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2 Best Toe Kick Saws of 2023 Reviewed

How often have you postponed renovating the flooring because you didn't want to pry open floor cabinets fixed to walls? We have got a way out!

Best Toe Kick Saws

With a toe-kick saw, you can efficiently work on the flooring, including corners that are difficult to reach because of furniture lining up the wall. The best of the lot would cut very close to walls with exact precision.

Now, we know how problematic it can be to select one out of the numerous choices in the market. To make it easier, we have curated our very own list of the top 2 products, taking into consideration the price, depth capacity, and other essential features.

And that’s not all; a buyer's guide has also been included to help in your decision-making process.

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Listed below are the Best Toe Kick Saws:

  • Crain 775: The Crain 775 Toe-Kick Saw is notable for its ease of use, smooth cutting along walls, and high power capacity of 11 A, suitable for wood surfaces. The blade can't be adjusted and is primarily designed for wood cutting.
  • Chicago Electric Power Tools: The Chicago Electric Power Tools Heavy Duty Toe-Kick Saw excels in its cutting depth adjustability and maintaining steady control due to dual handles. It withstands long usage durations without overheating. Users may find corner-cutting challenging.

Here's the list of the 2 Best Toe Kick Saws of 2023, perfect for precision cutting in tight spaces, complete with a buyer's guide to simplify your choice

1. Crain 775 Toe-Kick Saw

The Crain 775 Toe-Kick Saw is one of the best options when it comes to taking care of subfloors. It cuts through the floor flush with utter smoothness, leaving you with a clean cut while the cabinets stay in place. We were impressed to see that this could cut through wood like butter, removing all kinds of undesired underlayment in the process.

First of all, we found that the toe kick saw deals with corners efficiently, making sure that every curve is worked on. It has a clutch mechanism that disengages, and that’s how it reduces kickback while working around edges and curves.

Besides, the blades can penetrate up to a depth of ¾-inch. This is mostly enough and will deal with traditional tiles easily. But if you need to go deeper, other blades can be ordered separately and used along with this saw. 

It also came with a safety case that not only kept the equipment protected but also prevented its sharp edges from causing scratches on the surface.

Overall, it saved us a lot of time and effort. Usually, it would take more time to tear 4 layers of flooring to reach the hardwood below, but this made the task so much easier.

The only drawback is related to the efficiency of the blade. The length cannot be adjusted, and the blade that you get will only work with wood. This is the only problem but it can be resolved by purchasing blades separately. Make a note of the length you need and get the blades accordingly.

Blade: ‎High Speed Steel | Dimensions: ‎16 x 8 x 15 inches | Weight: ‎14.2 pounds | Volatage: ‎120 V | Amperage: 11 A

2. Chicago Electric Power Tools Heavy-Duty Toe-Kick Saw

With a powerful machine and efficient safety features, the Chicago Electric Power Tools Heavy Duty Toe-Kick Saw has occupied the 4th position. It is equipped with adjustable blades and works well with all kinds of surfaces. We could work with cutting away thick wooden subfloors with precision.

There is one common issue with most toe-kick saws. The depth in most cannot be adjusted, but this one stands apart. With 4 cutting depth positions ranging from ¼ inch, ⅜ inch,⅝ inch and ¾ inch, you can rest assured that every material can be penetrated for precise cuts.

There is an additional safety button on the trigger switch, which will help you escape any kind of dangerous situation. The placement is vital, and the company has made sure it can be reached immediately. 

To add to the ease of usage, the gadget has dual handles. This helps in holding on to the body more steadily. Stay in control with this added measure.

Besides this, it is known to be a perfect device for professionals as it does not heat up even when used for long. You can cut subfloor plywood with ease, and it will keep working until you retire for the day.

After we started working on the corners, we realized that inside corners could not be reached with this product. This led to us damaging the face board in trying to reach it. We would have liked it more if it could reach corners in an easier way.

Blade: ‎High Speed Steel | Dimensions: ‎11.5" x 11" x 7.25" inches | Weight: ‎10 pounds | Volatage: ‎120 V | Amperage: 6.8 A

What Are the Best Toe Kick Saws?

Comparing the essential features of toe kick saws help identify which saws are best suited to a specific kind of job. This comparison includes blade type, dimensions, weight, voltage and amperage. All these factors contribute towards the overall functionality and efficiency of the tool.

Crain 775 Toe-Kick Saw‎High Speed Steel16 x 8 x 15 inches‎14.2 pounds‎120 V‎11 A
Chicago Electric Power Tools Heavy-Duty Toe-Kick SawHigh Speed Steel11.5" x 11" x 7.25" inches‎10 pounds‎120 V6.8 A

Buying Guide For The Best Toe Kick Saws

A good toe-kick saw can help a lot in renovating a house without having to move anything around. It is essential that you buy one which fits your purpose and not necessarily the one which works best for us or is the most expensive.

Make a choice carefully after you assess the kind of material, depth, and other features that you would require. We have noted down the criteria you should keep in mind. So, let's get to it!


When working with a kick saw, the depth of the blades is the most important feature. There are some options that will let you adjust the depth. This is vital for you if you are a professional working with varied surfaces every day. Check the thickness of the flooring you are dealing with before choosing one.

A fixed depth means you can only use it for one kind of material as the blade cannot be adjusted. This is good for personal use wherein you know the thickness of the floors of the house. But using it on a large scale would require you to buy additional blades that would fit with the machine.

Safety Measures

Because the blades are very sharp, one has to be extremely careful around these. Do not let kids anywhere near the unit at all. Also, see if you would be getting a cover along with it. A cover would help you keep your peace of mind and keep surfaces free from scratches. Not to forget, it will also ensure that even if kids touch it, they will not get hurt.

Size and Weight

Toe-kick saws are not generally very heavy. So, transferring it is not a difficult job. What matters is your own physical strength. A heavy saw is mostly preferred as these are more durable than lighter ones. But then it would need more muscle strength, and if you are not physically very strong, this may not be the right choice.

There are lighter saws available for the rest, which are more comfortable to use and carry about. But if you are a construction worker, it is best to go with the heavier option as you would need a sturdy one for constant usage.

Construction Quality

Always check for the construction quality of the gadget. If one is made of cheaper materials, it will not be durable and will crash if you use it too much. Also, there is a problem of heating that may affect the longevity of its parts. You can opt for these if you are looking to work on a single project as these are cheaper choices.

On the other hand, a steel body that is sturdy and can handle heavy-duty work is perfect for professionals or home decor enthusiasts who plan to work on their flooring often.

Choosing a toe-kick saw should not be difficult anymore, considering you have all the information needed to choose one. We have had a wonderful experience with our flooring, and we are sure that you would too.

Before we take our leave, let us tell you about our favorites from the list. The Crain 775 Toe-Kick Saw pleased us the most with its incredible bells and whistles and its affordable price. This gave us the perfect combination of efficiency and affordability.

If you want a versatile product, the Dremel US40-03 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit will be the best option. It comes with all the other essentials needed to conduct the whole process of taking apart the subflooring.

With a good unit, look forward to the house of your dreams with the exact kind of flooring you would want. It is time to impress guests with an ambiance you will have created all by yourself.

Happy shopping!