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8 Best Refrigerators on the Market in 2023: A Full Guide

Refrigerators are essential for any kitchen.

Best Refrigerators

It keeps your food fresh and prevents it from spoiling too early. Sometimes, you might also need it for food prep, especially if you need to keep something cool overnight.

Investing in a new refrigerator can be complicated and overwhelming, especially when you're not sure it'll be worth it. After all, they're not the cheapest appliance to have.

Here are the best refrigerators on the market to help you find the best one for your needs, budget, and preferences.

The 8 Best Refrigerators of 2023

Besides coming in different brands, refrigerators differ significantly in their styles and technologies. It can be overwhelming to look at and experiment with this type of technology.

Luckily, you don't have to do that anymore. I've tried and tested many to learn which are the best refrigerators.

I've considered the different features of these refrigerators, from configurations and styles to their capacity and notable features.

Here are the top 8 refrigerators you can consider for your home.

1. LG ‎LFCS27596S - Best Overall

When it comes to refrigerators, this 27-cubic foot refrigerator from LG has to be the best one. It's functional, aesthetic, and organized. It comes complete with shelves and crisper drawers for all your organizational needs.

It even features the Glide N' Serve, a drawer specifically designed to set different temperatures in certain sections.

It can form a specific compartment to be cooler than others, and these deli drawers are perfect for meat products and other kinds of produce.

It's also easy to see what's inside thanks to its InstaView Door-in-Door window on its right refrigerator door. You don't even have to open your fridge to see what's inside.

The refrigerator features a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish, giving it a sleek and stylish look that can easily fit your kitchen.

While it's not a smart refrigerator, it does have all the necessary features to do what a fridge should. I highly recommend this, especially for families who spend a lot on food and don't want that to go to waste.

Dimensions: 36 D x 38 W x 73 H inches | Style: French door | Total Capacity: 27 Cu. Ft | Dispensers: Ice maker | Available Finishes: Stainless steel | Energy Star Certified: Yes

2. Samsung RF27T5501SR - Best Value for Money

If you're looking for something that goes above and beyond what a typical refrigerator can do, this 27.7 cubic foot refrigerator from Samsung is for you.

It's high-tech and has ample storage space, which is excellent for families and large households. It also features a sleek stainless steel finish to match your other appliances.

Its Ice Max is one of the best ice makers on the market, storing up to 4.2 pounds of ice! It's great for gatherings and families who love to add plenty of cold drinks to their gatherings.

The best part about this smart refrigerator is how it can help you in the kitchen. It can create shopping lists, search for recipes online, and even play music while you work!

You can easily see the inside through the screen on the right door without opening the fridge door, letting cold air out.

It's one of the best smart fridges on the market, and worth the price. Not only will it keep your food fresh, but it even serves as an intuitive kitchen assistant.

Dimensions: 37.5 D x 72 W x 37.5 H inches | Style: French door style | Total Capacity: 27.7 Cu. Ft | Dispensers: Ice and water dispenser | Available Finishes: Stainless steel and black stainless steel | Energy Star Certified: Yes

3. Frigidaire FFHT1425VV - Best Budget Option

If you're looking for the most affordable refrigerator possible, this 13.9 cubic foot top freezer model from Frigidaire is one of the best options.

It features two adjustable glass shelves and a half-sized deli drawer, which can help you easily retrieve the contents of your refrigerator. You can easily access the food you need, depending on how you organize it.

On top of being affordable, it's also an energy saver. It's estimated to consume only about $40 of electricity annually. It lessens your carbon footprint and your bills.

Given its price, however, it has a smaller capacity than the other models on this list. It also lacks smart features and an ice/water dispenser, limiting it severely.

That said, it does excel in keeping your food fresh for a small price. It's an excellent choice for those who do little grocery shopping and only need minimal refrigerator size.

Dimensions: 28 D x 29.37 W x 59.87 H inches | Style: Top freezer | Total Capacity: 13.9 Cu. Ft | Dispensers: Ice maker | Available Finishes: Black, white, brushed steel | Energy Star Certified: Yes

4. LG LFXS26973S - Best for French Door Refrigerators

This 21.8-cubic foot LG refrigerator has to be the best French door refrigerator on the market, thanks to its features and functions.

These include four adjustable glass shelves, including the Glide N' Serve. You also get a full-width shelf above the double crisper drawers for your vegetables and other fresh goods.

Its storage space and included shelves are exceptional for easy organization. You can even dedicate a tray for snacks, appetizers, and more.

It's Wi-Fi enabled, letting you control the fridge's temperature from the LG ThinQ App. However, it's not as high-tech as other similar refrigerators.

All these features make it one of the best French door refrigerators. They're worth adding to your kitchen if you want a sleek French-door refrigerator.

Dimensions: 30 D x 69 W x 36 H inches | Style: French door | Total Capacity: 21.8 Cu. Ft | Dispensers: Ice and water dispenser | Available Finishes: Stainless steel | Energy Star Certified: Yes

5. Bosch B36CT80SNS - Best for Counter-Depth Refrigerators

When it comes to counter-depth refrigerators, you might automatically think about their small capacities. However, this 20.8 cubic foot refrigerator from Bosch breaks that stereotype.

Despite being a counter-depth refrigerator, the upper part is filled with a deli drawer and compartments with an integrated FarmFresh System, keeping your food in tip-top shape.

It has a built-in ice maker known for creating unique pyramid-shaped ice. Personally, this is just an adorable feature that I enjoy. Since the ice/water dispenser is inside, it will keep your drinks cold.

Temperature can easily be tracked thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity and the Bosch Home Connect App. You can control your refrigerator with a simple tap.

The downside of this refrigerator is that its freezer is smaller despite its large capacity. Its storage is half a typical French door fridge, making it more limited than expected.

If you're the type who needs more in the refrigerator department but doesn't want to sacrifice aesthetics, consider this reliable and sleek counter-depth refrigerator from Bosch.

Dimensions: 31.13 D x 35.63 W x 72 H inches | Style: French door | Total Capacity: 20.8 Cu. Ft | Dispensers: Ice dispenser and water dispenser | Available Finishes: Stainless steel | Energy Star Certified: Yes

6. SAMSUNG RS27T5200SR - Best for Side-by-Side Refrigerators

If you're looking for a reliable side-by-side refrigerator, try looking into this 27.4 cubic foot model from Samsung.

This refrigerator addresses the common issues faced by these types of fridges. Thanks to its multi-vent system, cold air is evenly distributed throughout the refrigerator.

Its built-in ice maker and water dispenser are accessed through the door, making it easier to get into the proper hydration routine of drinking eight glasses daily.

The best part about the ice/water dispenser is its child lock and safety features. You can also choose between having cubed or crushed ice.

It has a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish, making it easier to clean and maintain. This refrigerator is sure to stay sleek for a long time.

However, the biggest downside of this refrigerator is its lack of Energy Star certification. It might raise your energy bills slightly, depending on how you use it.

Dimensions: 76 D x 38 W x 36 H inches | Style: Side-by-side | Total Capacity: 27.4 Cu. Ft | Dispensers: Water and ice dispensers | Available Finishes: Stainless steel | Energy Star Certified: No

7. LG LRDCS2603S - Best for Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

If you need a larger freezer compartment, check out LG's 26-cubic foot bottom freezer refrigerator. It provides more storage space designed explicitly for your freezing needs.

Besides storage, this bottom freezer refrigerator was designed to be durable with its industrial handles. It also has auto-closing hinges for safety and energy efficiency.

Its interior features tempered and spill-protected glass shelves, which are adjustable, depending on your preferences. The freezer drawer contains an ice maker that can be stocked with lots of ice.

While it's not a smart refrigerator, this bottom freezer refrigerator does the best to maintain freshness. It has an air filter that must be replaced every six months to keep the fridge clean and fresh.

It's pretty expensive for a bottom freezer. However, since it's Energy Star certified, you're sure it'll save you a lot of money in the long run.

This bottom freezer model is specially made for those who like to stock up on frozen goods.

Dimensions: 35 D x 38 W x 73 H inches | Style: Bottom freezer | Total Capacity: 26 Cu. Ft | Dispensers: Ice maker | Available Finishes: Stainless steel and black stainless steel | Energy Star Certified: Yes

8. Bosch 800 Series - Best for Luxury

If you're looking for a more luxurious and classic-looking refrigerator, this 20.5-cubic foot French door refrigerator from Bosch is a welcome addition to any stylish home.

It features a flexible configuration, allowing the owner to adjust temperatures according to their needs easily. It makes up for its major downside so that you can maximize the available storage space.

Its middle drawer is usually dedicated to wines and other drinks, keeping them cool when you need a drink. However, you can easily change it as required.

It has an ice/water dispenser located inside to maintain its sleek outward appearance. Since you'll get an internal water dispenser, it's more likely to keep everything cold.

However, the downside of this model is its storage space. Unlike the classic French door fridge, this is a counter-depth type, meaning it's not as efficient in the storage department.

If you're looking to invest in this French-door refrigerator, it's best to consider its positives and negatives.

Dimensions: 28.8 D x 35.6 W x 72 H inches | Style: French door | Total Capacity: 20.5 Cu. Ft | Dispensers: Ice maker, water dispenser | Available Finishes: Stainless steel and black stainless steel | Energy Star Certified: Yes

Comparison of Top Refrigerators

Top RefrigeratorsDimensionsStyleTotal CapacityDispensersAvailable FinishesEnergy Star Certified
LG ‎LFCS27596S36 D x 38 W x 73 H inchesFrench door27 Cu. FtIce makerStainless steelYes
Samsung RF27T5501SR37.5 D x 72 W x 37.5 H inchesFrench door style27.7 Cu. FtIce and water dispenserStainless steel and black stainless steelYes
Frigidaire FFHT1425VV28 D x 29.37 W x 59.87 H inchesTop freezer13.9 Cu. FtIce makerBlack, white, brushed steelYes
LG LFXS26973S30 D x 69 W x 36 H inchesFrench door21.8 Cu. FtIce and water dispenserStainless steelYes
Bosch B36CT80SNS31.13 D x 35.63 W x 72 H inchesFrench door20.8 Cu. FtIce dispenser and water dispenserStainless steelYes
SAMSUNG RS27T5200SR76 D x 38 W x 36 H inchesSide-by-side27.4 Cu. FtWater and ice dispensersStainless steelYes
LG LRDCS2603S35 D x 38 W x 73 H inchesBottom freezer26 Cu. FtIce makerStainless steel and black stainless steelYes
Bosch 800 Series28.8 D x 35.6 W x 72 H inchesFrench door20.5 Cu. FtIce maker, water dispenserStainless steel and black stainless steelYes

Types of Refrigerators

There's a reason for certain refrigerators to have more doors or shelves than others. There's also a reason for freezer compartments to be in various locations.

These configurations are what differentiate one type of refrigerator from another. They all have pros and cons, depending on their design and your needs as a customer.

Here is a comparison of the different types of refrigerators to know which would best fit your home.

French Door Refrigerator

The French door refrigerator is often known for its price. However, French door models also tend to be one of the most preferred by people.

Its top part is a two-door refrigerator compartment that features wide and adjustable shelves for your food. This feature makes it easier to see and get your food.

The freezer compartment is at the bottom. You can pull it out like a drawer, depending on the design of the refrigerator. You can even find a French door model with 4 or 5 doors for various cooling options.

They usually include an indoor ice and water dispenser. Some also have more smart features to help you adjust your refrigerator with a tap on a smart device.

They're known to be extremely spacious and aesthetically pleasing, making them the preferred choice, especially for those who can afford them.

However, its freezer space is often limited, and you'd have to adjust to the space given. Additional features can also raise the price.

Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Counter-depth refrigerators have front edges aligned with the kitchen's cabinets and countertop. It makes them look like they're specifically built for their spot in the kitchen.

Some people prefer a counter-depth refrigerator because they're more stylish and easily blend in with the rest of the appliances.

A counter-depth refrigerator isn't as deep as the other types on this list. On top of having a smaller structure, it also tends to be more expensive than a standard-sized refrigerator.

The counter-depth style is usually combined with other types as it focuses more on the depth of the refrigerator rather than the configuration of the two kinds of compartments.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

A side-by-side refrigerator is less expensive than a French-door refrigerator. They're known as space savers and will help keep items within sight.

The left door is for the freezer, while the right is for the refrigerator. You wouldn't have to bend down to access one of these anymore.

Another positive is that you get more freezer space than the other types since you'll have a whole side dedicated to it.

Its fridge and freezer compartments are different in size, with the freezer being more narrow. As a result, it might not be easy to put pizza boxes and baking trays because of their width.

If you decide to get a side-by-side refrigerator, it's important NOT to overfill your freezer because it would be bad for the shelves. Your overall cooling system might also get overworked.

If you still need more freezer space, you might want to consider a chest freezer or an upright freezer, depending on how much space you need.

Top Freezer Refrigerator

The top freezer refrigerator features a freezer on top of a single-door fridge. It allows the freezer compartment to be at eye level, making it easier to access it.

The best top-freezer refrigerators are more efficient and affordable than others.

However, top freezer refrigerators have fewer features than the previous three. They also tend to have fewer aesthetics and can appear bulkier than the previous ones.

You would also have to bend down to get to the lower shelves of the refrigerator.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The bottom freezer refrigerator is the opposite of the previous type, with the freezer compartment at the bottom.

It keeps your refrigerator at eye level while its freezer is at the bottom. The downside is you'd have to bend down to access this compartment.

Instead of a door, you get a freezer drawer that you pull out to access your freezer, much like a French door design. It does provide more storage space in this section.

These are best for people who rarely use freezers. That way, they don't have to worry about the occasional defrosting needed to maintain that compartment.

How to Find the Right Refrigerator for You

Nowadays, refrigerators come in different sizes and feature different technology. It can be overwhelming to look into these features, especially with how much can go on with one appliance.

It's best to narrow them down to help you know which features would help you daily.

You need to consider these factors to find the right refrigerator for you.


As previously mentioned, refrigerators come in different types and configurations. Some may have doors or freezers placed differently from others.

Some might prefer a French door model, while others might prefer a side-by-side. You might need a specific type of refrigerator because of what you buy and the number of people in your household.

These types vary in cost and features, affecting a person's preference. Some might have to settle for a specific type because of their budget.

It's best to know the type of refrigerator you want and what would best fit your lifestyle.

Size/Exterior Dimensions

When choosing a refrigerator, take note of its size, both inside and out.

You'd need to measure the space in advance, taking note of the height, depth, and width dedicated to the appliance.

Adding a few inches of clearance is best so your refrigerator won't be wedged into the space. The space also helps the fridge work better, letting heat dissipate as it works.

The interior space would also affect how much you put into it. You can dedicate a bigger space for groceries or adjust your purchases to get a smaller refrigerator.


The refrigerator's finish is another factor to consider since it will affect the appearance of your kitchen.

It can come in stainless steel, black, white, and other colors. You can choose one that best fits your other appliances and your kitchen's décor.

Some may even have a glass door option that lets you choose what to take out without opening the fridge. However, this may require you to organize your refrigerator more to keep everything nice and presentable.

Choosing the finish that best fits your kitchen is ideal, especially with the variety available. Refrigerators tend to have different finishes for one model.


Appliances come in different brands, including refrigerators. Some can specialize in certain types of refrigerators or can excel with their cooling technology compared to others.

The best refrigerator brands you can consider are LG, Bosch, GE, Whirlpool, Samsung, Frigidaire, and KitchenAid. They are the best in terms of functions, designs, and longevity.

These brands can also have smaller and more compact refrigerators for dormitories and apartments.

The brand you choose can affect the features you get. Some brands are more high-tech or high-end than others. It would also affect the cost as others tend to be more expensive.

Researching the specific brand of your refrigerator can affect how you choose your new appliance.

Refrigerator Space

This space can vary depending on the design and style you purchase. Those with a deeper and wider fridge would automatically have more space.

Normally, a fridge compartment can hold more cubic feet (cu. ft.) than a freezer. However, it can also depend on the model and the brand itself.

Different models can have their unique ways of keeping this space organized, from shelves to refrigerator drawers. There would even be compartments specifically for fresh food storage.

Check the build of the refrigerator shelves to see how much they can hold.

Its door shelves also tend to be affected by the price. Some can have a higher capacity than others.

Freezer Space

The size of your freezer tends to be affected by the refrigerator space and its model. Some freezers tend to be smaller than others

When getting a new refrigerator, it's best to consider how much space you'd need for the freezer. Check how many cubic feet (cu. ft.) it can hold and compare it to other similar styles if required.

You can also check the freezer door for any extra compartments you can use.

Ice Maker/Water Dispenser

Dispensers tend to be more of a luxury feature commonly found in a French door refrigerator or a side-by-side refrigerator.

Some people might find this feature necessary, while others can have separate appliances for them. The benefit of having an ice maker and water dispenser is that you have everything in one machine.

It's usually easier to forego the ice maker since you could always get an ice tray. It would take up more space in the freezer, but it's a lot cheaper.

Know your preference in advance. It's best to skip these features if you think you're not going to use them, especially since they do add to the cost.

Additional Features

Refrigerators can come with extra features besides dispensers. These can add to the things your refrigerator can do to make life easier or improve how you manage it.

These are some of the additional features you can get, depending on the kind of refrigerator you get:

  • Water Filtration System: Some built-in water dispensers can come with a filtration system to provide more refreshing water.
  • Flexible Compartment: If you notice that your refrigerator has an extra door or drawer, it can be used as extra storage space for fresh and frozen foods. Its temperature is easily adjusted to match the type of food you'll be putting in.
  • Smart Functions: These additional functions are usually what make refrigerators more high-tech. You can adjust and monitor your refrigerator from a phone or tablet using Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Swiveling Door Bin: This feature is usually found in refrigerators with a door-in-door design, allowing access to some of the contents without opening the main doors
  • Inventory Trackers: Some of the smarter refrigerators can note if you're running low on certain items in your refrigerator to help you come up with a shopping list.
  • Through-the-Door Ice Dispensers: This type of ice maker makes it more convenient for you to get ice. Most through-the-door ice dispensers tend to be combined with the water dispenser for easier convenience.
  • Door-in-Door Shelves: This design allows you to easily access shelves without opening the whole door. Having a door-in-door would also limit the cool air escaping.

While these features may sound fantastic, it's best to ONLY get those you're sure to need daily. They can be the reason why your refrigerator is expensive.

Energy Star Ratings

Appliances are required to have their energy ratings listed, as these affect the environment and your electricity bill.

If you notice that a refrigerator is Energy Star Certified, they're sure to be energy-efficient, as tested by professionals.

It can lower your electricity bill and lessen your carbon footprint, making it an excellent investment in the long run.


You can opt to purchase your refrigerator from the manufacturer itself or through a local retailer. It usually depends on what is more convenient for you.

If you're looking into retailers, comparing prices and the service they provide is best. Some retailers may offer more for a product at a more affordable price.

It's also best to go to retailers trusted by the manufacturer to ensure that you only get the best models. These would also include the warranties and accessories that normally come with buying from the manufacturer.


While entry-level models would cost around $400, I recommend going for the more expensive basic models if you're looking for something cheap. These should be about $750.

The standard models can cost from $1,500 to $1,800. However, it can go up to $4,000, depending on the brand, design, and features.

Additional features tend to heavily contribute to the price of the refrigerator. Know which features are necessary for your daily activities.

It's best to set a specific budget so you'll know which refrigerators can be considered for your home. This will prevent you from overspending on the appliance.


The usual warranty for a refrigerator is one year. However, it can also depend on the manufacturer.

It's best to look into the warranties provided, as this ensures the craftsmanship of your appliance. If something happens, warranties can cover damages as per terms and conditions.

Some manufacturers can offer expanded or extended warranties for an additional price. However, these tend to be more expensive than repairs or even replacing your refrigerator.

How long do refrigerators last?

On average, refrigerators usually last around 10 to 12 years.

Many factors can affect the longevity of your refrigerator. You’ll have to consider its make and quality, how well you maintain it, and how much you use it.

Its environment can also affect its longevity. Refrigerators that are moved a lot or are exposed to garages and environmental changes can easily break down.

To extend your refrigerator’s lifespan, it’s recommended to have the coils and compressor cleaned every six months. Do it more regularly if you have pets or lots of dust at home.

What is a standard-sized refrigerator?

A refrigerator’s size usually depends on the type of fridge you’re getting. You’ll also have to look into the model of the refrigerator.

In terms of width, a standard-sized refrigerator would usually fall between 24 to 40 inches. Of course, wider refrigerators won’t fit in smaller spaces.

The standard height of a refrigerator falls between 62 to 72 inches. Bottom freezer and top freezer models tend to be on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Depth for standard refrigerators tends to be between 24 to 40 inches. It can provide more space for your food, beverages, and other cold storage needs.

These are all relative and can change according to the model and style of your refrigerator.

My Top Picks

Now that you know more about choosing the best refrigerators based on what your kitchen needs, you might want to know the stand-out options on this list.

Here's a recap of my top picks for the best refrigerators in the market.

Best Budget Option - Frigidaire FFHT1425VV

If you're looking for something affordable that will save you space, you can check out this 13.9-Cu. Ft. refrigerator from Frigidaire.

Not only will it save you money, but it will also help you save energy and keep your food fresh.

Best Value for Money - Samsung RF27T5501SR

If you don't mind splurging a little for your refrigerator, I recommend this 27.7-Cu. Ft. smart refrigerator from Samsung.

It has many reliable features, like the ice dispenser, deli drawer, and more. On top of that is its ability to help you in the kitchen with its smart technology.

Whether it's to store food or search for a recipe online, this high-tech French door refrigerator is one of the best in the market.

Best Overall - LG ‎LFCS27596S

Suppose you're looking for the best refrigerator, this 27-Cu. Ft. French door fridge from LG is the one for you.

It has an internal ice/water dispenser, a door-in-door design, and all the needed accessories to keep your food fresh and ready to eat.


Finding the best refrigerator for your kitchen doesn't have to be tricky as long as you know your budget and the features your home will need.

Know which will be best for your household, especially with this large investment.