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5 Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Sets in 2023 | Reviews

Crochet is a wonderful form of textile art, and crochet hooks are widely used around the world and the 8 best ergonomic crochet hooks sets are here, they`re extraordinarily fit for carpal tunnel and arthritis!

Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Sets

However, crochet does have some very specific requirements as far as the tool-set goes.

In particular, among the huge variety of crochet sets, there are a few which stand out among the crowd.

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This guide intends to introduce eight of the best products on the market today, as well as detail our experience of using those best ergonomic crochet hooks.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the product reviews!

Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks for Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis

Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

  1. BCMRUN 14 Piece Aluminum Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles

BCMRUN 14 pcs Multicolor Aluminum Crochet Hooks Knitting...
  • Multicolor crochet hooks needles
  • Material: Aluminum, size: 15cm ( 5.9" ), color: Multi color...

The 14 pieces set by BCMRUN is rather unique, in that it gives you 14 hooks made completely out of aluminium from top to bottom. This is best for those who have difficulty holding regular, plastic/rubber grip crochet hooks. These are Boyle type hooks, rounded and tapered rather than the inline hooks which are narrow.


The BCMRUN 14 piece set gives you a wonderful experience, which come in some non standard sizes - but they measure up approximately equal to standard sizes. They are priced more than affordably, hence, the fact that you get almost every size which you can think of - and then some - is absolutely unbelievable.

The only snag here is that the crochet hooks do not exactly match up to letter sizes, but a small workaround is to label the approximate sizes on the hooks.

The aluminium feel, fit and finish mirrors that of much more expensive name brand items, and the experience is pretty similar to those as well. Also, the hooks come in a variety of colors, which again makes it less difficult to find the right hook.

The hooks come in a gradation of 0.5mm from 3.0mm to 10.0mm. Some of the sizes are very difficult to come across, so if you’re keen on a certain size, get this set for just that purpose.


  • Brilliant design and finishing at miniscule cost 
  • Boyle styled hooks are hard to come by 
  • The sizes on offer are pretty unique and rare themselves 


  • The thin handles may be uncomfortable for some some 
  • Non standard sizes 

Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

  1. Knit Picks Options Wood Crochet Hook Set

Knit Picks Options Wood Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set...
  • INTERCHANGEABLE NEEDLES: The ultimate in knitting...
  • INCLUDED: Set includes 9 pairs of 4.75" long interchangeable...

The Knit Picks Caspian Crochet set is finished completely in wood, making it a good addition to those looking for antique crochet hooks. The finish in Caspian is inspired from sea waves, and thus is finished in a mixture of green, blue and teal. This set comes with eight hooks, all finished in high quality wood.


These hooks evoke a lot of confidence from within, in that these hooks are incredibly comfortable and easy to hold. These have a deep groove which helps you grab the loops properly, which is a common complaint with aluminum tipped hooks.

These sit somewhere between the Boyle and the Bates styles of crochet hooks, which is a wonderful yet unexpected compromise. Your hooks are neatly kept and organised in a vinyl case which ships with the set.

The hooks themselves are fabricated out of birch, and that too with multiple layers of birch. This gives it another level of heft and strength, which is unique since traditionally wood-based crochet hooks are considered fragile and not at all long lasting.

Hence, this is a set of crochet hooks which you should keep if you’re missing any of the regular sizes - you will not be disappointed.


  • Incredible wood finish with Caspian color 
  • Standard sizes, most regularly used 
  • The vinyl case is a welcome addition since handling these hooks becomes a problem 


  • Other sets have many more sizes and hooks 

  1. Crochet Hooks by Athena’s Elements

Athena's Elements Crochet Hook Set with Case - Blunt Yarn...
  • ✅SMOOTH CROCHET NEEDLES AND HOOKS makes crocheting with...

These are a slightly different variant of the crochet hooks that are offered by Athena’s Elements, which have been reviewed above. These hooks come with an extra ergonomic handle which makes it much easier to hold the hooks while crocheting. Also, the lengths of the metal hooks is long enough to go through 7 or 8 loops without any problems whatsoever.


What surprised us the most the length of the hooks. The lengths of the hooks’ metal ends is 2 inches for the wider hooks and 1.75 inches for the smaller ones, which gives it enough of a leeway to keep on performing without any problems whatsoever. The sizes of the hooks are always present on the hooks, with stamping of the letter sizes and the lengths written clearly and lucidly.

The hold of the hooks is strong enough to not give problems during use, but are comfortable enough to use for hours before any problems begin to show. The specialty is that people who are coming back to using crochet hooks after years of use, or suffer from medical conditions, are likely to face very little problems in adapting back to these hooks.

Another wonderful product from Athena’s Elements!


  • Lengths of the hooks are admirable and class leading  
  • Letter size indication will definitely save time over use 


  • Aluminium hooks are sometimes prone to slippage 

  1. Knitters Pride Crochet Hooks Sets, Simfonie Wood

Another contender finished in wood, the Knitters Pride Crochet Hooks set comes in a wonderful Simfonie Wood finishing which is conducive to long term crocheting. The set of hooks is available in 8 sizes, right from size E to size L (3.5mm to 8.0mm in metric sizes). These are handcrafted specifically by people who are experts are crocheting themselves.


The experience of using these crochet hooks was incredibly smooth and easy. These hooks are not at all hard to the touch, and the hooks are equipped with grooves which prevent slippage. Another plus point of these hooks is that they come in a variety of colors, which is a unique trait among wood-fabricated crochet hooks.

It also comes with a handy, clear vinyl case where you can store your crochet hooks rather easily. They are incredibly lightweight to boot.

The lightweight nature of these hooks ensures long hours of using this set of crochet hooks without any problems. Further, there is ample variety in the sizes which ensures that you can work on your projects without any hurdles.


  • Wide variety of colors in the set  
  • Wood based hooks with protection against slipping 
  • Wonderful experience of use


  • The variety in sizes may be less compared to competitors 

  1. 12 Sizes Carbonized Bamboo Handle Crochet Hooks

New 12 Sizes Carbonized Bamboo Handle Crochet Hooks Knit...
  • 12 Sizes Carbonized Bamboo Handle Crochet Hooks Knit Weave...

The TRUSTYIWEN set of 12 bamboo based crochet hooks offers serious competition to other bamboo products reviewed as above, by offering 12 crochet hooks from size 2.5 US to size 15 (roughly 3mm to 10mm), they are comfortable and lightweight.

They are extremely well priced and easy to handle. In spite of the bamboo feeling a little brittle because of the low weight, be assured that the hooks are strong enough to use at all times.


Such is the nature of competition, that markets tend to bring prices down to almost unbelievable levels. This set of 12 crochet hooks is a perfect example of such a market condition, which makes it incredibly affordable to have all the sizes that you intend to have. The wide variety of crochet hooks make it easy to have multiple projects running at the same time.

The hold and finish of the hooks is as good as you could expect from a budget edition, but it doesn’t disappoint. The price is actually the really surprising point here - 12 crochet hooks, fabricated out of bamboo and then subjected to a carbonization process hence, at this cost - unbelievable.


  • Unbelievably low cost 
  • Wonderful user experience 


  • The wood finish is rather brittle, and you may feel it’s about to break at some point though actually it doesn’t. 

Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Image via Imani

This completes our review of the best ergonomic crochet hooks sets in 2023.

Before going out there and making your year end purchase, we recommend you to have a long hard look over the reviews above to find out which specific crochet hooks set meets your requirements.

Happy Hunting!