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5 Best Top-Freezer Refrigerators of 2023 | A Full Guide


Best Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Top-freezer refrigerators are BUDGET-FRIENDLY options for moms, homeowners, and kitchen connoisseurs alike.

These refrigerators may not have the fanciest accessories and features. Yet, there are many reasons why people opt for this style.

Specifically, they're best for shoppers on a budget who want more fridge than freezer space. Additionally, it's a good choice for users with little space to spare at home.

If these three things resonate with you while searching for a new fridge, a top-freezer refrigerator could be your best bet!

To simplify your shopping experience, I've reviewed several brands and came up with the five top-freezer refrigerators of 2023.

A top-freezer refrigerator features a freezer compartment at the top of the unit and a fridge compartment at the bottom

Top freezer refrigerators are the most basic fridge models you can purchase. As mentioned, they don't have fancy attachments and features; most are very STRAIGHTFORWARD, yet some offer more spice to their fridge models. 

1. Whirlpool WRT518SZFG 18.2 cubic feet Top Freezer Refrigerator - Best Overall

This 18.2 cubic-foot, stainless steel top freezer from Whirlpool comes first on my list despite not having as many unique features and attachments as the other products listed.

While it lacks a deli drawer and only offers an optional ice maker model, I can say it's justifiable at its LOW PRICE of only $729.

It offers ample storage space for all your groceries, especially with the flexi-slide bins that quickly move side-to-side to make room for taller items.

Additionally, it has two crisper drawers with selectable humidity levels to keep fruits and veggies fresh, plus customizable door bins.

It also features a freezer temperature control that allows you to adjust the cold air in the freezer shelf. Hence, you can use it as an additional refrigerator compartment when you need more space.

The Whirlpool top-freezer also has an electronic temperature control, so you can set your fridge's coolness depending on the food you're storing.

Capacity: 18.2 cubic feet | Dimension: 67.13 x 28 inches (HxW) | Installation depth: Standard depth | Depth: 30.5 inches | Finish: Fingerprint-resistant, stainless steel coating

2. LG LRTLS2403S 20.2 Top-Freezer with Ice Maker - Best Value for Money

This stainless steel LG top-freezer fridge is pricier, but I assure you it's worth every dollar.

It offers a HUGE refrigerator capacity, featuring 24 cubic-foot storage for both the fridge and freezer spaces. It also has an ice maker plus an internal water dispenser — a rare find in most traditional models!

I also like the multi-flow air technology that maintains superior humidity and temperature levels to keep food fresh. Its linear compressor also REDUCES temperature fluctuations.

Food storage in this LG top-freezer model is also impressive. It features spill-proof shelves designed to contain spills in the fresh food section. These glass shelves are also height adjustable, so you can customize them to your liking.

Aside from the adjustable glass shelves, it also offers door-in-door bins, a folding shelving system to fit in taller items, and a 3-tier freezer space.

One major thing that sets it apart from other top-freezer models is its integration with the LG ThinQ app. Yes, it's SMART-ENABLED! This allows you to set the temperature using your smart devices.

Capacity: 23.8 cubic feet | Dimension: 68 x 33 inches (HxW) | Installation depth: Standard depth | Depth: 34 inches (excluding handles) | Finish: Fingerprint-resistant, stainless steel coating

3. LG LTCS20020S Top Freezer Refrigerator w/ Multi-Air Flow and Reversible Door - Best Energy-Efficient

This 20 cubic-foot stainless steel fridge from LG is your best bet if you want to go for ADDITIONAL STORAGE SPACE.

It has two crisper drawers with superior humidity and temperature controls, adjustable shelves, and 2-gallon door bins.

Additionally, its reversible door lets you decide if a left or right door swing fits your space and minimizes installation issues.

I can also say that this fridge is thoughtfully designed since it features contoured doors, hidden hinges, bright LED lighting, and other great internal features, which make it look and feel sophisticated. 

It is also equipped with a digital sensor and smart diagnosis to consistently monitor the conditions of the fridge, maintain its cool temperature, and even help you troubleshoot issues.

Capacity: 20.2 cubic feet | Dimension: 65.5 x 29.75 inches (HxW) | Installation depth: Standard depth | Depth: 33.8 inches (excluding handles) | Finish: Stainless steel

4. Frigidaire FFHT1425VV 13.9 cubic feet Top Freezer Refrigerator - Best for Small Spaces

If you live in a small home and don't need as much storage space, this 13-cubic-foot stainless steel fridge from Frigidaire is your best choice. 

For a $500 fridge, you get two full-width glass shelves, a half-width deli drawer to store your meat products, and humidity-controlled crisper drawers

It also has three full-width racks for door storage, a glass shelf for the freezer, and two freezer door racks to store all your frozen foods. 

The EvenTemp technology on this fridge also ensures that its airflow is evenly optimized for a consistent temperature. 

Capacity: 13.9 cubic-foot capacity (10.0 cu. ft. fridge and 3.9 cu. ft. frozen foods) | Dimension: 59.88 x 27.63 inches (H x W) | Installation depth: Standard depth | Depth: 31.25 inches | Finish: Stainless steel

5. GE GIE18GSNRSS 17.5 Cu. Ft. 28-Inch Top-Freezer Refrigerator - Best for Ice Maker Feature

This top-notch appliance stands out from the crowd with its functionality and convenience, setting a high standard in the refrigerator market. Let's delve into exploring the attributes, qualities, and benefits of this product.

GE GIE18GSNRSS defies the norms of top-freezer refrigerators by coming with a factory-installed ice maker. This automatic, energy-conscious system generates ice into a convenient storage bin, a feature often seen in appliances priced considerably higher.

The spaciousness of this model is undeniable, allocating 17.5 cubic feet of storage space in an intuitive design that maximizes utility. The lower section offers a hefty 13.49 cubic feet for fresh foods, with ample room in two crispers, a deli drawer, a butter keeper, and versatile shelves and door bins. The top section, designed for frozen goods, includes an adjustable wire shelf, allowing you to bifurcate the 4 cubic feet space to suit your needs.

Aesthetics are given due consideration with four available finishes; modern slate, as well as the more traditional black, white, and stainless steel. These choices allow for seamless integration with any kitchen décor.

To top it all off, this unit is Energy Star certified, marking it as an energy-efficient appliance designed to reduce environmental impact and save on utility bills.

Despite the numerous beneficial attributes, the GE GIE18GSNRSS Refrigerator is somewhat on the expensive side, which might deter a cost-conscious customer. Additionally, it would have added value if this model was designed to be garage-friendly, increasing the utility factor even more.

Capacity: 17.5 cubic feet | Dimension: 67.38 x 28 inches (HxW) | Installation depth: Standard depth | Depth: 30.5 inches (excluding handles) | Finish: Stainless steel

Which Top-Freezer Refrigerator Is Best for Your Needs?

The table below provides a comprehensive comparison of the best Top-Freezer Refrigerators for 2023. It outlines essential details, including capacity, dimensions, installation depth, depth (measured in inches), and finish, for each notable model.

Top-Freezer RefrigeratorsCapacityDimensionInstallation DepthDepthFinish
Whirlpool WRT518SZFG18.2 cubic feet67.13 x 28 inches (HxW)Standard depth30.5 inchesFingerprint-resistant, stainless steel coating
LG LRTLS2403S23.8 cubic feet68 x 33 inches (HxW)Standard depth34 inches (excluding handles)Fingerprint-resistant, stainless steel coating
LG LTCS20020S20.2 cubic feet65.5 x 29.75 inches (HxW)Standard depth33.8 inches (excluding handles)Stainless steel
Frigidaire FFHT1425VV13.9 cubic feet59.88 x 27.63 inches (H x W)Standard depth31.25 inchesStainless steel
GE GIE18GSNRSS17.5 cubic feet67.38 x 28 inches (HxW)Standard depth30.5 inchesStainless steel

What is a Top-Freezer Refrigerator?

As previously mentioned, top-freezer refrigerators feature a freezer compartment at the top of the unit and a fridge at the bottom — they're the most similar to traditional styles of refrigerators and come in counter-depth and standard sizes.

Top-freezer fridges are straightforward, simple, and budget-friendly. Most top-freezer models don't include as many attachments and special features as other options.

A top-freezer refrigerator offers adjustable shelves, compartments, storage bins, and LED lighting. It also offers MORE FRIDGE SPACE than freezer shelf space.

Benefits of Top-Freezer Refrigerators

Despite its straightforward design and functionality, many prefer purchasing a top-freezer model for their homes.

If you're looking for more reasons why you should go for top-freezer fridges, here are some of the benefits these models offer:

  • Cost-effective - given its simple and traditional style, top-freezer fridge manufacturers didn't spend too much time and resources to re-design these models, making them budget-friendly options for shoppers—most top-freezer refrigerators' costs range from $600 and $1000. You can already get a decent and highly functional fridge at this price point.
  • Simplistic design - although it doesn't have as many attachments and special features as other refrigerator styles, the simplistic design makes it easier for users to access the freezer and fridge of these models. They're not too complicated to use and don't require the user to bend over to access the fridge and freezer compartments. Additionally, these types of fridges are not difficult to clean and maintain. With fewer repairs and maintenance issues, you're also ensured that your fridge will last long.
  • Space-saving - most top freezer refrigerators are designed to be compact, plus there are counter-depth options to choose from. They are great for users living in small apartments with less room to spare. They're also not difficult to install, unlike other refrigerator styles on the market.
  • Extra storage capacity - if you're looking for a unit that offers ample storage space, a top-freezer fridge might be a good choice. The freezer in some models can even be converted and used as a fridge alone, which means it can provide adequate space to keep food cold and fresh and also makes it a good fit as a second fridge.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Top-Freezer Refrigerator

At this point, you already know why you should (or shouldn't) consider buying a top-freezer fridge for your kitchen, plus great models to choose from, as provided in this list.

But it's still crucial that you know the factors and minute details you shouldn't miss when shopping for the best top freezer refrigerator.

This way, you can choose the model that would fit your and your family's needs. I suggest that you always look for these details to narrow down your choices:


Considering the size of the top freezer fridge is essential in ensuring it will fit your space. Should you get a counter-depth or standard-depth fridge?

While a larger fridge means greater storage capacity, you should note the maximum dimensions your place can cater to.

Hence, before shopping, measure the space where you plan to install your new fridge. Additionally, ensure that it can handle the width of an open-door swing.


Top-freezer models are designed to be smaller and more compact compared to modern styles, such as French door models.

A top freezer has an average storage space of 16 cubic feet for your groceries, with the freezer occupying four cubic feet of this space. You can already picture that this is ideal for smaller family sizes or couples.

High-capacity top freezers offer up to 24 cubic feet and an adjustable shelving system to free up the fridge and provide more storage space. But we can't deny the fact that its capacity is generally limited.


You must also consider your budget when shopping for a new refrigerator. If you are looking for budget-friendly options, you've hit the jackpot; this is probably the best fridge you can get.

Plenty of top-freezer models you can choose from are HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL at a low price. But these don't come with modern features like the others.

The less sophisticated the fridge is, the lower the cost. But, if you're looking for additional attachments and features, like built-in ice makers and a sliding deli drawer, you should expect they'd cost a bit more.


These traditional refrigerators aren't as impressive when it comes to style. Its color options are limited to black, stainless steel, and white. Other brands offer several colorways (black stainless steel, red, and bisque), yet rarely.

The style would also determine how to install the fridge in your home.

Others are meant to sit on your counter (like a counter-depth fridge), making it appear like it's built-in. This is contrary to the standard-depth fridge that needs to sit on the floor.

Energy Efficiency

One of the benefits of top-freezer fridges is energy efficiency because of their freezer placement.

You can also check if the fridge you're eyeing is Energy Star-certified to ensure that the fridge model is indeed energy-saving.

By saving energy, you're not only being eco-friendly. You're also cutting the cost of your utility bills!

Deli Drawer

If you don't know it yet, a deli drawer is used to store meat products to keep them fresh.

This is common in the side-by-side, French door, and bottom fridges but not in traditional models, so adding this to top-freezer models makes it a stand-out feature.

When integrated into top-freezer refrigerators, it mostly features a half-width deli drawer which might not be enough for some. So, try looking for a model that offers a full-width deli drawer.

Flexible Interior Storage System

Freezers are supposed to consistently have low temperatures to maintain the freezing point. Some models allow you to adjust the internal temperature to double as a refrigerator compartment and increase capacity.

From 0, you can crank it up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so it will be cool enough to store food and keep it fresh without freezing it completely.


If your freezer refrigerator has this feature, make sure to give it enough time to adjust to the newly set temperature before stashing in fresh food, extra produce, or leftovers.

Ice Maker

An ice maker is a total giveaway for fridges. Many people like options with a built-in ice maker or those suitable for an ice maker kit. This is a great feature, especially when you like preparing drinks at home.

Having a built-in ice maker in your fridge eliminates the need for separate ice cube trays or the hassle of installing one separately.

Just a heads up; an automatic ice maker is NOT COMMON for top-freezer refrigerators. If you ever find one, you shouldn't be surprised it would cost more than the other top-freezer models.

Temperature Control and Cooling Performance

Temperature control and cooling performance are probably the most important criteria you shouldn't miss.

Obviously, if you're looking for the best top-freezer refrigerator, you should choose one with outstanding cooling performance since that's the primary purpose of a fridge.

Cooling performance is indicated by the EQUAL DISTRIBUTION of cold air in the fridge, compressor performance, and integrated cooling technology.

Warm spots in a fridge are a major red flag, and it's less likely to keep your food fresh for a long time.

Additionally, you should be able to control the temperature to adjust to seasonal temperature swings and maintain the performance of your fridge despite hot weather.

What are the Differences Between a Top Freezer Refrigerator and Bottom Freezer Models?

Top-freezer refrigerators feature a freezer shelf at the uppermost part of the unit, contrary to bottom-freezer refrigerators. However, aside from freezer placement, they also differ in energy consumption.

Top-freezer refrigerators use 10% to 25% LESS ENERGY, making them energy-efficient choices and cheaper to operate. But, if you’re looking for more freezer space, bottom-freezer fridges are the one to go for.

How Long Do Top Freezer Refrigerators Last?

Most freezer fridges are built to last between 10 and 15 years due to their lack of attachments and other features that need frequent maintenance. Compared to modern fridges that last 6 to 8 years, this is a great bargain.

How Much Does a Top Freezer Refrigerator Cost?

An average top freezer costs between $600 and $1000. Other brands and models are a bit cheaper, while the others are more expensive and can exceed $1000.

The price greatly depends on the brand, features, and technology integrated into the fridge.


That's a wrap! I hope you can find the best top freezer of your choice in this article. If not, it's your call! Just remember to consider the important factors when shopping for one.

Feel free to refer to this guide if you have more top-freezer concerns.

Happy shopping!