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5 Best 20-Inch Gas Ranges You Should Buy For Your Kitchen

Standard ranges have a width of 30-inches and can offer up to six burners! But what if you have a small kitchen that can't fit those kinds of appliances?

Best 20 inch gas ranges

There might be 24-inch gas ranges that can slide in those spaces. However, you can go even smaller than that and find a 20-inch gas range!

In this article, I'll tell you five of the best gas ranges you can get in the market and some quick tips for choosing the right one for you.

5 Best 20-Inch Gas Ranges You Should Buy

Admittedly, 20-inch gas ranges are relatively tricky to find in the market.

But I've managed to gather the best gas ranges for small kitchens. Out of the many that different brands offer, below are my favorites:

1. Amana AGG222VDW - Best Overall

The best gas range is the Amana AGG222VDW. It may be small, but I assure you it packs a punch!

For one, it has pretty impressive oven space with 2.6 cubic feet. That's because it's as deep as a standard range — the only difference is that it's condensed width-wise.

This range has an auto-ignition oven and sealed burners. That means you don't need a lit pilot to use it, so you won't need to reach for the lighter when it's time to cook.

It has four burners — two with 9,5000 BTU and two with 7,000 BTU.

The Temp Assure Cooking System ensures you get even heat distribution throughout the oven.

Meanwhile, the SpillSaver Upswept Cooktop means you have a cooktop with raised edges to contain any spills. 

This allows for easy cleaning since it keeps the rest of the cooking surface clean.

However, I've noticed that the heat tends to leak from the oven. So, even if the door is closed, the knob and nearby cabinets can get hot.

Product dimensions (LxWxH): 26 1/4 x 19 3/4 x 42 1/2 inches | Capacity: 2.6 cu. ft | Color: White | Assembled product weight: 114 lbs | Oven window: Yes

2. Hotpoint RGAS200DMWW - Best Value

With 2.3 cubic feet, this model from Hotpoint can give you good value for your money.

Normally, it can be hard to control gas ranges since you don't know exactly what heat it's at.

But based on feel, I'd say this product has pretty accurate temperature controls.

The heavy grates make me feel confident that they won't move or fall if I use them. 

There are two oven racks that you can place in multiple positions, so I'm sure they can accommodate even extra large cookware.

Some may ignore this certain detail, but I appreciate the porcelain oven door. That's because it's scratch-resistant, durable, and easier to maintain.

It would make this range worth your money more if it had an oven window or light to make baking more convenient.

Product dimensions (LxWxH): 26 5/8 x 19 3/4 x 41 7/8 inches | Capacity: 2.3 cu. ft | Color: White | Assembled product weight: 74 lbs | Oven window: No

3. Avanti GR2011CW - Best Budget Pick

It's hard to find a cheap 20-inch gas range that looks great while also operating well — but the Avanti GR2011CW gives you all that!

Despite the price, I'd say it looks quite expensive with its seamless framed glass oven door. It also has an oven light and integrated oven vents!

I especially appreciated the 60-minute timer too. You get a storage drawer at the bottom too.

Converting the model to propane seemed a bit overwhelming at first. However, it was reasonably easy enough once I got used to it.

Though it's generally a good gas range, the oven and broiler can take a while to ignite. I had to lower the knob to get multiple sparks and be sure that it lit.

Aside from that, though the range doesn't look like its price, it can feel like its price — specifically the plastic knobs and flimsy door. It's only 2.1 cubic feet too.

This range comes in black and stainless steel.

Product dimensions (LxWxH): 25.00 x 19.75 x 40.25 inches | Capacity: 2.1 cu. ft | Color: White | Assembled product weight: 92 lbs | Oven window: Yes

4. Summit RG200WS - Simplest

The Summit RG200WS would be the best gas range for those who just want one that works — no frills or anything, just a simple range. It has a retro-like feel that will suit older homes.

An anti-tip bracket prevents this range from falling. This range is also at 2.3 cubic feet.

The oven has two racks with a safety brake system, so they stay put inside. There are also four positioning options, so you can cook anything.

There are two sets of continuous grates that are solid enough to support even extra-large pots and pans. But they're also removable, so you can easily clean the burners and grates.

However, you don't get replacement racks, and it doesn't have a window either.

Product dimensions (LxWxH): 24.00 x 20.00 x 41.50 inches | Capacity: 2.3 cu. ft | Color: White | Assembled product weight: 130 lbs | Oven window: No

5. Avanti ELITE Series DGR20P3S - Best Premium

Avanti is one of the popular brands for kitchen appliances — so it's not surprising that we have another 20-inch gas range from them in this list.

If you really have the money to spare, then I'd recommend the Avanti ELITE Series DGR20P3S. After all, it comes with all the features of a regular gas range.

It has some accessories too! These include a clock, timer, oven light, under-broiler storage, and backlit dials.

I really appreciated the clear instructions on how to convert the range from natural gas to LPG propane.

The style is exactly what you pay for too — a stainless steel finish with a seamless framed glass oven door.

Like other Avanti models, it has integrated oven vents for proper air circulation.

Unfortunately, even with the cost, the design could still be improved.

For instance, as with other 20-inch ranges, it has four burners. However, the small and rapid burners (which you use less than the regular burners) are found in front.

On top of that, the oven doesn't go below 300°F — so you can't use it if you want to slow cook brisket or pulled pork.

This range is also just 2.1 cubic feet.

Product dimensions (LxWxH): 25.25 x 19.50 x 37.50 inches | Capacity: 2.1 cu. ft | Color: Stainless steel | Assembled product weight: 108 lbs | Oven window: Yes

Quick Comparison Of The Top 20-inch Gas Ranges

Top 20-Inch Gas RangesDimensionsCapacityColorAssembled Product WeightOven Window
Amana AGG222VDW26.25 x 19.75 x 42.5 inches2.6 cu. ft.White114 lbYes
Hotpoint RGAS200DMWW26.62 x 19.75 x 41.87 inches2.3 cu. ft.White74 lbNo
Avanti GR2011CW25 x 19.75 x 40.25 inches2.1 cu. ft.White92 lbYes
Summit RG200WS24 x 20 x 41.50 inches2.3 cu. ft.White130 lbNo
Avanti ELITE Series DGR20P3S25.25 x 19.50 x 37.50 inches2.1 cu. ft.Stainless Steel108 lbYes

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best 20-Inch Gas Ranges

Even within the 20-inch gas range market, there are still quite a lot of things to consider.

Below, I've listed factors I kept in mind while you're sifting through brands and models:

1. Type

There are two types of ranges available for residential use:


Freestanding ranges are the most popular models since they can be installed anywhere. Their finished sides allow them to be placed even at the end of your cabinets.

You can even put them on your island! Just make sure to complement it with an island range hood too.

This kind of gas range also has a blackguard that can hold the controls.

A freestanding gas range includes an anti-tip bracket to stop it from falling over.


Slide-in ranges don't have finished sides since they're designed to fit between your kitchen cabinets. This gives them a look that's seamless and built-in.

Controls are found up front since it doesn't have a backguard.

Something similar to slide-ins is drop-in ranges.

Aside from having unfinished sides, drop-ins also don't have a finished bottom panel. This means you won't find an oven tray storage drawer either.

2. Finish

Gas ranges come in different finishes, and your choice highly depends on your preferences.

Stainless steel is extremely popular for several reasons:

  • Easy to clean
  • Classy look
  • Suits any kitchen

However, I highly advise that you don't get black stainless steel. That's because the coating is easily scratched, and brands don't guarantee scratches.

Aside from stainless steel, you can find any color that will suit your kitchen — though black and white are the most popular colors.

More options include colors in a shiny chrome or matte finish. Some models even have fingerprint-proof finishes that reduce smudges.

3. BTU (British Thermal Units)

BTU measures a gas range's heat output. So, the higher the BTU, the hotter it can be.

A standard-size range normally has five burners — but some brands can have up to six burners. However, most 20-inch gas ranges have only four burners:

  • 1 rapid burner
  • 2 regular (also called semi-rapid) burners
  • 1 simmer burner

Having multiple burners gives you more options on how to cook your favorite meals if you need different temperatures to prepare them.

4. Features

The features of your gas range should also highly depend on your preferences.

For instance, the air fry setting is a relatively new one — and because of that, it's not very reliable yet.

Air frying in an oven and an air fryer is still two different experiences. I would say that it's still better to air fry in an air fryer until brands manage to improve how a gas range can air fry.

Instead, a good feature to have is convection baking. Aside from baking, a convection oven is great for dehydrating and roasting.

That's because convection ovens quicken cooking time while using less heat. This is because a convection fan circulates the hot air inside.

Thanks to that, you can cook your favorite foods evenly!

5. Price

Of course, how much you pay for your gas range depends on whether or not you want one with extra features.

Because of that, I highly suggest you set a budget first before setting off to find a gas range.

This saves you from the heartbreak of falling in love with a particular gas range only to find out it's beyond what you can pay for.

FAQs Related To 20-Inch Gas Ranges

  • Have some questions on ranges? I’ve answered some of them here:

  • Are Gas Ranges Better Than Electric?

    In some cases, yes, gas ranges can be better than electric.

    For instance, professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts prefer gas stoves because they have a burner flame.

    That burner flame acts as a visual gauge, so you don’t accidentally burn your grilled cheese sandwiches since you didn’t realize how hot it was.

    But if your home doesn’t have a gas supply, it would be simpler to have an electric range instead.

    The only concern is that these models will need more power — specifically 220v.

  • Is It Cheaper to Cook With Gas or Electric?

    Gas ranges are typically cheaper to operate at rates for natural gas or cheaper than electricity.

    But electric ranges are actually to pay for upfront.

  • Do You Need a Range Hood for a Gas Range?

    Yes, you need a range hood for a gas range.

    That’s because gas stoves produce a lot of heat, grease, and gasses — all of which create an unhealthy kitchen (and even home) atmosphere.

    A range hood is essentially a kitchen exhaust fan that removes the dirty air from the kitchen, leaving you with better air.

    While a hood with 900 CFM is a good standard, having a 20-inch gas range means you can probably manage with a 600 CFM range hood.

    If you don’t think you have the extra space to spare for a regular hood, I highly recommend getting an under-cabinet range hood since it also saves on space!

    You can even customize your range hoods with range hood inserts.

  • How Do You Clean a Gas Range?

    Below is a quick step-by-step guide on how to clean your gas range:

    1. Remove all removable parts (such as griddles and grates).
    2. Spray the stove top with a cleaner made for gas ranges. Wipe it down with a damp cloth.
    3. You can wipe the grates with that damp cloth too. Or, if they’re dishwasher safe, then just clean them with the dishwasher. If they’re really dirty, soak them in warm, soapy water. Choose a good grease-cutting soap to break the gunk down.
    4. To clean the burners, use a toothbrush (or other non-abrasive brush) to remove crumbs between the burner slots. Then, use a damp cloth to soak up spills in the burner head and slots.
    5. Wipe the whole stovetop dry with a microfiber cloth.
    6. If you’re deep cleaning the grates, scrub them gently. Use a gentle scouring pad for non-coated grates and a sponge for coated grates. Check the owner’s manual to know what kind of grates you have.
    7. Dry the grates with a clean cloth, then put them back on the stovetop.

    You should clean the stovetop after every use by wiping down any crumbs and spills.

    Then, you can perform a deep cleaning whenever you notice that the stovetop is starting to look particularly dirty — which is around every other week or so.

  • Should I Get Sealed or Unsealed Burners?

    I actually prefer sealed burners. However, you can still get whichever you want.

    Unsealed (or open) burners are more exposed to oxygen and burn more easily. They give direct heat to what’s above them, and you can control the flame better too.

    However, you’ll need to clean open burners more often.

    On the other hand, sealed burners are easier to clean while also performing more or less as well as unsealed burners.

  • Do You Need Electricity to Use a Gas Range?

    Yes, you need electricity to use a gas range — even if you’ve converted to using propane.

    Admittedly, I misunderstood the whole thing before as well.

    The thing is, these models need a gas line hookup and 110v of electricity to be powered. Now, when you convert the range to propane, the stove top won’t need electricity anymore.

    However, the oven still needs minimal electricity to run the gas ignition. If it has convection fans and smart features, then all the more that it needs electricity.

    Because of that, a gas range isn’t exactly your off-the-grid solution if that’s what you were expecting.

  • A Recap of the Top Picks

    Let me remind you of my top 20-inch gas ranges:

    Best Budget Pick - Avanti GR2011CW

    Though this range looks expensive, it's actually quite budget-friendly.

    It's a reliable model that comes with a 60-minute timer, oven light, and integrated vents.

    Best Value - Hotpoint RGAS200DMWW

    One of the best gas ranges is this Hotpoint model.

    Maybe one of my favorite things of this range is the porcelain oven door that makes it resistant to scratches. 

    Aside from that, it has heavy grates that you can place in different positions.

    Best Overall - Amana AGG222VDW

    My favorite 20-inch gas range is this model by Amana.

    It has 2.6 cubic feet of oven space and add-ons like Temp Assure Cooking System and SpillSaver Upswept Cooktop.


    If you have a small kitchen, you can look through many reliable brands to find the right 20-inch gas range for your needs.

    How much you pay for your range depends on whether you want smart technology, an air fry setting, or convection fans. 

    Of course, getting a basic gas range means the lowest price possible.

    I assure you that these small but mighty appliances will make cooking even multiple dishes enjoyable!