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The Best 600 CFM Range Hood On The Market: Buyer’s Guide

Range hoods are a kitchen essential, especially when keeping kitchen air CLEAN and FRESH. They help remove unwanted smells, smoke, and dirty air in any room they're placed in.

Best 600 CFM Range Hood

Some hoods use vents to do their job, while others use filters to eliminate the nasties as we cook. But whichever you prefer, always choose efficient models.

With many factors to consider, finding the right pick can get confusing. So if you're searching for a new range hood for your home, I can help narrow your choices.

I reviewed several brands and types of 600 CFM hoods and found the four best choices for your kitchen!

Top 4 Best 600 CFM Range Hood Options on the Market Today

Range hoods come in all shapes and sizes. You might find it challenging to choose, even among 600 CFM ones. Let me help as I share my thoughts on the four best 600 CFM hood options for your kitchen!

1. MCBON Range Hood Insert - Best Overall

MCBON Range Hood Insert 30 Inch, 600 CFM Range Hood Insert,...
  • ✅【MCBON ADVANTAGE】: Range hood insert 30 inch, made...
  • ✅【GREAT FOR DUCTLESS】: The range hood insert fits a...

I was impressed with my experience with the MCBON hood insert. Style-wise, it looks sleek and elegant, and I'm sure it would fit well in contemporary houses. 

It's made with food-grade stainless steel, making it easy to clean. The stainless steel outer shell is HEAVY-DUTY and effortlessly resists stains and rust. 

MCBON features a non-vented mechanism. Hence, it uses filters to remove grease, oils, and fumes. It efficiently did its job with the POWERFUL SUCTION of its copper motor. 

Another thing I loved about this is its dishwasher-safe baffle filter. It can save you A LOT of money since you won't have to swap out filters every month. 

I also appreciate its ULTRA-SILENT operation, running as low as 35 dB. This feature is a steal for me as someone who likes to cook in peace. 

Weight: 23 pounds | Dimensions: 27.75 x 11.74 x 10.88 inches | Installation: Built-in/insert | Material and lighting: Stainless steel; LED lights | Fan: 3-level fan speed

2. Faber Inca Smart Insert Hood - Best Value for the Money

This hood from Ancona is on the pricier end of the scale. But I think it's a good deal for its additional features that you're less likely to find on average models. 

It features a convertible venting style, allowing you to utilize readily available ductwork in your home. Its filters are also dishwasher-safe, which lowers the maintenance cost. 

It also has LED lights on the underside and 4-speed electronic push control panel. You can use this as a cabinet range hood since it's the ultimate space-saver

Weight: 30 pounds | Dimensions: ‎11.25 x 27.62 x 12.75 inches | Installation: Built-in/insert | Material and lighting: Stainless steel; LED lights | Fan: 4-speed fan

3. Proline PLJW185 - Best Budget Option

Proline Wall/Under Cabinet Range Hood PLJW 185.36 600 CFM,...

Proline is known to make the best hoods, so I had to put their product to the test. I found this Proline PLJW185 at a relatively low price (although the difference is not too high nor too low compared to other units.)

At this price point, you already have a HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL hood for your kitchen. It features an impressively dynamic design that allows users to utilize multiple vent options

Air can vent out from the top and even the back just by removing the panels. I also love its ultra-quiet motor operation, which is similar to the MCBON, despite its massive 36" width. 

This hood also utilizes baffle filters, which are more durable and dishwasher-safe than mesh. They also lessen the friction inside the stainless steel range hood, which means airflow doesn't decrease despite the build-up. 

Weight: 30 pounds | Dimensions: 11.25 x 27.62 x 12.75 inches | Installation: Wall mount | Material and lighting: Stainless steel; LED lights | Fan: 4-speed dual blower

4. Tylza Upgraded 600 CFM Hood - Best Convertible Range Hood

600 CFM Under Cabinet Range Hood, Range Hood 30 inch for...
  • 𝗠𝗮𝘅𝗶𝗺𝘂𝗺 𝗔𝗶𝗿 𝗙𝗹𝗼𝘄 :...
  • 𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗶𝗻𝗹𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗦𝘁𝗲𝗲𝗹...

Tylza's 600 CFM hood is my best pick if you want a convertible hood. It features 3-level fan speed on the control panel. Despite its high speed, the noise level is only 55 dB max, which is below my baseline. 

Additionally, it's also made of stainless steel, which makes it corrosion-resistant and rust-free. It also has bright LED lights on its underside to improve visibility as you cook. 

But what amazes me the most is the duct-to-ductless conversion. You can always go ductless if you don't have the time or budget to install a duct. But if you think ductwork is essential, you can also resort to this option. 

It's equipped with aluminum pipes if you wish to use a duct and carbon filters if ductwork is unavailable in your home. 

Weight: 30 pounds | Dimensions: 11.25 x 27.62 x 12.75 inches | Installation: Under cabinet | Material and lighting: Stainless steel, LED lights | Fan: 4-speed dual blower

Comparing The Best Range Hoods With 600 CFM Capability

Top 600-CFM Range HoodWeightDimensionsInstallationMaterial & LightingFan
MCBON Range Hood Insert23 pounds27.75 x 11.74 x 10.88 inchesBuilt-in/InsertStainless Steel, LED Lights3-level fan speed
Faber Inca Smart Insert Hood30 pounds11.25 x 27.62 x 12.75 inchesBuilt-in/InsertStainless Steel, LED Lights4-speed fan
Proline Range Hood30 pounds‎11.25 x 27.62 x 12.75 inchesWall mountStainless Steel, LED Lights4-speed dual blower
Tylza Upgraded Hood30 pounds1.25 x 27.62 x 12.75 inchesUnder CabinetStainless Steel, LED Lights4-speed dual blower

What Does 600 CFM Mean?

Before I explain what 600 CFM means, let's first talk about CFM in general. 

CFM stands for "cubic feet per meter." This refers to the amount of air a range hood can suction. This determines how hoods perform, especially when clearing cooking fumes, odor, and smoke.

Therefore, a 600 CFM range hood can pull a maximum of 600 cubic feet of air out of the area where the hood is installed. 

For a 600 CFM range hood, you need a duct that's at least 6 inches wide. This should suffice in allowing dirty kitchen air to flow out efficiently. 

How Does a 6-inch Duct Work with a 600 CFM Range Hood?

Ductwork size is one of the essential factors to consider when installing your range hood, as it determines the range hood's efficiency. 

If your duct is too small, it's expected to be less efficient in removing dirty kitchen air. The particles will not have enough room to move out of the house. 

This is because the airflow encounters resistance from the ductwork walls. With increased friction, the airflow tends to slow down. This reduces your ability to remove dirty air and results in backflow. 

Is a 600 CFM Range Hood Enough? 

A 600 CFM range hood is enough to meet your needs if you only cook a few times a week and don't work with greasy food too much. 

It's also a good choice if you don't use many spices when cooking at home. If you do, it might be difficult for a 600 CFM range hood to eliminate cooking odors. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing 600 CFM Range Hoods

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best 600 CFM range hood.

In this buyer's guide, I won't only recommend great 600 CFM range hood choices. I'll also enumerate what you must consider to make shopping a breeze. 


CFM determines how powerful a range hood can be in filtering the air and eliminating contaminants. 

The lowest setting of CFM you can get in a range hood is 150, while the highest setting can go up to 1000 CFM (and more). 

A 600 CFM range hood is in the middle of the spectrum; it offers sufficient power for general cooking duties

However, it might be LACKING if you cook loads of cuisines, specifically if it involves high amounts of grease, deep frying, or cooking with a powerful stovetop. 

If you're cooking food for a medium-sized family, a 600 CFM range hood is a good choice. But if you're cooking for more than that, I suggest getting a hood with more power

Types of Hoods

Range hoods come in different sizes, shapes, and installation methods. One of the main factors determining the best hood type is your kitchen design. 

You must choose the ones that fit your home's architecture. There would be instances where ductwork is impossible to install in your home, and a ductless conversion would be necessary

Yet there are also cases where you can take advantage of installing ductwork in your home and make room for a vented range hood. 

Here are a few of the most common hood types you can choose for your home: 

  • Wall mount range hood
  • Under cabinet range hoods
  • Hood insert
  • Microwave hood insert
  • Ceiling or island mount range hood
  • Down-draft hood

These types come in different sizes and CFM ratings. Hence, you can find the best type that would suit your home, which also comes with a 600 CFM rating. 

Size of Hoods

Hood size would really depend on the range size. Ideally, it should have the SAME WIDTH as your range, but you can stretch it up to 6 inches more if your area caters to such a size. 

Going 6 inches over would give you a 3-inch overhang on each side. This captures more fumes, making the range hood efficient in eliminating dirty kitchen air. 

Control Panel

A range hood can have physical buttons to control the power, lights, and fan speed, through some utilize touch screens. 

Choosing the control panel set-up for your range hood is highly based on personal preference

For some, physical buttons are more appealing because they're more reliable and straightforward to use. 

Yet, for people who aim for a sleek and modern look, touchscreens are their best bet. However, these need more attention to detail than physical buttons. 


Usually, hoods that are 30-36 inches wide have at least two lights, unlike larger options that can house 3 to 4 bulbs. If your hood has fewer bulbs, ensure they're BRIGHT ENOUGH to light your cooktop. 

Good lighting helps improve cooking visibility, which is much safer and more pleasant for users. 


Some hoods are easy to install, but others are a labor of love to mount. 

For example, a ducted system would require you to install external vents separately; there are other factors to consider when doing so. Hence, it can get quite tricky. 

If you're a handyman and are used to repairing and installing at home, this could be a relatively easy task for you. If not, you can always hire professional services to mount your range hood, which means EXTRA COSTS. 

Styles and Designs

The appearance of the range hood you choose is also something that's based on personal preference. But, you should consider the architecture of your home, as well as kitchen decor, when choosing one. 

The location where you'll place the range hood should also matter. Hoods installed on walls or the ceiling are likely to be attention-grabbers. So, make sure that they LOOK DECENT and match your kitchen layout. 

Under-cabinet range hoods can also fit right in, especially if you use hood inserts. These hide the hoods altogether since they're mounted under your cabinet.

That said, they require you to have cabinetry to support the unit. 

Ducted or Ductless System

Ducted hoods utilize a duct or an outside vent to expel the dirty air from your home. On the other hand, ductless models use mesh or charcoal filters to cleanse the air before recirculating it back to the kitchen. 

Ducted hoods are known to be the most efficient in removing fumes and contaminants fast.

Although the ductwork is an added installation cost, it's the superior choice to maintain clean air in the kitchen over charcoal filters.

But, if ductwork is not compatible with your home, non-vented hoods should already be enough for your kitchen's needs.

However, the disadvantage of this is it's slower when removing large amounts of smoke and odors, and you'll need to replace mesh and charcoal filters often. 

Noise Level

I know that most of you hate loud noises like I do. Hence, you'd prefer hoods with lower noise levels.

Picking hoods with a noise level close to or slightly above 60 dB is already good enough, especially if you want to socialize or listen to music while preparing the food. 


There are instances where hood power determines the noise level — the more power it has, the more noise produces.

My Top Picks

Best CFM Budget Option - Proline PLJW185

This is a highly functional 600 CFM hood for something cheaper than $300. It allows multiple venting options and doesn't require an additional duct. Despite its powerful fans, it is super quiet, which I like.

It also cuts the maintenance cost with its dishwasher-safe filters and heavy-duty stainless steel body.

Best Value for Money - Faber Inca Smart Insert Hood

The 600 CFM Faber Inca is an ideal choice for a small kitchen because of its size.

It's also convertible, meaning you can opt to use a duct. It has an aluminum pipe to connect with the duct and filters if you wish to go ventless.

Best 600 CFM Range Hoods Overall - MCBON Hood Insert

The 600 CFM hood from MCBON is my best pick among all the models I reviewed. It's not only PRESENTABLE, but it's highly functional as well. It's ultra-silent, washable, and equipped with a heavy-duty stainless steel body to extend its lifetime.

600 CFM Range Hood FAQs

  • Here are some answers to commonly asked questions related to 600 CFM hoods you’d like to know:

  • Are 600 CFM Range Hoods Enough for Kitchen Ventilation?

    This depends on your cooking style and habits. If you don’t cook as often or deal with grease, deep frying, and heavy smoke, a 600 CFM is already good enough. 

    It’s best for average users with a small kitchen whose air doesn’t require much cleansing. 

  • Conclusion

    That's a wrap for my four best 600 CFM hoods! I hope this article can guide you in your shopping experience.

    Of course, the best choice will always go down to your preferences. Always remember to choose highly-functional devices that will also fit your budget, aesthetic, and kitchen needs.

    With the right choice, you can surely cook easily and have clean kitchen air at home!