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Acrylic Home Office Desks for Your Interior Design

Office furniture should always be associated with efficiency, and a Lucite office desk is a good choice if you want to organize a small corner without intruding too much in a room and keeping things clear and tidy.It's his attribute of transparency that gives the furniture the illusion of taking little to no space and its shine makes everything seem more luxurious . It does have a small inconvenience though: everything is seen more clearer so you have to keep things nice and neat all the time, which can end up being a plus after all.

Peekaboo Console Desk

You can find all sorts of acrylic desks from completely transparent ones to lacquer desktops with acrylic legs. Further on we will present you a selection of acrylic home office desks meant to inspire you in creating your perfect interior design.

Acrylic Home Office Desks for Your Interior Design

1. Acrylic Home Office Desks

The first piece is designed out of 4 smaller ones that slide together and adapt to the dimensions of your interior space. [fromPenny Farthing Design House]

Acrylic Desk from Penny-Farthing Design House

If you like compact, unitary pieces and not divided ones try utilizing a console table .The Peekaboo Clear Console  is a simple form bent to avoid accidents but without having a wide surface to work with. [from CB2]

Peekaboo Console

Peekaboo Console Desk
Peekaboo Console Desk

2. Acrylic and Glass Desks

If you like the aspect of sleek clean glass try combining acrylic desks with glass desktops. Such a desk is the Lawrence Desk below.

Lawrence Desk by H-Studio
Lawrence Desk by H-Studio

If you have a dining acrylic table to spare you can use it very well as a desk. The Atlas Dining Table  is a piece that can work beautifully as a home desk .[from Acrylics of Naples]

Atlas Dining Table from Acrylics of Naples

The Apollo Dining Table/desk below features acrylic pedestals that are sold in pairs. [from Allan Knight

Allan Knight Acrylic Pedestal Base

3. Desks With Acrylic Legs

The zebra wood and black granite top of the Lobeira Desk below is quite impressive and in combination with the acrylic legs offers an impressive design. [from Allan Knight]

Allan Knight Lobeira Desk

4. Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic Desks

Alexandra Von Furstenberg is known for her colorful bold acrylic designs and her love for clean, geometrical shapes is transposed in her pieces. Neon colors or transparent ones Alexandra's pieces integrate perfectly into any modern design and even traditional ones, contrasting strongly with the rest of the design.

Brillant Acrylic Console Table

AVF Luminous Acrylic Desk

Ice Acrylic Dining Table

5. Lucite Desks

Lucite is the brand name for the acrylic first manufactured by the DuPont Chemical Company beginning in the 1930s. All Lucite pieces are acrylic, but not all acrylic pieces are referred to as Lucite. In fact, other acrylic brand names include Perspex and Plexiglas. Lucite was initially used in the manufacturing of war materials during the 1940s, but its appeal was eventually noted by fashion and furniture designers alike.

The Lucite desk below mixes the wonder of acrylic legs with the shine of a lacquer top. [fromTarnish & Tinsel]

Lucite desk
Lucite Desk

Another Lucite desk by Plexi-Craft (shown below) combines a traditional and a modern styles, customizable  by the purchaser. [from Sketch 42]

Lucite Desk of Amanda Nesbit

You can use Lucite tables which initially where used for another purpose as office desks and add a plush office chair to make it more personal.

M.-Design Interiors Inc.

6. Lucite and Glass Desks

Glass is always a good choice to empower an acrylic desk and make it look more elegant and sleek. The piece below has  Lucite base and a glass top.[from AtlantaHomesMag.com via Decorpad]

Glass and Lucite Desk

Depending on the thickness of the glass the effect is more or less glamorous.[from Modern 24/7]

Lucite and Glass Desk

Vintage has its charm and a vintage Lucite desk with a glass top can work wonders into your interior design. [from Janel Holiday Design]

Lucite and Glass Desk
Lucite and Glass Desk

So in conclusion the possibilities when it comes to acrylic home office desks are endless and you just have to keep in mind to be creative and to customize your every piece to make it your own. Be bold and try colored in mass acrylic or a combination of Lucite and glass desktops. Vintage pieces are a great find and if you are lucky to find an acrylic  vintage piece make sure to integrate it in your interior design and exhibit it properly.

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