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The Best 24-inch Gas Range: 5 Kitchen Must-Haves In 2023

The best 24-inch gas range on the market, in my opinion, is the Haier QGAS740RMSS, which has a sturdy build, modern design, and premium features to help you when cooking.

Best 24-inch Gas Range

That said, choosing between different 24-inch gas ranges means considering a few key factors. What may be best for me may not work in your kitchen.

This is why I'll discuss the best 24-inch gas ranges on the market, their specs, and what you need to know to make the best purchase decision.

5 Best 24-inch Gas Ranges You Must Buy in 2023

Here are the five best gas range options you can buy today. These gas oven options will make a great addition to your home cooking or baking setup.

1. Haier QGAS740RMSS - Best Overall

This freestanding gas range from Haier is my best bet for several reasons. The features of this gas range are helpful, convenient, and thoughtfully added.

I liked the cast iron grate that you can find on each of the four sealed burners on every gas stove. It gives you confidence that it will last long.

A triple-ring burner also sits on the cooktop. This triple-ring burner allows large pots and pans to be cooked evenly on high heat.

The convection oven can work simultaneously with the stove, meaning you can cook and bake a large meal for a family, like a thanksgiving turkey.

Along with the convection setting, standard baking and broiling options are also available.

The two oven racks inside can accommodate five rack positions, and the in-oven broiler function helps when trying to cook meals faster.

Slide-in vs freestanding: Freestanding | Cooktop: Gas cooktop | Elements: 4 | Oven Capacity: 2.9 cu. ft | Storage Drawer: Yes | True Convection: Yes

2. Blomberg BGR24100SS - Best Value for Money

This Bloomberg range does the basics well, like getting hot quickly and having enough space inside the oven, but it also has some unique features.

The flame failure safety feature is a great one to have if anything accidentally extinguishes the flame. This prevents any gas leaks from occurring.

The enamel grey interior of the oven itself is easy to clean, an increasingly common feature on kitchen appliances that helps save you lots of time.

Finally, the interior light inside allows you to easily see whatever you're cooking or baking within that space.

Slide-in vs freestanding: Freestanding | Cooktop: Gas cooktop | Elements: 4 | Oven Capacity: 2.9 cu. ft | Storage Drawer: No | True Convection: No

3. Summit RG244WS - Best Budget Option

This high-power Summit range has features allowing you to focus on your cooking.

One of the features is the large oven window that allows you to see whatever you're cooking in the broiler or what you're baking without having to open the oven door.

The four sealed burners and electrical spark lighting make for a faster operation. Additionally, the 12,000 BTU burner allows for faster cooking in bigger pots.

Meanwhile, it also comes with two standard 9,500 BTU burners and a smaller 5,000 BTU burner if you don't need to get what you're cooking hot too fast.

Slide-in vs freestanding: Freestanding | Cooktop: Gas cooktop | Elements: 4 | Oven Capacity: 2.9 cu. ft | Storage Drawer: Yes | True Convection: No

4. GE JGAS640RMSS - Self Cleaning Option

One of the most remarkable features of this GE range is the easy steam clean technology. This self-cleaning feature will save you lots of time in the aftermath of your dinner preparations.

The sealed burners on this 2.9 cu. ft. GE gas range model makes it easy to clean after cooking any type of food, whether you've spilled liquids or solids.

Along with that tech, it also has an edge-to-edge cooktop that has heavy cast grates. This makes it ideal for different cooking modes.

One of the underrated features of gas stoves is looks, and this GE self-cleaning oven gets it right.

The modular stainless steel design is both beautiful, and a sliding mechanism allows you to have both the slide-in or freestanding gas range look.

Slide-in vs freestanding: Freestanding, can be converted to sliding | Cooktop: Gas cooktop | Elements: 4 | Oven Capacity: 2.9 cu. ft | Storage Drawer: Yes | True Convection: No

5. Verona VEFSGG244NSS - Option with Premium Features

At around $2,250, this range from Verona is one of the more premium-priced oven options on this list. That price is there because of the premium features it offers.

It has four burners that are sealed, ranging from 3400 to 12000 BTU, which is enough power for most people.

This range also features high-quality handles and power dials, which can help you regulate the temperatures of both the oven and the cooktop.

The oven also features a turbo-electric convection fan with an easy-clean porcelain oven surface, which can help when you're trying to save time.

The fan allows for even baking and cooking, while the full-width storage drawer gives you a space to place your cooking utensils.

Finally, it has two heavy-duty oven racks to prevent anything you cook inside the oven from falling out. It also comes included with a liquid propane kit.

Slide-in vs freestanding: Freestanding | Cooktop: Gas cooktop | Elements: 4 | Oven Capacity: 2.5 cu. ft | Storage Drawer: Yes | True Convection: Yes

Quick Comparisons Of Top 24-Inch Gas Ranges

Top 24-Inch Gas RangesSlide-in Or FreestandingCooktopElementsOven CapacityStorage DrawerTrue Convection
Haier QGAS740RMSSFreestandingGas cooktop42.9 cu. ft.YesYes
Blomberg BGR24100SSFreestandingGas cooktop42.51 cu. ft.NoNo
Summit RG244WSFreestandingGas cooktop42.9 cu. ft.YesNo
GE JGAS640RMSSFreestanding, can be converted to Slide-inGas cooktop42.9 cu. ft.YesNo
Verona VEFSGG244NSSFreestandingGas cooktop42.5 cu. ft.YesYes

Electric Range vs Gas Range: What Are Their Differences?

There are a few differences you should consider when trying to get either a gas or electric range. Here are some of them.

Heating Element Performance

The main difference between electric ranges and gas ranges is their heating element. A gas stove uses an open flame that can be adjusted in intensity.

Meanwhile, the heat from an electric stove comes from heated metal coils that can effectively transfer the heat to the cookware through convection.

This is why you'll only see a ceramic glass cooktop option on electric stoves.

Heating Performance

Generally speaking, the electric range is better for heating the oven because it can more effectively heat what you're cooking evenly.

This is because of the convection setting that you can find on most dual-range or electric ovens. The convection setting usually also has a fan to distribute hot air.

However, the gas range is better for trying to cook on the stove because you can do more advanced cooking techniques on them you just can't do with electric stoves.

For example, if you want excellent performance in heating when you boil water, then a gas range will have more power packed quickly.

24-inch Gas Range Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

There are a few factors that you should consider before buying any 24-inch gas range. Here are the most important ones.


There are two main types of installation - freestanding ranges and slide-in ranges. These two types can work for you depending on your kitchen setup.

Get a freestanding range if you want protection for the wall behind the range. Get the slide-in variant if you want something that looks sleeker.


With either type, you'll need to install an under-cabinet range hood, a range hood insert, or an island range hood to keep gases out of your kitchen.

Safety Features

Safety is one of the most important considerations you should have when cooking. Try to look for models that have sealed burners for better safety.

Look for models with safety features that prevent oven racks from sliding out so your food doesn't spill on the floor.

You also need to find range hoods to remove excess smoke from your kitchen. I recommend the 600 CFM range hoods.

Heat Controls

The number and location of the heating controls can be critical to your cooking workflow. Some prefer the controls to be right in front, while others prefer it at the back.

Some models also offer a digital dial to allow for more precise temperature control, while others stick to the basics with analog controls for burner turns.

Material Used

Heat, moisture, and splattering oil are just some of the enemies your range will face. Therefore, you'll need a finish that looks good and is durable.

Stainless steel is a finish I recommend because it's durable, looks modern and sleek, and resists any rusting. It's definitely a high-quality option.


The stove or range is part of your kitchen and should look like it. There are many finish options to choose from that can complement your kitchen setup.

Another consideration is getting either a freestanding range or slide-in. In tiny kitchens, you might want a slide-in model that blends in with the cabinets beside it to save space.


Getting fully sealed burners can be a big benefit if you want to be safer and have an easier time cleaning. However, open ones allow the cooktop to get hotter faster.

Oven Capacity

The oven capacity is important to consider if you're cooking or baking larger dishes. For example, if you're cooking a large turkey, you'll want one with a large oven space.


This coincides with the design and size of your kitchen. You might want to get a smaller range if you have a tiny kitchen in a small apartment.

If you need a smaller range, try checking out 20-inch ranges.

Extra Space

Extra storage space can be an important factor when choosing a range because you can easily fit cookware inside for easy and quick access when your hands are full when cooking.

However, if you already have a convenient place to put your cooking utensils, this won't be necessary.

24 inch Gas Range FAQs

  • Now that you know about the best 24-inch ranges you can buy, you might have more questions about how they operate or compare different types and brands.

    I’ve answered the most common questions below.

  • What is the Most Reliable Brand of Gas Range?

    The most reliable and well-known brands for both gas and electric range options are LG, Samsung, and General Electric Appliances (GE Appliances).

    These brands have been around for a long time and have many other household appliances that work well with their ranges too.

  • Is a Gas Range Better than a Dual Range?

    A dual range uses gas to heat the cooktop, while an electric convection setting is used to heat the oven.

    The cost of a gas range upfront is less than a dual range. However, there are more benefits to using a dual range. Whether it’s worth the extra cost depends on what you usually cook.

    If you need to get your oven hot and keep it hot at specific temperatures, then investing in dual ranges could be worth it.

  • What is the Best Gas Range Under $300?

    Unfortunately, no brand-new gas ranges sell for under $300. If there are any, I’d be doubtful of the quality control and safety when using them.

    If you’re really on a tight budget and don’t mind doing a bit of research, then I’d suggest looking for gas or electric stoves from secondhand sellers online.

  • My Top Picks

    Here are my top three picks for the best gas ranges you can buy in 2023.

    Best Budget Option - Summit RG244WS

    The best budget option on this list is the Summit range. It has a large 2.9 cu. ft. oven that has ample space for cooking even a large turkey and only costs around $800.

    Best Value for Money - Blomberg BGR24100SS

    This easy-to-clean range is one of the best if you want to save time when cleaning. It also does all the basics well, with extra features that make it worth the cost.

    Best Overall - Haier QGAS740RMSS

    The best overall is the Haier gas range. It is durable, has great build quality, and is full of feature options like the triple ring burner that will make cooking with pots or a griddle easy.

    Final Verdict

    Whether you need gas ranges full of premium functions or need a budget-oriented range, there are many options to choose from.

    Pick one that best fits your personal needs. If you're in doubt when checking online, try heading over to the nearest store that sells the model and check it out in person.

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