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3 Best Stained Glass Ring Saws in 2023 | Reviews + Guide

Stained glass has remained one of the most famous art forms for several centuries. 

Best Stained Glass Ring Saws

This type of art involves cutting and painting pieces of glass to create images and scenes and requires special tools, of which glass saws are the most important. There are different types of glass saws that can be used for glass art. 

But finding the most suitable one isn't easy, which is why I've reviewed some of the best ones here.

Listed below are the Best Stained Glass Ring Saws:

  • Gemini Saw: The Gemini Saw Ring Saw is framed for high-precision, silence, and a lightweight frame. Lacks a water drain, unlike other models.
  • Gryphon: The Gryphon Ring Saw is praised for its longevity and ease of use, it stands out for low-maintenance requirements. No integrated flashlight, unlike other models.
  • Rainbow Art Glass: The Rainbow Art Glass Ring Saw uniquely offers noiseless operation for maximum comfort. Cannot be cut with salt water, unlike other models.

If you're looking for the perfect saw to craft intricate stained glass pieces, look no further than a ring saw. With their powerful motor and unique design, ring saws are ideal for cutting small or large glass pieces with precision and accuracy. Here is the list of the 3 best-stained glass ring saws:

1. Gemini Saw Company Ring Saw - Best For High Precision Cutting

The Gemini Saw Company is a leading manufacturer of precision saws, and this offering from the brand is ideal for glass art. It has a durable construction coupled with a lightweight build, allowing the saw to be easily used in different situations. 

Besides this high-quality construction, the saw has a large work surface that makes it very easy to cut through small pieces, and it does so noiselessly. Similarly, the throat depth and height allow you to cut through hard-to-reach areas. 

In addition, the ring saw comes with several useful features, such as an integrated spotlight that allows you to view the surface to be cut cleanly, ensuring precision. Then, the water reservoir helps control the temperature during the cutting process, preventing material wastage. And the included three-blade stabilizer foot does a good job of eliminating vibration.   

This stained glass saw is among the most versatile glass-cutting tools and can be used for a wide variety of projects. The reason is its powerful motor, which allows the saw to cut through most materials without any difficulty. You can use it on a wide range of materials, including gold, brass, silver, tile, aluminum, and stainless steel.

I also discovered that removing the saw from the base is possible, so you can use it as a hand saw if required. And the stained glass saw comes with a removable face shield that prevents injuries and ensures maximum safety while using the tool.

Dimensions: 17.5"L x 16"W x 5"H | Surface Recommendation: Stainless Steel, brass, aluminum, glass | Weight: 9.8 pounds | Batteries Required: No

2. Gryphon Ring Saw - Most Durable Option

Another easy-to-operate and versatile stained glass ring saw, the Gryphon Zephyr also has a round blade that can cut in all directions. This blade eliminates hard work during the cutting process but still delivers a smooth edge. And it comes with a guide wheel with rubber inserts and a second blade for easy replacements.

Coming to the work surface of the saw, it is spacious enough and has no obstructions that can affect the cutting process adversely. Also, the moving parts are located in such a way that keeps them protected from glass dust, helping extend the life of the saw. Similarly, the wheels and bearings are of the highest quality, which reduces the maintenance required to keep the saw in good condition.  

Thanks to the overhead blade support, you also get a clear view of the surface while using the saw. And the Gryphon Zephyr blade comes with greater clearance and a deeper throat than most other stained glass ring saws, making it a great choice for any stained glass artist.   

Moreover, you can remove the ring saw from its base and use it as a hand-held saw. I found this feature to be very useful when it wasn't possible to place the cutting material on a table. There is also a small reservoir that holds water to prevent the machine from overheating. This helps keep the glass cool and prevents it from cracking when it is being cut. 

Dimensions: 11"L x 18"W x 18"H | Surface Recommendation: Glass | Weight: 16.75 pounds | Batteries Required: 1 Lithium ion battery required

3. Rainbow Art Glass, Inc Ring Saw - Best For Noiseless Operation

The next item on this list is the diamond ring saw from Rainbow Art Glass, Inc, a brand known for its selection of glass supplies and tools. This saw features durable construction and contains bearings and wheels built to last a long time. It has a round diamond wire blade that can cut in any direction easily and noiselessly. 

Like the other stained glass ring saws I've reviewed in this guide, the Zephyr has a large work surface that is obstruction-free and provides a smooth cutting experience. And the slender overhead blade design ensures a clear view, allowing you to cut the material with precision. 

A small reservoir also contains water to keep the ring saw cool during the cutting process. And the base of the stained glass saw can be removed, allowing the blade to be used as a hand saw if required. This makes it an incredibly versatile saw, and it can be used on materials like rock, tile, glass, etc. 

Apart from that, the Rainbow Art Glass saw comes with an accessory kit that includes a drive belt and three rubber inserts. A second blade and a maintenance kit are also included in the package. These can be used when you need to replace the original parts if they become worn out from use or get damaged otherwise.

Lastly, this stained glass saw comes with a three-year limited warranty, ensuring hassle-free replacements and refunds. 

Dimensions: 18"L x 18"W x 11"H | Surface Recommendation: Plastic, stone, glass | Weight: 17.11 pounds | Batteries Required: No

What Are the Best Stained Glass Ring Saws?

Choosing the optimal ring saw for cutting stained glass can significantly revamp the artistry and efficiency of your craft. To make this choice easier, we have collated and compared four major parameters of the top stained glass ring saws available. The comparison considers the saws' dimensions (in terms of length, width, and height), the recommended surfaces they can be used on, their weights, and whether they require batteries.

ProductDimensionsSurface RecommendationWeightBatteries Required
Gemini Saw17.5"L x 16"W x 5"HStainless Steel, brass, aluminum, glass9.8 poundsNo
Gryphon Ring Saw11"L x 18"W x 18"HGlass16.75 pounds1 Lithium ion battery required
Rainbow Art Glass18"L x 18"W x 11"HPlastic, stone, glass17.11 poundsNo

Stained Glass Ring Saws Buying Guide

With so many stained glass ring saws available, finding one that best meets your requirements isn't easy. But I've listed a few important factors in this section that can make the process easier. 

1. Types Of Stained Glass Saws

The three types of stained glass saws available include: 

A. Ring Saws

In these types of saws, the blade is a steel ring with a diameter of about 10 cm that spins in all directions. Ring saws are the best option if you're looking for a stained glass saw that can cut through thick glass to create intricate glass pieces. 

B. Band Saws

Instead of a standard blade, band saws have a flat blade constructed using metal with a diamond-tipped edge. Unlike a ring saw, a band saw can cut only in a single direction. While such a saw is much better than a wire saw for creating detailed pieces, it is also quite fragile. 

C. Wire Saw

A wire saw is very similar to a ring saw but has a straight blade that moves vertically instead of spinning in different directions. But it can cut in different directions and can be used to cut glass with sharp curves while remaining an affordable option. 

2. Blade Material

How efficiently a stained glass saw can function depends to a large extent on the material of the blade, and there are two types of blades commonly used. 

A. Steel Blades

Ring and wire glass saws usually come with steel blades that allow precise cutting but do not last as long as diamond-coated blades. 

B. Diamond-Coated Blades

Diamond-coated blades are incredibly durable since their construction uses industrial diamonds. This also makes them sharper, helping them provide immaculate cuts. 

3. Working Surface And Size

The size of a stained glass saw and the working surface is closely related. A smaller glass saw may be much easier to store but will have a limited working area. This means that the process of cutting glass can be affected, and the chances of injury are higher. 

On the other hand, a larger working surface will allow more room to work freely without the danger of injuring your fingers. 

4. Cooling

The glass-cutting process generates a large amount of heat, which is why a standard blade cannot be used for such purposes. Stained glass saws have wet blades that pass through water to keep the glass cool and prevent it from cracking. 

Such saws often have a reservoir that holds enough water to allow you to cut glass easily. Some even recycle the water, so refilling the reservoir is not necessary. 

5. Power

A stained glass saw that offers high-speed cutting helps provide cleaner cuts and speeds up the process, allowing the work to be finished more quickly. To offer faster cutting, such saws require a higher power rating. Usually, the fastest glass saws have a rating of over 100 volts, allowing them to cut through different types of materials, like porcelain, stone, wood, etc. 

With the right type of glass saw you can cut through several types of glass, such as fused glass or textured glass, and even other materials, like tile and stone. However, using such tools for glass cutting requires a great deal of care since they can pose some risks if not handled carefully. 

However, the options I've reviewed here are some of the safest ones currently available. The Gemini Saw Company ring saw is a great option since it comes with a durable yet lightweight build, offers noiseless operation, and includes a large work area. 

But the Gryphon ring saw is also a reliable option that comes with a second replacement blade and slender overhead blade support.