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15 Best Portable Pizza Oven In 2023 | Reviews + Guide

Pizza is a food that everyone enjoys. This dish of Italian origin created from scratch can be excellent and pleasurable. In this situation, a standalone pizza oven comes in handy!

Best Portable Pizza Oven

Putting a pizza oven in your backyard hideaway instantly elevates gatherings and weeknight meals.

Several more items can be prepared in an outdoor pizza oven, including roasted vegetables and bread, fish and meat, and everything in between.

It might be time to buy a pizza oven rather than pay delivery fees if you order pizza more frequently than a few times monthly.

Check out the concise descriptions of the best outdoor pizza ovens below, then scroll down for purchasing tips and in-depth analyses of these models. Let's begin!

What Are the 15 Best Portable Pizza Ovens You Can Get?

My list of best outdoor pizza ovens covers every design and price range, and they all produce the crispiest crusts. You might mistakenly believe you have relocated to Italy!

1. Best Overall: Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven – 28mbar Propane Outdoor Pizza...
  • 60 SECOND PIZZA – Reaching temperatures of up to a massive...
  • ULTRA EFFICIENT – The powder coated carbon steel shell...

The Ooni Koda 16 is undoubtedly one of the top choices for a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven.

It is the company's largest model of propane-powered pizza oven and has a generous 16-inch cooking surface, larger than the brand's regular 12-inch offering.

This calls for larger pizzas and meals suitable for families. With this design, you can effortlessly rotate your pies because pizzas can be baked in the back corner.

Even deluxe frozen 'za or vegan pizza gets crispy about 60 seconds after being started. It is an expensive but well-worth-it kitchen appliance.

Like all Ooni outdoor pizza ovens, the Koda 16 reaches 950°F (500°C), the searing heat required to produce the perfect stone-baked pizza.

Color: Silver | Item Dimensions: ‎25 x 23.2 x 14.7 inches | Item Weight: 40.12 lbs

2. Best Value: Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven | Incl. Outdoor Pizza Maker, Wood...
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The pizza cooker is extremely quick and...

The Pi Pizza Oven impressed me with its elegant design and even cooking when I tested it out firsthand.

The manufacturer of this pizza oven, Solo Stove, is best renowned for its smokeless fire pits. The device has the brand's distinctive stainless steel exterior.

In my experience, both options perform incredibly well and reach temperatures of over 700°F for quick cooking and crisp crusts.

The extra-large panoramic opening of the Pi Pizza Oven, which made it much simpler to launch and spin the crispy pizzas, is what I liked best about it.

Pizzas cooked in the oven for minutes, and the convection-style design produced remarkably consistent results.

Color: Silver | Item Dimensions: ‎19 x 19 x 15.12 inches | Item Weight: 30.5 lbs

3. Best Budget: Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven, Black
  • Rotating tray turns continuously to assure even baking.
  • Top and bottom heating elements bake foods from both sides....

If you like your pizza baked indoors but don't want to heat your house and oven, the Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Pizza Oven accomplishes the trick—and it's interesting to watch.

This model's affordability and portability are its main selling factors. To bake the pizza evenly without burning, the pizza tray rotates continually.

The frozen pizza took a bit to heat up, and the crust's browning was inconsistent, but the cheese melted smoothly, and the pepperoni cooked up nicely and crispy.

I appreciate that a timer automatically turns off the heat, allowing you to go away without worrying about a burned pizza.

An audio signal lets you know when your pizza is finished. The nonstick coating on the removable pizza tray makes cleaning it simple.

Color: Black | Item Dimensions: ‎15.3 x 14.3 x 10.3 inches | Item Weight: 7.6 lbs

4. Best Propane Outdoor Pizza Oven: ROCCBOX by Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Roccbox Pizza Oven by Gozney | Portable Outdoor Oven | Gas...
  • COOKS PIZZA IN 60 SECONDS AT 950 DEGREES - Roccbox boasts...

For the pizza-cooking experience of your backyard fantasies, use this restaurant-grade Gozney Roccbox pizza oven with a dual-fire system that honors propane and wood inputs.

This wood-fired pizza oven produces the perfect, wonderfully crispy-thin crust with puffy, charred edges at high temperatures of over 950 degrees.

When registered after purchase, this bad boy has a five-year extended guarantee and can cook a small pizza in just 60 seconds.

Roccbox is a better option for entertainment and parties because of its safe-touch silicone coating, which makes it safer to touch than conventional pizza ovens.

Also, it includes several kitchen tools that make it simpler than ever to produce restaurant-quality pizzas.

Color: Green | Item Dimensions: ‎20.91 x 16.26 x 18.62 inches | Item Weight: 50.4 lbs

5. Best for Wood-Fired Pizza: Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven – Portable Wood...
  • GREAT PIZZA – A motto that Ooni Pizza Ovens live by – We...
  • DONE IN 60 SECONDS – Fire up the Ooni Karu 12 with wood or...

The Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven can deliver since it can run on gas, wood, or charcoal, just like many barbecue grills.

If you want to use hickory, mesquite, or maple wood for its various flavors, you can fill it with a bag of charcoal. If you buy the gas burner, you can also use it with gas (sold separately).

Although the Karu 12 Multi-Fuel setup is simple, there are a few more parts to take care of than other pizza ovens due to the multi-fuel functionality.

The body is made of stainless steel with ceramic fiber insulation to keep the oven hot. The integrated Ooni baking stone also maintains heat to produce a consistently excellent crust.

It took significantly longer, even though the manufacturer promised this oven could achieve 950 degrees in 15 minutes.

Color: Silver | Item Dimensions: ‎30.31 x 15.75 x 31.5 inches | Item Weight: 26.46 lbs

6. Best Multipurpose: Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven

Cuisinart CGG-403 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Plus, Griddle, and Grill
  • PIZZA OVEN: Features a 13" cordierite pizza stone that...
  • GRIDDLE: Cast iron griddle plate measure 17" x 13.25"...

The Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Plus is one of the more cost-effective solutions on this list. It offers adaptability, portability, and performance to get the most out of your pizza oven.

This Cuisinart oven contains a 13-inch cordierite pizza stone that can be used to cook pizzas, but it also has 233 square inches of griddle space and 260 square inches of grilling space.

Despite having all of those features, lab testers were most pleased with how simple it is to use this model as a pizza oven and how consistently the finished pies turn out.

It features an excellent oven-style aperture and a top that folds down, and testers said it was simple to turn pizzas, which only need to be done once midway through cooking.

There is a dual-hinged top that you can flip up and down when you want to go on to searing steaks, grilling hamburgers, or frying eggs.

Color: Black and Gray | Item Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 17.5 inches | Item Weight: 45 lbs

7. Best Dual Fuel Oven: Bertello Grande 16" Outdoor Pizza Oven

Bertello Grande 16" Gas & Wood Simultaneously - Outdoor...
  • Wood-Fired Magic - Cook authentic Neapolitan pizza right in...
  • Cook Pizzas Your Way - Our outdoor oven lets you cook pizza...

The 16-inch Bertello Grande outdoor pizza oven is significantly larger than the company's earlier model I examined.

I appreciate this flexibility, enabling me to rapidly preheat the oven and place pizzas inside without first making sure I had wood ready to burn or to host friends.

But, I did need to pay attention to the temperature because it was simple to get the pizza stones to a point where the bottom of the pie baked much more quickly than the top.

The greatest results were obtained by putting the gas burner high while preheating the oven, then turning it down and adding wood before placing the pie inside.

The pizza stone took care of cooking the bottom while producing a lot of flames that spread across the oven's ceiling to cook the top.

Color: Black | Item Dimensions: ‎30 x 22 x 17 inches | Item Weight: 62.9 lbs

8. Best Insulation: Aboron Portable Pizza Oven

ABORON Pizza Oven Outdoor,13" Multi-Fuel Rotatable Pizza...
  • MULTIFUEL SUPPORTING - The Pizza oven comes with dual-fuel...
  • 45 SEC TO MAKE PIZZA - Our outdoor pizza oven after adding...

Aboron is dedicated to assisting everyone in bringing joy into their homes. Because of this, items are very portable and require no assembly.

They are a supplier of professional outdoor series and related goods. They constantly improve the quality, and I welcome your comments.

Their top priority is ensuring you have a fantastic and comfortable outdoor experience. Their products are extremely portable and require no assembly.

They are light and convenient to carry, allowing you to enjoy your journey fully. Dual-fuel burners are available for outdoor pizza ovens.

This wood-fired outdoor pizza oven can achieve 550°F after adding fuel combustion in 25 to 30 minutes, allowing for the excellent cooking of pizza in only around 45 seconds.

Color: Black & Red | Item Dimensions: ‎19.6 x 16.5 x 26.7 inches | Item Weight: 43.2 lbs

9. Best Pizza Oven for Beginners: Aidpiza Rotisserie Pizza Oven

aidpiza Pizza Oven Outdoor 12" Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Pellet...
  • Wood pellet pizza oven can cook 12 inch pizza for multiple...
  • Pizza oven:Using hardwood pellet fuel allows for a...

Shareable 12-inch pizza can be baked in a wood pellet oven, making it ideal for family get-togethers.

By supplying the ideal burn-to-smoke ratio and a balanced, dependable burn, hardwood pellet fuel enhances food flavor in a way that gas grills cannot.

Added features include a built-in thermometer, eliminating the need for a separate infrared thermometer and indicating that pizza can be cooked when the oven reaches 662°F (350°C).

A portable, folding-leg design lets you enjoy your delicious homemade pizza wherever you are. In addition to pizza, you can also create steak, lamb chops, chicken wings, and veggies.

It is simpler to spin the pizza and create a lovely crisp crust with the rotating pizza baking stone, making it more appropriate for beginners.

Color: Black | Item Dimensions: 14.3 x 21.7 x 25.4 inches | Item Weight: 27.1 lbs

10. Best Amazon Outdoor Pizza Oven: BIG HORN OUTDOORS Pizza Oven

BIG HORN OUTDOORS Pizza Ovens Wood Pellet 12” Pizza Oven...
  • 【Premium & Safe Stainless Steel】Outdoor Ovens pellet...
  • 【Great Oven for Neapolitan Style Pizza】Our pellet pizza...

The Big Horn Outdoors pizza oven is the best outdoor pizza oven on Amazon and unquestionably one of the most affordable options due to its reasonable price.

Its fuel of choice, easily accessible and maneuverable wood pellets, allows it to achieve temperatures of up to 860oF more quickly than you can spread the dough.

It does need some tool assembly, though, so it's best suited for those who are a little handy and don't mind working on a 15-minute project before enjoying multiple seasons of tasty pizza.

When the oven reaches the desired temperature, you're ready to bake and may bake excellent pizzas in at least two minutes. Add wood pellets and allow to heat for around 18 minutes.

Good cooking area to make turning the wood-fired pizza very simple. The Bighorn Outdoor Pizza Oven may accommodate any festive pizza night!

Color: Silver | Item Dimensions: ‎21 x 14 x 24 inches | Item Weight: 27.82 lbs

11. Best Fast Cooking Oven: CCCDF Gas Pizza Oven

CCCDF Pizza Oven Outdoor 16" Gas Pizza Ovens,Portable Pizza...
  • 🍕Done in 60 Seconds: Our pizza oven can reach high...
  • 🍕360° Rotating Pizza Making Oven: Comes with rotating...

This pizza oven can swiftly reach temperatures as high as a whopping 940°F, which is far faster than most outdoor pizza ovens.

You no longer need to wait long before enjoying delicious pizzas, giving you more time to enjoy the fun with your family and friends.

This 16-inch outdoor pizza oven will be ready to use in 15 minutes and can cook authentic stone-baked pizza in just one minute.

The built-in gas ignition in this outdoor pizza oven creates fast flames with a flame control dial that can be adjusted for convenient cooking.

This pizza oven can cook real stone-baked pizza in only 60 seconds at temperatures as high as a whopping 940°F.

Color: Black & Silver | Item Dimensions: ‎26 x 21 x 13 inches | Item Weight: 23.5 lbs

12. Best Gourmet Results: MasterPRO Outdoor Pizza Oven

MasterPRO Outdoor Pizza Oven Perfect for 12" Neapolitan...
  • Restaurant Quality Faster than Delivery – The MasterPRO...
  • Everything you Need – You’ll get everything you need to...

In less than 90 seconds, the MasterPRO Pizza Oven produces delicious 12" Neapolitan pizza. You'll receive everything you require to use your new MasterPRO Pizza Oven immediately.

The outdoor pizza oven with the gas hose, the pizza stone, the 12" aluminum pizza screen, the pizza peel, and a handy carry bag are all included in this 5-piece kit.

The MasterPRO Pizza Oven is capable of much more than just producing pizzas quickly. Set the pizza oven to high heat to bake bread, roast veggies, cook fish, and much more!

The MasterPRO Pizza Oven quickly adjusts temperature and reaches 950 degrees Fahrenheit in 15 to 20 minutes. The legs of the MasterPRO Pizza Oven may be folded up for simple storage.

It will be simple to store and move your pizza oven until the next outdoor gathering combined with the offered carry bag.

Color: Black | Item Dimensions: ‎‎16.1 x 12.3 x 25.2 inches | Item Weight: 33 pounds

13. Best for Wood Pellets: Ooni Fyra 12 Portable Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven - Portable Outdoor Pizza...
  • PERFECT PIZZA – Cook epic 12-inch, wood-fired pizza in as...
  • PIZZA IN 60 SECONDS – The Ooni Fyra pizza oven will be...

As you may have deduced from my list of winners, Ooni produces many of the best outdoor pizza ovens.

The Fyra is a great option for the grill master who owns a wood pellet-powered grill or smoker. Its numerous variants share a similar design but utilize varied fuels to cook the pizza.

The Fyra reached the second-highest temperature of all the models I examined after 15 minutes, hitting 850 degrees at the back of the oven.

I have confirmed that pellet fuel is made to burn and heat quickly. This cooking produced a lovely crust with a pleasant smokiness from the wood fuel.

Like the other Ooni models, the Fyra is lightweight and easy to install, albeit it is a little bit heavier than the Koda due to its tall chimney and huge cylindrical pellet hopper.

Color: Black and Silver | Item Dimensions: ‎29.13 x 15.35 x 28.35 inches | Item Weight: 22.05 lbs

14. Best Grill-Top: Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit

Onlyfire Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Kit for Gas Grill,...
  • 【Turn Your Gas Grill into A Professional Pizza Oven】 -...
  • 【Solid Construction】 - Made of food grade stainless...

Perhaps you don't need a separate outdoor pizza oven if you have a gas grill. The Onlyfire Pizza Oven Kit insert can be used with a gas grill.

It offers the ideal space for evenly cooking pizza on the top and bottom, which is impossible by simply tossing a pizza onto the grill grate or a pizza stone.

Although construction could not be simpler—pull it out of the box and set it on the grill—it is advisable to measure your Grill to ensure it will fit because the base is 17 inches square.

One corner of the insert includes a stainless steel thermometer that can be quickly checked for the inside temperature and has a double-walled canopy to keep heat inside.

The company's laboratory and home testers agreed that this insert yields considerably better results than simply grilling a pizza alone.

Color: Silver | Item Dimensions: 16.93 x 16.93 x 7.8 inches | Item Weight: 10 lbs

15. Best Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven: BakerStone Portable Pizza Oven

BakerStone 9152403 Portable Gas Pizza Oven, Black
  • Bake pizzas in under 2 minutes. (Performance may vary...
  • 25, 000 BTU burner system reaches over 800˚ F (426˚ C)....

The BakerStone portable pizza oven is small enough to fit outside and quickly reaches 800 degrees to bake individual pies in just two minutes.

The whole setup, which includes an oven box, a firebox with a regulator, and folding legs for easy travel, weighs about 45 pounds.

It's simple to carry to someone else's garden to quickly prepare breakfast pizzas for the entire group if you want to wow your pals.

Also, it's one of the few outdoor pizza ovens that is sold without any additional accessories or with an upgrade option that does.

You can enjoy the benefits of a wood-fired pizza oven on the go with the Baker Stone portable pizza oven box. The oven is detachable for easy transport.

Color: Black | Item Dimensions: 22.6 x 22.2 x 17.7 inches | Item Weight: 47.6 lbs

Quick Comparison Of The Top Portable Pizza Ovens

Top Portable Pizza OvenColorItem DimensionsItem Weight
Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza OvenSilver25 x 23.2 x 14.7 inches40.12 lb
Solo Stove Pi Pizza OvenSilver19 x 19 x 15.12 inches‎30.5 lb
Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating OvenBlack15.3 x 14.3 x 10.3 inches7.6 lb
ROCCBOX by Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza OvenGreen20.91 x 16.26 x 18.62 inches50.4 lb
Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza OvenSilver30.31 x 15.75 x 31.5 inches26.46 lb
Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza OvenBlack & Gray25 x 20 x 17.5 inches45 lb
Bertello Grande 16" Outdoor Pizza OvenBlack30 x 22 x 17 inches‎62.9 lb
Aboron Portable Pizza OvenBlack & Red‎19.6 x 16.5 x 26.7 inches43.2 lb
Aidpiza Rotisserie Pizza OvenBlack14.3 x 21.7 x 25.4 inches‎27.1 lb
BIG HORN OUTDOORS Pizza OvenSilver21 x 14 x 24 inches27.82 lb
CCCDF Gas Pizza OvenBlack & Silver26 x 21 x 13 inches23.5 lb
MasterPRO Outdoor Pizza OvenBlack16.1 x 12.3 x 25.2 inches33 lb
Ooni Fyra 12 Portable Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza OvenBlack & Silver29.13 x 15.35 x 28.35 inches22.05 lb
Onlyfire Universal Stainless Steel Pizza Oven KitSilver16.93 x 16.93 x 7.8 inches10 lb
BakerStone Portable Pizza OvenBlack22.6 x 22.2 x 17.7 inches47.6 lb

How Did I Find the Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

My sole responsibility as a shopping guru is to assist you in finding a great purchase.

To ensure that I only recommend purchases worthy of your money, I started with the research and reporting basics—what things are made of, how they appear, and how much they cost.

After consulting industry insiders and subject-matter experts on what makes a product a wise value, I researched the features that speak to the product's quality (or are worthy of a splurge).

Finally, I read user reviews to observe how customers engage with the product and determine whether it holds up to scrutiny.

I examined a range of outdoor pizza oven designs and considered design, price, the ability to keep temperature, actual user evaluations, and overall capacity to pick the finest pizza ovens.

Also, because there are so many alternatives, I considered the fuel source for each outdoor pizza oven.

Therefore, I selected 15 of the best pizza ovens based on their usability and overall value. Prepare your pizza cutter and make it a "homemade pizza day" daily!

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What Should You Look For in an Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Opt for dedicated pizza ovens that are practically ready to use and don't need much assembly.

Also, ovens that can heat up to or over 900°F and seek out pizza ovens that are strongly insulated and built with heavy-gauge stainless steel, stone, or brick.

The flavor of a real pizza restaurant is imparted by using a fuel source like wood or charcoal, but it can be unexpected and takes a little more skill.

Gas-fueled pizza ovens will reach 900°F with a typical pound propane tank and run for around 20 hours without effort.

Let's explore some different factors, shall we?

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Size and Location

Before doing anything else, select whether your pizza oven will be indoors or outside.

None of the gas or wood-burning ovens above will work if you don't have a balcony, yard, or other outdoor location to put it.

Yet, indoor pizza ovens can reach the necessary high temperatures and produce excellent crusty pizza, and they are far more practical to use in the rain or snow.

Compared to outdoor ovens, indoor ovens typically hold slightly smaller pizzas and occupy a fair amount of counter space.

You have many more options in terms of fuel and size if you can afford to invest in an outdoor pizza oven.

Most pizza ovens described here require a solid surface of wood, metal, or stone that is big enough for your oven to be laid on without tipping over.

A 16-inch pizza oven isn't much larger than a medium-sized gas grill. Thus, not even the largest versions might fit on a tiny balcony.

See here for the top under-cabinet range hood.

Temperature Range

A hotter temperature range is nearly always preferable when baking pizza.

The traditional method for making authentic Neapolitan pizza calls for cooking it in a wood-fired oven at a minimum temperature of 800 degrees for only 60 to 90 seconds.

It is to produce a fluffy, crispy, barely-burnt crust and wonderfully melted cheese.

It would be best to have a specialized pizza oven since it needs to be much hotter than a standard oven to make outstanding pizza.

Outdoor variants meant to burn wood can reach heat up to 900 degrees, whereas interior electric models can't offer quite the same power.

Yet, my preferred indoor pizza oven reached 750 degrees, a temperature high enough for Neapolitan pizza-style outcomes.

Many ovens include insulated or double-layered ceilings to keep heat within the oven and maintain very high temperatures.

To control the baking of the crust and toppings, some ovens contain twin heating sources on the top and bottom of the oven.

Even with cooking pizzas for a minute or two, you will probably still need to rotate the pizza once or twice as it bakes to get the pizza cooked evenly.

Using a pizza peel to move pizza dough can take a bit of practice to get used to. However, with a bit of patience and persistence, anyone can learn to master the technique.

Find out which makes the pizza oven better: stainless steel vs brick.


Today's market is flooded with small and medium-sized pizza ovens, many of which include a sophisticated stainless steel design with a pizza stone baking surface inside.

While some versions are available in black or gray instead of silver, the majority do not. The heat source in smaller pizza ovens is most typically near the back of the oven.

In open-flame ovens, the flame is frequently allowed to cross the oven roof partially to heat the pizza more effectively.

The vaulted roof of the oven is designed to replicate the heating pattern of conventional brick ovens.

With gas-powered ovens, the ignition knob for the pizza oven is used to turn it on. This ignition knob typically has a dial for adjusting the flame output.

Like their grill siblings, wood- and charcoal-fired ovens need a starter and are lighted with matches.

Electric pizza ovens usually come with an indicator light that lets you know when the preheating process is finished

It also comes with a dial or digital controls that allow you to set the temperature or cooking time.


Smaller pizza oven models come with foldable legs and removable components to cook outside the park, while camping, or at a friend's backyard BBQ.

The components of portable pizza ovens are typically kept together in a carrying bag, and they are made to be easily assembled and disassembled.

Remember that even if the oven you choose might be portable, it might not necessarily be light. While some people only weigh 25 pounds, others top the scales at more than 50 pounds.

Bigger, stationary ovens are too large to move frequently, and some are built to connect to your home's gas line, rendering them virtually fixed.


A pizza oven could be a sizable purchase, particularly if it's a high-end one made to produce professional results.

Inexpensive devices are available for about $100, but you're looking at several hundred dollars for a unit that can achieve the high temperatures required for outstanding pizza.

A good-quality small gas-powered outdoor oven costs between $300 and $500, with wood-burning oven variants costing somewhat more.

Yet, for that much, you may expect to use your oven for many years, much like you would if you were to spend that money on a good grill.

The cost of larger, more aesthetically pleasing ovens with renowned brand names and sophisticated amenities is virtually limitless.

High-end pizza ovens can cost well into the thousands of dollars; in addition to producing delicious pies, one can add decor to your home and dazzle your culinary friends.


While some pizza ovens have up to three years of warranties, most only have one-year guarantees.

Your pizza oven should survive for many years, but if you discover that it requires repair after the warranty has passed, several businesses sell new parts.

Nearby expert kitchen equipment repair firms can probably assist.


This was crucial, and I measured it in three ways:

  • The amount of time it takes for an oven to fully warm before you can cook your first pizza
  • The amount of time it takes to cook a single Neapolitan-style pizza
  • the amount of time it takes before the oven is ready to cook another pizza

Preheat and shorter recuperation times are preferable.

Faster cook times are preferable if you want the authentic crisp-tender Neapolitan-style pizza crust texture, but they are less crucial if you like a drier, extra-crispy crust.


Besides testing the ovens' ability with pizza-making, I also cooked roasted vegetables, broiled fish, seared steaks, and other dishes.

Different Pizza Oven Types

The various kinds of pizza ovens are as follows:

Natural gas and Propane

The simplest-to-operate ovens are often those powered by gas.

With no supervision, gas flames heat the oven more quickly than wood or electricity and are excellent at attaining the high heat needed for pizza-making.

While wood-fired pizza ovens offer a distinctive smoky flavor that is difficult to replicate with other types of ovens, they can be more difficult to clean up.

It is because of the wood ash and debris that they generate during use.

Common screw-on connectors and propane cylinders used by gas grills and gas pizza ovens are used in most cases.

Additional types can be connected to a residential natural gas line, eliminating the need for propane cylinder replacements but necessitating professional gas connection installation.

Charcoal and Wood

The wood-fired oven used to make authentic Neapolitan pizza gives the crust an identifiable char and a hint of smoky taste.

The best results can be achieved when making pizza using wood, but managing the fire to achieve and maintain appropriate heat demands constant attention.

A wood-burning pizza oven also has the benefit of allowing you to experiment with various fuels.

Pizza or other foods will have subtly different flavors thanks to using woods like mesquite, hickory, and maple.

On the other hand, compared to gas, it takes longer to create a fire and heat the oven, and you'll need to wipe away the ash and any leftover wood after each pizza-making session.

Also, you'll need to maintain some wood on hand to utilize the device.

Compared to a wood fire, a charcoal fire is simpler to start and keep going, but it won't emit as much smoke as a wood fire.

All of these ovens, whether you select wood or charcoal, are only intended for use outside.


Some outdoor ovens have replaceable parts that let you choose between using gas or wood as fuel.

This is a useful function, but it has a price because a hybrid oven normally costs more than one that uses one kind of fuel.

Using a hybrid oven requires selecting one fuel source or another for each pizza night; you cannot use gas and wood simultaneously.


Indoor countertop pizza ovens employ electric heating components like regular electric ovens or toaster ovens.

To successfully attain high heat and cook cheese and crust, most models include separate heating components at the top and bottom of the oven.

Some ovens have separate controllers for the top and bottom heat sources to cook the pizza evenly on both sides.

Only electric pizza ovens can be used indoors, although they normally can't reach temperatures as high as live-fire outside ovens.

Grill Insert

If you already have one, an outdoor pizza oven that fits inside a gas grill can be purchased.

Versions of the grill insert feature a thick pizza stone base and a double-walled canopy that concentrate and maintain the grill's heat during cooking.

They are less expensive than self-contained pizza ovens, but since a grill is required, they are only practical for people with one.

Nevertheless, the effectiveness of a grill-insert pizza oven depends on the size of the grill you use it with. A larger grill will produce better results.

Portable Pizza Oven FAQs

  • The following are the most frequent queries regarding portable pizza ovens:

  • Is It Ok to Leave Your Pizza Oven Outside?

    Depending on the kind of oven you buy, you could permanently leave a pizza oven outside.

    Placing a solid brick oven or stone-encased model outside during the entire year should be acceptable if you’re ready to clean it before use.

    You should use a cover and shield it from the weather for other types, such as rolling-cart variants and portable outdoor pizza ovens.

    The same care should be used with these more delicate designs with your preferred Grill or BBQ setup.

  • How Does a Pizza Oven Work?

    Pizza ovens in homes and restaurants are constructed differently than typical ovens. They often have a domed roof and a stone base and are compact.

    The tight domed canopy transmits heat over and around the top of the pizza to encourage equal cooking, while the stone base holds heat to make cooking the bottom of the pizza easier.

    A pizza oven’s design aims to maximize heating and heat retention, allowing it to cook at significantly higher temperatures than other ovens.

    Many pizza ovens have an open slot with a small but wide opening that doesn’t lose a lot of heat, unlike some that may have a front door that can be closed to help preserve heat.

    Due to the high oven temperature, cooking several pizzas quickly, one after the other, is possible without much heat loss.

    Pizza ovens can be fired using different fuel types, such as gas, wood, charcoal, or electricity.

    Most non-electric home pizza ovens are designed to be used outside since they produce a lot of smoke, and it is generally safer to utilize hot equipment outside.

  • How Do You Maintain a Pizza Oven?

    First rule: Never clean an oven before it has cooled.

    The benefit of an oven that can reach temperatures of 700 degrees or more is that spills, and spatters will probably be fully burned while your pizza cooks.

    But it would be best if you didn’t put your hands inside the oven while it is still 700 degrees.

    Ash is the only substance you’ll need to remove from a pizza oven’s inside, and it’s simple to do so using a brush, sponge, or moist cloth.

    If the pizza stone is removable, it can be cleaned by wiping it down.

  • Summary

    Here's a quick summary of my three favorites, plus a full breakdown below.

    Best Budget: Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

    The Presto Pizzazz Plus can be your best budget pizza oven if you enjoy pizza but cook in a basic kitchen with a hot plate and a few other appliances.

    This inexpensive equipment is more suited to convenience cooking than the typical pizza "oven" form.

    Even the instructions mention making a pizza from a box or wrapper before discussing the option to bake a fresh pizza, which is a comparison to the others in my best pizza oven review.

    The Pizzazz can still bake one fresh pizza at a time with no problem. Just know the quality won't be on par with more expensive ovens.

    Best Value: Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

    Overall, using the Solo Stove Pi is a delight.

    Utilizing the oven as a wood-burning stove is wonderful for anyone who wants to go deeper into artisan pizza. The propane burner is useful when heating the oven for one or two pizzas a weeknight.

    Although the Solo Stove Pi costs a bit more than other Ooni choices, I was impressed by how simple it was to operate for novices and experts.

    I don't know how long the ovens will endure because they only came out in 2022. I have no reason to think they won't since they are built of the same high-quality materials as the fire pits.

    Best Overall: Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven

    The portable outdoor pizza oven is something I do endorse. The best outdoor pizza oven for your outside space is the Ooni Koda 16.

    Once you've had one, you'll probably eat far more pizza than you should. It's just a given.

    This is a portable pizza oven I can easily carry anywhere—camping, at my parent's house, or at a friend's place.

    Its portability and ability to produce great pizzas once you master the method are undeniable facts.


    One of the most engaging ways to have dinner with loved ones and friends is to make pizza at home.

    Your garden will truly advance with an outdoor pizza oven kitchen. The opportunities (and advantages!) are limitless.

    You'll have a station with everything you need to produce anything you want, including a station that makes making pizzas exceedingly simple.

    Of course, you have much more appliance variety with an outdoor grill island and a pizza oven. You can add grills, electric burners, sinks, refrigerators; you name it!

    I wanted to provide various options that suit your needs and budget. I thus hope you find this guide beneficial. Be sure to get an oven that will meet your expectations.

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