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5 Best Wood Burning Tools Kits & Pyrography Pens of 2023

Pyrography is the art of burning wood or leather to write something. The part “pyro” comes from the Greek word “pur” meaning fire, and “graphy” comes from the Greek word “graphos” signifying the act of writing. Therefore, pyrography literally means the act of writing with fire and the best pyrography pens and wood-burning tools are here for the big show.

Best Wood Burning Tools Kits

Pyrography may seem new to you but it’s an art form that originated centuries ago. Back in those days, it was performed using metal pokers on wood or leather pieces but now we have wood-burning tools that look like pens. Much like soldering equipment.

I found pyrography pens pretty straightforward to use as most of them come equipped with temperature monitors and controls, and have a very convenient design. But if you are new to the art then you can be pretty confused about getting the right equipment for yourself.  Don’t worry though, I have undergone the experience myself and took the trouble to make an entry just to help you, a fellow pyrographic artist.

Here are some best pyrography pens that will be perfect for you to get crafty!

But first, some guidance to help you decide what product is right for you.

Best Wood Burning Tools & Pyrography Pens

  1. Walnut Hollow Creative Versa - Best for Novice Pyrographers

This is a great tool for the beginner. In my review, I found that it had a really comfortable design which was easy for me to hold and work with.

I started out my adventure with this tool and I found that on multiple occasions its safety guard protected my hand from burning. Such a welcomed feature, especially for the newbies. It also comes with variable temperature control which made the pen very versatile to work with. I’d generally start etching with a lower temperature in the beginning, then gradually move to a higher temperature for darker shades.

Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool with Variable Temperature...
  • Wood burning tool with variable temperature control and 11...
  • Tool features a comfort grip for extended use and a stand to...

In my experience, the temperature control was really convenient to let me get into more complex designs. I soon found myself trying out flowers and pattern designs instead of making blobs on a piece of wood. Also, the multiple heads helped with getting creative with my artwork.

It’s also inexpensive, adding to the feature list that is meant for beginners. Get your hands dirty and get crafty with this pen right away.

Power Source: Corded | Temperature Range: 750-950°F | Tips Included: 11 interchangeable tips | Warranty: 4 years
  1. Dremel 2000 Versa Tip Butane Torch - Best for Multifunctional Projects

The tool comes with 14 pieces, loaded for perfectly executing any type of project you may want to. Wood burning, shrinking, or maybe even area heating; everything can be done with this tool.

It even does soldering as it comes with a butane torch that is really easy to use. It has its own ignition trigger and a feature called “flame lock”. This feature is especially helpful when soldering and it made it so easy for my wrists.

Dremel 2000-01 VersaTip Precision Butane Torch Portable...
  • Cordless butane soldering torch ideal for wood burning,...
  • Integrated ignition trigger with safety lock for easy start...

The temperature control was more tactile and responsive in my opinion. And the quality of the product is a bit better in my opinion than the previous entry. It also comes with a storage case which is very handy in my opinion.

I found it extremely versatile for working on different projects and also this one seems less flimsy and more long-lasting.

Power Source: Butane | Temperature Range: 1022°F - 2192° F | Tips Included: 7 interchangeable tips | Warranty: 2 years
  1. Wall Lenk Woodworker 10-in-1 Review - Best for Versatile Skill Levels

The “10-in-1” Wall Lenk Woodworker pyrography pen comes with seven tips for wood burning, two for fusing and cutting, and one for soldering. Of course, this pen doesn’t mess around and is great for any form of pyrography. Not just wood. Although I have only used it for wood-based pyrography, other users have mentioned that it’s great for leather pyrography as well.

What I loved the most about this simple tool is that it’s loved by both beginners like me and more experienced pyrography peers I have. It's practical and functional every time you need it to be.

Wall Lenk L101KB Woodworker-foots 10-in-1 Tool Kit
  • Woodworker foots tool Kit
  • 1-30 watt Professional tool, 7-burning tips, 2-cutting and...

It also comes with a storage case like the last entry, which I find really convenient. It's maybe a budget-friendly tool, which is great for beginners, but it doesn’t mess around as it has 30 watts of power that reach over 1000 Fahrenheit.

I’d recommend it to beginners to start with something simple and for experts as well to add it to their arsenal.

Power Source: Corded | Temperature Range: 350-900°F | Tips Included: 10 interchangeable tips | Warranty: 5 years
  1. Razertip Dual Burner

This is a tool meant for the experts. The amount of control of the craft I got with this tool is immeasurable to any of the tools I have yet mentioned in this list.

It has a refined temperature control that has a marking range from 1 to 10, which is incredibly helpful when doing more complex multi-layered artwork.

Not only that but it also comes with more than 800 pens and tip combinations which is extremely versatile for pyrography. There’s no match for its universal nature. At least not in any of the products I got to use, including the ones I didn’t bring up on this list.

Razertip Dual Burner with Large Skew Pen and one HD cord
  • 10 amp output provides the fastest tip-heat recovery in the...
  • ideal wide-range temperature control: won't scorch wood at...

If that is not impressive enough for you then consider its 10-amp output which results in one of the fastest temperature recovery times of the tip, aided as well by its wire-style design.

This is a serious tool for artwork, that is meant for serious business. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not meant for beginners as well. As a beginner myself, I found this tool a great investment in enhancing my artwork capabilities.

The fact that it also works with tips from other brands made it so easy for me to get used to it as I’d use the tips of my previous pens to mimic the designs I’ve got handy. This pen is all about modularity, ease of use, and functionality.

Since all the pyrography pens are relatively inexpensive products, it doesn’t hurt the wallet to go for a more expensive entry like this. It’s also really durable and long-lasting by design. Even long-time users of this pen are satisfied by its durability.

It was impossible to find a negative review of it, online or offline. Instead of shipping issues, that very few people had, it seems to have no downsides. Excellent temperature control, safe design, and pen-tip modularity make this the best product to go for on this list.

Power Source: Corded | Temperature Range: 600-800°F | Tips Included: 2 interchangeable pens | Warranty: 1 year
  1. TRUart Stage 2 Professional Wood Burning Tool

I may have been chanting too much praise for Razertip’s pen but this one takes the top spot in every regard. This one is meant only for professional use. And getting this pen means that you are ready for some serious pyrography as well.

It has a 60-watt wood burner which results in an incredibly quick tip recovery time. I feel as if I am using the Ferrari of pyrography pens.

TRUArt (Stage 2) Single Pen Professional Woodburning...
  • CONSTANT HEAT - Super powerful 60W wood burner features...
  • ERGONOMIC - Small and lightweight hand piece design...

Its lightweight design made it comfortable and made it possible to work on finer designs as if you were holding just a ball-point pen. There are 20 tips included in the box as well. It made it so flexible to use me that I don’t think any professional would have a problem with the inadequacy of any sort.

This pen can do incredibly detailed artwork on any medium, such as wood, gourds, leather, and even paper. And I didn’t have any problem with its reliability or safety. Especially because of its lightweight and straightforward design.

The temperature control is precise well with no room for any complaints.

But in all seriousness, as a new pyrographer, I felt as if I didn’t deserve to use this for my small projects. Using the same car analogy, it felt as if a Prius driver is driving a Ferrari on a street instead of a racetrack.

Power Source: Corded | Temperature Range: 392-842°F | Tips Included: 40 interchangeable tips and 2 pens included | Warranty: 2 years

Best Wood Burning Tool Kits Comparison Table

ProductPower SourceTemperature RangeTips IncludedWarranty
Walnut Hollow Creative VersaCorded750-950°F11 interchangeable tips4 years
Dremel 2000 Versa Tip Butane TorchButane1022°F - 2192° F7 interchangeable tips2 years
Wall Lenk Woodworker 10-in-1 ReviewCorded350-900°F10 interchangeable tips5 years
Razertip Dual BurnerCorded600-800°F2 interchangeable pens1 year
TRUart Stage 2 Professional Wood Burning ToolCorded392-842°F40 interchangeable tips and 2 pens included2 years

Which Pyrography Pen You Should Use?

The primary categorization of pens is done on the basis of the type of tips, namely,  solid tip burners and variable temperature wood burners.

Solid tip burners, also known as craft-style wood burners, are great for beginners. It’s excellent for filling up big chunks of designs which you can use to make signs or simple designs. Corollary, on the other hand, fails at creating complex or highly detailed designs.

  • Copper tips are usually thicker.
  • Heating and cooling take a lot more time, about 5-10 minutes.
  • The handle is much larger.
  • Most come equipped with a hand shield to prevent the user’s hands from burning.

For executing complex designs, artists use variable-temperature wood burners instead. These have finer tips and come in different shapes and sizes, much like brushes, for burning different strokes of design.

  • These come with finer pen tips for much more detailed work.
  • The handles are smaller for writing and drawing on wood.
  • The heating and cooling time is much lower.
  • These also have electrical temperature control which is great for detailed work.

Working and Performance Parameters

There are several parameters that can judge the performance of the pen. Here I have listed some of the key factors that you should be taking a look at before making the purchase.

Of course, you should know what’s your use case before making up your mind about any pen. But that may be even harder to do if you have no idea what specifications you need for the use case. So let’s get started.


Manufacturers will make advertising that the higher the power the better. But professionals know that isn’t true at all. And as a beginner myself, I can also say that it’s about the right balance. If the pen has more power, of course, it’ll get hot faster and it’ll be easier to etch faster. But if you don’t know what you are doing or are not used to doing the design fast, you may end up burning the material being used to the point it has black spots.

Hence, it’s a no-brainer that lower-power pens are great for doing more detailed work than the more powerful ones. Keeping an arsenal of differently-abled pens is also a great idea, especially if the pens you buy don’t have temperature control.


One of the deciding features during my purchase of the pens was comfort. Sometimes, I work on longer projects for hours. Even when I don’t have elaborate ideas and designs, I often like to practice for a long time on scrap pieces.

For that, I always consider if the pen is easy to hold and if it’s lightweight. Higher-end pens pay more attention to comfort so I generally have a bias toward that. After shelling out a few extra dollars from my wallet, I can definitely say that comfort is a worthwhile investment for serious beginners and professionals alike.

Kinds of Tips for Pyrography Pens

To execute the artwork without any error, the artist must know the types of tips available and which ones to use for the particular design.

  1. Fixed tips

These tips are designed to heat up faster and are incredibly helpful for more consistent artwork.

  1. Polished tips

These are smooth tips, which run more easily over the material than their non-polished counterparts. These are extremely helpful for working on more detailed parts of the project. Variable-temperature wood burner tools usually come with polished tips.

  1. Non-polished tips

Rougher tips are great for blacking out bigger parts of the design and it is great for etching and making rougher textures on the surface. But keep in mind that it looks less refined and has more imperfections than its polished counterparts. Solid tips are usually equipped with non-polished tips.

  1. Interchangeable tips

If it were me, I’d only recommend interchangeable tips. Versatility is great for detailed artistry. Using different types of tips on the fly is incredibly necessary for more detailed projects. Especially if they are more elaborate.


Pyrography pens are generally inexpensive but they can range from $20 to $200 dollars. In my opinion, it only depends on what use you have for the pen.

I don’t think the cost matters much if you know what the use case is as all the tool's prices are defined by what it can do. Hence, the value proposition is consistent across the board.

I’d rather recommend finding your use case before investing too much time into the cost of the product.


Thank you for taking the time to read this article on the best wood-burning tool kits. It's exciting to journey into the world of pyrography, and I hope you found this information essential and helpful in selecting the perfect tool kit for your needs. As someone who had the chance to experience and test each of these wonderful tools, I want to ensure that you make the right choice.

Out of these 5 best wood-burning tool kits, here are the top three expert recommendations:

  1. Walnut Hollow Creative Versa is an ideal option for beginners looking to jump into pyrography. The safety guard and multiple heads offer versatility, making it perfect for those embarking on their first artistic adventure.
  2. Dremel 2000 Versa Tip Butane Torch is a good option for those who desire more extensive functionalities and higher quality. With precise temperature control and a butane torch for soldering, this tool kit can handle a wide range of projects.
  3. Wall Lenk Woodworker 10-in-1 is the right choice for both beginners and seasoned pyrography experts, offering a simple yet powerful design. With 30 watts of power and a combination of tips suited for different crafts, this is a versatile and reliable choice for any level of talent.

In conclusion, selecting the right pyrography tool kit is crucial, as it is the gateway to a new world of creativity and expression. Each of the top three recommended kits caters to a particular set of needs, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your goals and artistic preferences. Happy burning, and may your journey through the world of pyrography be fruitful and enjoyable!

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