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9 Greatest Electric Kettles: Making Tea Time Better in 2023

Are you looking for the best electric tea kettle today? From budget to high-end, I have plenty of great options for you!

Best Electric Kettles

If you're going for the affordable choice, I think many will enjoy Hamilton. Want something more luxurious? The Smart Kettle Luxe (Breville) won't let you down.

But that's not all! Keep reading for a detailed review of the best electric kettles you can buy on the market. 

Here are the best electric tea kettles available today. We'll examine their strengths, features, and what they can do for you.

1. Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle - Best Overall

Cuisinart 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle...
  • 1500 watts for fast heat-up and 1.7-liter capacity
  • 6 preset heat settings (160°F for delicate teas, 175°F for...

From my extensive testing, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle was the best kettle overall.

Its temperature control system offers six different temperature settings for optimal heating (with a french press setting for those who love coffee as well).

It has a powerful 1500-watt heating element, a keep-warm function that maintains the selected temperature for up to 30 minutes, and an easy-to-read water level indicator.

I particularly enjoyed its memory function as it allowed me to lift it off the base and return it without having to readjust the temperature setting.

Durably built and providing a washable scale filter, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle is a reliable and high-quality choice for any home.

Capacity: 1.7 liters | Dimensions: 8.2 x 9.7 x 12 inches | Weight: 3.6 pounds | Material: Stainless steel | Power: 1500 watts | Temperature Range: 160°F to 212°F | Keep Warm: 30 minutes | Auto Shut-off: Yes | Boil Dry: Yes | Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

2. OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Kettle - Best Value for Money

OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Kettle, Electric, Clear
  • Boils up to 1.75 L of water and keeps it at that temperature...
  • Backlit screen and one-dial interface allow you to choose an...

The OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Kettle is a top choice for those seeking a balance between performance and price.

With a durable stainless steel construction and convenient features like its one-touch open lid and comfortable handle, I found my brewing experience easy and hassle-free.

It also offers precise temperature control, allowing you to set the exact temperature for your brewing needs. It even comes with a stainless steel filter!

At a reasonable price point, the OXO kettle offers excellent value for money and is a reliable option for anyone looking to upgrade their brewing experience.

Capacity: 1.75 liters | Dimensions: 9.75 x 7.5 x 11.75 inches | Weight: 3.2 pounds | Material: Brushed stainless steel | Power: 1500 watts | Temperature Range: 170°F to 212°F (in 1°F increments) | Keep Warm: 30 minutes | Auto Shut-off: Yes | Boil Dry: Yes | Warranty: 2 years

3. Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle - Best Budget Option

Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler &...
  • Fast Boil with 1500 Watts. This electric kettle boils up to...
  • Durable Glass Carafe with BPA-free Interior. The 1 liter...

I highly suggest the Hamilton Beach Electric Glass Kettle for those who want a reliable kettle without breaking the bank!

This budget electric kettle has a 1.7-liter capacity and can boil water quickly and efficiently.

The glass design allows you to see the water as it boils, and I love the built-in mesh filter that helps to keep impurities out of your water.

This Hamilton Beach electric kettle doesn't offer variable temperature control, but it has safety features to keep it from overheating. You can't beat it at this price point.

Capacity: 1.7 liters | Dimensions: 9.88 x 8.63 x 6.25 inches | Weight: 2.8 pounds | Material: Glass and stainless steel | Power: 1500 watts | Temperature Range: Not specified | Keep Warm: No | Auto Shut-off: Yes | Boil Dry: Yes | Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

4. Breville Smart Kettle Luxe - Worth the Splurge

Breville Smart Kettle Luxe BKE845DBL Damson Blue
  • Item Package Dimension: 11.74L x 10.49W x 8.99H inches
  • Item Package Weight - 5.20 Pounds

Breville, the Smart Kettle Luxe manufacturer, promises that the Luxe is an excellent investment for those who appreciate the art of brewing.

With the Smart Kettle Luxe, Breville offers advanced temperature control technology that allows you to select the perfect temperature for your beverage.

Whether you're a fan of delicate green and white tea or bold oolong tea, you'll enjoy its sleek design and soft open lid, making it stylish, sturdy, and easy to clean.

For its advanced electric kettle features and durability, I highly recommend Breville, The Smart Kettle Luxe, particularly for those looking for a high-end option.

Capacity: 1.7 liters | Dimensions: 7 x 9.5 x 9.9 inches | Weight: 3.3 pounds | Material: Brushed stainless steel | Power: 1500 watts | Temperature Range: 175°F to 212°F (in 1°F increments) | Keep Warm: 20 minutes | Auto Shut-off: Yes | Boil Dry: Yes | Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

5. Willow & Everett Electric Gooseneck Kettle - Best Among Affordable Gooseneck Kettles

Electric Gooseneck Kettle - 1L, 120 Volt, Stainless Steel...
  • PRECISE ✔️ The long, gooseneck spout on our electric tea...
  • EASY ✔️ A flip of the switch on this 1000W electric...

The Willow & Everett Electric Gooseneck Kettle is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable gooseneck kettle with temperature control.

I found that its gooseneck construction allows for the most precise pouring out of all the competitors in the affordable variable temperature kettles with a gooseneck sub-range.

The kettle is made of high-quality stainless steel, so I'm confident of its longevity. Plus, its cordless design makes it easy to move around and store.

Capacity: 1 liter | Dimensions: 11.81 x 7.87 x 6.69 inches | Weight: 2.6 pounds | Material: Stainless steel | Power: 1000 watts | Temperature Range: 160°F to 212°F | Keep Warm: Yes | Auto Shut-off: Yes | Boil Dry: Yes | Warranty: 2 years

6. Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle - Best Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle - Pour-Over...
  • STAGG EKG ELECTRIC KETTLE: Simple aesthetic meets powerful...
  • PRECISION POUR: Stagg EKG's sleek pointed spout is designed...

The Fellow Stagg EKG Electric is my best pick among gooseneck kettles for tea enthusiasts. It features a "tea mode," which maintains the temperature for up to an hour.

It is a precise variable temperature kettle with a sleek and stylish design that makes it a helpful appliance as well as a statement piece on any countertop.

With its gooseneck spout, my tea bag or grounds for pour-over coffee are never oversaturated.

Compared to the Willow and Everett, the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric tea kettle provides even more control and features for a truly personalized brewing experience.

Capacity: 0.9 liters | Dimensions: 11.5 x 6.75 x 8 inches | Weight: 2.75 lbs | Material: Food-grade stainless steel | Power: 1200 watts | Temperature Range: 135°F to 212°F | Keep Warm: 60 minutes | Auto Shut-off: Yes | Boil Dry: Yes | Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

7. Cosori Double-Wall Stainless Steel Electric Kettle - Best Rapid Boil Function

COSORI Electric Kettle, Tea Kettle Pot, Stainless Steel...
  • UPGRADED DOUBLE-WALL DESIGN: Say goodbye to the traditional...
  • ENJOY CLEAN WATER: The seamless inner shell has no crevices...

The Cosori Double-Wall Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is a top-of-the-line electric kettle with rapid boiling and temperature control.

It also features six temperature settings, allowing you to choose the perfect temperature for your drink.

I especially like how it is easy to use and handle, as the double walls of this Cosori kettle keep the outside cool and safe to touch, making it an excellent complement to its rapid boil function.

Capacity: 1.7 liters | Dimensions: 9.17 x 6.61 x 9.84 inches | Weight: 2.98 pounds | Material: Stainless steel | Power: 1500 watts | Temperature Range: 105°F to 212°F | Keep Warm: Up to 1 hour | Auto Shut-off: Yes | Boil Dry: Yes | Warranty: 2 years

8. Smeg Electric Kettle - Best for Aesthetics

SMEG 7 CUP Kettle (Cream)
  • 360˚ Swivel Base: This kettle boasts a convenient 360˚...
  • Smart Auto-Shutoff: Equipped with auto-shutoff technology,...

For anyone who values aesthetics in their kitchen, I present the Smeg Electric Kettle, a stylish and functional appliance that is as beautiful as it is functional.

With a sleek, '50s retro style and a variety of vibrant colors to choose from, I'm sure this kettle can complement any decor!

The kettle features a large capacity of 1.7 liters, a 360-degree swivel base, and a soft-opening lid that makes it easy to fill and pour.

It also has a removable, washable limescale filter and a built-in cord wrap for easy storage.

Capacity: 1.7 liters | Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.7 x 9.8 inches | Weight: 3.2 pounds | Material: Stainless steel with powder-coated exterior | Power: 1500 watts | Temperature Range: Not specific | Keep Warm: No | Auto Shut-off: Yes | Boil Dry: Yes | Warranty: 1 year

9. KitchenAid Electric Kettle - Best Traditional Look Electric Kettle

The KitchenAid Electric Kettle is the perfect blend of traditional and modern styles. It gives the best of both worlds, providing a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen.

I love how it offers the classic stovetop kettle look AND the modern convenience of an electric kettle.

As one of the most trusted kitchen appliance brands, this Kitchenaid outing offers great features. These include a removable lid for easy filling and a removable base for easy pouring.

It is durable, compact, and comes in different color options for those who want a modern or vintage feel.

Capacity: 1.25 liters | Dimensions: 7.1 x 7.3 x 10.4 inches | Weight: 2.3 pounds | Material: Stainless steel body with aluminum handle | Power: 1500 watts | Temperature Range: 212°F/100°C | Keep Warm: No | Auto Shut-off: Yes | Boil Dry: Yes | Warranty: 1 year

 Electric Kettles Comparison

Best Electric KettlesCapacityDimensionsWeightMaterialPowerTemperature RangeKeep WarmAuto Shut-offBoil DryWarranty
Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle1.7 liters8.2 x 9.7 x 12 inches3.6 poundsStainless steel1500 watts160℉ to 212℉30 minutesYesYes3-years limited warranty
OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Kettle1.75 liters9.75 x 7.5 x 11.75 inches3.2 poundsBrushed stainless steel1500 watts170℉ to 212℉ (in 1℉ increments)30 minutesYesYes2 years
Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle1.7 liters9.88 x 8.63 x 6.25 inches2.8 poundsGlass and stainless steel1500 wattsN/SNoYesYes1-year limited warranty
Breville Smart Kettle Luxe1.7 liters7 x 9.5 x 9.9 inches3.3 poundsBrushed stainless steel1500 watts175℉ to 212℉ (in 1℉ increments)20 minutesYesYes1-year limited warranty
Willow & Everett Electric Gooseneck Kettle1 liter11.81 x 7.87 x 6.69 inches2.6 poundsStainless steel1000 watts160℉ to 212℉YesYesYes2 years
Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle0.9 liters11.5 x 6.75 x 8 inches2.75 poundsFood-grade stainless steel1200 watts135℉ to 212℉60 minutesYesYes1-year limited warranty
Cosori Double-Wall Stainless Steel Electric Kettle1.7 liters9.17 x 6.61 x 9.84 inches2.98 poundsStainless steel1500 watts105℉ to 212℉Up to 1 hourYesYes2 years
Smeg Electric Kettle1.7 liters8.9 x 6.7 x 9.8 inches3.2 poundsStainless steel with powder-coated exterior1500 wattsN/SNoYesYes1 year
KitchenAid Electric Kettle1.25 liters7.1 x 7.3 x 10.4 inches2.3 poundsStainless steel body with aluminum handle1500 watts212℉NoYesYes1 year

Why Should You Buy an Electric Kettle?

Most electric kettles provide better usability and convenience than their traditional counterparts!

Use It for Anything that Needs Hot Water

An electric kettle is a versatile and intuitive small appliance. It is a convenient addition to any kitchen as it allows you to quickly heat water for various purposes with just a button.

Plus, it is not just for black tea, white tea, green tea, etc.! Hot cocoa and coffee preparation, especially for pour-over coffee and french press coffee.

Apart from hot drinks, this water-heating machine can also be used for cooking. It boils water efficiently, so I like to use it for soups, oatmeal, instant ramen, etc.

At the press of a switch, you can have hot or boiling water. Bring it to your preferred temperature and maintain it with the "keep warm" setting many kettles provide.

For Safely Boiling Water

Using an electric kettle is a safer way to boil water as it does not need your constant attention so you can focus on other tasks in the kitchen.

Unlike boiling water on a stove, electric kettles have an automatic shut-off feature that turns the heating process off once the preset temperatures are reached.

This helps prevent the boiled water from rolling out of the pot or overheating, making it safer and cleaner to use.

Additionally, this home appliance has a clear indicator showing when the water has reached the desired temperature, so you don't have to monitor it closely.

Boil a Big Pot of Water with Speed

Owning a large electric kettle makes it easy to boil a big pot of water quickly.

Unlike a stovetop water kettle that can take several minutes to boil, electric kettles have powerful heating elements that bring the water to its boiling point much faster.

This can save you a lot of time and energy. From my experience, it's proven ideal for preparing a large batch of hot water to boil enough amounts for multiple servings at once.

My Experience With the Best Electric Kettles

I manually tested several electric kettles on factors such as speed, temperature accuracy, ease of use, durability, and noise level.

For speed, I filled each kettle with the same amount of water and timed how long it took to boil.

To test the accuracy, I compared the actual temperature of the water with a thermometer to the temperature displayed on the kettle.

I also evaluated how easy each kettle was to fill, pour, and clean. For durability, I examined the build quality and materials used. I assessed the noise level of each kettle during boiling.

What You Should Look for in the Best Electric Kettles

There are many electric kettles on the market today. Here's my checklist to help you choose the best one for your needs:


When picking an electric kettle, you should consider the material it's made of because it can affect its durability, temperature control, resistance to corrosion, and aesthetic appeal.

Stainless steel, glass, and plastic are some commonly used materials in electric kettles.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for its durability and resistance to corrosion. A basic kettle made of stainless steel is a good option for its simplicity and easy cleaning.

The glass electric kettle option is gaining traction because of its visual appeal and its non-reactivity, which makes it so it won't affect the taste of your beverages.

Finally, plastic electric kettles are lightweight, inexpensive, and come in various colors and designs. But they may not be as durable as stainless steel or glass kettles and can absorb odors.

Some plastics may also contain chemicals like BPA, which can be harmful to your health.


Are you looking to swap out your plastic electric kettle for something safer? Check out my choice for the best plastic-free kettle.

Spout Design

Choosing an electric kettle based on spout design will depend on your regular use.

For example, if you usually have pour-over coffee or tea, the standard spout may not cut it. A gooseneck spout offers reasonable control over water flow, making it ideal for precise pouring.

Or, if you want to avoid burns and splatters, a gooseneck kettle is also a good option.

However, other spout designs, such as a wider, more traditional spout, may be more suitable for general boiling tasks (like heating instant noodles and soups).

Size and Capacity

When selecting an electric kettle, consider your needs so that you can match it to the correct size and capacity.

A small electric kettle with a capacity of around 1 liter may suffice for personal use. A basic kettle of that size should also be more affordable.

A sizeable electric kettle may be better for a big family or commercial use.

Though it will save you time if you need a big batch at once, remember that a larger electric kettle with a higher capacity may take longer to heat to the optimal temperature.

Temperature Control and Accuracy

Temperature control is essential when considering an electric kettle, especially for those who like to brew coffee or tea at a specific temperature.

If precise temperature control is important to you, an electric kettle with variable temperature controls will be your best friend.

Look for an electric kettle with adjustable temperature settings that can heat water to your preferred temperature, ranging from a rolling boil to around 200°F for coffee or 160°F for tea.

Additionally, some electric kettles have a "hold" or "keep warm" function. This maintains the water temperature after boiling, so you can brew multiple cups without reheating.

Safety Features

As with any device using electric power, there are safety hazards.

Look for a kettle with a water temperature control system that allows you to set your preferred temperature and prevents overheating.

Automatic shut-off is another feature to look for. With this, the kettle automatically shuts off once the water reaches the boiling point.

Boil dry protection ensures that the kettle automatically shuts off when the water level is too low or when the kettle is empty, preventing its heating element from burning out.

Care and Maintenance

Ease of care and maintenance will make it uncomplicated for you to extend its life and efficiency!

If you're part of the vast majority that has hard water, it can leave mineral deposits or limescale on the kettle's interior.

Look for a kettle with a removable water filter that catches these deposits and makes cleaning easier.

Regularly descaling the kettle with a descaling agent can help maintain its performance and extend its lifespan.

Click this link to learn step-by-step how to clean your electric kettle.

How Much Does an Electric Kettle Cost?

The cost of an electric kettle can vary depending on the brand, material, features, and capacity.

A basic electric kettle can cost anywhere from $15 to $30. However, more high-end models with additional features can cost $50 or more.

Electric kettles made from premium materials like glass or stainless steel tend to be more expensive.

Which is Better? Stainless Steel, Plastic, or Glass Kettle?

Each type of kettle material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Stainless steel kettles are durable, long-lasting, and can maintain temperature for longer. They are also less likely to absorb odors and flavors.

Plastic kettles are lightweight and easy to handle. However, they can easily develop cracks or scratches and release harmful chemicals when exposed to high temperatures.

Glass kettles can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. However, they can be more fragile. Additionally, glass can also be a poor insulator, so water may cool down more quickly.

FAQs Related To Electric Kettles

  • In this section, I’ll chime in on some hot, kettle-related topics:

  • What Brand is the Best Electric Kettle?

    Despite Cuisinart being on top of my list, the best electric kettle brand ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

    However, people generally like brands with kettles that offer helpful features.

    Features like the variable temperature settings that allow you to set the temperature for any drink (e.g., black tea, green tea, pour-over coffee, etc.) and safety ones are very popular.

  • Which Kettle is Best for Home Use?

    Once again, the answer depends on your needs, preferences, and budget.

    Still, I’d recommend a traditional stovetop kettle or electric kettle with basic home-use features due to its simplicity and affordability.

    Other electric kettles with advanced functions like temperature control and keep-warm are also suitable but more expensive.

  • What is the Healthiest Kettle to Boil Water With?

    I’d suggest using kettles made from glass, stainless steel, or ceramic because they don’t release harmful chemicals when boiling water. A filter also helps to remove impurities.

    Plastic wouldn’t be my go-to as it may contain the chemical substance BPA, which can be toxic. If you choose a plastic kettle, look for one made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic.

  • What Type of Kettle is the Safest?

    To ensure your safety when using a kettle, it’s recommended to choose one that has an auto shut-off and boil-dry protection features that can prevent overheating.

    Handling hot water with caution and using the kettle responsibly are important.

    Is your electric kettle switch not working? Click the link for an article telling you how to do it safely!

  • The best electric kettle I can recommend is the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle. Its cutting-edge functions and modern stylishness tick all the right boxes.

    Still, there are other fantastic options if it's not quite what you're looking for! Just scroll up for even more choices and tips on how to find your perfect electric kettle.

    Before you go, check out our pick of the best mini freezers and the best portable pizza oven to complete your snacking accessories.

    Good luck!

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