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7 Best Budget Bandsaw Reviews to Enjoy in 2023

Let’s face it; if you’re a DIY-er worth your salt, then your workshop just can’t do without a good quality bandsaw.

detail of a carpenter at work cutting a plank with a band saw in his workshop, Caucasian with a beard, apron and protective glasses.

As durable as a table saw and more versatile, a bandsaw is a must-have cutting tool in the arsenal of any workman (or woman). However, these tend to be pretty expensive instruments and require significant investment and careful choice.

That’s why, to make sure you choose wisely, today we have for you a comprehensive guide to the best budget bandsaws right now. Once you go through the following, you’ll have no doubts regarding which one to buy.

Also, to make the task even more comfortable, we’ve gone ahead and included a detailed buyers’ guide that can further help you in your decision-making.

So, let’s not dally any longer and cut to the chase.

Best Budget Bandsaw Review

Woodworking Machine. band saw for cutting and sawing boards in a workshop. Nobody

Here is the list of the 7 best budget bandsaws that you can use to make precision cuts and create detailed woodworking projects; all without breaking the bank.

1. Grizzly Industrial G0555XH Bandsaw - Best for Professional Use

Quiet, powerful, and accurate, the Grizzly Industrial G0555XH Bandsaw is a marvel of modern engineering. Whether it’s a crosscut you require or hardwoods you need cut, this saw gets the job done, and fast. It can even help you get scroll cuts, circles, and curves when needed. Overall, this is a device that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Grizzly Industrial G0555XH - 14" 1-3/4 HP Extreme Series...
  • 1.75HP motor and 12" resawing capacity
  • CSA Certified - Made in an ISO 9001 Factory

Why Did We Like It?

There’s a reason Grizzly is one of the preferred brands for woodworkers everywhere. The cast-iron frame and heavy-duty stands make it the perfect addition to any DIY-er or professional’s arsenal.

We were impressed by the high-quality blade guides, which minimize the chances of blade deflection. Using the guides, both straight cuts, as well as pattern cutting, become a pretty simple task.

Add to that the powerful motor and extra-tall upper frame, and you’ve got a device that can resaw cuts up to 12 inches thick. And this without the need to spend extra on an expensive riser kit. 

We must also mention the large, precision-made cast-iron table and rack-and-pinion guidepost. These are additions that aren’t easily found in bandsaws at the same price range. Plus, the heavy-duty stand and computer-balanced cast iron wheels also work to eliminate vibrations.

What Could’ve Been Better?

If you ask us, the only thing that can be improved in this product is the price, which is a bit high. Granted, it’s got a large number of useful features, but still, a lower price point would have made the product available to a larger customer base.


  • High blade speed of 3000 FPM
  • Maximum cutting height of 12-inches
  • Quick-release blade tensioning
  • Removable saw fence


  • Slightly pricey

Dimensions: 31" x 26" x 78" | Weight: 337lbs | Table Size: 21.75" x 16.12" | Power Source: Corded Electric | Voltage: 110V, 220V | Amperage: 15 Amps, 7.5 Amps | Blade Material: High-Speed Steel | Blade Size: 14" | Blade Speed: 3000FPM | Number of Teeth: 24 | Warranty: 1 Year

2. WEN 3962 Bandsaw - Best for Budget Shoppers

Next, we got our hands on the 3962 Bandsaw from WEN, another renowned manufacturer of power tools. Slightly smaller in size and a little less powerful than the Grizzly, this is an affordable option that comes with all the essential accessories to help fast-track your woodworking projects.

WEN 3962T 3.5-Amp 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and...
  • 3.5 amp motor creates cuts up to six inches deep and 9-3/4...
  • Uses 72-inch blades anywhere from 1/8 to 1/2 inches in size

Why Did We Like It?

When assessing the quality of a bandsaw, the first thing that we prefer to look at is the motor design. This device comes with a 3.5A motor and a 9-¾ inch throat, which allows it to quickly slice through wood and make cuts that are up to 6 inches deep.

The variable-sized blades allow for powerful and, at the same time, complex cuts, making this a tool for intricate woodworking. Based on the intricacy level you need, you can use the blades anywhere from ⅛ to ½ of an inch. 

We also like how this device comes with a 3-in-1 dust port that fits a variety of dust collection hoses. This makes cleaning it a hassle-free task and reduces the amount of time you spend on maintenance.

Another interesting aspect that we’d like to mention about this saw is the dual-speed operation. The blade can run at either 1520 or 2620 FPM, which means the user can adjust speeds according to the needs of the project at hand.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The tension adjustment knob is made of plastic and seems to be flimsy. We were afraid to tighten it much for fear of breaking it. Also, the tension spring doesn’t have any calibrations and needs to be adjusted based on trial and error.


  • Easy assembly process
  • Comes with multiple accessories included
  • Ball-bearing based construction
  • Comes with a variety of blade sizes


  • Tension adjustment knob made of plastic
  • Tension spring doesn’t have calibration markings

Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 1" | Weight: 73lbs | Table Size: 14.12" x 12.5" | Power Source: Corded Electric | Voltage: N/A | Amperage: 3.5 Amps | Blade Material: High-Speed Steel | Blade Size: 10" | Blade Speed: 1520FPM, 2620FPM | Number of Teeth: 6 | Warranty: 1 Year

3. Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence - Best for Small Workshops

Offering features similar to larger bandsaws, the Rikon 10-305 offers quality service at an affordable price. Solid in design, durable in build quality, and versatile in performance, it’s a device that any DIY enthusiast would love to get their hands on.

RIKON 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch
  • Solid Steel Design- The 10-305 is a scaled down version of...
  • Cast Iron Table-Large 13-3/4-Inch by 12-1/2-Inch sturdy work...

Why Did We Like It?

Straight off the bat, it was the solid steel construction of the device that attracted us. This model is a smaller version of the much-celebrated 10-345 and 10-325 models and hence has a rich legacy behind it.

The frame of the saw is made of steel, making it much more durable than saws that use plastic frames. Plus, the extra-large cast-iron table provides a sturdy work surface. This is not something that you can find in just any other bandsaw. What’s more, it also includes an easily removable rip fence. 

Coming to the motor, we think the 1/3HP motor provides sufficient power for cutting and shaping operations. We also like the micro-adjustable guidepost that can be manipulated at the turn of a handle.

Important to mention are the dust ports, large blade tension knobs, and safety paddle on/off switch. An ideal combination of portability and durability, this is a product that’s well worth the price.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only complaint we have with the saw is the default blade it comes with. This is a fragile option, and suitable only for very small jobs. We suggest you buy additional blades if you’re hoping to get some serious work done.


  • Comes with a large cast-iron table
  • 2-inches tall fence included
  • 4-⅝ inch resaw capacity
  • Durable steel design


  • Default blade suitable for only lighter jobs

Dimensions: 35.5" x 18" x 13" | Weight: 75.8lbs | Table Size: 12.08" x 13.75" | Power Source: Corded Electric | Voltage: 115V | Amperage: 3.5 Amps | Blade Material: High-Carbon Steel | Blade Size: 10" | Blade Speed: 2780FPM | Number of Teeth: 10 | Warranty: 5 Years

4. Skil 3386-01 Bandsaw

If you’re a beginner at the use of bandsaws, then the Skil 3386-01 is just for you. Perfect for newbies who are just starting on their woodworking journey, this is a device that makes cuts, shapes wood, and creates designs flawlessly. Plus, it also comes with a massive warranty, so you get complete peace of mind.

SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light , Red
  • Rip fence for straight, accurate cuts; 6 TPI band saw blade...
  • Articulating LED work light for better view of work piece...

Why Did We Like It?

The very first thing that catches your attention about this tool is its diminutive design. Highly affordable and easy to use, this is made especially for beginners in the woodworking field. This naturally means it’s not as powerful as larger bandsaws.

But when it comes to portability, nothing comes close to this product. The 4.5A motor allows you to cut through softwood easily, and shape cutting is a breeze. This is possible because of the 6-TPI blade that it comes equipped with. 

Next, we like how the adjustable rack and pinion table makes quick angles and height changes. Plus, the dust port ensures that your working area remains free of dirt and sawdust.

Additionally, we must mention the EZ View Blade Tracking feature that allows you to easily align the blades. Plus, the rip fence and miter gauge make straight cuts and crosscuts simple to achieve. Overall, one of the better saws in the market for beginners.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The motor, which gets heated up quickly. This means you can’t use this device continuously for long stretches without fear of the motor burning out. Plus, the blade guides are rather flimsy.


  • Lightweight and durable build
  • Dust port with a vacuum function
  • Suitable for complex cuts
  • Quiet operation


  • Motor gets heated easily
  • Blade guides are rather flimsy

Dimensions: 31.15" x 16.25" x 12.75" | Weight: 30.86lbs | Table Size: 12" x 11.75" | Power Source: Corded Electric | Voltage: 120V | Amperage: 4.5 Amps | Blade Material: High-Speed Steel | Blade Size: 9" | Blade Speed: 2800SFPM | Number of Teeth: 24 | Warranty: 3 Years

5. Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw

For the fifth entry on our list, we have another quality product from Grizzly. The G0555 series from the brand is known for its superior cutting ability as well as state-of-the-art technology. With superior blades, heavy-duty cutting features, and precision guides, this is a product that speaks for itself.

Grizzly Industrial G0555 - The Classic 14" Bandsaw
  • 1 HP motor, pre-wired 110V / 220V compatible, single-phase...
  • Max cutting height: 6"

Why Did We Like It?

The very first thing that catches your eye is the deluxe, heavy-duty stand of this bandsaw. Made entirely from high-grade cast iron, the frame supports the saw and provides the required framework for getting the job done.

The one-horsepower motor provides quietly powerful operation and cuts through the hardest of woods with ease. As mentioned above, you can use this saw to get any kind of cut required, ranging from straight cuts to curves.

The blade length of the saw is 1 inch, and it also comes with a ⅜-inch blade. Plus, the package includes a T-shaped extruded aluminum fence and miter gauge.

The ball-bearing-based construction and blade guide further ensure that it performs its operation smoothly. Add to that the precise cast-iron table and computer-balanced aluminum wheels with urethane tires, and you’ve got a saw worth buying.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We could’ve given this device full marks but for the lack of a table light. Without a table light built-in, you’ll have to arrange for a separate light source for working in dark locations. Plus, at 195 pounds, this is a rather heavy product.


  • Extruded aluminum stand
  • Variable blade speeds
  • Sturdy T-shaped fence
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction


  • Doesn’t have a table light
  • Rather heavy product

Dimensions: 30.25" x 26.38" x 66.5" | Weight: 195lbs | Table Size: 14" x 14" | Power Source: Corded Electric | Voltage: 110V, 220V | Amperage: 11 Amps, 5.5 Amps | Blade Material: High-Speed Steel | Blade Size: 14" | Blade Speed: 1500FPM, 3200FPM | Number of Teeth: 24 | Warranty: 1 Year

6. WEN 3975T Metal-Cutting Benchtop Bandsaw

Till now, we’ve solely focused on wood-cutting bandsaws, but this time we have one that cuts metal with ease. The 3975 from WEN is perfect for metal-cutting jobs and can tackle a large variety of metals. Plus, it’s got a compact design that makes transportation and storage easy, and that’s not all that we have to say about it.

WEN 3975T 4-7/8-inch x 5-inch Metal-Cutting Benchtop Band...
  • Adjust the blade speed anywhere from 125 to 260 feet per...
  • Beveling blade helps create cuts anywhere from 0 to 60...

Why Did We Like It?

We tried out this product with brass, copper, and even steel, and it cut through it all like butter. It can cut pipes up to 5 inches in diameter and rectangular materials up to 5x4-⅞ inches.

The secret to the versatility of this product lies in the variable blade speed. Depending on the metal that you’re cutting, the speed can be adjusted from 125 to 260 FPM. What’s more, the beveling blade allows the making of cuts between 0 to 60 degrees with ease.

Next, we come to the compact yet rugged design of the machine. This makes storage and transportation a simple task, meaning you can use it at the work site and at home. Add to that the onboard vise, and you’ve got a firm grasp on your work, literally. 

We also like how the ball-bearing blade guides provide a long and reliable operational lifespan. Plus, the blade tension adjustment and tilt knobs make it superbly easy to make subtle tweaks from one job to the next. Overall, an excellent piece of machinery that you can add to your arsenal.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only complaint we have with this product is the blade wheels, which we feel should have been designed better. The current design leads to the blades frequently popping off, thus interrupting the cutting process.


  • Two-years warranty
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Variable blade speeds
  • Long and reliable lifespan


  • Poorly designed blade wheels

Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 4" | Weight: 54lbs | Table Size: N/A | Power Source: Corded Electric | Voltage: 120V | Amperage: 4.5 Amps | Blade Material: Metal, Steel | Blade Size: 5" | Blade Speed: 125FPM to 260FPM | Number of Teeth: 24 | Warranty: 2 Years

7. Genesis GBS900 Bandsaw

For the last item on the list, we have for you the GBS900 Bandsaw from Genesis. And although this is the final item on the list, it’s no less than the other offerings. In fact, with a powerful enough motor and quiet performance, this takes the cake in many categories.

Genesis GBS900 9" 2.2 Amp Band Saw with Dust Port, Tilt...
  • 2.2 amp induction motor for quiet, smooth performance
  • Cast aluminum table tilts up to 45 degrees

Why Did We Like It?

If performance is something that you’re looking for in a bandsaw, then look no further. The 2.2A induction motor that this device pack gives a smooth performance. Plus, it’s utterly noiseless, which means you’ll not need to strain your ears while working.

The durable yet compact design promises portability, and the cast-aluminum table provides tilts of up to 45 degrees. Add to that the rack and pinion table adjustment, and you’ve got complete control over all your projects. 

We like how the built-in dust port allows for clean workspaces. We must also mention the miter gauge and rip fence that makes straight and accurate cuts simple. It even comes with Allen wrenches included in the pack. Oh! And we almost forgot to mention the two-year warranty that the product comes with.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The initial breaking-in period takes some time to get used to, and the controls are a bit complicated to master at first. But once you’ve completed a few jobs, we reckon you won’t have any further trouble with it.


  • Induction motor for smooth performance
  • Comes with a built-in dust port
  • Rack and pinion table adjustment
  • Includes miter gauge and rip fence


  • Initial learning curve a bit steep

Dimensions: 30" x 17.7" x 11.5" | Weight: 35lbs | Table Size: 11.25" x 11.25" | Power Source: AC | Voltage: 120V | Amperage: 2.2 Amps | Blade Material: High-Speed Steel | Blade Size: 9" | Blade Speed: 2736FPM | Number of Teeth: 24 | Warranty: 2 Years

Best Budget Bandsaw Comparison Table

ProductDimensionsWeightTable SizePower SourceVoltageAmperageBlade MaterialBlade SizeBlade SpeedNumber of TeethWarranty
Grizzly Industrial G0555XH‎31" x 26" x 78"337lbs21.75" x 16.12"‎Corded Electric110V, 220V15 Amps, 7.5 AmpsHigh-Speed Steel‎14"3000FPM‎241 Year
WEN 3962‎12" x 8" x 1"‎73lbs14.12" x 12.5"‎Corded ElectricN/A‎3.5 AmpsHigh-Speed Steel‎10"1520FPM, 2620FPM‎61 Year
Rikon 10-305‎35.5" x 18" x 13"‎75.8lbs12.08" x 13.75"‎Corded Electric‎115V‎3.5 AmpsHigh-Carbon Steel‎10"2780FPM‎105 Years
Skil 3386-01‎31.15" x 16.25" x 12.75"‎30.86lbs12" x 11.75"Corded Electric120V‎4.5 AmpsHigh-Speed Steel9"2800SFPM‎243 Years
Grizzly G0555‎30.25" x 26.38" x 66.5"‎195lbs14" x 14"‎Corded Electric110V, 220V‎11 Amps, 5.5 AmpsHigh-Speed Steel14"1500FPM, 3200FPM‎241 Year
WEN 3975T‎7" x 5" x 4"‎54lbsN/ACorded Electric120V‎4.5 Amps‎Metal, Steel‎5"125FPM to 260FPM‎242 Years
Genesis GBS900‎30" x 17.7" x 11.5"‎35lbs11.25" x 11.25"AC120V‎2.2 AmpsHigh-Speed Steel9"2736FPM‎242 Years

Steel bar cutting by band saw machine with coolant

Buying Guide For The Best Budget Bandsaw

A bandsaw is a complex piece of machinery that has multiple parts. That’s why, before you go about buying one, you need to consider the numerous factors that differentiate one bandsaw from another.

In this buying guide, we’re going to let you know about some of the significant factors that you need to consider when making the purchase. Once you’ve got these facts down pat, you’ll face no problem buying the best bandsaw.

Let’s get going.

The Frame Type

The very first aspect to consider when buying a bandsaw is the frame, which must be stable and robust enough to support the internal components. A bandsaw with a weak structure cannot possibly serve you as well as one with a stronger build.

That’s why, when getting a bandsaw, make sure you go for one with a steel or iron frame. This ensures that the product you’re getting is durable and can last you for a long time to come.

The Wheel Weight

The weight of the blade wheel determines the precision and perfection with which the bandsaw blades work. In general, the more substantial the wheels, the higher the inertial effect, which is good for precision cutting.

Bandsaw wheels are mostly manufactured from either cast aluminum or iron. Both types have their advantages. While iron has a greater weight and provides more control, aluminum provides faster rotation speeds. The decision of which one to go with depends on what you prefer while working.

Teeth Pitch

The kind of cut that you get out of a bandsaw depends upon the density of the bandsaw teeth. Usually measured in teeth-per-inch, the saw blade’s pitch determines whether you get a fine, coarse, or medium cut.

Usually, blades that cut faster leave coarser cuts; by the same reckoning, slower blades deliver a more elegant cut. The choice of which blade to go with depends on the material you’re working with, and the kind of cut you need.


Finally, no matter which brands you decide to go with, make sure the bandsaw has all the required accessories to get the job done. Adjustable rack and pinion tables, miter gauges, and rip fences are just some of the accessories to look out for.

Also, it’s better if the saw you go with has a light included; this ensures visibility even in low-light conditions. And if you’re looking to take the saw to work, then it’s best to go with a lightweight and durable model.

Budget Bandsaws FAQs

  • Do budget bandsaws compromise on quality and performance?

    While they may lack some advanced features, budget bandsaws are designed to provide good quality and performance for basic cutting tasks at an affordable price.

  • Are budget bandsaws suitable for professional use?

    Some budget bandsaws might be suitable for small-scale professional work, but they generally lack the power, capacity, and features required for heavy-duty or continuous use.

  • What safety features should I look for in a budget bandsaw?

    Common safety features include blade guides, a blade guard, an emergency stop button, and a tension-release mechanism.

  • What types of blades can be used with budget bandsaws?

    Budget bandsaws typically accept a variety of blade sizes, materials, and tooth configurations suitable for various materials and cutting tasks.

  • Can I use a budget bandsaw to cut metal?

    Some budget bandsaws are capable of cutting metal, but it requires using the appropriate blade and adjusting the blade speed accordingly.

  • Do budget bandsaws require regular maintenance?

    Yes, routine maintenance such as lubrication, cleaning, and blade replacement is essential for any bandsaw, including budget models.

  • portrait of a carpenter inside his carpentry workshop using a band saw. Wear ear and eye protection


    Investing in a good bandsaw is essential for any dedicated woodworking enthusiast, whether it's for professional use or as a passionate hobbyist. With so many budget bandsaw options available in the market, it can be quite a challenge to find the perfect one that caters to your needs while also offering exceptional quality and performance. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best budget bandsaws, and, from these, we present our top three expert recommendations based on various factors:

    For professional use, the Grizzly Industrial G0555XH Bandsaw is an ideal option, featuring a quiet yet powerful performance and a high-quality blade guide system that enables precise cutting. Its durable cast-iron frame and large working table make it a popular choice among woodworking professionals.

    On the other hand, if you're on a tight budget, the WEN 3962 Bandsaw is a good option. This bandsaw offers excellent value for money, boasting a dual-speed operation, adjustable blade sizes, and a variety of essential accessories to kickstart your woodworking projects. Its 3.5A motor allows for quick and efficient cutting through wood, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals alike.

    Lastly, for those with small workshops or limited space, the Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence is the right choice. This compact bandsaw offers similar features found in larger models, such as a solid steel construction and a capable motor for smooth cutting operations. Its easily removable rip fence, micro-adjustable guidepost, and dust ports give it just the right combination of portability and durability.

    In summary, whether you're a professional woodworker, shopping on a budget, or looking for a bandsaw that's suitable for your small workshop, our top three recommendations cater to various needs and preferences. Invest in a bandsaw that best suits your requirements, and you'll be well-equipped to tackle any woodworking project with confidence and precision.

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