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10 Best Range Hood Brands On The Market | Consumer Guide

Whether we realize it or not, brands and manufacturers can affect how an appliance is designed. Each brand has proprietary technology to enhance or damage an appliance's functions.

Best Range Hood Brands

It's no different with range hoods. Many brands offer this appliance, often to match the aesthetic of the rest of their products.

However, there are many things to consider when finding the best ones to fit your home. Knowing each manufacturer's strengths and weaknesses is one such factor.

Here's a comprehensive guide to the best range hood brands to consider when looking for a ventilation system for your home.

The 10 Best Range Hood Brands in 2023

Best Range Hood Brands
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If you're looking for a new range hood, consider the brand first.

Some specialize specifically in these appliances, while others can have it in their catalog to complement their other appliances.

Some specific brands produce the best range hoods the market has to offer. Knowing them can help you narrow your search for the best range hood.

These are the top 10 range hood brands for you to check out.

1. Hauslane - Best Brand Overall


Hauslane is one of the leading brands for range hoods, with this specific line of products being their specialty.

Their products are mostly known for being made of high-quality stainless steel and coming with a reliable blow motor. You can also expect a quiet operation with their products, ranging between 1.5 and 4 sones.

They have a decent number of variations when it comes to mounting types, primarily specializing in wall-mounted, under-cabinet, and island range hoods.

They also sell accessories for their range hoods, from charcoal filters to chimney hood extensions.

Their products are available for purchase on their website. You can also find them in other kitchen appliance retailers and on Amazon. This makes their brand accessible to everyone.

You can also easily reach out to the manufacturer if there are any problems with your product. You can contact them via live chat, email, SMS, phone, or website.

Types Of Range Hoods: Decent | Retailers: Many | Product Quality: Excellent | Customer Reviews: Excellent | Average Price: Low to mid-range

2. ProLine - Best Value Brand for Money


If you're looking for a more high-end range hood, consider ProLine. This brand has a wide variety of hoods available for reasonable prices.

Their lineup includes wall-mounted, island range, and under-cabinet models to range hood inserts. They also have outdoor and professional options to choose from.

Each style is available in AT LEAST 6 sizes, making it easy to find one in any of their designs and finishes that would fit your kitchen.

They're even open to customization if their current selection doesn't fit your kitchen. Their stainless steel range hoods are guaranteed to provide satisfaction.

A 3-year warranty backs all their range hoods for when you have problems with your unit. You can quickly contact their customer support through various channels.

While their products may be more expensive, ProLine's designs and technology can give you a professional-level venting system in your home.

Types Of Range Hoods: Many | Retailers: Many | Product Quality: Excellent | Customer Reviews: Excellent | Average Price: High-range

3. Broan-NuTone - Best Budget Brand Option


If you're looking for a range hood that you can get at an affordable price point, Broan-NuTone is one of the most popular brands you can look into. They're one of the oldest and most prominent names in this industry.

They have many range hoods to choose from, catering to low to mid-range price points, making them accessible. They feature a classic and simple design that can easily fit any kitchen.

Despite their price, Broan-NuTone offers a lot of convertible units. However, their charcoal filters are sold separately. They also have a wide variety of mesh filters and aluminum baffle filters to choose from.

Another notable aspect of this brand is its customer service. Their award-winning way of connecting with their customers has become one of the main reasons they've established a trustworthy brand.

Their products are available from many distributors, making them accessible to anyone. You can also easily purchase their products on Amazon for your convenience.

This brand is already a long-standing one in the industry. Broan-NuTone is the best you can get if you're looking for a budget pick.

Types Of Range Hoods: Excellent | Retailers: Many | Product Quality: Great | Customer Reviews: Excellent| Average Price: Low to mid-range

4. ZLine - Best for Wall-Mounted Range Hoods


The wall-mounted range hood is the most reliable type on the market. If you're looking for that type of range hood, you can get the best one from ZLine.

What caught my eye was the high suction power of their wall-mount range hood. Despite its price, it's one of the best in the market, making it my top pick. However, they also have other types of range hoods available.

Their products are made with sturdy and reliable stainless steel in different finishes. You can easily find one that will best fit your kitchen.

While researching more about ZLine, I encountered forums about its manufacturing. Despite being a good brand, they seem to get a lot of backlash from the public simply for being manufactured in China.

However, upon further research, I learned that ZLine's products are made with top materials from Germany, the US, and Italy. Its manufacturing helps keep it at an affordable price despite its luxurious build.

If you're looking for a wall-mounted hood that will last a long time, ZLine can easily provide that and more.

Types Of Range Hoods: Decent | Retailers: Many | Product Quality: Excellent | Customer Reviews: Excellent | Average Price: Low to mid-range

5. Cosmo - Best for Island Range Hoods


Cosmo appliances are well-known in the industry, especially for their range hoods. Despite having limited styles, they tend to stand out with their unique designs.

While they have a limited selection, their island range hoods caught my attention. Their design, style, and functions make them some of the best-selling types.

You can also find wall-mounted and under-cabinet range hoods in their selection.

This brand uses tempered glass and stainless steel for a sleek finish. Its suction power is a standard for island types, but its other features make it easier to trap air pollutants.

You can also easily find baffle filters on their website for any replacement. Since most of their units are convertible, you can find a charcoal filter through their website and most of their distributors.

They provide numerous ways of contacting customer service if you encounter problems with your unit. This makes the replacement of defective parts a lot easier, especially with the added 3-year manufacturer guarantee.

You can bet that a Cosmo range hood, especially the island model, is one of the most reliable in the market.

Types Of Range Hoods: Decent | Retailers: Many | Product Quality: Excellent | Customer Reviews: Excellent | Average Price: Mid to high-range

6. Awoco - Best for Under-Cabinet Range Hoods


When it comes to reliable and affordable range hoods, Awoco is a great brand, especially if you're looking for an under-cabinet range hood.

Their award-winning cabinet hood units are notable, especially with their high power and low noise level, making them great for small apartments and condos.

If you're not interested in under-cabinet hoods, they also sell other range hoods, like wall-mounted and hood inserts, that can give the best ones on the market a run for their money.

They also sell refurbished and used vent hoods for a much lower price. It helps lessen any waste from used appliances that can still be reused.

A great thing about this brand is how accessible they are. Besides their physical store in California, you can purchase their products from reliable kitchen appliance retailers.

Awoco is among the best choices for under-cabinet and smaller range hood units.

Types Of Range Hoods: Decent | Retailers: Many | Product Quality: Great | Customer Reviews: Excellent | Average Price: Low to mid-range

7. Zephyr - Best for Downdraft Range Hoods


Finding a downdraft range hood can be a challenge. Thankfully, Zephyr has you covered. While they have a wide range of hoods, their downdraft hoods caught my attention.

Their downdraft hood units provide a more discreet way of adequately ventilating your kitchen. They're designed to have a strong pull on contaminated air at a decent noise level.

Their downdraft hoods and other units are incredibly high-tech, easily connecting you to an app. You can use your phone as your remote control to adjust the settings accordingly.

They feature a signature Air Control Technology (ACT), allowing you to set the CFM according to local codes and regulations.

They also have other selections with sleek and stylish finishes that can easily fit your kitchen.

The products of Zephyr may be pricey. However, if you're looking for the best downdraft hood, you can rely on this brand.

Types Of Range Hoods: Many | Retailers: Many | Product Quality: Excellent | Customer Reviews: Great | Average Price: Mid to high-range

8. IKTCH - Best for Range Hood Inserts


If you're looking for built-in range hoods or range hood inserts, IKTCH is the best choice.

Their hood inserts are excellent, based on my experience and the reviews of many users. The constant positive reviews help prove how great their products are.

The best part of their range hoods is the variety of features that come with them. They come with remote control, delayed shut-off, timer, and more.

However, the downside of this brand is the limited information on the company. They also have limited contact methods, making issuing warranties and sending complaints challenging.

The best way to get information about IKTCH and its products is through the information on their listings with the different distributors and retailers.

They still receive plenty of positive reviews because of their products, making them a great choice if you're looking for a range hood.

Types Of Range Hoods: Limited | Retailers: Decent | Product Quality: Excellent | Customer Reviews: Excellent | Average Price: Mid-range

9. Fotile - Best for Luxury Range Hoods


If you're looking for a luxurious and powerful range hood, Fotile offers an excellent selection of range hoods to choose from.

They feature high-powered units with at least 900 CFM, making them an excellent choice for professional-grade cooking.

Despite their small selection, each has a unique design that will look great even if you mount them above your cooking surface.

You can easily purchase a Fotile cooking hood from famous retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowe's.

The biggest downside of this brand may be its price. They tend to make the most expensive units despite their limited selection. However, they do provide the most high-end draft hoods in the market.

If you don't mind spending a lot on a stylish range hood, Fotile is the best choice.

Types Of Range Hoods: Limited | Retailers: Decent | Product Quality: Excellent | Customer Reviews: Excellent | Average Price: High

10. GE Appliances - Best for Basic Range Hoods

GE Appliances

GE is one of the most trusted brands for home appliances, including range hoods. It allows you to get classic range hoods at an affordable rate.

Their range hoods can easily match their catalog's other stainless steel appliances. If your kitchen has many GE appliances, their range hood can easily blend with the rest.

They feature classic and simple designs that can help you make your kitchen better. It improves your cooking experience along with their other products.

You can easily purchase a charcoal filter for the convertible styles at an affordable price. They also have other accessories available that are easily accessible to anyone.

You can rely on GE Appliances for the best products if you're looking for a long-trusted brand for range hoods and other appliances.

Types Of Range Hoods: Limited | Retailers: Many | Product Quality: Great | Customer Reviews: Great | Average Price: Low to mid-range

Comparing The Top Brands Of Range Hoods

Best Range Hood BrandsTypes Of Range HoodsRetailersProduct QualityCustomer ReviewsAverage Price
HauslaneDecentManyExcellentExcellentLow to mid-range
Broan-NuToneExcellentManyGreatExcellentLow to mid-range
ZLineDecentManyExcellentExcellentLow to mid-range
CosmoDecentManyExcellentExcellentMid to high-range
AwocoDecentManyGreatExcellentLow to mid-range
ZephyrManyManyExcellentGreatMid to high-range
GE AppliancesLimitedManyGreatGreatLow to mid-range

Why Do You Need Range Hoods?

Range hoods might seem like they're only there as an accessory for your kitchen. Despite that, once you know how these work, you'll understand just how important they are for any kitchen.

The primary purpose of range hoods is to provide adequate ventilation in the kitchen.

However, this appliance is more than just a specialized fan. It can also come with other features that significantly improve your cooking experience.

These are the main reasons why you need a range hood at home.

Removes Smoke and Grease

As mentioned, range hoods are specialized fans that suck smoke and steam while you cook with heat. Its power can depend on how much power or cubic feet per minute it can accommodate.

Some units would expel this air outside, while others would filter it out before circulating it back into the room.

These different ways of dealing with smoke and steam can vary depending on the different types of range hoods.

Besides smoke, range hoods can also suck in grease and trap them onto mesh, charcoal, or baffle filters.

This appliance helps with the cleanup. You'll have fewer grease splatters to clean up from your countertops and appliances, which can be a hassle.

Some types of range hoods can be more efficient than others, depending on how they were designed and the technology used.

Removes Odors

When you're cooking, the smoke and steam also carry the odors of your food. Since it's airborne, you can expect those cooking odors to spread throughout the house.

While it may smell nice, too much of it can overwhelm anyone, especially those sensitive to smells.

Keeping a range hood running at lower speeds after cooking can remove the odors in your kitchen and the rest of your house.

It also means you don't have to constantly spray your house with air freshener to have it smell decent.

Illuminates Your Cooktop

Range hoods usually come with lights that can be controlled based on your range hood's design and technology.

As a result, your range hood illuminates your cooking surface, which can help you get a better look at your food while cooking.

The manufacturer usually provides details about the lights, from replacements to maintenance. These will help you maintain a bright range hood and cooktop.

Enhances Your Kitchen's Aesthetics

On top of being functional, a range hood can enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Each range hood features a unique design that can easily fit different aesthetics, whether you're into modern, rustic, minimalist, or more.

Different types of range hoods also have a generic way of being styled. It helps them stay functional while improving your kitchen's interior.

However, many brands and manufacturers offer customization to help their range hood fit your kitchen.

These appliances are beautiful and functional when added to your kitchen.

Types of Range Hoods
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Types of Range Hoods

Range hoods can come in different shapes and sizes. While its primary purpose is to provide proper ventilation, how it's designed can affect how they function.

Certain factors, such as kitchen layout, ductwork, and even local permits, can affect the range hood you can get for your home.

These are the five main types of range hoods and how you can identify what's best for you.


If you're still unsure about the best type of range hood for your home after reading through the different types, I recommend getting advice from a professional, especially with the technical arrangements.

Wall-Mounted Range Hood

As the name suggests, wall-mounted range hoods are mounted directly onto the wall above your cooking surface. It's also known as a chimney hood since it has an overall design similar to a chimney.

This type of range hood is the most popular and efficient range hood type because of how effective it is at venting smoke out of the kitchen.

To install a wall-mount range hood, cabinetry and other furniture should not block your wall.

It can have a baffle or mesh filter that will help collect grease and other particles while you cook, helping you clean your kitchen.

Downdraft Range Hoods

A more discreet way of ventilating your kitchen is with a downdraft hood.

They tend to have sleek and stylish finishes, helping them blend in better with your kitchen's interior.

These are excellent for island stovetops with a ceiling close enough for an island hood.

Island Range Hood

If you cook on a kitchen island, you'll need this specific range hood to manage the smoke and steam in your kitchen.

An island range hood hangs from the ceiling directly above your cooktop. Then, it's connected to the nearest ductwork, which is connected to the wall or ceiling.

Island range hoods work best with electric cooktops since they're usually less powerful than others. A gas cooktop might release too much smoke for island range hoods to handle.

Microwave Range Hoods

If you're looking for a range hood that can be more than just a specialized fan, you can try looking into microwave range hoods.

They're 2-in-1 appliances that are installed over your stovetop. Its fans are directly under the microwave to filter the smoke. On top, you can cook and heat food using the microwave.

It saves you a lot of money since you won't have to buy two appliances. You don't have to invest in expensive duct systems and their installment.

Microwave range hoods are extremely popular, especially with condos and small apartments needing space. Much like an under-cabinet type, you can easily use your cabinet space for these types of range hoods.

However, this type of range hood isn't as efficient as the others. While they can help with ventilation, they usually have lower cubic feet per minute than the other types.

Under-Cabinet Range Hood

If existing cabinets are mounted directly above your cooking surface, an under-cabinet range hood is installed. These are installed under said cabinets to suck out any contaminated air.

They can either be ducted to the closest wall or ceiling or ductless. Some models offer convertible options.

They're smaller and lighter than the other types, making them great for everyday cooking in small apartments and homes. An under-cabinet model helps you use existing cabinet space while expelling smoke and grease.

They're excellent space-savers, thanks to their design. However, it also means it can limit how much air it can take in. It might have trouble with grilling and heavy frying.

I advise having your doors and windows open to help this type of range hood do its job.

How I Selected the Best Range Hood Brands
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How I Selected the Best Range Hood Brands

Shopping for the best range hood can be difficult if you're unsure about the available brands.

While many brands provide a variety of range hoods in their catalog, there were other factors that I had to consider to determine the best brands.

These include their styles, designs, prices, and availability to the public. These factors can also affect how you shop for your range hood.

Here's how I selected the brands with the best range hoods.

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to learn about brands and their products is through customer reviews, especially those verified by websites. It's like getting a recommendation from a friend or family member.

Checking the review section of their products on websites can help you see what people think about their product from the moment it's delivered to them.

Forums can also help you learn more about these brands. There are open discussions on websites like Reddit about these brands.

It's best to get the opinions of those who use these brands and their products daily to understand how they work.

Experiences vary, so don't let one negative thing immediately influence your whole view. Be critical and compare different opinions to get a better understanding.

Design/Style Options

A brand can affect how an appliance is styled. While there is a standard description of how a range hood is supposed to look and function, the brand always has to add its touch to make the product theirs.

I checked if their designs compromised the functions of the range hood. People mainly purchase these products to handle the smoke in their kitchens.

If the brand's designs get in the way of the appliance performing its job, avoiding them is best.

I also needed to check if the brands provide versatile designs. It's good to see whether they match different aesthetics and layouts.

Their product should enhance the kitchen's interior. It might not be your brand if it looks more like a hindrance in your kitchen.

Customization is also an excellent service for a brand because it shows how they can make their products genuinely fit your kitchen.

Types of Range Hoods

There are different range hoods, depending on how they're mounted and how they handle the smoke and grease from your cooking.

Some brands offer various range hoods, making finding one that will fit your kitchen easier. Depending on the manufacturer, a specific type can even come in various sizes.

Others can specialize in specific types and focus on their technology and design. While limited, they can still provide some of the best units for a particular range hood type.

I pointed out which products can give you the best for specific types. It helps give you a starting point if you already have a specific type in mind.

I also looked into the other types a brand can have despite specializing in one, which may be an alternative for your kitchen.

Those with many kinds tend to have a specific design in different sizes, making it easier to find one for your kitchen.

It's essential to consider the type of range hoods that can fit your home. They're a great starting point for choosing a range hood and can even give you an idea of how much it can cost.


Brands partner with retailers to help sell their products to more people. It helps them be more accessible.

How retailers' policies, accessories, and warranties vary is a significant factor. These brands have to work with the terms of retailers to sell with them.

You can also find accessories, like mesh filters and chimney hood extensions, with a few specific retailers, depending on their partnership with the brand.

While looking for the best brands, I ensured they partnered with the best retailers to provide the best deals.


A product's warranty ensures you get only the best craftsmanship from these brands.

As mentioned, retailers may have different arrangements when it comes to the warranty of the products. Ensure you're still getting the best deal even if you're purchasing your unit from a retailer.

Double-checking the different information on warranties between websites is vital to see if they align with the manufacturer.

The length of the warranty should also be enough time for you to properly test out the product and ensure it's compatible with your needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Range Hood Brands
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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Range Hood Brands

Brands can significantly affect your decision to buy a range hood. You'll need to consider more than how good their hoods are at sucking smoke or trapping grease.

Their technology and service will also heavily affect your experience with the appliance.

These are additional factors to consider when looking for the best brands for range hoods.

Selection of Range Hoods Available

Brands can have various types and styles of range hoods available in their catalog. They can specialize in specific types, improving the technology and performance of a unit.

Some brands only manufacture specific types of range hoods. They can also focus on specific types, depending on the public's demand, making it difficult to find specific types of range hoods.

You might have to look into specific brands if you're looking for a specific type, like a downdraft hood or other built-in range hoods.

It would be best if you also looked into the types of filters and accessories needed for each range hood unit. Some dishwasher-safe charcoal, baffle, or mesh filters are needed to keep your range hood clean.

Customer Service/Customer Care

When purchasing any appliance, it's possible to encounter problems needing professional attention.

It's best to purchase from a brand with responsive customer service to help you with technical issues.

Additional information on customer care also tends to be found on the website. It's best to be aware of these documents and forums so you can efficiently operate the unit.

Retail Availability

It's easy to find products through retailers. Some may have the specific unit you're looking for, while others won't.

If more than one retailer doesn't have that product, the brand may have discontinued it. If this happens, it's best to look for alternatives.

You'll also have to check to see their different accessories. You may need these to upgrade or enhance your range hood's performance, especially if you're looking into convertible models.

It's also important to compare their prices and other inclusions to get the best deal with your retailer.

Costs/Price Range of Range Hoods

As seen from the list, I made sure to note the specific price points these brands have to offer.

Price doesn't automatically equate to excellent products. Many affordable units can be better than those from luxury brands.

Most brands I've found have a low to mid-range price point, easily accessible to most people.

If you're looking into the more high-end models, ensure that it's still within your budget and only acquire features needed for your kitchen.

It's best to look into brands that will provide range hoods that are within the price points of many people.

Range Hood Brands FAQs

  • You might have more questions about the best range hoods and their brands.

    I’ve gathered the most common questions to help you with your research.

  • What Brands Manufacture and Sell Range Hoods?

    When it comes to range hoods, the most popular brands are Broan-NuTone, Cosmos, Hauslane, and ProLine. They tend to have unique features that help them stand out.

    Other leading brands, like Samsung and GE Appliances, also release their own range hoods, especially those accommodating those who need the basic requirements of the appliance.

    More brands manufacture and sell range hoods. They usually also work with other appliances, like microwaves and gas ranges. They can even manufacture and sell accessories, like under-cabinet lighting and replacement filters.

    For more information, you can check these types of products out from different distributors, retailers, and popular appliance brands.

  • How Do I Prevent a Grease Fire?

    It’s essential to clean your range hood regularly. Wash its filters and wipe them down with a soft cloth so that they can be cleaned to maintain the appliance properly.

    One of the primary purposes of a range hood is to trap grease when you’re cooking. If it’s not adequately cleaned and maintained, the grease from your filters can drop onto your cooktop.

    Other parts of the range hood can accumulate grease if not cleaned. It can also end up dripping onto the cooktop while they’re trapping grease, causing a grease fire.

    Keeping your range hood clean is the best way to prevent a grease fire from happening.

  • Do I Need a Range Hood for My Outdoor Kitchen?

    It’s common to assume that an outdoor kitchen doesn’t need a range hood because you’re already outdoors. However, it depends on the layout of your outdoor kitchen.

    If your outdoor kitchen is enclosed by walls, it can still accumulate smoke and fumes, especially when grilling meat.

    This hood type would have more flexibility than indoor kitchen hoods, making them great for parties and outdoor cookouts.

    Their main difference is found in their heights. Outdoor hoods must be 42 inches above your cooking surface, while a standard indoor hood is only 36 inches.

    Some brands, like ProLine and Broan-NuTone, offer a wide selection of outdoor range hoods you can look into for your outdoor kitchen.

  • How Is A Ducted Range Hood Different From Ductless Range Hood?

    A ducted hood sucks the contaminated air into its exhaust fans and expels it outside your home through the vents. They require a duct system for them to work.

    These are known to be the most efficient type since they can remove ALL odors and heavy grease from the kitchen. However, installation and the unit itself can be pricey.

    On the other hand, a ductless hood would filter the contaminated air and circulate it back into the kitchen. It uses different types of filters to improve the air quality in your kitchen.

    They’re not as efficient as a ducted system. However, they’re more affordable and are usually more advisable for apartments and condos.

    Opt for a convertible range hood if you want a more versatile option. This type will allow you to switch between the two types of range hoods. However, these would also need to be ducted.

    It’s best to ask a professional for advice on which type of range hoods can be installed in your kitchen.

  • My Top Picks (Best Brands for Range Hoods)
    © Homesthetics - Monica Hewitt

    My Top Picks (Best Brands for Range Hoods)

    You might want to start looking through those brands for your range hood. While there are many to choose from, these three stood out to me for their selection of hoods and monetary factors.

    Here's a recap of my top picks for the best range hood brands in the market.

    Best Budget Brand - Broan-NuTone

    Broan-NuTone is one of the oldest and most-known brands because of how affordable they are. You can easily find a reliable stainless steel hood from this brand.

    This trailblazing company proves that you don't need to spend a lot to enjoy a luxurious appliance for your kitchen.

    Best Value Brand for Money - ProLine

    When it comes to high-end range hoods, ProLine can easily provide you with the best hood for your kitchen.

    Its technology, designs, and variety make it worth the price. It also helps that they're open to customization as needed.

    Best Brand Overall - Hauslane

    The best brand to get a range hood from is Hauslane because of its variety, functionality, and simple designs that can enhance your cooking experience.

    They provide reliable and durable range hoods that will fit any home. These are all paired with fantastic service to help you upkeep your appliance.


    Now that you know the best brands, you can quickly narrow down the market's best range hoods.

    Take note of how each brand and its products can further help with improving your cooking experience.