A colorful, positive ambiance can greatly influence one`s day, it can construct that strong feeling or belonging that makes one feel comfortable, at home. The right ambiance ought to be pursued in any endeavor yet at home and at work the two are of paramount importance reason for which the following article follows super cute diy desk decor ideas meant to help one in this regard.

At work we sadly rarely get the opportunity to envision our desk from the ground up. The layout is already there, functional, comfortable yet often mundane, visually unappealing; you`re going to change that shortly through little, simple, inexpensive diy projects that will claim the space and make it prettier, more practical and infinitely more interesting. Cast a glance below.

1. shape a playful tassel garland

The right paper and a piece of string may beautify your desk decor rapidly, these can be changed often, they`re inexpensive and they easy integrate in any setting.

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2. create a photo display defined by elegance

The simplicity of this photo display is stunning, the black and white components bring forward each image and the arrow on the bottom have the functional weight-role while they discreetly point towards the work-surface, they`re there to inspire and motivate you without distracting you.

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3. epic diy mason jar tissue holder


Simple mason jars can become insanely graphic tissue holders and they can be personalized to a great extent to match your desk decor.

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4. swift simple framed to do list 


The TO DO list is insanely useful and practical and in those rare days in which it is empty, one could transform it into a desk tray. Choose a pattern that you really love but don`t forget that you can change it anytime.

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5. tailor a splendid MOUSE-PAD


A cork board and the pattern of choice will form the a mouse pad will definitely beat its competitors in retail.

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6. create succulent bookends


Swift and rather simple bookend transformation that will keep your notes and add greenery in your decor within minutes.

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7. tailor diy marble magazine holders


Stacking up paperwork in the vertical plane in a cool container would certainly help certain offices. You can use cereal boxes and a cool wrapping paper to achieve the end result rapidly and inexpensively.

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8. claim your office with memories


Simple setups require simple interventions. Here the photo display on the cork-board is very discreet, beautiful, and the two pieces of greenery are adding a slight contrast to complement the pastel color palette. Note how simple and positive is the trash can.

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9. design your diy ombre calendar


A really graphic option to check you calendar, something memorable and somehow personal, intimate.

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10. use accents to define your space 


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11. craft inexpensive storage with wooden boxes

Paint the exterior in dark hues and leave the interior bare or color it differently for additional contrast. Here delicate pattern add further depth, shaping now a colorful, joyful workplace.

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12. inspire with art typography 

Typography inspired for decades, they are sculptural, iconic and motivational designs that send a message through proper wording and expression alike.

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13. transform your jar lids 

A couple of old toys glued on the jar lids could receive a cool copper, silver or gold finish that would highlight the item as iconic, timeless.

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14. create desk mason jar organizers

The right-size container can receive chalkboard paint to leave the realm of the ordinary and from there on, endless customization options await you.

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15. diy hanging pin board

Use cardboard and a a texture of choice to create a super stunning pin board with little to no costs. One could change the pin board as often as it likes an can construct any shape thus making the craft ideal for the children playroom.

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16. Modular DIY triangle organizer

Simple cardboard can shape an extraordinary module, a triangle with variable depth that can be assembled on your desk to your liking. The new organizer can be emphasized with textiles or paper to ensure its fit in your desk decor.

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17. colorful organizer in your drawer

A DIY desk decor can have a mainly functional component in your setup whilst it beautifies the whole. Above a crafting drawer has received colorful cardboard compartments that brilliantly contain your magical craft supplies.

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18. raise your monitor and increase storage

The monitor at the right height is highly recommended, the opportunity of raising up the display could offer you additional storage space and desk decor opportunities, take advantage.

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19. use wooden boxes to store and beautify

Use wooden boxes on your desk to obtain a warm and cozy graphic component, this would be greatly emphasized by greenery.

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20. colorful CLOTHESPIN notes on string

Simple clothespins keeping your colorful notes can look mesmerizing on a piece of string. Color codes can help one`s organization pattern and beautify the whole.

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21. IDENTITY in simplicity and string lights

A stark white space ought to look impeccable, your desk decor can be populated by simple components, here in black and copper creating great contrast. Sensible typography touches and a warm string light further enhance this sensible atmosphere.

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22. adorable painted rocks as faux cacti 

It can be as simple as painting rocks into shades of green with white dots. Small white terracotta pots can put you rock garden onto your desk beautifully.

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23. cereal boxes and duck tape 

Cardboard boxes and colored tape can shape a small graphic organizational item within minutes with little to no costs. Feel free to experiment with cardboard and tape to match the needs of your desk decor.

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24. colorful tin can organizers

Tin cans are all around, the metal cylinder can be used to shape various storage options and with the right patter, with colors and textures these mundane items become something else entirely.

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25. posh all copper desk ACCESSORIES

Copper and marble are simply an extraordinary match; in the composition above a delicate concrete tray also greatly contributes.

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26. decorate your desk with memories and contrast

Use positive joyful elements. A black and white contrast can be brought forward with golden accents and items of memory.

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27. flowers and simplicity

An impeccable stark white setting flooded by light may be redefined through a floral presence. It may be everything one needs.

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28. $80 inexpensive diy farmhouse desk

Wood, power tools and patience and the farmhouse desk diy project will be swift, rapid, easy to realize.

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29. complete your desk with an awesome planner

An immense planner can  make your job easier as it keeps the tasks in front of you in a graphic and functional manner. Use this to your advantage.

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30. boost color and texture 

Any container can receive color and texture rapidly, choose to emphasize your own desk decor and create a better work environment for your well being

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31. pin the little things, pin inspiration

A desk decor that you love will be yours thanks to the little things, the items that have meaning to you and are powerful enough to inspire, regardless of their nature.

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Are you taking action towards personalizing your space, your desk decor? How does it look at the moment? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.


Anton Giuroiu