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Author: Andrei Vasiliu

Andrei Vasiliu | Architect Contributor

Andrei studied and graduated UAUIM with Anton and Bogdan and he is a practicing architect in Bucharest, Romania; Andrei is a huge history nerd and this is well infused in his writing style and the topics that he chooses to write on.
When he is not architecting or writing, Andrei constructs with utter care and extreme dedication fantastic ultra-realistic WW2 dioramas, painting and sculpting with extreme patience the most insane details his mind can fandom.
  • Andrei has joined Homesthetics in 2015
  • RIBA licensed architect with experience in Art and Architecture History
  • Andrei's passion for history fuels his exceptional writing pursuits on topics that match Architecture with History
  • Exceptional experience in drawing painting, modeling and paint brushing
Andrei is a huge nerd and free spirit, he spends hundreds of hours detailing his dioramas and testing all the paints, airbrushes and cut knifes in miniature adventures, and he loves every second of it. Writing about them in product reviews for Homesthetics takes him seconds after using them extensively for hours. An artist by night and an architect by day, Andrei manages to bring an extremely unique perspective for Homesthetics, one in which each word is backed by countless hours with this airbrush kit, in his articles, words truly don't make his expertise justice.
Andrei received a UAUIM’s Master of Architecture with a major in Architecture History
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Andrei Vasiliu

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