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Bogdan Profir | Architect Contributor

Bogdan has been part of Homesthetics from the very beginning, joining the Homesthetics team while still studying with Anton at UAUIM, his brilliant articles might be one of the first few you’ve read on Homesthetics; Bogdan is currently employed as full-time architect in one of the biggest architecture practices in the country, being specialized in medium to high-rise collective housing in Bucharest. In his free time he still writes the occasional article for Homesthetics as the lead architect contributor.
  • Bogdan joined Homesthetics in 2013
  • RIBA licensed architect with great architectural experience in collective housing
  • Exceptional attention to details and research capabilities
Bogdan's full time architecture practice in Bucharest leaves him little time for writing these days but he's experience writing for Homesthetics for 9 years shaped our very processes. Today any article that revolves around architecture and or urbanisms is being vetted by him before being published. When he is not architecting, writing or fact-checking articles here, he is enjoying the outdoors, mountaineering around Romania as often as possible.
Bogdan graduated UAUIM’s Master of Architecture in 2017  with a major in Architecture
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Bogdan Profir

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