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Benefits Of A Dehumidifier In Bedroom | Things You Should Know

Contemplating whether to buy a dehumidifier for the bedroom

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Chances are that you’ve had to wake up due to sneezing fits in the middle of the night or may have observed mold growth on the bedroom furniture. The excess moisture in the air is the probable culprit and can be detrimental to your sleep cycle and long-term health. 

Dehumidifiers are specifically designed to remove excess moisture in the air, so they’re an apt choice for homes with humidity issues. 

But can these air conditioning devices improve the ambiance of a bedroom in such homes? You'll need to look at several vital aspects to get a clear answer to this question. 

So, we’d recommend reading through this guide before making the purchase. 

Benefits Of a Dehumidifier In Bedroom

Benefits Of a Dehumidifier In Bedroom

Your bedroom might already have an air conditioner that's keeping the air cool and 'comfortable.' So, it’s completely natural for you to wonder - why should I have a dehumidifier in my bedroom?

Here’s why we’ll tell you to go ahead and install one: 

1. Reduces Mildew And Mold Growth

Excess moisture content in the air might cause extensive growth of mildew and mold, no matter whether your region experiences heavy rainfall or is relatively dry. While mildew growth occurs on top of a surface, mold might penetrate beneath the surfaces of any household item. 

Some common spots where you may observe such fungal growth include wood, ceiling tiles, windows, carpet, upholstery, paper, or even drywall and wallpapers. So, if you don’t provide adequate protection to bedroom furniture, carpets, and walls, they might degrade and lose their appeal over time. 

Know that fungal growth also poses the risk of health issues such as wheezing, irritation, congestion, and more. Moreover, it becomes more difficult to tackle with the passage of time, so you should prevent such growth by keeping a check on the moisture content of the air. That’s why using a dehumidifier can improve the air quality of your indoor space. 

In comparison, an AC may not always be able to prevent mold growth as it doesn't come with strong dehumidifying properties. 

2. Alleviates Symptoms Of Allergy

The spring season often triggers allergies from pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and mold. As such, you might experience allergy symptoms, including dryness, runny nose, watery eyes, itchiness in the nose, throat, or eyes, and congestion. 

Making the indoor air less humid can help prevent or reduce traces of allergy-causing particles. Ultimately, the air will be healthier, and you’re unlikely to sneeze and sniffle from allergies, which will help provide a sound sleep. 

3. Reduces Pest Issues

You shouldn't ignore pests infesting the bedroom- they're bound to cause health issues if not tackled on time. As per Pest Control Services Inc, a humid environment is one of the most likely causes of pest infestation. 

That’s because termites and pests extract the water to survive — even water in very small amounts can help them survive for longer periods. Plus, remember that many pests can enter a home by chewing damp wood. 

Removal of excess moisture from the air using a dehumidifier helps create a balanced environment, making your home healthier in the long term. 

4. Lowers Energy Costs

As dehumidifiers make the air less humid, you won’t need to run the air conditioner as frequently as before. The cooling equipment in the AC will also require less energy to maintain the temperature at the desired level in the house. 

Notably, Energy Star Certified dehumidifiers are a step ahead in this regard, using much less energy while they run and letting you save more during summer. In fact, you can sometimes enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep with just the dehumidifier put on. 

5. Reduces Dust Mites

Considering the dust that homeowners need to tackle daily, the dust-reducing action of a dehumidifier is a significant benefit. Dehumidifiers are powerful enough to filter out the dust particles floating in the air. 

When the air has less moisture, dust mites and bacteria can no longer thrive and spread in your bedroom. This will naturally result in a reduced level of pests such as dust mites, in turn reducing the chances of developing dust allergies. 

6. Improves Respiratory Problems

Did you know that too much moisture in the air can make it difficult to breathe? Excess moisture activates the nerves in the lungs to narrow the airways, which can naturally lead to breathing difficulties. Plus, the air becomes stagnant and starts trapping allergens and pollutants like mold, smoke, dust mites, dust, and pollen, which can set off respiratory issues such as asthma. 

That’s why installing an indoor dehumidifier can enhance the breathing comfort of any space. In fact, dehumidifiers can be of great help to individuals struggling with symptoms of asthma. Healthline recommends maintaining the humidity level indoors between 30 to 50% to control asthma symptoms effectively. 

7. Prevents Musty Odors

A foul or musty odor in the bedroom is the last thing you’d want — it will not only disrupt your sleep but may also lead to long-term health issues. This is especially true for regions with damp climates or high moisture content in the air. As a cold surface comes in contact with the humid air, it might cause musty odors and condensation. 

Dehumidifiers work by extracting the excess water in the air to bring the humidity levels back to normal. Thus, it won’t be long before the foul smell is gone after you’ve installed one in your bedroom. 

8. Cleanup After Water Leakage Or Flooding

Leakage or flooding of water is one of the most common issues faced by households. If the bath attached to your bedroom has a leakage, some of the water might make the floors slippery or flood the floors in the worst case.  

A dehumidifier can come to your help in such situations, reducing the hassles, time, and stress of tackling the mess. This appliance can double up as a vacuum cleaner by drawing in the moisture and extra water to speed up the drying process. 

Furthermore, it can help you deal with the immediate as well as long-term after-effects of flooding. A dehumidifier prevents mildew or mold growth throughout, which helps retain the durability and appeal of the walls and floors of the bedroom. As such, it’s highly useful for people living in areas with a rainy climate. 

9. Dries Clothes Faster

Sounds surprising? Indeed, dehumidifiers speed up the drying process by drawing excess water from the air and your clothes. This makes them a super-convenient option for drying all the laundry quickly. So, you can have your favorite outfit ready just a while after washing it. 

Benefits Of A Dehumidifier In Bedroom Frequently Asked Questions ?

What’s the best spot for a dehumidifier in a bedroom?

You’ll have to decide where to put the dehumidifier in the bedroom based on the room size. However, the appliance is generally placed in the center and, if possible, close to the plug to enable proper air circulation around the unit. 

It’s also worth noting that larger bedrooms will benefit more if the dehumidifier is placed close to the source of moisture. 

What do you need to consider while choosing a dehumidifier?

The model you choose will depend on the space where you plan to keep it and the humidity levels in your home. A small dehumidifier will naturally be enough for a small room, while you’ll require larger models for spacious areas such as basements or large bedrooms. 

Also, make sure the model you choose is easy to operate and maintain. Homeowners with more unique and specific needs should consider purchasing a model with specialized features. 

What are the signs that your bedroom requires a dehumidifier?

Apart from suffering from allergy symptoms, you might want to consider some other signs of high humidity levels in your bedroom, including: 

  • The room doesn’t have enough ventilation 
  • The ceiling or walls have water stains 
  • The room smells of mildew 
  • Frequent condensation on the windows 
  • Black spots on the walls or areas having high humidity 

Are dehumidifiers very loud?

It’s no secret that appliances that use fans will produce some amount of noise — the higher the fan setting, the more noise you should expect. Dehumidifiers also work with a compressor, making them slightly noisier than ceiling fans. 

Note that if you put the appliance in a lower setting, the noise will be insignificant. Anyhow, good-quality models won’t be so loud as to disrupt your sleep. 

White air purifier in an apartment. Close-up, selective focus. Benefits Of A Dehumidifier In Bedroom Final Words.

Benefits Of A Dehumidifier In Bedroom Final Words

So, how about getting a dehumidifier for your bedroom now? 

It will help you steer clear of the unhealthy air affecting your sleep quality and long-term health. Ultimately, you’ll feel healthy and rejuvenated from within. 

Finding a budget-friendly model isn’t a problem either, provided you’ve figured out your needs. Make sure you read through some reliable guides to find the right choice. Also, scan some customer reviews of the model you’re considering to have a clear idea about its performance.