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5 Best Island Range Hoods Of 2023 | Reviews + Guide

As someone who prefers better air circulation, more space (even if it's just an illusion), functionality, and pleasing visuals for my kitchen island, I have always been interested in island range hoods.

Best Island Range Hood

In a nutshell, these hoods suction smoke, steam, excess heat, and odor and let it pass through vent holes to the outside or use charcoal filters to release clean air back into the kitchen environment.

Given that this appliance holds importance in a kitchen setting, here are the best island range hoods that you can use for your place.

The 5 Best Island Range Hoods on the Market Today

Many island hoods on the market today will sweep you off your feet with their visuals and price range.

However, I have listed five island range hoods that stand out above the rest, embodying sophistication and technical advancement in a single package.

Let's get started!

1. Cosmo COS-668ICS750 Stainless Steel Island Range Hood - Best Island Range Hood Overall

The sky's the limit with Cosmo Appliances, which provides a stylish and technology-laden island range hood for $365.30.

This 30-inch range hood is designed with an Italian style that is nothing short of dazzling with its stainless steel body and tempered glass visor.

Moreover, the tempered glass visor is a helpful feature that directs the smoke from your Massaman curry during lunch or buttered popcorn during snack time into the exhaust fan.

Speaking of the exhaust fan, you can control the fan speeds at three levels: low, medium, and high. Having varying speeds accommodates the proper CFM needed to suction cooking fumes.

The soft-touch digital control panels are the most helpful of these features. With that control, setting the time and lights, turning on the power, and changing the fan speeds can be done in a snap.

Although this can stand as a ducted and ductless range hood, you still need to buy a separate carbon filter to transform it into a ductless one.

Size: 30" and 36" | CFM: 380 | Vent style: Ducted/Ductless | Noise: 45 dB | Control Type: Digital Touch Controls

2. Cosmo COS-63ISS90 Digital Touch Stainless Steel Island Range Hood - Best Value for Money

Cosmo Appliances has a lot up its sleeves, including this European-style 36-inch island range hood for $401.99.

The Cosmo COS-63ISS90 model is equipped with an ultra-quiet design, making it more efficient at doing its job without exerting extra power than needed.

Aside from that, its body is made from commercial grade 430 stainless steel, known for its super corrosion resistance and resilience against the test of time.

This Cosmo modern design offers baffle filters that are helpful for grease and oil filtration. The dishwasher-safe filters are also efficient in preventing fire risks.

When frying up your favorite midnight snacks with all the lights turned off, the four LED lights of this range hood can help you see if your food is ready to go!

The only thing I don't like about this Cosmo range hood is its protective wrap. It's overdone to the point that small plastic residues are still stuck in the seams of the hood.

Size: 36" | CFM: 380 | Vent style: Ducted/Ductless | Noise: 45 dB | Control Type: Digital Touch Controls

3. Winflo by Winslyn A-WH102B30G - Best Budget Option

Winflo 30 In. Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range...
  • Premium motor to provide powerful suction operating at 475...
  • Easy to operate and clean large touch sensor control with...

In the wide range of hood choices, you surely want to take advantage of the design, technologies, and efficiency the Winflo A-WH102B30G by Winslyn provides for $426.31.

This is not your ordinary island range hood, as it has a telescopic chimney extension that you can adjust to adequately absorb the fumes from cooking your delicious chicken parm.

What drew me to this was the curved tempered glass visor. It's not just a feature that provides functionality for paving the way for smoke to enter the aluminum mesh filters. It also makes it look sophisticated.

The most important of all is that it's ETL-certified. This certification proves that this home appliance was created with safety standards in check.

However, it's heavy at 59 pounds, meaning when you DIY in installation, you'll need a helping hand to lift and secure it on top.

Size: 30" to 36" | CFM: 475 | Vent style: Ducted/Ductless | Noise: 65 dB | Control Type: Touch Controls

4. Proline PLFI Flush Mount Island Pro - Best for Space-saving

Proline range hoods surely know range as they have created and manufactured one of the best island range hoods that work with a powerful motor. It's an efficient island range hood that retails for around $1,999.99.

The Proline 42-inch island pro range hood has a flush mount design integrated into your ceiling and does not protrude like any other island range hood.

Moreover, with its 1200-cubic foot of air per minute dual blower and four-speed feature, you're assured that your kitchen will circulate cleaner and odorless air after you cook your delicious main courses.

When nighttime rolls around, and you don't want to turn on your kitchen lights, the PLFI flush mount island pro's bright light-emitting diode (LED) lights can help brighten your cooking surface or cooktop.

Not to mention that when push comes to shove during emergencies, you can press the power button on the push button control panel to turn it off immediately.

However, since it's mounted on the ceiling, the filters may be difficult to reach for cleaning, especially if you have high ceilings.

Size: 42" | CFM: 1200 | Vent style: Ducted island range hood | Noise: 58 dB | Control Type: Push Button Control

5. KitchenAid® 36'' Island Mount Canopy Hood - Best Colored-hood

In the search for the best kitchen aid in this list of island range hoods, it's undeniable that a KitchenAid stainless steel island mount canopy range hood should be on your list of choices. It's 36 inches long and priced at $2,006.

This KitchenAid island range hood is offered in two color options for the same price: silver stainless steel and black stainless steel. Regardless of your choice, you're assured of an ultramodern design that will fit your home.

Aside from the visuals, it utilizes removable filters for easy cleaning with warm soapy water. Not to mention that the filters are designed to trap oil, grease, and excess heat.

Of course, to make everything work in an island range hood, you will need a touchscreen control panel.

This KitchenAid model has a four-speed electronic glass touch control panel that is accessible, user-friendly, functional, and visually appealing.

Sadly, it has a halogen lamp for its night light, classified as incandescent. My research indicates that its energy-inefficient compared to other light types.

Size: 36" | CFM: 585 | Vent style: Ductless | Noise: 65 dB | Control Type: Electronic Glass Touch Control

Quick Comparison Of Top Island Range Hoods

Best Island Range HoodsSizeVent StyleCFMNoise LevelControl Type
Cosmo Stainless Steel Island Range Hood30" to 36"Ducted/Ductless38045 dBDigital Touch Controls
Cosmo Digital Touch Stainless Steel Island Range Hood36"Ducted/Ductless38045 dBDigital Touch Controls
Winflo Range Hood by Winslyn30" to 36"Ducted/Ductless47565 dBTouch Controls
Proline PLFI Flush Mount Island Pro42"Ducted Island120058 dBPush Button Control
KitchenAid® 36'' Island Mount Canopy Hood36"Ductless58565 dBElectronic Glass Touch Control

What are Island Range Hoods?

A range hood is designed to keep your kitchen free from smoke, odor, and excess heat during and after you cook your breakfast, lunch, or dinner as it suctions the air into its vent through fans.

An island range hood works the same but is installed directly on the ceiling, right above your electric stoves or gas stoves.

Benefits of Island Range Hoods

Island range hoods are not just for aesthetics but functionality, as they keep your kitchen healthy, clean, and filled with quality air.

Here are some of the benefits of an island range hood for your kitchen environment:

Improves Air Circulation

You can get improved air circulation as an island mount range hood sucks the air in and filters through mesh filters, charcoal, or stainless steel baffle filters.

Then, the air goes outside through a vent or ductwork system, passes through your exterior wall, or recirculates into the kitchen environment.

Specifically, an island range hood filters out the following:

  • Smoke
  • Grease
  • Fumes
  • Odor

With improved air circulation, the kitchen's heat lowers, significantly elevating your cooking comfort.

Gives Your Kitchen More Space and Versatility

The good thing about island mount range hoods is that they don't occupy space on your walls, which is usually the problem for homeowners with cabinet range hoods.

Since you can maximize the ceiling space with your island range hoods, this gives you room to add some cabinetry or other functional kitchen designs for more versatility.

Aside from functionality, the most important thing is that an island range hood boosts the value of your home because it's visually appealing and complements a range of interior home designs.


To glimpse the best under cabinet range hood and best range hood inserts, check these articles!

Downdraft Hood is Less Effective

Another benefit is that it works better than a downdraft hood. A downdraft range hood is integrated with the electric stove or gas range without needing a glass visor or a vent.

Moreover, the downdraft has a lower CFM (CFM stands for cubic feet per minute), and a lower CFM means lower ventilation power.

You're Considering a Kitchen Island

If you're considering having a kitchen remodel (or already had one), the best choice is to incorporate the best island range hoods in your kitchen.

It will be a no-brainer to choose this one. But, if you are still doubting, here is a summary of the perks you can get from an island range hood:

  • Higher ventilation power
  • Space-saving
  • Clean and fresh air
  • More functional kitchen
  • Increased flexibility
  • More space

Factors to Consider When Choosing Island Range Hoods

You cannot buy an island range hood without first considering certain factors. Read on to gain more in-depth knowledge of what these are and why they matter.


First, think of the size in two ways: the size of the island hoods and your stoves that need to be covered.

On average, most island range hoods are between 30 and 42 inches. If you have a wider kitchen island, you may need more than one hood to cover everything appropriately.

Knowing their size measurements, you can also identify how many hoods you need for your cooking space.


The second is the design. There are European and French-styled island hoods that are included in the products I mentioned above.

European styles have more straightforward designs, while French styles have visors in tempered glass. 


Widen your list of options and check out the best range hoods on the market.

If you want more efficiency, a visor is a vital feature that directs the fumes and smoke straight to the filters and fans.

Moreover, you must also consider the color of the island hood you are eyeing. Most island range hoods are in silver stainless steel, but others are coated with black stainless steel.


The third is the CFM or cubic feet per minute. In a nutshell, CFM is the measurement of the driving force or power of the island hood per linear foot.

How much CFM is integrated into the island hood will show you how much air the island hood can filter out.

Yet, if you don't do heavy cooking loads, smaller CFM hoods can still get the job done. On the other hand, a larger CFM will significantly help your cause if you are in the cooking business.


If you want higher CFM hoods, check out this article on the best 600 CFM range hood.

Ducted Range Hoods vs Ductless Range Hoods

The fourth factor is whether to buy ducted island range hoods or ductless hoods. On the one hand, a ducted system means the vent system is connected to an exterior exit point where the fumes and smoke are released.

On the other hand, a ductless hood is the complete opposite of a ducted hood, as it has filters that clean and redistribute clean and fresh kitchen air.

The key questions you need to answer to choose the right one for you are the following:

  • Do I have an exterior exit point for my kitchen island hoods?
  • Do I have a heavy cooking load, or will I use this for casual cooking?
  • Do I have enough budget?

You can opt for a ducted island mount range hood if you have an exterior exit, a heavy cooking load, and a flexible budget.

However, if your space is limited, with little budget, and a casual-cook activity, then ductless island hoods can suit your personal preference.

Ceiling Height

The fifth factor that should always be considered is the ceiling's height. The height will determine whether you'll need a flush mount or not. 

With this factor in mind, determine the height of your ceiling from the gas stove or electric stove. The average clearance must be 30" for stainless steel hood and 36" for a wooden hood.


The sixth factor worth considering is appearance. Aside from calculating how the technical specs of the range hood benefit you, you should also see how it meshes with your kitchen aesthetic.

Noise Level

The seventh factor you must always consider is the noise level your range hood must have.

The average noise ratings are as follows:

  • Below ten sones; or
  • below 65 decibels (dB)

Remember that the quieter hood, the better it is, especially with powerful island range hoods.


After the noise rating, consider the lighting to help you have a better view while cooking. The best lighting consists of several LED lights.

Control Panels

The ninth factor that is of equal importance is the control panel. A control panel is where you will turn the power and LED lights on and change the fan speeds.

The best island range hood will have a remote control or a soft-touch digital panel. You can also consider those with hidden controls for a more emphasized hood aesthetic.

Cooking Style

Of all the factors, your cooking style is one of the most important in determining what hood you MUST buy.

On the one hand, for simple daily cooking activities, you can opt for ductless hoods. On the other hand, for extensive commercial cooking, ducted range hoods must be your first pick.

Other Features

Additional features, whether in technology, style, or price, must be considered because they can raise the range hood's value. The best buy will always be that with high technology, modern style, and a reasonable price.

FAQs Related To Island Range Hood

  • In this section are some of my expert answers to your FAQs!

  • Should I Hire a Pro to Install a Range Hood?

    Yes, you should hire a pro for an accurate installation on par with the local building codes and manufacturer’s instructions.

    However, you can always do a DIY. Just ensure you follow all the required steps and measures.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Install an Island Range Hood?

    Hiring a professional to install an island range hood costs about $100 to $600

  • How Much Air Do Island Range Hoods Filter?

    The amount of air island hoods filter depends upon their indicated CFM. From this list, the range of CFM is 380 to 1200.

  • What Is a Convertible Range Hood?

    A convertible island hood can work with both ducted and ductless systems. This type is deemed the most flexible and functional when it comes to filtering grease, oil, and fumes.

  • My Top Picks

    Here are my top picks for the best island range hood.

    Best Budget Option - Winflo by Winslyn A-WH102B30G

    If you are on a budget but need a hood with an efficient chimney, visor, and an ETL certification at an affordable price of $426.31, this Winflo model is right for you.

    Best Value for Money - Cosmo COS-63ISS90

    When you're looking for a hood with dishwasher-safe baffle filters, low sound level, and energy-saving LED lights, this Cosmo model for $401.99 is your best bet.

    Best Island Range Hood Overall - Cosmo COS-668ICS750

    An Italian-designed kitchen hood with LCD display, Digital Touch, a visor, fan speeds, and enough power for $365.30 is a great deal, making this Cosmo hood model the best island range hood in this list.


    Given everything that I have said, it's clear that an island hood is essential for better kitchen air circulation, visuals, space, efficiency, and flexibility.

    Now, choose from the list above with the factors you must consider and get the best island range hood for your kitchen!