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8 Best Magnetic Screen Doors [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Tired of using insect repellent sprays and vaporizers to get rid of the pests barging in when the weather is warm? 

Best Magnetic Screen Doors

It’s high time you get a good magnetic screen door for your room. It will provide optimum protection by keeping away all kinds of pests and shall also keep the room airy and comfortable. Moreover, a screen door would probably cost you much less than the total amount you’ve spent on repellent sprays and vaporizers!

But we understand that the availability of countless options can make choosing a good model difficult. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with this guide to the 8 best options out there, and have also included a buyer’s guide to help you make a well-informed decision. 

Without further ado, let’s get going!

Listed below are the Best Magnetic Screen Doors:

  • AUGO: The AUGO Magnetic Screen Door is noteworthy for its self-sealing magnetic closure and tough polyester mesh for enhanced pest resistance, its effectiveness is offset by subpar customer support.
  • MAGZO: The MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door features a unique hook & loop locking mechanism and fireproof fiberglass material enhancing its suitability for various weather conditions. Packaging can be an issue.
  • iGotTech SO-03-103: The iGotTech SO-03-103 Magnetic Screen Door is distinguished by its pet-friendly design and hands-free closure ensured by 26 powerful magnets. Frequent maintenance is required.
  • Homearda: The Homearda Magnetic Screen Door is a cost-effective option that offers quick installation via strong Velcro strips and enhanced stability with weighted gravity sticks. Potential for emitting a chemical odor.
  • Mkicesky: The Mkicesky Magnetic Screen Door is known for its automatic opening/closure owing to powerful edge magnets and resilient anti-tear fiberglass material. Installation difficulty due to heavyweight.

Here is the list of the 8 best magnetic screen doors that you can use to maximize airflow throughout your home while keeping annoying bugs and pests out.

1. AUGO Magnetic Screen Door - Best for Family Gatherings

Shield your room from the menace of pests once and for all with this magnetic screen door from AUGO. It comes equipped with efficient features to keep the atmosphere in the room healthy and facilitates an easy walk-through each time. Overall, we were really impressed with how it performed, so it’s definitely among our top recommendations.

First and foremost, this screen door has self-sealing magnets running along its entire length that close it securely to keep away all pests. Plus, the magnetic closures are strong and durable enough for the job and hence do away with the hassle of closing the door manually. 

As for the meshing used, it’s made from tough polyester with great tear resistance, which makes it capable of withstanding a lot of impact. This lets you enjoy parties and family gatherings without having to worry about the force being applied to the door. It has a pretty lightweight build so that children and pets can easily walk through and open it without the use of their hands. 

Not only that, but there’s also a velcro installation on its entire frame, which makes sure that the installation is secure and firm. Lastly, tacks are included in the package to enable extra stability.

The customer support provided by the brand is not very effective as you might not get a satisfactory response to any query. However, you are least likely to face any issue with this product as most customers have expressed utmost satisfaction with its performance. 

Size: 38" x 83" | Fits Door Size: 36" x 82" | Number of Magnets: 30 | Screen Material: Polyester

2. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door - Best for Weather Resistance

Up next is this model from MAGZO, which also offers top-notch performance in keeping your rooms pest-free, healthy, and relaxing. Backed by excellent workmanship, it stands out from other models with regards to both looks and durability. Plus, the great user convenience on offer is the icing on the cake!

What we liked the most about this screen door was the hook & loop mechanism used for closure, which locks it effectively, unlike the ordinary models. Rest assured that it would never be blown open by the wind.

This screen also helps maintain a comfortable atmosphere by allowing sunshine and fresh air into the room and ensures that the outside view is not blocked. Added to this, pets can easily go in or out of the room whenever they want with just a light push. 

Even its fireproof fiberglass material is praiseworthy, as it imparts great strength and durability while providing good resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Finally, the installation process is simple and quick, thanks to the descriptive instruction manual included in the package. 

This model may sometimes arrive with the package torn in several places, which is probably due to the use of weaker packaging material. As a result, it becomes more prone to damage during delivery. But performance-wise, we have no complaints about this excellent product. 

Size: 32" x 81" | Fits Door Size: 30" x 80" | Number of Magnets: N/A | Screen Material: Fiberglass

3. iGotTech SO-03-103 - Best for Pet-Friendliness

This iGotTech screen door is another highly effective solution to keep pests away from your home. It is enhanced with several advanced functionalities to provide much greater comfort and efficiency than other flimsy models on the market. Also, the brand offers a beneficial money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with its performance. 

First of all, the closing mechanism of this model uses as many as 26 strong magnets that are stacked all along the adjoining edges. This ensures insects are completely blocked from the room and also helps close the door automatically after anyone enters, including your little ones and pets. 

Furthermore, entering through the door is super-easy even when your hands are full. Another beneficial feature is the hook & loop seal along the top and both the sides like our previous pick, which rules out the chances of the screen falling off. 

Speaking of the installation process, that’s also a breeze since the package includes everything needed, plus a very comprehensive video tutorial. Last but not least, this screen door is available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the ideal fit as per your needs. 

Although this screen door works perfectly to provide the ideal protection, convenience, and comfort, it needs more frequent maintenance than other models. We’d suggest cleaning it at least twice every week if you choose to go for this product. 

Size: 36" x 83" | Fits Door Size: Up to 34" x 82" | Number of Magnets: 26 | Screen Material: Polyester

4. Homearda Magnetic Screen Door

If you are on the lookout for a more budget-friendly solution to keep the home pest-free, this screen door from Homearda will be the ideal pick. It offers pretty good all-round performance, offering great efficiency and utility with its range of high-quality features. To know more about this model, move on to the next few sections. 

The best thing about this screen door is that it comes with very strong velcro strips to attach to the door frame for installation. As such, you can put it up quickly and more conveniently by utilizing the velcro as per your needs and can even take it down very easily. 

Another great addition is the pair of weighted gravity sticks in the bottom edges of the door, which prevents it from being blown open. Plus, it offers a faster yet silent closure each time, thanks to the 26 magnets sewn into adjoining edges like the iGotTech SO-03-103. 

There’s even a 100% satisfaction guarantee on offer with this screen door, which makes users eligible for a refund or replacement in case they are not satisfied. 

Some customers complained that the screen door produced a disturbing chemical odor which lingered in the room for quite a while. They further pointed out that it turned stronger when the door was left open with the help of the straps attached. Hence, people who are sensitive to any kind of odor should ideally go for another model. 

Size: 39" x 83" | Fits Door Size: Up to 36" x 82" | Number of Magnets: 26 | Screen Material: Fiberglass

5. Mkicesky Magnetic Screen Door

Halfway through our list, we’ve picked this strongly built model from Mkicesky that maintains the safety and comfort of your home in the long term. Its good-quality features make it powerful enough to withstand the ravages of daily use. As such, it is definitely one of the best screen doors you’ll find on the market.

To begin with, the closing mechanism of this model is par excellence as it is filled with powerful magnets sewn firmly in the edges. This facilitates automatic opening and closure without any gaps in between and, in turn, prevents dust from sneaking in. Plus, the magnets are sealed with ultimate strength to ensure that they never fall off. 

The anti-tear fiberglass material of the screen is also very strong, which enhances its longevity to a great extent. In fact, its strength is 10 times that of the polyester material used in traditional screen doors, and it resists rust, fire, staining, and corrosion like a pro. 

We even loved the 0.059-inch dense grids of the meshing, which let fresh air and sunlight into the room, thereby keeping the comfort intact. And that’s not all; you get a beneficial lifetime warranty with this magnetic screen door, so you can always contact the manufacturer in case of any issues. 

A downside of going for this screen door is that it’s much heavier than most other models. Hence, handling it during installation and taking it down might be a bit tiring. But we were quite pleased with its performance otherwise. 

Size: 72" x 80" | Fits Door Size: Up to 70" x 79" | Number of Magnets: N/A | Screen Material: Fiberglass

6. Sentry Screens IHLSMS3683BE

Provide adequate protection from pests and also keep your doorway stylish with this model from Sentry Screens. Offering a slew of convenient features, it has been appreciated by many customers across the country and also comes at a budget-friendly rate. So, let’s move on to learn more about this screen door.

The 60g fiberglass screen of this model sets it apart from many others on the market as it’s perfect for high-traffic areas and also much more durable. Thus, you are sure to get a long-lasting and consistent service out of it. 

Another big advantage is that the heavy-duty magnets fitted all along the reinforced edges are 65% more effective than the average models out there. As such, the door closes much faster and seals more tightly, withstanding the effect of stronger breezes efficiently. 

Coupled with this is a set of six 20g weights fitted in the bottom hem of the screen that further enhance its wind resistance. You will also be glad to know that this model has been approved by the US military and is widely used in its base camps in different countries.  

Although most customers appreciated its performance, they pointed out that there weren’t enough screws included in the package and the velcro strips were not durable enough. As such, you would need additional screws for installation plus the velcro might have to be replaced within a year of the purchase. 

Size: 36" x 83" | Fits Door Size: 34" x 82" | Number of Magnets: 26 | Screen Material: Fiberglass

7. Aloudy AL-SD-BK-3999

Our next pick for you is this screen door from Aloudy, suitable for elongated entryways and French doors. It offers a considerably good performance in keeping away pests and letting fresh, healthy air into any room. You can get this model in two sizes viz. 39 x 83 inches and 39 x 99 inches.

This model gets its strength from the high-quality velcro strips for the sides and the top included in the package, which attach to the door frame with great firmness. These strips also make the installation simple and rule out the need for any expertise or tools. 

Added to this, the polyester mesh is among the strongest you will find out there and has powerful magnets stitched into its seams with utmost perfection. This helps keep the room free from pests and excessive dust by ensuring perfect closure each time. 

Children and pets can also move in and out with ease and never affect the screen, thanks to the lightweight nature of the door and its great overall strength. 

We were a bit disappointed to find that there was no information provided regarding the warranty for this model. So, it would be best to contact customer support to enquire about the warranty if you decide to go for it. 

Size: 39" x 99" | Fits Door Size: Up to 36" x 98" | Number of Magnets: 26 | Screen Material: Polyester

8. OWNPETS Magnetic Screen Door For Dogs

Searching for a good-quality screen door for dogs that can be fixed to an existing magnetic screen door or window? Towards the end of our list, here’s a model from OWNPETS that fits the bill nicely. It ensures the canine member in your family never finds it difficult to move through the door or doesn’t accidentally damage any of the doors.

Notably, users can choose between two different sizes of this pet screen door, viz. 16 x 14 inches and 11.4 x 9.4 inches. Both these variants are designed in such a way that your beloved pet never feels uncomfortable while moving through them, and the inner door is also very easy to push.

What’s more, it functions with a self-closing mechanism whereby the built-in magnets automatically close the inner door after your pet leaves. Door locks are also provided on the bottom corners to prevent your pets from venturing outside when they are unsupervised.  

In addition, you can install the door quite easily as the complete instructions are included in the package, and all the required tools are provided therein. 

The mesh of this screen door is made from relatively inferior material and hence might require more frequent cleaning. Actually, the dust from your pet’s paws sticks to the mesh easily and forms a thin layer over it, which needs to be removed at least once a week. 

Size: 16" x 14" | Fits Door Size: N/A | Number of Magnets: 2 | Screen Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

What Is the Best Magnetic Screen Door?

When evaluating the best magnetic screen door, it is crucial to consider parameters such as the product's size (measured in inches), the door size it can fit (also measured in inches), the number of magnets it incorporates, and the screen material used in its construction. The following table provides a comparative analysis of some of the leading magnetic screen doors in the market.

ProductSizeFits Door SizeNumber of MagnetsScreen Material
AUGO Magnetic Screen Door38" x 83"36" x 82"30Polyester
MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door32" x 81"30" x 80"N/AFiberglass
iGotTech SO-03-10336" x 83"Up to 34" x 82"26Polyester
Homearda Magnetic Screen Door39'' x 83''Up to 36" x 82"26Fiberglass
Mkicesky Magnetic Screen Door72" x 80"Up to 70" x 79"N/AFiberglass
Sentry Screens IHLSMS3683BE36" x 83"34" x 82"26Fiberglass
Aloudy AL-SD-BK-399939" x 99"Up to 36" x 98"26Polyester
OWNPETS Magnetic Screen Door For Dogs16" x 14"N/A2Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Buying Guide For The Best Magnetic Screen Door

To choose a magnetic screen door wisely, keeping in mind some features characteristic to these doors is essential. Making a choice only by glancing through the specifications of some high-performing models may fetch you only partial results. So, here we’ll be discussing some key points that you need to consider before proceeding to buy a magnetic screen door. 


When it comes to replacing windows and doors, measuring the dimensions of the frame is a primary requisite. This ensures that the chosen model provides the desired protection from pests. So, at the start, remember to measure the length and width of the door frame to determine the accurate size you will need. 

While some brands offer only one size, most others come in multiple dimensions. Here, you should note that if the door at your home has an odd size that falls between the standard sizes, going for a larger model will be best. You will only have to adjust the dimensions so that it fits nicely to the door. 

Fasteners Used

These doors have multiple fasteners to hold them closed and to keep them fixed on the frame. Magnets are mainly used for closing both sides of the door, while tacks are installed on the door frame to enhance the strength of the structure. 

A third type of fastener is a hasp, which is fixed on either side to prevent the door from being opened by strong winds. Keep in mind that while magnets are the primary fastening components used in all screens, tacks and hasps are available in select models. 


The mesh of a magnetic screen door is primarily made from either polyester or fiberglass. However, ABS plastic is used in some models to provide greater durability. And with regards to the frame material, wood, and metal are used in the majority of models. 

A screen door with a fiberglass mesh will be most suitable for heavy-traffic areas as this material is relatively more durable than polyester. Also, such a mesh facilitates better air circulation. But a polyester mesh is a more affordable option, lets in greater sunlight, and is easier to see through. 

On the other hand, a door frame built with metal is more durable and weather-resistant than a wooden one.

Do magnetic screen doors keep out all types of insects?

While no screen door can guarantee 100% protection, magnetic screen doors are usually effective in keeping out common types of insects like mosquitoes, flies, and bees.

Are magnetic screen doors energy efficient?

Magnetic screen doors can increase energy efficiency by allowing natural ventilation, thus reducing the need for air conditioning. However, they do not provide a complete seal like a regular door, so may cause drafts in colder weather.

Are magnetic screen doors safe for children to use?

Yes, magnetic screen doors do not pose a significant injury risk and can be used safely by children. They automatically close behind without needing to be pulled or pushed.

Can I use a magnetic screen door if I have pets?

Absolutely. An added benefit of magnetic screen doors is that they allow pets to move in and out freely, saving the need to constantly open the door for them.

Are magnetic screen doors easy to install?

Yes, magnetic screen doors are relatively easy to install. They usually come with a full hardware kit and instructions guiding you. Typically, they use adhesive velcro strips that attach to the door frame, and require no special tools for installation.

How long do the magnets in a magnetic screen door last?

The magnets used typically have a long lifespan and should work efficiently throughout the life of the screen. However, extreme temperatures or rough handling can potentially affect their longevity.

How durable are magnetic screen doors?

The durability of a magnetic screen door depends on the quality of the material and the strength of the magnets used. High-quality options use durable mesh that resists wear and tear and strong magnets that securely close the door.

How do I clean a magnetic screen door?

Most magnetic screen doors can be cleaned with a cloth and soapy water. It is generally not recommended to machine wash them as this can damage the magnetic strips. Always refer to the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.

So, that was all about the most efficient magnetic screen doors available right now. We hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as we enjoyed testing and reviewing the different models. Now, it’s time for you to choose a suitable screen door, so go ahead!

It's essential to keep in mind that magnetic screen doors do not significantly contribute to soundproofing. If you're interested in improving your door's soundproofing, refer to our how to soundproof a door guide for more information.

But before we wrap up, here’s a quick recap of our favorites from the list. If you prefer to go for a screen door with a fiberglass mesh, the MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door will be the perfect choice to go for. On the other hand, the AUGO Magnetic Screen Door is the best budget buy in our opinion. 

Agree with our verdict? Let us know in the comments section below. Till next time, take care.