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13 Best Small & Compact Microwave of 2022 | Reviews & Guide

Using the microwave oven to heating food. Woman's hand going to heat up a plastic container with broccoli and buckwheat in the microwave

The invention of microwaves had been what they call an absolute “groundbreaker” in the history of humankind’s evolution.

And since we’re a race that never stops to better the things we invent, we have indeed gone on to revolutionize the entire form of the conventional oven in extreme ways.

However, one shouldn’t expect to get everything out of a single model, for that matter. And neither should you expect all models to work equally well.

In truth, even with the myriad of choices at your disposal, it could get tricky to find the one that fits all your preferences. And if that’s a smaller, more compact microwave version, then it’s definitely gonna take more than just advertisements to help you find the ideal one.

That’s why we’re bringing you this comprehensive list of some of the best small and compact microwaves which you can get for your cozy little home right now!

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Best Compact Microwave

  1. Toshiba EM925 A5A BS Microwave Oven

Toshiba is one brand that needs no introduction when it comes to performance. So, when we looked for a compact microwave from the brand, we really didn’t have to search a lot. Featuring 6 types of cooking functions in a wonderfully space-efficient design, the EM925 A5A BS scores considerably high on product efficiency!

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

In the category of compact microwave designs, this Toshiba model definitely takes up a powerful position. The external measurements of the device are 19.2 x 15.9 x 11.5 inches, allowing it to fit even in the tiniest nooks of your kitchen. The appliance offers an oven capacity of 0.9 cubic feet that efficiently cooks your food.

When it comes to features, the model can justifiably boast 6 different cooking modes that are pretty hard to come by in a compact model. It offers a pre-programmed menu for 6 popular foods that make it easier for you to get it all done within the blink of an eye!

But, what we liked the best is the power-saving mode of this device. The microwave uses 900 watts to cook your food; but it offers 10 power settings for you to choose from. If you run the appliance at the highest setting, it will automatically go into a hibernate mode when not in use. This saves substantially on power consumption, making those bills seem less scary.

We also appreciated the fact that the microwave comes with a child safety lock, which is something every electrical appliance should have. Additionally, it also comes with a timer, a mute option for the buzzer, and a sound on/off setting, as well as a defrost option by time or weight.

What Could Have Been Better? 

Although we hardly have anything to complain about this model, we did notice that the One-Touch Start button on this device seems a bit late to respond. This could just be a singular defect in the model we tested, but we wanted to mention it anyway.

And, we also wish that the model wasn’t this expensive so that the wider public could buy it.

  • Incredibly compact design
  • A feature-rich product
  • Offers noiseless operations
  • Comes with an efficient power-saving mode and child safety lock
  • Offers 10 different power settings
  • Quite expensive
  • One-Touch Start button seemed late to respond
  1. Panasonic NN SD372S Countertop Microwave

Now, we do have to admit that when it comes to making compact yet feature-rich products, Panasonic does take the cake almost 9 times out of 10.

And, that is what made us instantly reach out for the Panasonic NN SD372S Countertop Microwave. Not only does this pack a punch in features, but it also performs better than many standard-sized models!

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SD372S Stainless Steel...
  • Panasonic microwave: this 950 watt high power, 0.8 cubic...
  • Inverter technology with turbo defrost: Patented inverter...

Why Did We Like It? 

The first thing that impressed us about this microwave is the smart Inverter Technology. The feature ensures a constant power stream that cooks your food evenly without requiring you to crank up the heat settings to maximum. 

Not only does this cook better, preserving the vital flavors of the food, but it also saves immensely on power consumption. Additionally, the turbo defrost on the inverter accelerates the defrosting time to keep the device running smoothly!

Along with this, we’d also like to mention another hard-hitting feature we absolutely loved. And that is the integrated smart sensor that automatically adjusts the power and cooking time of the device based on the kind of food you’re preparing. Doesn’t this take all the hassles and efforts of manual cooking right away?

41sgj7+ FlL

The microwave offers an output of 950 watts in an internal space of 0.8 cubic feet, which cooks fast and well. Design-wise, the microwave sports an industrial color and form that make for a sophisticated appeal.

Moreover, you do get some essential features such as a child safety lock, a delayed start, a quick minute timer, and even a preset menu, which makes it easier for you to cook your favorite foods!

What Could Have Been Better?

A noticeable fault with the device is regarding the heating process that seems to glitch a bit when the settings are cranked to the highest. The system may falter at this stage, followed by a whirring sound. However, this may be avoided if one does not run it continuously for long durations, which could strain it.

  • Offers smart, intuitive features
  • Saves power by providing even heating at a particular temperature
  • Comes with sensor motion controls
  • Compact, industrial design fits limited spaces with ease
  • May falter at the highest temperature setting
  1. Samsung MG14H3020CM Countertop Grill Microwave Oven

Sitting at the third position on this list, owing to its spectacular designs and functions, is the MG14H3020CM from none other than Samsung. A feature-rich product that offers incredible ease of use is how this Samsung model is best described owing to its functional design! 

Samsung MG14H3020CM 1.4 cu. ft. Countertop Grill Microwave...
  • Ceramic Enamel Interior that is both scratch resistant and...
  • Height (inch)12 5/16,width (inch)21 7/8 ,cutout depth...

Why Did We Like It?

Right off the bat, we’re gonna tell you that the microwave really looks brilliant, and that is mainly because of the high-shine mirror finish on its door. It definitely does an excellent job of making the appliance the statement piece of your kitchen.

Coming to its functions, the first thing that clearly stands apart from the rest is the “Triple Distribution System,” which features 3 distinct microwave points. This heats the 1.4 cubic feet internal space evenly for efficient and consistent cooking through and through.

Additionally, the microwave features an “Eco Mode” which automatically turns off the display of this 950-watts microwave when it’s not being used.


But, what we really like about this model is the cooking structure on its inside that has a uniquely designed heating rod. This ensures that the heat is spread all around the chamber when you’re grilling. It helps preserve the flavorful juiciness of the food while making it perfectly crispy on the outside.

And what’s even more noticeable is its Ceramic Enamel interior that maintains a consistent temperature, evenly cooking your food for perfect flavors!

What Could Have Been Better? 

We like this model enough to have given it a spot amongst the top three on this list. However, we’d have to tell you that this is a pretty heavy unit that cuts down on the portability.

Also, the mirror finish, even though it looks pretty rad, obstructs your view of the inside. So you cannot really see your food cooking, which kind of takes the charm out of a microwave.

  • Charming design makes it a statement piece
  • Offers highly functional features
  • Auto Cook feature handles all cooking at just a push of the button
  • Maintains an even temperature and heat distribution for preserving flavors
  • Features a power-saving Eco Mode
  • Too heavy
  • Mirror view obstructs inside view
  1. Oster OGH6901 Countertop Digital Microwave Oven

Next up on our list is a beautiful model from Oster, which is this beautiful model from Oster that is designed to fit the smallest spaces in your kitchen. A must-have for the ones who are into traveling or moving base frequently, the OGH6901 offers a microwave capacity of 0.9 cubic feet in an entirely aluminum structure. This makes it considerably lighter than most other models.

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

The thing that we liked about this microwave is the overall design that makes it really space-efficient. But even with a lightweight design, it doesn’t fail to include some really amazing features. These include a full LED display, a speed defrost setting, a safety child lock, and 6 preset cooking options.

Additionally, the appliance also comes equipped with a sensor that actually helps you figure out if your food is ready or not based on the temperature and the humidity on the inside of the cooking unit. 

However, when it comes to functions, the feature that impresses us the most is the Two-Stage cooking which it provides. With this particular function, you get to cook all those dishes that require two different temperatures at two different stages. These include slow-cooking steaks or braising meat. The microwave traps all the flavors inside your food, offering a flavor-burst in every bite. 

Overall, this one’s quite a steal, given all of the standard functions it offers at an incredibly affordable price range.

What Could Have Been Better?

Not that the model doesn’t fare well for the price it comes at. But, it does miss out on some of the intuitive features that the others include. However, in our opinion, that isn’t a deal-breaker at all, given that it delivers on its claims well. 

Also, it cooks at 950 watts but doesn’t include any power-saving option. That can come across as a disappointment to many.

  • Considerably lighter than most other models
  • Offers cooking options for foods requiring variable temperatures
  • Includes 6 preset cooking options
  • Pretty affordable
  • No power-saving option
  1. GE JES1145SHSS Countertop Microwave Oven

General Electric or GE needs little introduction as being one of the earliest brands that revolutionized the use of commercial electrical gadgets. And, the only reason we chose the JES1145SHSS as our next pick is because of the quality it ensures.

Designed to be an ideal fit for tiny kitchen spaces, this microwave offers all that you’d require out of a standard-sized model.

GE JES1145SHSS 1.1 Cu. Ft. Capacity Countertop Microwave,...
  • 950 Watts Auto and Time Defrost Glass Turntables Kitchen...

Why Did We Like It?

As we mentioned, GE never fails to impress with quality and performance, under any given circumstance. We remember facing a power outage at the time we were using it. In any given situation, this can affect smaller microwaves, causing them to glitch.

However, this microwave did notify us of the situation with a customary beep, before turning itself safely off. And when we started it up after that, it ran with no hang-up whatsoever.

Apart from this, what we liked was the inclusion of a “Reminder Mode.” This comes in pretty handy when you have something cooking in the microwave, but you’re too busy to attend to it immediately. In that case, the microwave will alert anyone in the house or near the unit of the dish being completed.


The microwave offers an internal space of 0.7 cubic feet, running on a mere 700 watts, which may seem meager, but will get your job done rather quickly. Also, a 10.75-inch turntable accommodates all your standard plates and dishes without any hassle.

But, the best part is that the entire unit only weighs 21 lbs even with all the standard features, making it an incredibly portable microwave.

What Could Have Been Better?

What you have to understand is that this microwave is a basic model, and will only offer you with the standard features. The lack of innovative, intuitive features may be a big disappointment to many. 

Also, 700-watts may not be sufficient to cook heavier, more elaborate items.

  • Offers admirable quality and performance
  • Provides all of the standard features
  • Includes auto-timer and defrost
  • Very portable and space-efficient
  • Quite affordable
  • Lacks smart, intuitive features
  • May not be ideal for cooking elaborate items
  1. Danby Designer Countertop Microwave

The next model that we have included over here is one of the top-selling ones from Danby. The Danby Designer is built to last and designed to occupy the least space on your kitchen countertop. But what is really impressive is the inclusion of all of the required features in such a sleek and compact model.

And here are all the things that made us like it so much!

Danby Designer 0.7 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave,...
  • 0.7 cu.ft. capacity microwave
  • 700 watts of cooking power

Why Did We Like It?

For those who aren’t aware, Danby is primarily recognized as being one such brand that focuses on making compact, yet, pretty functional designs that suit the standard requirements of its customers. And, this microwave rightfully reflects that in form and function.

The overall dimensions of the unit stand at 14×17.3×10.1 inches, respectively, and it offers you a cooking capacity of 0.7 cubic feet. So, looking at the measurements, you can tell that this unit will take up the least space on your countertop, making it incredibly easy for you to fit it in with other things that you might wanna keep there.

Coming to the features, you’d be pleased to know that like most other higher-end models on this list, this microwave offers you the excellent benefit of 6 one-touch cooking buttons. This takes care of cooking all your staples and favorites in a flash! 


Additionally, the unit only consumes 700 watts, that bears it minimum on your power bills. But, what is even better is that the unit offers 10 different power settings, that hardly disrupt your estimated power-consumption at all! 

And lastly, the appliance carries an 18-month warranty, which makes it worth the investment you make for it.

What Could Have Been Better?

Like the previous model, the Danby Designer doesn’t put out too much for the user. It is sweet and simple, but the inclusion of one vital feature such as a child safety lock or an intuitive auto-timer would have been much appreciated.

  • Offers all standard features
  • Saves substantially on power consumption
  • Fits in the smallest areas on the countertop
  • Has stylish stainless steel and black color
  • Comes with an 18 months warranty
  • Doesn’t have upgraded features
  • Not suited for preparing heavier meals
  1. Hamilton Beach LED Display Microwave Oven

If you’re a culinary-enthusiast, who likes to remain updated on all recent, top-rated and trusted items for the kitchen, then you must be acquainted with Hamilton Beach. Known to make some of the most functional cooking-appliances, Hamilton Beach scores high up in the design game.

And you can see that loud and clear in this microwave, which packs an incredible punch feature-wise, all in a space-saving layout.

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

When you see this unit, the first thing you will notice is its beautiful and catchy red color, which makes an awesome style statement in any kitchen. And making that even better, the unit comes with a full LED display that extends all the benefits of one-touch options for you. This significantly reduces all the hassles of manual cooking, which, as we all know, is the real struggle of preparing food.

Adding to that are one-touch 6 preset menus which know all about your favorites and get that done easily. But, the winning features of the model are undoubtedly the safety child lock and an automatic timer that ensure efficiency with safety.

Speaking about its dimensions and capacity, you’d be glad to know that it provides 1.1 cubic feet of cooking space. The appliance takes up 1000 watts to cook, which enables you to prepare those heavier dishes easily. And what makes it better are the 10 power settings which help you manage the power consumption!

What Could Have Been Better?

There is definitely an overheating issue with this microwave, which the brand should take care of as soon as it can. This shows even an hour into using it, and that compels the user to stop using it for a good couple of hours before they can use the device again. 

  • Provides a good many features even in such a sleek and compact design
  • Has an attractive design with a full LED display
  • Offers vital features such as child safety lock and power settings
  • Can be used to cook heavier meals
  • Has an overheating issue
  1. Whirlpool Wmc20005yb Countertop Microwave

The next small microwave model that we would like to suggest to you is from one of the most trusted and user-friendly brands ever: Whirlpool!

We have chosen the Wmc20005yb to be on this list, owing to its incredibly compact design, which features some rather innovative functions.

And, what is even more admirable is the price tag, which makes it a favorite amongst many!

Whirlpool WMC20005YW Countertop Microwave, 0.5 Cu. Ft.,...
  • Tap Touch ControlsThese controls are as easy to use as they...

Why Did We Like It?

First, we absolutely loved the design of this small microwave that sports a rounded back and a glistening white front with a glass viewing panel. This structure helps the microwave to fit snugly in any corner between the shelf and the countertop. In fact, the semi-circular design even makes it easier for you to accommodate it in rather odd places in the kitchen or any available nook.

However, another advantage of this design is that because of the wider, more rounded back, it can actually hold larger contents than the conventional rectangular models.

Feature-wise, the microwave impresses quite a good deal with a control lock setting. This goes on to disable the control panel, keeping the settings from getting altered by anything or anyone mid-preparation. This, in our opinion, is a pretty unique feature that ensures stable performance. 

Additionally, the microwave comes with tap-touch controls, which make it easier to use the device and clean it out. One of the things that we really like about this model is that it allows precision timing, down to the last second, which can be easily used to cook a lot of things.

Overall, the device provides a capacity of 0.5 cubic feet, which is really micro in every way! But, running on a 750 watts range, it definitely cooks well, however little that it cooks.

What Could Have Been Better? 

Even though this is really an efficient little power-ball, there is nothing very “new” about it. It also lacks a few safety features like a child-lock or power-manager, which we would’ve definitely loved to see. 

  • A pretty high-performing mode
  • Highly functional designs suit almost any kind of space in the kitchen
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Offers precision control
  • A little back-dated than the rest
  1. Daewoo Kor-7lrem Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

Moving on to the other small and compact microwaves, we have yet another absolutely beautiful model, this time from Daewoo. The specialty of this model is its stunning cool blue pastel hue, which makes an awesome retro appeal!

But, the real deal with this model is the fact that it comes with a heck lot of features that sufficiently make it worth the money you pay for it.

Why Did We Like It?

The Daewoo Kor-7lrem brings in an array of functional features that score incredibly well on efficiency and usability. The first thing that we found to be significantly high-functioning is the Concave Reflex System (CRS) that the brand fits its microwaves with. This includes the use of concave reflectors and dual waves, which evenly and consistently cook your food through and through. 

Adding to this, the unit offers you the benefit of 5 auto-cook preset menu functions that prepares a wide range of food for you. This includes beverages, soups, frozen vegetables, baked potatoes, and so much more. And you can do all of this at just the touch of a button!


The microwave also comes with a “Zero On” eco power-saving mode, which limits the power consumption. This is further aided by the 5 power-settings, which allows the use of only the required amount of power depending on the kind of food you’re cooking.

If we speak about the size of the unit, it measures 17.6” x 12.7” x 10.6” in overall dimensions, providing 0.7 cubic feet of cooking capacity. This can fit narrow spaces well without much hassle. Additionally, it does come with a recessed turntable, which allows you more space than what you get in standard models.

What Could Have Been Better?

While using it, we noticed that although the CRS worked well to cook the food consistently, it worked extremely slow. This is a significant issue as we’re sure you wouldn’t want to wait around for your food to get ready, no matter how cool the feature seems.

We also had a problem with the buttons that are too loose and flimsy in overall quality.

  • Looks charming given the design and color
  • Offers pretty functional features
  • Fits narrow spaces easily
  • Has more interior space than other models
  • Comes with child safety lock and 2-way defrost
  • CRS cooks slow
  • Buttons are too loose
  1. Kenmore 70923 Small and Compact Countertop Microwave

Kenmore is another reputed brand of electrical appliances, which is a subsidiary of Sears Holding, being introduced in 1913. The products of Kenmore have consistently performed over the years, earning a name and place for itself in the international market. 

And the 70923 compact microwave assures you of the same quality and efficiency in its performance.

Kenmore 70923 0.9 cu. ft Small Compact 900 Watts Countertop...
  • COMPACT MICROWAVE OVEN: ADA compliant 0.9 cubic feet...
  • POWER AND CONVENIENCE: Countertop microwave has 10 power...

Why Did We Like It? 

The thing we really admired about this model is that it’s compliant to the standards of the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act. This makes it absolutely safe for specially-abled individuals, and in consequence, proves its secure status.

The microwave offers 0.9 cubic feet of heating space, making it an ideal fit for small kitchens, offices, single-roomed apartments, and RVs.

Coming to efficiency and functionality, the model features a one-touch “express” heat setting, which cooks for 6 minutes using a continuous stream of power. Apart from this, it also comes with one-touch auto-cooking preset functions that prepare a variety of food instantly.


Additionally, the unit features a full LED display and touch-pad, which includes the clock and timer functions along with the defrost settings that quickly thaw your food by time or weight.

The unit consumes 900 watts but does include 10 power settings that allow you to set the power consumed according to what you cook.

What Could Have Been Better?

This is a really good small microwave model that does a fine job. However, the unit is a tad bit too heavy, weighing around 28.7 pounds. This cuts down on its portability, making it difficult for you to move around or even to clean out.

  • Very safe to use (ADA-compliant)
  • Offers a lot of efficient features
  • Fits small kitchens of apartments and offices efficiently
  • One-touch multifunctionality makes cooking easier
  • Too heavy
  1. College Dorm Size Compact Microwave with Digital Controls by Oster

You may have guessed by the description that it is in every way, a dorm-friendly microwave that Oster has skillfully designed for you! A greatly space-efficient unit, not only does it fit in all the narrow spaces of your kitchen, but it also performs exceptionally well for its size.

And here’s what made us include this model in our list of the best one’s today!

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

The Oster Dorm Compact Microwave, surprisingly, delivers spectacularly when it comes to performance. Because, in all honesty, we weren’t expecting quite much from the model given its basic features. However, when we put it to the test, it had a different story to tell, altogether!

The microwave comes equipped with 6 integrated power levels, along with 10 variable power levels, which takes the pressure of managing power bills right off of your back!

Not only does this automatically coordinate the power requirement of different dishes, depending on the food, but it also allows you to control the temperatures according to your preferences. 

What is also quite admirable about this microwave is its beautiful streamlined design with a sophisticated black finish. This blends in really well with the rest of the kitchen decor. 

Performance-wise the unit does a really good job, running on 700 watts. It works fast enough and ensures an even heat distribution to cook you food through and through. It provides a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet that works well for cooking a variety of items.

Moreover, the unit features a full LED control-panel, which makes it even easier for you to manage the settings.

What Could Have Been Better?

The unit can glitch and show a power overload if it’s run for long. Also, just to put it out there, this unit is pretty heavy, weighing about 26 pounds. This can make it pretty difficult for you to shift the product from one place to another.

  • Beautiful streamlined and compact design
  • Includes all standard functions
  • Works at adequate speed
  • Offers power-saving controls
  • May show power-overloading if run for long
  • Quite heavy
  1. Costway Retro Countertop Microwave

The next compact microwave on our list has been a top-selling product since its launch. This is a pretty efficiently equipped microwave from the recognized brand, Costway, which sports an entirely retro design!

So, the ones who are inclined to have a traditional décor situation in their homes can easily reach out for this and, at the same time, forget about the hassles of manual cooking!

COSTWAY Retro Countertop Microwave Oven, 0.7 Cu. Ft, 700W...
  • Compact & Retro Appearance------With the compact size, this...
  • 6 Microwave Power Levels------Featuring with 6 power levels...

Why Did We Like It?

Although this compact microwave model has a dated design, we included it solely because of its efficiency and ease of use. This is one of the most user-friendly models on our list today, which can be operated by almost any adult in the house. 

And since it is a “retro” model, it has two large dial-knobs instead of buttons or keys. These serve as simple Operation and Auto Reminder. The operational knob lets you select a time range between 0-30 minutes and precise seconds along with that. The cooking procedure is followed by a loud “ding” when the food gets done.


Additionally, the unit features 6 power levels that let you choose from a range of 17% to 100% power output. This really helps you manage the power-consumption and cooking temperatures with the kind of food that you’re cooking.

The unit provides you with a cooking capacity of 0.7 cubic feet that fairs well for a compact design. Also, the 360 degrees rotational heating ensures consistent cooking. And not only this, the turntable’s detachable design makes it quite convenient for you to clean out this unit.

What Could Have Been Better?

The microwave does work pretty great for its size and design, and like we said, is quite user-friendly. However, the dated look may not sit quite well with many customers who may want to have the look and feel of soft-touch buttons.

However, the control panel of the microwave does have two soft-buttons for “power” and “time.” So, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker in any way.

  • Awesome retro design
  • Works quite efficiently
  • Fits most limited spaces
  • Offers functional power-saving functions
  • Holds ETL and UL certifications
  • Not all may like the exclusion of buttons on this device
  1. Farberware FMO11AHTPLB Microwave Oven

So, coming to the end of this extensive listicle, the last model that we have for you is the FMO11AHTPLB from Farberware. If you are looking to enjoy multi-stage cooking for specially-made dishes, and that too, in a compact design, then this is the one you should reach out for!

Farberware FMO11AHTPLB 1.1 Cu. Ft. 1000-Watt Microwave Oven...
  • QUICK & EASY: Prepare meals and snacks in a snap with this...
  • CONVENIENT: Farberware 1.1 Cu. Ft. platinum and white...

Why Did We Like It?

This 1000 watts microwave comes with 10 power levels, which let you adjust the power output ranging from 10% to 100%, to suit different cooking requirements. This is what impressed us the most as we’re always going to appreciate a power-efficient model.

When it comes to performance, the model does deliver on its claims substantially, bringing you an Express Cooking function. This allows a 1 through 6-minute quick start controls along with an addable 30-seconds control.

Additionally, the unit also features 6 one-touch preset cooking functions for preparing a variety of scrumptious dishes within a flash!


What we also admired was that the digital controls on this device include an efficient keypad-lock that prevents any kind of unsupervised use.

The unit further comes with a rotating, removable glass turntable, which cooks your food evenly, and most importantly, makes it easier for you to clean out the device.

And finally, you’d definitely want to know that the microwave also comes with a 1-year limited warranty from its manufacturer!

What Could Have Been Better?

One of the issues with this microwave is that of making a loud whirring noise while cooking your food. This could get really annoying for anyone standing in the kitchen. And we hope that the company takes care of this as soon as possible.

  • Pretty huge on power-saving
  • Includes all the standard efficient features
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Makes a loud, whirring noise

Best Small Microwave Buyers’ Guide

Microwaves with compact designs are not difficult to get. However, the real deal is to find the one that delivers well on all its claims and suits your preferences. Now, finding such a unit is the challenge that lies here, as it requires you to sift through more than a million different designs. 

We often tend to spend on things we don’t really need than settling for a more practical option. And, this is what makes it all the more complicated for us to get through to it.

So, here’s a buyers’ guide that will tell you about all the essentials of such a device that you really need to prioritize above all the other ones while buying one.

  1. Dimensions

Well, if you do want a compact microwave, you have to make sure that it really is so. But, at the same time, it shouldn’t be so tiny that it beats the purpose of buying it in the first place.

Remember that the internal capacity is what matters when it comes to fitting a dish in the microwave. And, the external dimensions should be such that allows you to place the appliance in the intended place in your kitchen.

  1. Ease of use and cleaning

Latest microwaves, compact or not, usually come with one-touch buttons and LED displays. However, some models feature operational settings in the analog form. It is up to you to decide which of these will be easier for you to manage.

And, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the unit, do check out for stain-resistant interiors, which could be cleaned off in just a swipe with a piece of cloth. Such materials will also help maintain the finish for a long period of time.

  1. Programs and settings

Microwaves will offer three main categories of programming. The first one will give you all the basic and standard features of mechanical programming that primarily include timers, power settings, and other dedicated cooking functions.

The second category is more advanced and consists of electromechanical programming modes. This modifies the basic features adding a few other functions to them, thus ensuring a higher degree of precision.

Finally, the third or the most advanced programs and settings consists of electronic programming modes, where the options may be a bit more complex. It can include more than one defrosting setting or grilling option, along with providing preset cooking and power functions. This determines the versatility of the appliance.

  1. Power consumption

The power consumption of a microwave is denoted in watts, and you can determine its performance by evaluating this unit. Needless to say, the greater the power consumed, the quicker the appliance will cook your food, and with greater precision.

However, we’d always suggest you at least have around 700-750 watts minimum on your device, otherwise, it will affect its cooking efficiency. 

Microwaves with a grill will use up greater units, say, maybe up to 1000 watts or more. However, power-settings will help you manage the consumption by coordinating it with the kind of food that it’s cooking.

Also, to cut costs on heavy microwave usage, you can select a model that has a low-power standby mode.


So that was it for our extensive guide on some of the best small and compact microwaves you can avail right away. We hope we were able to help you come to a decision regarding such appliances and what exactly are your preferences.

But before we leave, we quickly wrap it up with an overview of some of the best ones you could find here and what makes them stand out!

So, for us, the Toshiba EM925 A5A BS takes away the spot of being the most efficient and feature-rich model on this list! And also for great designs, we have two models tying up at the spot, which are the Samsung MG14H3020CM and the Costway Retro Countertop Microwave.

And lastly, when it comes to the most space efficient models, the Whirlpool Wmc20005yb and the Oster College Dorm microwave fit the bill ideally! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time!

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