Tuesday, June 6th, 2023

Author: Monica Hewitt

Monica Hewitt | Kitchen and Cooking Expert

Monica Hewitt is an experienced chef with a background in setting up kitchens across the globe, from menu planning to kitchenware gear selection Monica has set up complete restaurants from A to Z. As the Kitchen and Cooking Expert at Homesthetics, she is responsible for editing and curating all kitchen and cooking-related content on the platform.

  • Joined Homesthetics in January 2023
  • Worked as a chef in various international locations, specializing in menu planning and kitchen setup coordonation
  • Proficient in cooking, food, kitchenware, and kitchen utensils

Monica's professional journey has taken her to various corners of the globe, where she has worked in a range of kitchens, from intimate family-owned bistros to prestigious fine-dining establishments with the sole purpose of ensuring a smooth experience in the restaurant for the cooks. From raw materials to platting, this meant ensuring the menu offering has a perfect workflow in the kitchen and that all equipment is exceptional.
In addition to her passion for food, in the process, Monica has developed a keen eye for selecting high-quality kitchenware and utensils that not only enhances the cooking process but also ensures a seamless kitchen operation. As part of her role, she has been responsible for training kitchen staff on the proper use and maintenance of kitchen utensils, ensuring a safe and efficient work environment while creating legendary dishes.


Monica is alumna of Culinary Institute of Canada (CIC) and holds a Master of Science in Food Science and Technology from the University of British Columbia

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