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Spicy Round Bed Collection for Your Bedroom Design

Round Bed Collection for Your Bedroom Design

We have been accustomed with the phrase “Form follows function” but who says a function has just one form? Trends come and go and just s few stick with the general population whereas others remain in history as bold experiments designers try hardy to bring to the every day life. So today we are talking about round beds. The concept itself is not a new one but finding a round bed in a common bedroom is quite unusual. But the round shape of the bed can freshen a bedroom design up and bring something new to the design scheme. Besides the aesthetic appeal, a round bed is also very practical. They can be placed literally anywhere in a room: in the center of it making the design scheme gravitate around it or  in a round corner so hard to use otherwise. It can save up lots of space due to the lack of angles and makes cleaning a hole lot easier. A round bed is easy to move around and generates a feeling of lightness and freshness in the interior design, occupying less space than a regular bed. Traditional or modern, a round bed can fix any bedroom design. Its just a matter of taste and mixing the right textures, colors and materials. On the other hand it is a matter of perception. Round beds are not usually promoted so a regular customer will probably not be inclined to buy a round bed for his own private bedroom. But in the end we all have to adapt to the changing trends and transform them, mold them to our own taste and personality.

Round Bed Collection for Your Bedroom Design

1. Get romantic

A round bed can be the perfect item in a romantic bedroom scenery. The following hart bed from Cranium Furniture can be a bit over too much but the essential idea of romance is perfectly exuded by  the overall red and dim light ambiance.

1. Get romantic Spicy- Round -Bed -Collection -for- Your -Bedroom- Design-homesthetics (2)
Red harted bed with red matching side lamps

by Cranium Furniture

2. Round fits perfectly into a minimalist design

The following decor by S.ID Ltd features a simple white leather bed in a modern futuristic interior design with simple clear round lines and a neutral color scheme. Next a bold black and yellow contrast brings to life a small room.

2. Round fits perfectly into a minimalist design
Simple minimalist round bed design.

by S.I.D Ltd

Spicy- Round -Bed -Collection -for- Your -Bedroom- Design-homesthetics (19)
Contemporary round bed in bold black and yellow contrast

by Cranium Furniture

3. Retro round style

Where would you think to find a round bed better than in a retro bedroom? Dots, bold contrasts, mirrors, velvet and the center piece-the round bed placed not in the center in this case but in a round corner.

Retro round bed creation.

 by Catherine Condoroussis Design

4. A white color scheme with interesting accents

White is the all classical choice and the accents are the ones that bring a design scheme to life. The following bedroom designs focus on the surrounding atmosphere of the round beds: floral wallpaper, colorful pillows, a zebra rug or red velvet curtains.Every little accents can make a difference in the bedroom design scheme.

Black and white fluffy round bed.

by Dupuis Design

bedroom design round bed
Modern colorful bedroom design.

by S.I.D Ltd

white round bed positioned in the center of this interior
Neutral color scheme with the white round bed positioned in the center of this interior decor.

by EuroLux

 Simple round bed with a touch of classic. Simple round bed with a touch of classic.

by Dupuis Design

5. Different textures generate different bedroom design atmospheres

Whether we talk about chocolate velvet, white leather or black wood, texture is very important and can make the difference. Velvet represents a more romantic, intimate ambiance while wood is classical and leather more modern, controversial decor. Leather is not the first choice for a bedroom bed but for the open minded the round bed-leather headboard combination is quite an interesting one.

Modern chocolate velvet round bed.
Modern chocolate velvet round bed.

by SHH

Classical yet simple round bed bedroom.
Classical yet simple round bed bedroom.

 by Vadim kadoshnikov

Multi-textured round bed bedroom.
Multi-textured round bed bedroom.

by Pressoto

Black and white minimalist round bed.
Black and white minimalist round bed.

by Cranium Furniture

Simple beautiful round bed.
Simple beautiful round bed.

by EuroLux

Pastel bedroom with white leather round bed.
Pastel bedroom with white leather round bed.

by Prime Classic Design

In the end its a problem of taste and personality. So, what do you think? Is a round bed a viable alternative to the classical traditional bed or is the idea a little bit too eccentric for your taste? Do you by chance own a round bed? If you found inspiration here yet are not sure about the entire design you can follow some DIY headboard projects, you can upholster the entire bed if the finishing is not spot on or built your own circular bed entirely! Nothing can stop you! We would like to hear you thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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