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10 Best Small Crock Pot Of 2023 | Reviews + Guide

You can never go wrong with having the best small crock pot at home. You'll be able to cook a meal good for you and a few friends.

Best Small Crock Pot Of 2023

I've encountered different versatile slow cookers in the market, and I know how challenging it is to find the best.

Today, I'll review some of the best small crock pots you need to get your hands on. Keep reading, and let's get started!

Listed below are the 5 best small crock pots from our list:

  • Instant Pot Precision Dutch Oven. Instant Pot Precision Dutch Oven is a multifunctional cooker that simplifies the cooking process with easy-to-learn heat settings and modes. One thing to note is its weight; the cooker is quite heavy, weighing almost 10kg.
  • Elite Gourmet Electrical Oval Slow Cooker. Elite Gourmet Slow Cooker offers excellent value for money, featuring straightforward settings for easy operation. This cooker is distinguished by its stainless steel finish, which gives it a modern and chic appearance. One possible limitation is that the settings might be somewhat restrictive for some users.
  • Crock-Pot 2 Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker. The Crock-Pot 2 Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker is affordable, compact, and capable of cooking small meals for up to three people. Though it takes some time to heat up, once it does, it can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker. Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker stands out for its programmable options. The pot has enough capacity for roasting a whole chicken or stewing a hearty soup, and cleaning up is easy since it’s dishwasher-safe. It's worth mentioning that when the pot is set at high temperatures, liquids may spill over the lid.
  • Cuisinart Programmable Slow Cooker. Cuisinart Programmable Slow Cooker has a broad cooking surface, suitable for serving buffet-style food, and an automatic keep warm feature that ensures a warm meal anytime. Although this is a higher-priced option, costing almost $200, this slow cooker is considered a sound investment.

Cooking small meals in a crock pot has always been one of my favorite activities. 

Whether you're a beginner cook or not, I always recommend having a reliable and highly functional slow cooker.

Let's go through ten of my favorite small slow cookers, which can make cooking meals a stroll in the park.

1. Best Overall - Instant Pot Precision Dutch Oven

Instant Pot has become a household name for multi-functional cookers. The Instant Pot precision Dutch oven is no exception to the quality the brand promises. 

This 5-in-1 slow cooker lets you do a wide range of cooking functions, making the whole cooking process a breeze! 

Thanks to its heat settings and cooking modes, beginners will have a lot of fun cooking with this slow cooker. They're very easy to learn, you can always get the settings right. 

Personally, I love how this pot looks elegant on top of my kitchen counter. Its striking red lid makes it stand out among my other kitchen appliances! 

Unfortunately, this slow cooker is very heavy and weighs nearly 10kg. It's not the crock pot for someone who wants portable equipment.

Capacity: 6 quarts | Dishwasher Safe: Cooking pot and lid | Material: Enameled cast iron | Number of Settings: 5 (braise, manual cook, sauté, sear, slow cook, and warm) | Weight: 21 pounds

2. Best Value for Money - Elite Gourmet Electrical Oval Slow Cooker

I highly recommend the Elite Gourmet slow cooker if you want value for money. It has three functional settings: low, high, and warm. 

To be honest, this small slow cooker is just like every other traditional slow cooker out there. It's simple, and its functions are very straightforward! 

I prefer it this way because I can cook small delicious meals without all the fancy buttons to confuse me. Plus, I can keep my leftovers warm for me to enjoy later. 

Despite its low price tag, this slow cooker hardly looks cheap. This is all thanks to its stainless steel finish, which gives it that modern and chic look. 

Unfortunately, some people might find the settings to be a little limiting. Nonetheless, if you want a straightforward slow cooker that can do most functions, this makes the cut. 

Capacity: 2 quarts | Dishwasher Safe: Glass lid and stoneware pot | Material: Stainless steel | Number of Settings: 3 (low, high, and warm) | Weight: 5.7 pounds

3. Best Budget - Crock-Pot 2 Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker

Finding the best slow cooker doesn't have to cost you a fortune. This 2-quart round manual slow cooker from Crock-Pot only costs less than $20! 

It can cook small meals enough to feed two to three people. Just put your food in and let it slow cook your favorite dishes. 

This mini slow cooker fits most countertops because of its small and compact size. But make no mistake in thinking this small stoneware pot can't handle the heat. 

Believe it or not, it can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit! You won't have a hard time braising and stewing. 

One thing I did notice is that this ceramic pot takes a little time to heat up. But other than that, this mini slow cooker works perfectly. 

Capacity: 2 quarts | Dishwasher Safe: Glass lid and stoneware pot | Material: Ceramic stoneware | Number of Settings: 3 (low, high, and warm) | Weight: 4 pounds

4. Best Programming Options - Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

Another household name making it to this list is Hamilton Beach. You can expect this programmable slow cooker to give you an outstanding performance in the kitchen!

The pot is large enough for me to roast a whole chicken or stew a hearty soup for my friends and I to enjoy. And the best part is I can watch my food cook through the glass lids. 

Washing this small slow cooker is also a breeze because I can put it straight in the dishwasher right after use. No more messy and greasy pot to deal with. 

But the main selling point of this small crock pot for me is how easy the controls were to navigate. The learning curve isn't that high, which is perfect for beginners! 

But fair warning, liquids tend to spill over the lid when the pot is set at a high setting. So watch out for that. 

Capacity: 4 quarts | Dishwasher Safe: Glass lid and stoneware pot | Material: Stainless steel | Number of Settings: 3 (warm, low, and high) | Weight: 8.3 pounds

5. Best in Storage Size - Cuisinart Programmable Slow Cooker

You'll never need to turn on your stove once you get your hands on the Cuisinart programmable slow cooker. It does a wide range of functions any stove can do

One of my favorite cooking options on this crock pot is its slow cooking feature. I can cook my favorite stews and soften any tough meat in no time. The results are delicious! 

Thanks to its large cooking surface, I don't have to worry about cooking in small batches to feed a hungry family. This crock pot is perfect for serving buffet-style food. 

The automatic keep warm feature on this cooking pot is also very handy because I can always get a warm bowl of a comforting meal each time. 

Fair warning, this 7-quart slow cooker doesn't come cheap. It costs nearly $200, which makes this kitchen equipment an investment. 

Capacity: 7 quarts | Dishwasher Safe: Glass lid and cooking pot | Material: Non-stick cast aluminum stainless steel | Number of Settings: 4 (slow cook on high, low, simmer, or warm) | Weight: 18.8 pounds

6. Best Small Slow Cooker for Picnic - Crock Pot Mini Casserole Crock Slow Cooker

Going on picnics and cook-offs is one of my favorite weekend activities. It's one of the ways to catch up with my family and enjoy a delicious meal. 

Having the Crock Pot mini casserole in my kitchen gave me something to look forward to for our next cook-off. It's so lightweight and portable; it's the perfect size to bring around! 

I love how this 2.5-quart slow cooker can keep my food warm while I travel from home and on to the next destination. People will be able to appreciate my freshly cooked food better. 

Thanks to its side handle and locking lid, I don't have to worry about my food spilling everywhere while transporting it. 

The only problem I have with this small crock pot is it takes some time to heat up. So if I were you, start your meal prep early. 

Capacity: 2.5 quarts | Dishwasher Safe: Glass lid and stoneware pot | Material: Stoneware | Number of Settings: 3 (low, high, and warm) | Weight: 0.06 pounds

7. Best Multi-Purpose Crock Pot - GreenLife Healthy Duo Slow Cooker

True to its name, this GreenLife Healthy Duo slow cooker ensures you can be your best and the healthiest possible. Unlike other crock pots, this isn't made using harmful chemicals like lead.

One of the main reasons why I love this slow cooker is how multi-functional it is. You can easily pop out the pot to sear and sauté your food on the stove. 

Once you're ready to start slow cooking, you can put it back inside the pot. Believe it or not, you can slow-cook your meat for up to 10 hours! 

You're sure your meats are tender, soft, and ready to serve. You'll have everyone drooling at your delicious food. 

Considering how much it costs, I wish this crock pot came with more temperature settings. Other than that, this crock pot is a good deal. 

Capacity: 6 quarts | Dishwasher Safe: Lid and pot | Material: Ceramic | Number of Settings: 3 (delay timer, mode, and keep warm) | Weight: 8.48 pounds

8. Best Digital Crock Pot - Black+Decker Digital Slow Cooker

Finding the Black+Decker stainless steel crock pot is probably one of my favorite discoveries. It differs from your traditional slow cookers because it has cool and fancy functions

You can explore different kinds of cooking methods in this single pot. It can sous vide your food, ensuring you achieve restaurant quality in every meal.

This crock pot also comes with a temperature probe, making sure you no longer have to guess the temperature of your inner pot. 

I love how this crock pot is large because I can cook enough food to feed up to 8 people without spending too much cooking time!

Arriving at my desired temperature was challenging, especially on my first try. There's a learning curve on how to use this 7-quart slow cooker that requires some getting used to.

Capacity: 7 quarts | Dishwasher Safe: Stoneware crock | Material: Stainless steel | Number of Settings: 3 (low, high, and warm) | Weight: 17.36 pounds

9. Perfect for Long and Slow Cooking - All-Clad Slow Cooker

If you're someone like me who loves slow cooking, then I'm sure you'll love the All-Clad slow cooker. Its different cooking modes can power on for up to 26 hours

It's one of the best slow cookers I've found that can tenderize my meat without using a conventional oven and a ton of gas. Although it may not be the smallest in the market. 

All I have to do is plug this crock pot, power it on, and get cooking. Once the time is up, I can bring the removable pot to the dining table and serve my family. 

The tempered glass lid on this slow cooker is so convenient because I can check my cooking progress without taking the lid off. 

The only reason that might stop you from buying this slow cooker is its price tag. It costs nearly $300, significantly more expensive than most slow cookers. 

Capacity: 7 quarts | Dishwasher Safe: Pot insert | Material: Aluminum | Number of Settings: 3 (warm, low, and high) | Weight: 15.82 pounds

10. Best for Pressure Cooking - Breville Fast Slow Pro Cooker

The Breville Fast Slow Pro Cooker has got to be the most advanced programmable slow cooker I've found on the market. It can slow and pressure-cook meals in no time!

One of the first things that caught my attention in this slow cooker was its beautiful LCD screen. I can navigate my way around the slow cooker with ease, especially with its nobs. 

This small programmable crock pot has become my favorite kitchen equipment, especially on a busy day. Thanks to its three-way safety system, I can leave for work without worrying about my crock pot. 

I also appreciate how this slow cooker has different accessories, like a steaming rack and a recipe book. It's one less kitchen accessory I need to buy. 

Unfortunately, this slow cooker doesn't have a glass lid. I wish it did so I could check up on the status of my food occasionally. 

Capacity: 6 quarts | Dishwasher Safe: Not dishwasher friendly | Material: Stainless steel | Number of Settings: 11 pressure cook settings | Weight: 14 pounds

What is the Best Small Crock Pot?

Incorporated below is a comparison table, artfully constructed to illustrate key attributes of the finest small crock pots available. The table evaluates factors such as capacity, whether it's dishwasher safe, the material used, the number of settings, and weight.

ProductCapacityDishwasher SafeMaterialNumber of SettingsWeight
Instant Pot Precision Dutch Oven6 quartsCooking pot and lidEnameled cast iron5 (braise, manual cook, saute, sear, slow cook, and warm)21 pounds
Elite Gourmet Electrical Oval Slow Cooker2 quartsGlass lid and stoneware potStainless steel3 (low, high, and warm)5.7 pounds
Crock-Pot 2 Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker2 quartsGlass lid and stoneware potCeramic stoneware3 (low, high, and warm)4 pounds
Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker4 quartsGlass lid and stoneware potStainless steel3 (warm, low, and high)8.3 pounds
Cuisinart Programmable Slow Cooker7 quartsGlass lid and cooking potNon-stick cast aluminum stainless steel4 (slow cook on high, low, simmer, or warm)18.8 pounds
Crock Pot Mini Casserole Crock Slow Cooker2.5 quartsGlass lid and stoneware potStoneware3 (low, high, and warm)0.06 pounds
GreenLife Healthy Duo Slow Cooker6 quartsLid and potCeramic3 (delay timer, mode, and keep warm)8.48 pounds
Black+Decker Digital Slow Cooker7 quartsStoneware crockStainless steel3 (low, high, and warm)17.36 pounds
All-Clad Slow Cooker7 quartsPot insertAluminum3 (warm, low, and high)15.82 pounds
Breville Fast Slow Pro Cooker6 quartsNot dishwasher friendlyStainless steel11 pressure cook settings14 pounds

What are Mini Crock Pots Used for?

You can do many things with a mini crock pot, making it a must-have kitchen equipment! Next to my broiler pan and egg cooker, I use my crock pot almost daily. 

Because of its compact size, I can cook meals for myself and a friend. The serving is just enough, and I don't have to worry about food wastage.

Having a small crock pot is also handy for going on picnics. My food stays warm and fresh until the party starts!

I can also use them as slow cookers to cook hot stew and soup for cold and rainy days. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Small Crock Pots

Finding the best crock pots in the market is easy! Remember the different factors to look for in a crock pot, and you're all set.

To help you narrow your search, I've listed some important factors that can guide you to find the best your money can buy. 


The construction of your crock pot is essential, especially if you want it to last a long time. Luckily, crock pots come in different builds, so you have a ton of options to consider. 


In general, I always recommend choosing a thick and solid crock pot. It should withstand extreme temperatures, especially if you want to try different cooking techniques. 

More importantly, the thicker the crock pot is, the better it is at insulating heat. Your food stays warm at all times. 


A good pot lets you enjoy a wide range of cooking methods with only one piece of equipment. Some are perfect for cooking rice, braising meat, and even sous vide! 

Not to mention, crock pots can distribute heat evenly, making them good equipment for a slow cooker. 


Crock pots are easy to control thanks to their intuitive knobs and buttons. All you have to do is set it to your desired cook setting, and you're all set. 

As much as possible, I always recommend finding a crock pot with all the controls you plan to use, such as a warm setting or slow cook. 

Non-Toxic Materials

Most crock pots use toxic chemicals, such as lead. Luckily, there are a great number of brands out there that don't use harmful chemicals. You don't have to worry about it getting into your food and harming your health

Dishwasher Safe

A dishwasher-friendly crock pot is one less thing you must worry about after a long cooking time. You can pop it straight in your dishwasher without worrying about all the mess you'll deal with. 

Preset Cooking Time and Temperature Settings

Having preset and temperature settings ensures you cook your meal as perfectly as possible. Programmable slow cookers provide a ton of versatility, especially for beginners. 

Tempered Glass Lid

A tempered glass lid lets you check up on your food without removing the lid. You don't have to disturb the temperature inside the inner pot! 

Side Handles

Most crock pots have side handles that let you transport this kitchen equipment wherever. But not all of them use cool touch handles, ensuring you don't burn yourself. 

What are the Benefits of Using Crock Pots?

If you're not convinced you should get a crock pot, I'm here to help you. I've listed some of my favorite reasons here, which you'll be thrilled to know. 

Come Home to Delicious Food

You can leave your food cooking while you're in the office! All you have to do is put your ingredients in one pot, leave them to stew, and braise the meat for several hours. 

All that's left to do is power your rice cooker and warm your delicious rice when you get home. 

Cook in Batches

Crock pots are perfect for cooking food in large batches. This is perfect if you want to feed a large family or if you want to start your meal-prepping journey! 

Once you're done cooking, store your food in containers and pop it in the fridge! 

No Mess Cooking

The beauty of using slow cookers is their easy cleanup. Some are dishwasher safe, and you hardly have to deal with the mess after cooking a large meal!

You can relax after a cook-off and spend your night with your other favorite activities. 

Soften Tough Meat

A good slow cooker makes tough meat soft after several hours of cooking. Your pork and beef can be butter-soft without you breaking a sweat. 

Plus, you'll notice how your food tastes much better when cooked using slow cookers. 

What Size Slow Cooker Is Best for a Single Person?

If you’re only cooking a meal for one, a good size is at most 2 quarts. It’s the perfect size to cook up your favorite dish without wasting a ton of food.

What Is a Good Size Slow Cooker for 2 People?

A good slow cooker for two people can be between two and three quarts. It’s ideal for feeding a small family!

What Is the Difference Between a Small Cooker and a Crock Pot?

Generally, there’s no difference between a small slow cooker and a crock pot. Both can be used for a long cooking time and as a food warmer.

Crock pots are generally made of stoneware pots; you can set them to a low or high temperature. Slow cookers, on the other hand, have three programmable slow cooker settings.

The best small slow cookers pack a ton of power. You get a ton of use over it to prepare delicious and healthy meals every day. 

This is one of the different types of cookware options you need in your kitchen to challenge your culinary skills. 

Let me know in the comments which is your favorite small crock pot and why. 

Feel free to share this article with your friends and family, who might also be looking for the best small slow cooker.