lot one can do with this tool

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 5-Amp, 3,000 Blade Speed, 45 Degree...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE ELECTRIC JIG SAW - 5 amp electric jig saw...
  • CURVE CONTROL TECHNOLOGY - Four curve settings for maximum...


One of the most attractive features that the Smart Select brings to the table is the automatic setting adjustment tool. The dial, also known as the Smart Select Dial, comes with a seven programmed orbital setting, that can automatically set the speed of the tool to meet the job at hand.

This feature is what precisely makes this model from Black and Decker such a must-have for beginner woodworkers who're still not familiar with the use of jigsaws.

Another feature that really comes in handy for newer users is the Accu-bevel lever. It changes the bevel for the woodworker quickly, easily, and accurately.

But, there was one thing that we noticed about the Smart Select which a lot of woodworkers might find to be quite inconvenient. This model is not as good at doing straight lines as it is with curves and making intricate patterns.


  • One of the most reliable jigsaw models on our list today
  • Smart Select dial makes the jigsaw a must-have for beginner woodworkers
  • Accu-bevel lever makes cutting at curves and angles extremely easy


  • Doesn’t make straight lines as well as it makes curves

Power Source: Corded | Motor: 5 A | Blade Material: High Speed Steel | Strokes Per Minute: Up to 3000 | Orbital Settings: 4 | Bevel Capacity: 45° | Blade Change System: Tool-free

5. Makita XVJ03Z

The Makita XVJ03Z is going to be our jigsaw of choice if you're in search of a woodworking tool that can be used on a variety of materials. As the device comes with three orbital settings, the woodworker will be able to use it for a lot of different jobs may it be professional or domestic.

Makita XVJ03Z 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw, Tool...
  • Makita-built variable speed motor delivers 0-2,600 strokes...
  • 3 orbital settings plus straight cutting for use in a wide...


The Makita XVJ03Z will let you complete your project in any condition. With the built-in LED lights, the device makes it significantly easier to work in low light conditions while the heavy-duty base, keeps it durable and able to take up the toughest of woodworking projects.

We found the battery life of the Makita XVJ03Z to be highly dependable as well. It lasts for a very long time without having to need a charge, and when it does need to juice up again, it charges very quickly and gets back into action in no time at all.

However, for this specific Makita model, the battery, as well as the charger, is not provided with the pack. You will have to purchase it separately, which can be quite a disappointment for many customers, but not a deal-breaker by any means.


  • Comes with LED lights built into the jigsaw, for better visibility in low-light settings
  • Heavy-duty base keeps the device durable and long-lasting
  • Battery lasts a very long time and even charges up very fast


  • Battery and charger need to be bought separately

Power Source: Cordless | Motor: 4.5 A | Blade Material: High Speed Steel | Strokes Per Minute: Up to 2,600 | Orbital Settings: 3 | Bevel Capacity: 45° | Blade Change System: Tool-less

6. Porter-Cable PCE345

The Porter-Cable PCE345 is going to be another beginner-friendly woodworking jigsaw model on our list today. It comes with a lot of reliable functionality and power, that can help it do most of the amateur jobs with ease. The PCE345 is pretty well balanced from all sides and is a highly portable model to take along with you.

PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp, Corded (PCE345)
  • 7 Position Speed Dial (0-3200 Spm) Integrated Into Trigger...
  • 6 Amp Motor Of The Jig Saw Delivers Power In Demanding...


The Porter-Cable PCE345 offers users a lot of comfort and precision that makes it user-friendly and easy to use. The front of the model, along with the handle, is covered in a comfortable 'rubber over-mold grip' that will help you to hold on to the jigsaw better and improve on the overall stroke accuracy.

For the price that the PCE345 comes it, a lot of reviewers have rated it to be quite a budget-friendly and value-for-money product. And we would like to recommend it for those users who generally tend to do small to mid-woodworking projects.

However, we did occasionally encounter some alignment issues when cutting at curved angles, which made the strokes uneven. But that rarely occurs, and the superior control and precision of the tool more than makeup for it.


  • Comes with a lot of reliable power and functionality for the price
  • Superior grip helps the user to improve on the overall accuracy of the cuts
  • Perfect jigsaw model for tackling small to mid-sized projects


  • There can be occasional alignment issues

Power Source: Corded | Motor: 6 A | Blade Material: High Speed Steel | Strokes Per Minute: Up to 3,200 | Orbital Settings: 4 | Bevel Capacity: 45° | Blade Change System: Tool-free

7. Wen 3602 Jigsaw

The Wen 3602 Jigsaw can help you go through any type of material effortlessly. As it comes with a fantastic orbital selection knob, any woodworker will be able to adjust the blade to the material that they're working on. It also bevels quite easily to 45 degrees and comes with a lock-on button that will help you to work for extended periods without fatiguing your arms.

WEN 3602 6 Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw
  • Powerful 6-amp motor handles woods up to 4 inches thick
  • Adjust the variable speed anywhere from 800 to 3,000 SPM


Apart from the various material compatibility, the easy blade change mechanism of the device is perhaps one of its best features. It helps the user to quickly and easily switch from one blade to another and eliminate any time loss that can occur as a result.

The changing process is quite smooth as well, and along with the orbital settings, the Wen 3602 will be able to work with not just wood, but plastic and metal as well. Though its lack of power may not make it such a great pick for professionals, for smaller work around the house, it's tough to beat.

In terms of the flaws, we noticed that the baseplate of the Wen 3602 can be quite hard to adjust, and may fall short of expectations when used on harder, thicker wood.


  • Easy blade switch mechanism, which significantly reduces the time
  • Orbital settings of the jigsaw will allow you to use it for a variety of materials
  • Lock-on button will help to significantly reduce the fatigue on the user


  • The baseplate is quite difficult to adjust

Power Source: Corded | Motor: 6 A | Blade Material: Metal | Strokes Per Minute: Up to 3,000 | Orbital Settings: 4 | Bevel Capacity: 45° | Blade Change System: Tool-free

8. Milwaukee 2645-20 Jigsaw

If you're looking for a basic yet reliable jigsaw model for your next woodworking project, then this budget-friendly tool from Milwaukee might just be the perfect investment. And though it might not be the most durable jigsaw out there today, it gets the job done rather well, irrespective of the material that you're using it on.

  • Brand New in box; The product ships with all relevant...
  • POWERSTATE BRUSHLESS MOTOR: The Powerstate Brushless Motor...


The Milwaukee 2645-20 might primarily be known as a very basic model for beginners, but it's known to cater to a lot of minor professional projects as well.

The main reason behind its success and popularity lies in the unique 5-position orbital cutting that it provides its users. This feature makes it effortless for woodworkers to get precise cutting angles on a variety of materials, like wood, plastic, as well as thin metal sheets.

The weight of the Milwaukee 2645-20 is quite hefty, but it's ergonomically designed, and you will not have many problems wielding it during any of your woodworking projects.

However, much like with the Makita XVJ03Z, the charger and the battery is not provided with the pack, and you will have to buy them separately. The battery life is also pretty average, and you may have to charge it frequently if you're planning to work for longer hours.


  • A pretty basic yet reliable woodworking jigsaw for beginners
  • Comes with a unique 5-position orbital cutting that can cut through a variety of materials
  • Ergonomic design, which doesn’t fatigue the hands too soon


  • Battery and charger are not provided with the pack

Power Source: Cordless | Motor: 5 A | Blade Material: High Speed Steel | Strokes Per Minute: Up to 3500 | Orbital Settings: 4 | Bevel Capacity: 45° | Blade Change System: Tool-free

9. Ryobi One+ P523 Jigsaw

Perhaps, out of all the jigsaws that we have listed for you today, the P523 from Ryobi One+ is the most aesthetically pleasing. Its light green color scheme, as well as the unique yet ergonomic body design, makes it very attractive for woodworkers across the world.

Ryobi One+ P523 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Orbital T Shank...
  • 4 ORBITAL SETTINGS: The higher the setting, the faster you...
  • BUILT-IN DUST BLOWER: This feature on the tool will help you...


Aesthetics is not the only thing that the design of the P523 excels in. It's built in such a way that it can help you work on your woodworking project for an extended period of time and not have to worry about the tool overheating and breaking down.

The reason behind the P523's long-lasting nature lies in the dust blower that has been incorporated into its design. This feature doesn't allow dust to settle onto the engine of the machine and prevents it from overheating after just a few minutes of use.

It's pretty powerful as well, for a cordless model, and can be effectively used for minor professional jobs without much problems.

But, much like some of the models on the list, the Ryobi One+ P523 too doesn't come with a battery and neither a charger with the pack. Getting them separately might inconvenience many.


  • One of the most aesthetically pleasing jigsaw models on the list
  • Has a built-in dust blower which prevents overheating
  • Power is reliable enough to do minor professional woodworking jobs


  • The pack doesn’t include a battery or charger

Power Source: Cordless | Motor: 18V | Blade Material: High Speed Steel | Strokes Per Minute: Up to 3,000 | Orbital Settings: 4 | Bevel Capacity: 45° | Blade Change System: Tool-free

Best Jigsaws Comparison Table

ProductPower SourceMotorBlade MaterialSPMSettingsBevelBlade Change
Black & Decker BDEJS300C JigsawCorded4.5 AMetalUp to 3,000045°Tool-free
DEWALT DCS331 Cordless JigsawCordless4.5 AMetalUp to 3,000445°Keyless
Bosch JS470E Corded JigsawCorded7 AAlloy SteelUp to 3,100445°Tool-free
Black and Decker Smart Select JigsawCorded5 AHigh Speed SteelUp to 3000445°Tool-free
Makita XVJ03ZCordless4.5 AHigh Speed SteelUp to 2,600345°Tool-less
Porter-Cable PCE345Corded6 AHigh Speed SteelUp to 3,200445°Tool-free
Wen 3602 JigsawCorded6 AMetalUp to 3,000445°Tool-free
Milwaukee 2645-20 JigsawCordless5 AHigh Speed SteelUp to 3500445°Tool-free
Ryobi One+ P523 JigsawCordless18VHigh Speed SteelUp to 3,000445°Tool-free

Man cutting piece of wood on the table with electric Jigsaw at home

Buying Guide For The Best Jigsaw

Before investing in the jigsaw that you really fancy, it's important to go over its various features and to see if it's the right fit for you or not.

It's often very difficult to pick a model which can fit your needs perfectly, but in our guide, we will help you with picking the one that suits you the best.

Types of Jigsaws

For those unaware, woodworking jigsaws come in two basic types corded and cordless.

1. The Corded Jigsaws

The corded jigsaws are just amazing when it comes to providing the user with amazing wood-cutting power.

It goes through the thickest of wood effortlessly, and its woodworking potential is far greater than that of the cordless one.

You will also not have to constantly worry about the batteries running out, and you can go on working for as long as the job requires.

However, it terms of portability the corded ones are not all that good, as you will constantly be in need of a power outlet. It can inhibit your movement by a lot, or even pose a safety risk as a result.

2. The Cordless Jigsaws

One of the best benefits that cordless jigsaws bring with them is portability.

As you're not tied to a cord, you can very easily take the device wherever you want, thereby making it the perfect choice for those jobs which require a lot of mobility.

On the downside, cordless jigsaws don't boast much power and are best suited for minor woodworking jobs.

The battery is a drawback as well, as it at times makes the device heavier and you will constantly have to worry about exhausting the battery before the job is finished.

young man carpenter builder working with electric jigsaw and wood

Straight Reciprocating or Orbital Blades

Picking between these two will depend more on your personal preferences than anything else.

A straight reciprocating saw blade moves in both directions of up and down and back and forth.

They are incredibly precise and are the best choice for detailed works and woodworking thick blocks as they are powerful enough to plough through any material.

Orbital jigsaws, on the other hand, are much more aggressive but not as precise. They are a lot faster as well and is great for hard materials and clear sawdust and woodchips as you keep working.

Some features to look out for:

After you are sure of the blade and the type of jigsaw you want, here are some features which you should look out for:

A Variable Speed Adjustment

Variable speed settings allow the jigsaw to adapt to the job at hand and help it to cut different materials.

Wooden blocks which are thicker or materials that are harder will require the blades to work at a much slower speed than soft materials.

So if your work requires you to work on a variety of different projects, then it is better to go for a model which has a lot of speed settings.

Adjustable Angle Settings

Not many jigsaws will allow you to cut at a slant., so you will need a model which bevels. Many models will allow you to do a 45-degree slant bevel cut, but some specialized ones will help you achieve 15, 30, and 45 as well.

A Quick Blade Change

Jigsaws which allow you to change the blade easily will help you to have a lot of customizable options.

Jigsaws with a quick blade change will let you remove the blade with just a push of a button so that you do not have to wait for the blade to cool down every time.

Jigsaws FAQ's

  • What can I use a jigsaw for?

    Jigsaws are versatile tools suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be used for cutting curves, straight lines, plunge cuts, bevel cuts, and even intricate designs. They are commonly used in woodworking, construction, DIY projects, and crafting.

  • How does a jigsaw work?

    A jigsaw works by converting the rotational motion of the motor into a rapid up and down motion of the blade. The blade is attached to a reciprocating mechanism that moves it in an oscillating motion, allowing for precise cutting.

  • What types of materials can a jigsaw cut?

    Jigsaws are designed to cut various materials, including wood, plywood, plastic, metal (with the appropriate blade), ceramic tiles, and more. The cutting capacity may vary depending on the power and blade type of the jigsaw.

  • How do I choose the right jigsaw blade?

    Choosing the right jigsaw blade depends on the material you’re cutting and the type of cut you want to make. Different blades are designed for specific materials and cutting applications. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult an expert to select the appropriate blade for your needs.

  • Can I make bevel cuts with a jigsaw?

    Yes, many jigsaws offer the ability to make bevel cuts by tilting the base plate. This allows you to make angled cuts, typically up to 45 degrees, for creating beveled edges or chamfers.

  • Are jigsaws suitable for cutting straight lines?

    While jigsaws are primarily known for their ability to cut curves, they can also cut straight lines with the help of a straight-edge guide or by following a marked line. However, for long, precise straight cuts, other tools like circular saws or track saws may be more suitable.

  • Can I use jigsaw blades from different manufacturers?

    In general, jigsaw blades are compatible across different brands and models. However, it’s always recommended to use blades specifically designed for your jigsaw to ensure proper fit, performance, and safety.

  • The yellow jigsaw for wood working.


    Thank you for taking the time to read our comprehensive article on the best jigsaws! We're thrilled that you found it helpful in narrowing down the perfect jigsaw for your specific woodworking needs. Our team thoroughly tested and analyzed these products, which has provided us with invaluable insights into their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this knowledge, we're excited to share our top three recommendations that cater to various factors.

    Out of these 9 best jigsaws, here are our top three recommendations:

    1. Best for Domestic Projects: Black & Decker BDEJS300C Jigsaw

    The Black & Decker BDEJS300C is an ideal option for domestic woodworking projects due to its affordability and user-friendly features. Its cordless design, variable speeds, and wire guard sightline channel make it a superb choice for beginners.

    2. Best for Power and Versatility: DEWALT DCS331 Cordless Jigsaw

    If you're seeking a powerful and versatile jigsaw, the DEWALT DCS331 is a good option. This cordless model offers keyless blade clamp, adjustable bevel settings, and impressive power, although its higher price point may not suit everyone's budget.

    3. Best for Professional Woodworkers: Bosch JS470E Corded Jigsaw

    For skilled woodworkers, the Bosch JS470E is the right choice due to its impressive balance of power, control, and accessories. Although it's quite heavy, its speed and precision make it suitable for professional use.

    As you venture into your next woodworking project, we hope that our recommendations will help you find the most suitable jigsaw for your needs. Remember that the key is to carefully consider your unique requirements and budget. Happy woodworking, and may your creative endeavors thrive with the perfect jigsaw in hand!

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