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13 Best Butane Torches of 2023

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Let’s face it – your toolbox is never complete without a good ol’ reliable butane torch.

Although it may seem incomprehensible to the average mind, every DIY home expert knows exactly what we’re talking about.

Butane torches are efficient tools that ignite automatically to generate sufficient heat for welding tasks. And none of us is a stranger to the hassle that the below-average torches create while working.

But how’d you know which model is reliable, long-lasting, and the best for you? With so many variants being launched these days, it becomes harder to choose between a high-end and a sub-par product.

That’s why we’ve enlisted 13 of the best products in the game right now so that you can choose what’s best for you. We’ve also added a brief buyer’s guide in the end to highlight the essentials, so don’t miss out.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get down to business!

Best Butane Torches

Barman burns orange with gas torch in bar for preparing cocktail. Profession concept.

  1. Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch

Beginning our list with a product that has set the bar quite high for durability, the GT8000 is one of the best-selling butane torches in the market these days. This model offers a wide range of groundbreaking features, which makes it an instant go-to option for numerous semi-professionals. Let’s check out its core features!

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch
  • Anti-flare, brass-frame nozzle, for safety and flame control
  • Attachable tabletop base, for hands-free use

Why Did We Like It?

Although Blazer has established a name for itself in the welding tools market with multiple best-selling products, the GT8000 carries a particular X factor that helps it stand out. Numerous semi-professionals recommend it for commercial use, mainly due to the longer burning time it offers at the highest setting.

To be precise, we found that it can blaze for as long as 35 minutes at a go while testing it on the maximum setting. But it gets even better; the torch’s flame can be customized between a range of 1.25 to 5 inches, which offers optimal versatility for multiple industrial-level tasks. The bar for flexibility is raised higher still with its detachable base. 

Apart from that, the product can be tilted upside down while working, without affecting the flame by the slightest. Last but not least, its compact and ultralight body makes it pretty convenient to carry around, making it an appropriate addition to your toolbox.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Being a semi-professional model, we had expected it to comprise an easy-start button. But unfortunately, you’d need both of your hands to start the torch. Also, it’s a little pricey, so we’re not sure whether it’s affordable for everyone.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Large gas tank
  • Customizable flame range
  • Long-lasting product
  • A little expensive
  1. Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Butane Torch

Moving on to some top-notch innovations for hardcore welding, the 2200-01 Versa Flame unit is an ideal commercial-grade alternative under a fair budget. Dremel co. has surely stepped up its game in terms of quality with this one, as it arrives as a full-fledged kit for high versatility. Let’s find out more about this model!

Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Multi-Function Butane Torch...
  • Compact and powerful, the small butane micro-torch designed...
  • INTEGRATED IGNITION TRIGGER – For easy start up, no...

Why Did We Like It?

When it comes to longer burn time, the Versa Flame beats almost every other mid-range model in the market. With an impressive burning capacity of 75 minutes, it defines user convenience at its finest. Not to forget, this torch can burn up to a maximum temperature of 2200F, generating sufficient heat for welding and melting jobs.

Furthermore, as we’ve previously mentioned, it arrives as a professional welding kit, comprising nine distinctive accessories.

Simply put, the package comes with a blower, flame diffuser, deflector, solder, soldering tip, wrenches, and every possible add-on required to build an efficient tool kit. With so many accessories, it only requires you to change the tip according to your needs. In return, it provides you with high versatility at the expense of one tool. 

Speaking of versatility, this product also offers numerous temperature and flame range control settings, similar to the Blazer GT8000 Big Shot unit. Moreover, it also enhances flexibility by a great deal with its detachable base.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the product hardly leaves any scope for disappointment regarding performance, the reliability of its ignition capabilities is debatable. While testing, we’ve had to use lighters to keep the flame intact at times, which is a little upsetting. Also, multiple buyers have complained that the product shows signs of leakage after a few months.

  • Compact and portable
  • Highly versatile applications
  • Detachable base
  • Flame adjustment settings
  • Smart flame lock
  • Unreliable ignition
  • Leakage issues
  1. SE MT3001 Deluxe Butane Torch

Although SE isn’t one of the brands you would come across daily, its trailblazing innovations make it every DIY homeowner’s top choice. The MT3001 butane torch, manufactured by SE, comes equipped with an advanced in-built ignition system that gives it an advantage over most of the top-selling alternatives in the market. Let’s find out more!

SE Deluxe Butane Power Torch with Built-In Ignition System -...
  • Can use torch up to 60 minutes when fully filled
  • Built-in ignition system

Why Did We Like It?

This product appears to outperform the GT8000 model with its extended burn time of 60 minutes, which is quite impressive for a mid-range welding accessory. It can be used for long hours at a go, which makes it quite suitable for personal use. Moreover, the model can burn as high as 2400F, which outperforms most of the top-rated torches in the game right now.

Nonetheless, the cream of the crop here is its in-built ignition system, which makes it very appropriate to use for first-timers. Besides, it also gives this model the upper hand over the Dremel 2200-01 unit, mainly as it doesn’t come with unreliable ignition issues.  

Being a household product, this product comprises advanced safety measures. For instance, its thumb-release lock makes it quite safe to be kept around children. And although it might not be the most efficient professional-grade butane torch out there, it rules in the personal tools category. At a very negotiable price, this product offers a value-of-money experience that is hard to deny. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Being a low-priced product for personal use has its downside as well. For instance, this product is built with average-quality plastic material, which makes us question its durability. So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable product, this may not be your cup of tea.

  • In-built ignition system
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable price
  • Value for money
  • Made of cheap plastic
  1. Power Probe MTKIT01 Micro Torch Kit

Power Probe is a brand that has established a name for itself in the power tools market with a wide range of high-end products. Its all-new MTKIT01 micro torch kit stands out to be an efficient tool for professional use. Let’s have a more in-depth look at what it offers!

Power Probe PPMTKIT01 Micro Torch Kit, Black
  • Leading Manufacturer Of High-Quality Products
  • All Products Have Been Designed With The Professional In...

Why Did We Like It?

When it comes to professional-grade features, the Power Probe kit holds its own against numerous popular models in the market. For starters, this product beats almost every other unit out there in terms of extended burn time. To be more precise, the MTKIT01 provides a staggering burn time of 120 minutes, which makes it highly appropriate for long-term professional use. 

Furthermore, it can reach a maximum temperature range of 2500F, which is quite amusing. Also similar to the Dremel model, this product also arrives at you as a professional kit, including numerous add-ons. For instance, you get a blower tip, hot knife, soldering tip, solder attachment, and countless other useful accessories for a versatile user experience. 

As a bonus, you get a sturdy case to store the product safely, which extends overall product life to a great extent. It’s also equipped with an electronic auto-ignition feature, making it a lot more reliable for commercial applications. With so many benefits at the cost of one product, it appears to be an absolute steal of a deal. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

As it is a full-fledged commercial welding kit, it’s a little more expensive than an average butane torch in the market. But then again, this product saves you from purchasing multiple other tools separately, which makes it even. Apart from that, it’s one of the best in the game right now.

  • Automatic ignition feature
  • Sturdy case for protection
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • May appear a little expensive
  1. Blazer GB2001 Mini Butane Torch

For those who aren’t looking for heavy-duty products, Blazer co. has the perfect alternative for your personal needs. This brand has recently launched the all-new GB2001 unit, a product that comes packed with almost every feature one can expect from a butane torch, and even more. Let’s check out why it deserves your attention!

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

Equipped with a breakthrough self-ignition feature, the Blazer GB2001 appears to outperform several popular models in the market. This feature not only makes it easier for inexperienced beginners to use but also sets the bar pretty high for reliability. Moreover, this product also offers an incredible burn time of 90-120 minutes (depending on the settings), giving close competition to the MTKIT01 model. 

With such an impressive burn time, it qualifies for tedious tasks such as jewelry making, plumbing, automotive and similar applications. Furthermore, this product comprises multiple flame range settings. Its adjustable knob lets you generate as much flame as needed, giving you 100% user control of the process while working. The model also features a tabletop stand that allows a hands-free application, which makes us like it even more. 

Coming to its design, it has been developed ergonomically with a rubberized finish for a better grip. However, be assured that the rubber isn’t affected by the extreme temperatures, even when the torch burns at 2500F. Overall, it isn’t a bad option to consider for those who don’t consider budget as a significant factor.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Apparently, it is a little expensive in comparison with most of its competitors in the game. It’s a bit disappointing because this personal-use model doesn’t provide an abundance of breakthrough features to justify its price tag. Also, its flame adjustment knob has been noticed to malfunction at times, which is a bummer.

  • Self-ignition feature
  • Hands-free operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Temperature range up to 2500F
  • The adjustment knob is faulty
  1. Protorch Micro Butane Torch

The Micro product range by Protorch is a delight for those who are looking for torches so portable that you could carry them in a pocket. It’s incredible how despite such a compact body, this product can give a tight run to most of its competitors a close run for their money, performance-wise. Let’s explore its core features!

Why Did We Like It?

The Protorch unit flaunts an all-metal construction body, which gives it an instant advantage in terms of durability. It gets even better as the model is protected with a rubberized finish, enabling you to have a tighter non-slip grip while working. In other words, if you’re a full-time professional who deals with tough jobs daily, then this sturdy product will make an ideal companion.

Whether it’s a culinary task or a heavy-duty mechanical job, this product comes equipped with advanced features to cater to each criterion with utmost precision. Its flame can be adjusted in various ranges, which enhances versatility a notch. Moreover, this product comes with a burn time of 120 minutes, which is surprisingly impressive for a mid-range torch.

As a bonus, you get a push-start ignition switch, which sets its standards higher in terms of ease of use. Not to forget, its ergonomic design also makes the model entirely appropriate to be used with one hand. Despite an all-metal body, it is quite lightweight and does not stress out your arms while being used for a long time.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While testing, we’ve found it a little challenging to refill this product after it runs out of gas, which makes it not-so-appropriate for beginners. Furthermore, multiple buyers have complained that this product leaks quite often, which gives it a disadvantage against its competitors.

  • All-metal construction
  • Can be operated easily with one hand
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Long-lasting product
  • Hard to refill the torch
  1. Power Probe MT Micro Butane Torch

Power Probe is a brand that’s gradually becoming popular among American households, and the credits go to its best-selling MT Micro unit. It had initially gathered our attention with its portable frame, but it surprised us with the vast range of features it provides. Let’s jump right into the details!

Power Probe MT Micro Torch (PPMT) [Car Diagnostic Tool,...
  • Electronic ignition and flame adjustment
  • Easily refillable with butane

Why Did We Like It?

Whoever believes that smaller tools aren’t as powerful as large appliances should be swallowing their words after using the Power Probe torch, as it is stacked with adequate groundbreaking features. Although it isn’t ideal for professional use, it’s probably the most appropriate model out there to handle personal jobs. 

Whether it’s about heating your cooking ingredients in the kitchen or a minor plumbing task, the MT micro unit has it all covered with its versatile applicabilities.  

When it comes to user control, this model holds its own with its adjustable flame settings, ranging between 0.5 to 1.25 inches. Similar to the Dremel 2200-01 kit, this product also comes as a complete welding kit, comprising several accessories. To be exact, the kit consists of a shielded adapter, solder attachment, heat blower tip, soldering tip, and a Rosin Core solder tube.

It’s quite unusual for a small-duty product to offer such high versatility, for which this model gets a heads up. Last but not least, you also get a sturdy case for the utmost protection, which raises the standards higher for durability.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As it’s mostly recommended for personal use, choosing this product for heavy-duty commercial jobs might not be the best idea. It’s not as powerful, nor does it offer a similarly lengthy burning time as most of the professional-grade torches in the market. Apart from that, it’s quite good for the category it serves.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Electric ignition feature
  • Detachable base
  • Suitable for personal use
  • Hard to refill
  1. Bernz-O-Matic ST220T Butane Torch

Bernz-O-Matic is a brand that is best known for delivering trailblazing innovations at negotiable prices. The brand has recently launched the ST220T unit, one of the highest-rated products in the game right now, in terms of user convenience. Let’s find out more about what it offers!

Bernz-O-Matic ST2200T Micro Flame Butane Torch Kit
  • The item is Micro Flame Butane Torch Kit 019133/ST2200T
  • Used for Construction - Concrete & Metal Tools,...

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, the futuristic design of this product makes it a total eye candy. Apart from that, its design appears to be quite ergonomic, which makes it more appropriate to use for long hours. It’s relatively easy to use too, so it shouldn’t be hard to blow this torch even if you’re not sufficiently experienced in these criteria.

Also, though it doesn’t come equipped as a kit, that doesn’t restrict its versatility by any means. Instead, this product proves to be equally versatile with its multiple flame modes. 

To be precise, its fine soldering mode stands out to be highly appropriate for plumbing and similar heavy-duty construction jobs. Its pinpoint flame mode helps in handling more delicate tasks such as jewelry making. Last but not least, its hot air blower mode comes in very handy in handling numerous personal DIY jobs with ease.

It also features an electric ignition button for higher flexibility, which makes it a good option for first-timers to consider. It doesn’t cost a fortune, unlike most of the professional-grade products in the market, which makes it ideal to opt for those with a budget issue.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We’re not a fan of the material this product is built with, nor can we guarantee that it’s built to last for years. Also, considering its low price, we’re not sure if this is the model you should opt for if you’re looking for optimal durability.

  • Automatic ignition feature
  • Safety features
  • Adjustable flame settings
  • Lightweight body
  • Durability issues
  1. Flame Forte Micro Blow Torch

For those who are naturally inclined towards old-fashioned products, the Flame Forte Micro blow torch combines the early 2000s aesthetics and modern technology for an extraordinary user experience. Although we’re in love with the safety features it comes equipped with, this product offers a lot more. Let’s check it out!

Heavy Duty Micro Blow Torch Flame Forte-Torch for Soldering-...
  • ✔ HAND CRAFT ACTIVITIES. Soldering, plumbing, arts and...

Why Did We Like It?

Although the Flame Forte torch may appear as an outdated butane torch to the average eye, it carries the potential to outperform most of the latest products in the game these days. To begin with, this product can burn as high as 2600F, which speaks volumes about the top-notch performance this model promises to deliver. As a bonus, this model offers an incredible burn time of 60 minutes.

This product also comes equipped with a detachable stand, which enables hands-free operation for a more comfortable user experience. Plus, it arrives in a lightweight body, which altogether prevents the user from experiencing arm fatigue after using it for a long time. To make it even better, this product features an advanced safety lock that restricts the chances of any accidental fire hazard.

The micro blow torch also comes equipped with an extra-long nozzle and a flame lock, both of which combine to ensure that the fire lasts longer while generating more flame. Its temperature can also be adjusted as per your needs, which isn’t usual among small-range products.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the manufacturers claim that the product offers a maximum temperature setting of 2600F, multiple buyers have complained that it doesn’t reach its highest setting most of the time. Keeping that aside, it’s good enough for the price it demands.

  • 60-minute burning time
  • Flame lock settings
  • Maximum temp. range at 2600F
  • Long-lasting product
  • Inconsistent temperature
  1. Master Appliance MT-70 Butane Torch

Any conversation about high-tech welding tools would be incomplete without mentioning Master Appliance, one of the pioneering brands in the butane torch market. Its MT-70 makes an efficient medium-duty torch that offers several user-convenient features under a negotiable price tag. Let’s find out more!

Master Appliance MT-70 Butane Torch - Torch Lighter,...
  • BUTANE TORCH FOR PROFESSIONALS: Featuring an adjustable...
  • TEMP UP TO 2500F: This torch lighter efficiently heats...

Why Did We Like It?

This product is an appropriate example to prove that the biggest surprises usually arrive in the smallest packages. To be more precise, this product offers multiple groundbreaking features within a compact frame, giving itself a higher advantage in terms of both performance and portability.

For starters, this model provides a handsome burn time of 60 minutes, which is sufficient for both medium-duty professional and personal jobs. Moreover, this product can burn as high as 2500F, delivering sufficient heat for medium-scale welding and jewelry development tasks. 

Similar to numerous popular models such as the Dremel 2200-01 unit, this product also offers flame control settings for higher versatility. It’s quite surprising for a product at this range to provide this feature, which makes us love it more.

Not to forget, the MT-70 also comes equipped with an advanced self-ignition feature, which gives it the upper hand over the Dremel 220-01 model. It also features an in-built stand that helps in enabling hands-free operation for a comfortable user experience. Overall, this product offers a lot more than you pay for, to be honest.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although it’s very easily accessible, it may not be the best option to consider if you’re searching for a long-lasting product. Multiple users have already rated it low in terms of durability, as the model reportedly leaks too often.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable flame settings
  • Value for money
  • Hands-free operation
  • May not last long
  1. Blazer GB4001 Stingray Butane Torch

Blazer has managed to grab another position on our list with its all-new GB4001 unit. This product has been making noise in the market with its precise flame emission feature, which makes welding an easier job. Let’s find out more about this model!

Blazer GB4001 Stingray Butane Torch, Black
  • Anodized outer body finish, to resist corrosion and wear
  • Gas-flow adjustment lever, to control flame length

Why Did We Like It?

This product is an ideal upgrade that the Blazer fans were waiting for since the GB2001 mini torch, mainly due to its precise flame settings. Simply put, this product comes equipped with an upgraded nozzle head that helps in maintaining optimal flame precision for tasks that are all about the details.

Consequently, it makes an appropriate option to consider for semi-professionals that indulge in electronic repairing and brazing jobs quite often.

Furthermore, we’re in love with its sturdy construction that enables the product to maintain optimal durability. Apart from its hard and thick construction frame, the model is also protected with an anodized finish. As a result, you get rust and a corrosion-resistant torch that is guaranteed to last for years to come. 

Not to forget, this product also offers a breakthrough self-ignition feature, which makes it a lot easier for beginners to use. Furthermore, this torch features an adjustable flame control lever for higher versatility. It also comes equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidental hazards when the torch isn’t being used. The maximum temperature setting of this model is 2500F, which suffices for both small-duty and medium-duty welding jobs.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While testing, we found the ignitor of this model to be a little unreliable, which restricts its performance to a great extent. As a result, we wouldn’t recommend it for heavy-duty commercial jobs.

  • Durable construction
  • Hands-free operation
  • Maximum temp. Range 2500F
  • Self-ignition feature
  • Not very powerful
  1. Blazer ES1000 Angled Head Butane Micro Torch

The penultimate product on our list is none other than the ES1000, one of the most technically advanced butane torches manufactured by Blazer to date. Although it’s guaranteed to capture anybody’s attention with its unique design at first glance, it has a lot more to offer. Let’s dive into the details!

Blazer ES1000 Angled Head Butane Micro Torch, Red
  • Angled head design and slim body shape, for ease of use and...
  • Air flow control switch, mounted at top of unit, for an easy...

Why Did We Like It?

First and foremost, we’re a fan of its futuristic design, which makes it extremely convenient to use. The product features an angled head that contributes to enhancing the product’s accuracy a notch, which is quite impressive. The rest of the body is very ergonomically designed and is pretty lightweight and compact. As a result, you can carry it around anywhere with ease.

Coming on to its specs, this product features Blazer’s patented nozzle head. This feature helps the model in maintaining utmost precision while being operated, making it highly suitable for culinary and jewelry-making jobs. Not to forget, this nozzle head makes the flame reasonably steady and more resistant to wind. 

The torch allows hands-free operation for a user-convenient experience, and the credits go to its detachable base. It further offers a maximum burning temperature of 2500F, which is similar to most of the popular models in the market right now. You can also operate it hands-free by using its detachable stand.

We’re also in love with the flame precision this product offers, which comes quite handy while thawing difficult compounds. Overall, this unit is highly appropriate for anybody who’s into multitasking, considering its versatile functionalities.

What Could’ve Been Better?

To begin with, this product is quite expensive for a mid-range torch, which gives it a considerable disadvantage in the market. And that’s because it offers a maximum burn time of 30 minutes, which is below average if compared to the alternatives that come at a lower price.

  • Angled head for higher accuracy
  • Self-ignition feature
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Adjustable flame settings
  • Subpar burn time
  1. Sondiko Culinary Butane Torch

Our final pick of the day is the Sondiko Culinary unit, also famous for being every culinary enthusiast’s delight. Although it’s primarily designed to excel in kitchen jobs, that doesn’t restrict the product from being instrumental in the broader applications of butane torches. Let’s check out what this model has to offer!

Sondiko Butane Torch S400, Refillable Kitchen Torch Lighter,...
  • ►Safe and Durable: The safety lock prevents accidental...
  • ►Refillable and Easy to Operate: Refill the kitchen torch...

Why Did We Like It?

Before we begin, it’s important to mention that nothing describes best values better than the Sondiko culinary unit. It offers every necessary feature you’d expect from a butane torch under a very affordable price tag, which makes it worth everyone’s attention. Multiple buyers have further rated it high in terms of ease of use, so it might just be your go-to option if you’re searching for a hassle-free tool for your DIY personal jobs.

As already mentioned, this product is one of the best products there is for kitchen purposes. The model also comes equipped with adequate safety lock features to avoid injuries. This feature also makes it easier to turn on and shut down, which makes it an appropriate option for inexperienced first-timers to consider. 

Moreover, this product also features flame adjustment settings for optimal versatility, which gives it a considerable advantage for a personal-use torch. Culinary jobs require low flame most of the time, whereas welding requires turning up the heat- both of which are possible with the Sondiko model.

Not to forget, the product comes equipped with an adjustable stand, which lets you rest it safely on flat surfaces without tipping it over. Overall, if you’re a little low on budget and still need a butane torch for personal use, then it is an ideal option to opt for.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As apparent as it gets, this product may not be the most efficient torch when it comes to secondary applications such as thawing and soldering, in comparison to our other recommendations. However, it’s one of the best products there is when it comes to culinary and small-duty welding jobs.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable construction
  • Value for money
  • Adjustable flame settings
  • Average flame orange

Close-up of glass bead melting in gas-burner fire, craftwork

Butane Torch Buyer’s Guide 

If you think that having access to the list of the 13 butane torches makes you an expert at choosing which one serves your needs the best, then you’re wrong. It’s equally imperative to have a basic understanding of the critical features that altogether determine whether the product is reliable or not.

And when it comes to products as unusual as butane torches, a lack of buyer knowledge can easily lead to a regretful purchase. On that note, this buyer’s guide will walk you through the key factors to consider while choosing a torch.

  1. Maximum burn time

First things first, the primary purpose of a butane torch is to last long enough to accompany you throughout long-term welding jobs. Most of the products out there fail to provide a handsome burn time, which may not be the best option for professionals. 

The models that offer a burn time lower than 40 minutes are only suitable for small-duty jobs. It’s best to opt for models that provide at least 90 minutes for the best results.

  1. Maximum temperature range

Similar to the burn time, the products need to offer a variable temperature range, which otherwise restricts the model’s usability to a great extent. It usually gets even better when the models feature advanced control levers and buttons to adjust the flames as per the user’s needs.

The products must offer a maximum temperature range of 2100F on average, to qualify as a reliable torch. However, if you’re a full-fledged professional, then you might need to opt for units that offer at least 2500F.

  1. Advanced safety measures

Let’s not forget that these products involve fire, which calls for extreme measures to ensure optimal user safety. In case a model fails to prevent any accidental hazard due to its lack of safety features, it can be severely dangerous for the user. Usually, most of the mid-range and high-range products come equipped with advanced safety lock features. It saves the users from turning it on accidentally.

  1. Durability and portability

Who’d want to invest in a tool that doesn’t guarantee years of product life? Many products out there suffer from leakage issues, which instantly cuts their durability period short by half. However, multiple mid-range products come with an anodized finish for a corrosion-resistant body, which prevents such problems. 

Also, not to forget, the torches need to score high in terms of maneuverability. As professionals mainly prefer tools that can be easily carried around, more and more brands focus on developing highly portable torches.

Wood processing by fire close-up


The demand for butane torches is rapidly increasing, and that’s why we find it essential for our readers to distinguish between high-end and low-end products. On that note, this concludes our extensive guide to the best butane torches in the market. 

Before we go, let’s have a quick highlight of our top picks. Those who are searching for the highest burn time must pick the Power Probe MTKIT01 micro torch kit for the best results. If you’re on the lookout for optimal durability, then the Blazer GT8000 unit should be your cup of tea. Last but not least, the Dremel 2200-01 unit is an all-rounder that offers a lot at an affordable price.

With that being said, we’ll take your leave for now. Stay tuned for more fun-filled product reviews!

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