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7 Best Stud Finders – Review & Buyer’s Guide

The walls of your house serve as the ultimate spot for displaying any beautiful object to the common eye. However, at times, you may not be able to mount your favorite frames on the walls due to the presence of studs that could hinder the drilling processes.

Best Stud Finder

In such cases, stud finders can come in pretty handy at finding the tough-to-detect studs hiding inside our walls. It makes the job of hanging heavy objects on the walls easier, without compromising the safety of wiring or piping, behind the surface.

However, it may be stressful to find the best stud finder, without going over your decided budget. If you’re going through a similar dilemma, we have listed our top 7 stud finders that’ll fulfill your needs precisely.

Also, go through our exclusive buyers’ guide to know about all the important features that would help you find the ideal stud finder for yourself.

Best Stud Finders

Here is the list of the 7 best stud finders that you can use to quickly and accurately locate studs in walls.

1. Franklin Sensors FS710PROProSensor 710+ - Best for Semi-Professional Use

Stud finders are usually a must-have in every household, and one can require these devices whenever they need to mount something up on the wall. However, a common household need doesn’t always call for professional wall scanners.

The new FRANKLIN FS710PRO stands out as an efficient tool in this regard, catering easily to inexperienced beginners, and ensuring a semi-professional user experience for all.

Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710+ Stud Finder with 13-Sensors,...
  • ACCURATE: More sensors = More accuracy. Conventional stud...
  • EASY: One mode finds it all! The ProSensor 710+ adjusts for...


First and foremost, we are quite satisfied with the efficiency this decent model provides at a fairly economical price range. Equipped with advanced 710 Pro sensor technology, this model is good enough to detect wall studs under its 7" measurement area quickly.

Moreover, its 13-LED light array is capable of signaling detected data, giving us an accurate and satisfactory user experience. Coupled with a multi-sense technology, this feature significantly lessens the average time consumed at getting the job done.

This model provides us with a decent detection depth of 1.6 inches, which is fair and adequate for our average household chores. If compared, its sensory area is deeper than a considerable number of stud finders out there.

Moreover, what is even more impressive is its capability of efficiently detecting wood and metal alike. Talking about its user-friendliness, it is an easy-to-operate stud finder that comes with a simple one-step operating button.

What could have been better?

Although it can be an ideal value for money, we are a little disappointed that it product does not support reconditioning. Also, it could’ve been better if the product came along with audio alerts and voltage identification features.


  • 1.6 inches detection depth
  • 13-LED light array for efficient signaling
  • Efficient multi-sense technology for enhanced performance
  • Detects wood and metal


  • Cannot be reconditioned
  • Lacks audio alert and voltage detection

Sensor Type: Electric | Battery Required: Yes | Battery Type: AA | LCD Display: No | Detection Capability: Wood, Metal | Detection Depth: 1.6"

2. Precision Sensors ProFinder 5000+ Deep Scanning Stud Finder - Best for Deep Stud Detection

Although magnetic stud finders are quite efficient at what they do, electric stud finders are also becoming a trend among professionals in recent times. And in that regard, the PRECISION PROFINDER 5000 stands out as a decent electric stud finder that gets the job done efficiently, in no time at all!

Precision Sensors ProFinder 5000+ Deep Scanning Stud Finder
  • Deep Sensing Technology- The Profinder 5000+ Has More Sensor...
  • One-Step Operation- Just Press Button: When Placed On The...


To begin with, this model is visibly equipped with a larger number of sensory pads, when compared to an average stud finder. This way, this product has allowed us to dig deeper into the walls during every single use, and efficiently sense some hard-to-detect studs. Overall, its deep-sensing technology pretty much lives up to its name.

We’re not very professional when it comes to operating wall scanners. Despite that, we found it quite easy to operate this model without expert guidance. This product runs smoothly on AA batteries, saving you from the wearing hassle of device charging.

Its LEDs are also well-capable of signaling stud locations, making it easier for you to acknowledge the wall areas you need to reconfigure.

Weighing nearly 1.4 pounds, the PRECISION PROFINDER 5000 is an easy-to-use mobile device that can fulfill your average household needs.

What could have been better?

Although we are not expecting industrial-grade efficiency from this household product, the performance of its sensors is pretty unsatisfactory when its battery is low. Its deep-sensing technology may confuse the stud and non-stud objects at those times, resulting in false signaling.


  • Light-weight and very easy-to-use product
  • 1.7 inches depth for efficient stud detection
  • More sensory pads; deep-sensing technology
  • Can be operated on AA batteries


  • May seldom confuse between the stud and non-stud objects

Sensor Type: Electric | Battery Required: Yes | Battery Type: AA | LCD Display: No | Detection Capability: N/A | Detection Depth: 1.7"

3. BLACK+DECKER Line Laser with Stud Sensor - Best for Multi-Purpose Functionality

We are big fans of multi-functional products. Most of us would like to opt for a single product that fulfills a fair number of requirements at once. And, the BLACK AND DECKER BDL190S BULLSEYE does impress its users with its diverse features contained in a single powerful unit. If you’re a smart buyer, then you might want to consider this model.

BLACK+DECKER Line Laser, Auto-leveling with Stud Finder...
  • Two-In-One Accuracy - Two-In-One Line Laser And Stud Sensor...
  • Intuitive Design - Easy-To-Read Lcd Display For Users Of All...


At a fair price, the BLACK AND DECKER stud finder is a decent option to look out for. Its stud sensory feature adequately detects not only metallic and wooden studs but live AC wires as well. We are quite impressed by its depth of locating studs, as its 0.75" stud detection depth is one of the best features that helped us in detecting studs from thick drywalls.

It seems to be quite a user-friendly product, embedded with an array of bright LED lights that illuminate instantly when a stud is discovered. Moreover, a fancy “STUD FOUND” text also appears on the screen, which gives this model a smarter outlook. Equipped with its horizontal laser feature, this model is one of the fanciest tools we’ve come across.

Apart from detecting studs, it also makes an ideal tool that can be used for hanging picture frames from the wall or installing other interior-decor items. As a bonus, this model is capable of automatic leveling, saving you the hassle of custom adjustments.

What could have been better?

This model did not leave us much room for complaints. However, we tested this product on a set of materials with inconsistent density and humidity. Surprisingly, this device lacks efficiency at detecting studs on carpets' paddings, newly painted surfaces, and carpets.


  • Efficient at detecting studs at a density of 0.75″
  • Can detect live AC wires
  • Auto-leveling technology for multi-functionality
  • Smart LCD and LED display


  • Cannot detect studs under inconsistent density

Sensor Type: Electric | Battery Required: Yes | Battery Type: AA | LCD Display: Yes | Detection Capability: Wood, Metal, Live AC Wires | Detection Depth: 0.75"

4. Zircon MultiScanner i520 Center Finding Stud Finder

Every beginner understands the importance of easy-to-use products that make our lives simpler with their efficiency. Speaking of this, the ZIRCON MULTISCANNER is one of the best products we’ve come across. Equipped with advanced CenterVision technology, this is a decent product that’s capable of detecting the center of hard-to-find wall studs within a short time period.

Zircon MultiScanner i520 Center-Finding Stud Finder with...
  • Locates the edges and center of wood or metal studs up to 1...
  • Scans for metal and live AC wires


To begin with, this model boasts a smart StudScan mode feature, giving us a decent stud detection depth of 0.75", or 19 mm. On top of that, its patented DeepScan mode appeared to give us twice its regular efficiency. This feature gave us a satisfying depth of 1.5", or 38 mm while detecting non-ferrous metals. However, we were able to detect ferrous metals up to 3", or 76mm while using its MetalScan mode, which impressed us more.

This model is also an ideal go-to option to opt for if you’re trying to detect live AC wires across your thick drywalls. Its AC Scan mode gave us a 2" deep depth, which is good enough for a product at this economical price range.

However, the feature that makes this model stand out is its AutoCorrection Technology, which reduces typical errors while stud-detection. Its LCD screen comes with a smart indication feature, signaling towards the directions and center/edges of wall studs for our convenience.

What could have been better?

As we’ve noticed, the accuracy of the stud-detection of this model becomes questionable when its charge is low. However, remembering to charge this device on time rids us from this issue.


  • DeepScan mode gives us a 1.5″ depth
  • MetalScan mode gives us a 3″ depth
  • Efficient 2″ AC Scan detection depth
  • AutoCorrection Technology to minimize errors


  • Inaccurate performance when battery is low

Sensor Type: Electric | Battery Required: Yes | Battery Type: 9V | LCD Display: Yes | Detection Capability: Wood, Metal, Joists, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals, Live AC Wires | Detection Depth: 0.75" to 3"

5. CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder

Being a worldwide renowned manufacturer, CH HANSON is one of the best brands that comes to our mind when we’re talking about value-for-money products. Coming at a pretty reasonable price range, the 03040 MAGNETIC STUD FINDER is unarguably an efficient tool that fulfills your DIY home improvement project needs with ease.

CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder
  • Small And Compact, Easily Fits In Pocket
  • Powerful Magnets Allows Hands Free Use


This model is good enough for you if you’re looking for something simple and convenient to use. While testing, its accuracy of finding hidden studs under the wall seemed to be pretty efficient as a magnetic device. It’s mainly because it's equipped with rare and strong earth magnets, which are well capable of detecting metal nails/screws.

Being a magnetic device, it saves us from the hassle of frequent charging or battery drainage, and calibration needs. Coming to its user-friendliness, this model boasts a very compact easy-to-hold design that doesn’t put much stress on our palms while working.

Using this product is very easy; just place it on the drywall and move it in an “S” pattern, and it efficiently detects any nearby stud. Also, we didn’t have to mark the studs on the wall with pencils. Also, Its magnets are powerful enough to be left hands-free once in contact with a metal, which simplifies the job for you even more.

What could have been better?

Although this product is well capable and more efficient compared to many other magnetic stud finders, it lacks the capability of discovering the edges of metal studs. Also, it lacks efficiency at detecting live AC wiring and wooden studs, which gives it a slight disadvantage.


  • Isn’t operated by batteries
  • Compact size and ergonomic design
  • Powerful rare earth magnets for higher efficiency
  • Can be used hands-free


  • Cannot detect the stud edges properly
  • Inefficient at detecting AC wires

Sensor Type: Magnetic | Battery Required: No | Battery Type: N/A | LCD Display: No | Detection Capability: Wood, Metal | Detection Depth: 1"

6. Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder

Studpop is an emerging brand that specializes in manufacturing and supplying some of the most efficient and easy-to-use power tools under a low price range. The new STUDPOP MAGNETIC STUD FINDER is a decent example of why one shouldn’t start judging a book by its cover. Despite its small size, this product offers an array of convenient features at a reasonable price, making it an ideal go-to tool for simple household tasks.

StudPoP Original Magnetic Stud Finder. Various colors. Finds...
  • Amazon CHOOSES COLOR. 1 inch super magnet.
  • It's so SIMPLE to use, you'll find your FIRST stud in...


Due to its 8" x 6" x 2" compact size, we had several questions about the efficiency of the STUDPOP MAGNETIC STUD FINDER at first glance. However, this product did not disappoint us with its simple and quick stud-location efficiency. Moreover, it is easily one of the most ergonomically designed stud detectors we’ve come across.

Equipped with a rare earth magnet, this model gives us a satisfying experience of detecting quick studs across walls. However, unlike most of the stud finders out there, this product is quite efficient at finding hard-to-detect studs across plaster walls, lathes, and tiles as well. Being a magnet-operated product, it also rids us of battery and calibrator-related issues.

Scanning walls with this product is pretty convenient, as it makes a mildly loud “pop” sound every time it comes across a stud/nail. Overall, it’s a reliable go-to option for homeowners and is pretty handy when it comes to quick and efficient wall scanning.

What could have been better?

Considering its low price, there isn’t much that we’ve expected from this model. However, we wish that this product could be efficient at detecting the edges of metal studs as well. Although it's portable and flexible, it would have been better if the model came equipped with an aperture to be tied to strings.


  • Very low priced
  • Easy-to-use product
  • Ergonomic design
  • Makes a pop sound when the stud is detected


  • Inefficient at detecting the edges of studs
  • Lack of an aperture reduces its portability

Sensor Type: Magnetic | Battery Required: No | Battery Type: N/A | LCD Display: No | Detection Capability: Metal Fasteners | Detection Depth: N/A

7. Stanley FMHT77407 FatMax Stud Sensor 300

Having a professional-grade tool that comes with the user-friendliness of a rookie is always an advantage. The new STANLEY FATMAX has a decent list of semi-professional features to offer under a fairly affordable price range. For those looking forward to purchasing a two-in-one product that’s ideal for both personal and commercial projects, give this a try.

Stanley FMHT77407 FatMax Stud Sensor 300
  • The name of a pro
  • Sequential LEDs and audible beeps indicate reading


While testing its METAL SCAN mode, we were quite amazed by how efficiently the product detected metal studs nestled in the drywall, up to a maximum depth of 3". Not to forget, its AC TRACKING mode gives us an adequate detection depth of 2". Finding regular studs accurately with this device is a cakewalk, thanks to its one-pass center-finding technology.

This product comes equipped with an advanced LCD, which shows smart notifications regarding low battery and self-calibration. It also graphically shows the location of the discovered stud, which is quite simple to read and comprehend. What we liked the most is that once the center of a stud is detected, the LCD instantly portrays the “CENTER” icon along with a beeping alert.

This model runs on durable 9v batteries and supports auto-calibration that altogether maximizes its efficiency and accuracy by a great deal. All of this may sound complex, but this product is surprisingly so easy-to-use that a 10-year-old could use it at its highest efficiency.

What could have been better?

The accuracy of its stud detection is somewhat influenced by the density or humidity of the surface that’s being scanned.


  • Auto-calibration feature for higher accuracy
  • Easy-to-read LCD
  • Ergonomic design for easy-grip
  • Fairly adequate depth


  • Accuracy is affected by the humidity and density of the wall

Sensor Type: Electric | Battery Required: Yes | Battery Type: 9V | LCD Display: Yes | Detection Capability: Wood, Metal, Live AC Wires, Deep Metal Scan | Detection Depth: 1.5" to 3"

Best Stud Finder Comparison Table

ProductSensor TypeBattery RequiredBattery TypeLCD DisplayDetection CapabilityDetection Depth
Franklin Sensors FS710PROElectricYesAANoWood, Metal1.6"
Precision Sensors ProFinder 5000+ElectricYesAANoN/A1.7"
BLACK+DECKER Line Laser with Stud SensorElectricYesAAYesWood, Metal, Live AC Wires0.75"
Zircon MultiScanner i520ElectricYes9VYesWood, Metal, Joists, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals, Live AC Wires0.75" to 3"
CH Hanson 03040MagneticNoN/ANoWood, Metal1"
Studpop Magnetic Stud FinderMagneticNoN/ANoMetal FastenersN/A
Stanley FMHT77407ElectricYes9VYesWood, Metal, Live AC Wires, Deep Metal Scan1.5" to 3"

Buying Guide For The Best Stud Finder

A lack of useful insights and tips often leads us to purchase non-reliable products, which is a bad investment in the end. That’s why we have listed a set of important features to look out for before you finally buy an ideal stud finder.

Type of the sensor

There are mainly two types of sensors in stud finders, i.e. electric and magnetic sensors. If you’re looking for a very simple product that doesn’t come along with battery-related issues, magnetic sensors are your cup of tea. However, you should opt for electricity if you have expectations such as graphical stud location signaling, wire voltage readings, and so on.

Size of the sensor

As obvious as it is, sensor size becomes a very important factor when choosing an ideal stud detector. If you have a tight budget and low expectations, go for the ones with smaller sensor sizes. However, if you can afford to slip in a little extra cash to avail of attractive features such as greater depth and higher accuracy, opt for the one with a larger sensor.

Efficiency at targeting the centers

When you’re buying a stud finder (especially an electric one), it's very important to check its efficiency at detecting the center of the stud. Make sure you buy the ones with higher capabilities of targeting the centers, as it is very helpful in detecting the studs more accurately.

Design and grip

Some stud finders are unnecessarily large and designed in an inconvenient manner. This may result in fatigued arms, during lengthy tasks. Make sure you go for the ones with a very ergonomic design.

Alert and display

LCDs are an advantage of electric models, which helps in locating the studs more accurately. Also, make sure the product also comes equipped with audible notification alerts. This way, the product reduces the chances of missing the stud-detections.

Stud Finders FAQs

  • Are stud finders safe for use?

    Stud finders are generally safe, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.

  • How accurate are stud finders?

    The accuracy of stud finders depends on the device quality and technology. High-quality electronic stud finders can be very accurate when used properly, while magnetic stud finders have a lower level of accuracy.

  • Are there any limitations on using a stud finder?

    Stud finders may face difficulties detecting metals in lath-and-plaster walls, walls with multiple layers, or walls with irregular depths. Accuracy can also be affected by the presence of electrical wiring, pipes, or HVAC systems.

  • How do I properly use a stud finder?

    To use an electronic stud finder, place it against the wall and turn it on. Slowly move it horizontally or vertically across the wall until the indicator lights up or sounds, signaling that a stud has been detected.

  • Conclusion

    After extensively reviewing the top 7 stud finders, it's clear that the right device can simplify your DIY tasks at home and provide reliable results for any mounting project. Top-of-the-line devices are equipped with advanced technology and additional features that cater to a range of skill levels and needs.

    From these highly-rated options, here are the top three expert recommendations:

    The Franklin Sensors FS710PRO ProSensor 710+ is an ideal option for semi-professional use with its impressive 1.6-inch detection depth, 13-LED light array, and efficient multi-sense technology. It boasts the versatility to detect both wood and metal studs effectively.

    On the other hand, the Precision Sensors ProFinder 5000+ Deep Scanning Stud Finder is a good option for individuals in need of deep stud detection. It offers 1.7 inches of detection depth, an array of sensory pads, and the convenience of running on AA batteries.

    Lastly, the BLACK+DECKER Line Laser with Stud Sensor is the right choice for those seeking a multi-function stud finder. Its various features include detecting studs at a density of 0.75 inches, sensing live AC wires, and providing auto-leveling technology for added functionality.

    Investing in one of these top-quality stud finders can save you time and frustration when it comes to completing your home improvement projects. Choose the best device for you based on your specific needs and skill level, and confidently tackle any wall-mounting job with ease.

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