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9 Best Narrow Fridges: Best Fridges to Fit in Small Spaces

Refrigerators are one of the most expensive appliances you'll need to add to your home. Of course, you'd only want to invest in the best refrigerators.

Best Narrow Fridges

You must look into skinny refrigerators if you have a narrow kitchen space.

Allow me to help you with that. Here are the best narrow fridges I've used and everything you need to know before buying your own.

Listed below are the best narrow fridges:

  • GE GLE12HSPSS Refrigerator: The GE regrigerator prides itself on its total capacity of 11.9 cubic feet, offering commendable holding volume for a compact design, outshining counter-depth models. Drawback: the absence of a built-in ice dispenser.
  • LG Electronics LRTNC0705V Top-freezer Refrigerator: A top-freezer refrigerator that leads in consumption with an impressive 255 kWh per year, affirming its energy-efficiency. Its lack of a reversible door could be seen as a downside compared to other options offering this feature.
  • Liebherr CBS1360X Refrigerator: Liebherr refrigerator is unique for its built-in ice maker ability unlike the LG fridge, adding convenience. Its higher annual energy consumption of 480 kWh might deter the more energy-conscious consumers.
  • Bosch B11CB81SSS 800 Series Refrigerator: The Bosch refrigerator takes an edge over the Liebherr model with its lower energy consumption of 357 kWh per year. The upper shelf height may make accessibility a challenge for some.
  • Blomberg BRFB1051FFBIN Bottom-freezer Refrigerator: The Blomberg BRFB1051FFBIN is a bottom-freezer refrigerator that offers an efficient 8.4 cubic feet total capacity within a compact 22-inch framework. The absence of an ice-maker might deter those who regularly need ice.

1. GE GLE12HSPSS 11.9-Cubic-Foot Refrigerator - Best Overall

This GE refrigerator is my top pick because of how much it can offer while taking up only a small space.

Despite the lack of an ice dispenser, this refrigerator is so outstanding that it's one of the best counter-depth refrigerators among the refs I've tested.

For starters, its internal hinge and reversible door complement its counter-depth design, giving you the freedom to maximize your kitchen space in any way you want.

Open the door of this GE refrigerator, and its varying shelving options can give you endless possibilities for organizing your fresh food.

At first glance, you'll see three door shelves, three main shelves, and two drawers. Each shelf is adjustable, but the internal shelf system also includes a QuickSpace Shelf, which you can slide in to store taller items.

You'll have internal digital controls except for one special drawer. And no, I'm not talking about your crisper drawer here.

Your other storage drawer, apart from your crisper drawer, has adjustable temperature settings separate from the rest of this GE fridge.

If you ask me what I store here, it's usually smaller food items like soft drink cans or deli meat products.

Regarding the freezer space of this GE refrigerator, you'll get two storage space drawers. You can convert one of them into an ice dispenser if you think your household needs one.

However, I didn't. I like this refrigerator as it is already. I use one drawer to store smaller frozen goods while the other is for heavier ones.

This is an ADA-compliant refrigerator, so the elderly in our household have no trouble using this unit.

Dimensions: 70 x 24 x 26.5 inches | Total Capacity: 11.9 cubic feet | Refrigerator Capacity: 7.71 cu. ft | Freezer Capacity: 4.19 cu. ft | Consumption: 405 kWh per year | Ice Maker: None | Garage Ready: No

2. LG Electronics LRTNC0705V 21.87-Inch 7-Cubic-Foot Top-Freezer Refrigerator w/ LED Lighting and Inverter Compressor - Most Energy-Efficient

When you get a skinny fridge, it's not enough to fit through your door. It shouldn't spike your electric bill up as well.

Narrow fridges commonly have a smaller capacity. Having a refrigerator that consumes so much electricity with its small capacity is unreasonable.

Among all the fridges I've tested, I found one of LG's best counter-depth refrigerators to be the most efficient. It's an Energy Star-certified refrigerator, but it doesn't stop there.

It also showcases the Inverter Linear Compressor design of LG Corporation. This feature uses a linear arrangement of an electromagnet to compress the refrigerant automatically. In simpler terms, the non-electric adjuster maximizes performance while using low electricity.

Matching this environmentally-friendly top-freezer refrigerator to the aesthetics of your space won't be a problem. It has a sleek platinum silver finish, a contoured door design, and hidden hinges.

It doesn't compromise on its interiors as well. This top-freezer refrigerator only takes 7 cubic feet of space, but its adjustable storage, door bins, tempered glass shelves, and crisper drawer can maximize this space.

It does not have a reversible door. But you'll only have to ensure its proper orientation in your space. Positioning it won't be a problem since it's one of the narrowest refrigerators I've encountered.

Dimensions: 55.125 x 21.88 x 23 inches | Total Capacity: 6.6 cubic feet | Refrigerator Capacity: 5.05 cubic feet | Freezer Capacity: 1.55 cubic feet | Consumption: 255 kWh per year | Ice Maker: None | Garage Ready: No

3. Liebherr CBS1360X 24-Inch 12-Cubic-Foot Refrigerator - Best Ice Maker

In your search for the best refrigerator, I'm pretty sure you've noticed by now that many skinny refrigerators and counter-depth refrigerators don't have an ice dispenser.

Thankfully, Liebherr addresses this.

This feature was helpful, especially when my kids invited their friends after school. I can easily place as many ice cubes as they'd like onto their coolers.

This bottom-freezer refrigerator's automatic built-in ice dispenser has a fixed water connection to ensure you never run out of ice cubes. It can produce as much as 3.1 pounds within 24 hours while storing 6.6 pounds of cubed ice.

You won't even have to worry about weird-smelling ice here. Its DuoCooling technology keeps the cooling systems of your refrigerator and freezer separate.

If you think having a built-in ice dispenser means having to defrost more often, that's also covered. This skinny refrigerator is one of Liebherr's NoFrost appliances. It uses recirculating air and expels humidity. You won't have to defrost this unit at all.

On top of all these, it is a freestanding refrigerator, meaning you can place it anywhere you'd like in your apartment without being an eyesore.

This fridge may be skinny, but its advanced technology keeps it packed and worth its price. It is one of the few garage-ready refrigerators available, which should tell you something about its value.

Dimensions: 79.56 x 23.56 x 24.81 inches | Total Capacity: 12 cubic feet | Refrigerator Capacity: 8.7 cubic feet | Freezer Capacity: 3.3 cubic feet | Consumption: 480 kWh per year | Ice Maker: One | Garage Ready: Yes

4. Bosch B11CB81SSS 800 Series 23.5-inch 11-Cubic-Foot Refrigerator - Most Storage Space

Ten cubic feet is often enough for narrow fridges since many offer less usable space.

This is why I love this Robert Bosch GmbH counter-depth refrigerator. It offers 11 cubic feet of storage room with convenient storage options illuminated by bright LED lighting.

Aside from having precise electronic temperature controls and a MultiAirFlow system that enhances air circulation for even temperature within your fridge area.

On the other hand, its bottom freezer has SuperFreezing technology, protecting your frozen items from defrosting whenever the door opens.

Since I have kids around, I like how this skinny fridge has door alarms on its reversible doors. This may be a common feature, but Bosch takes it to another level with its other warning alarms, including those for malfunction.

The price of this counter-depth bottom-freezer refrigerator is higher than other units. However, its storage capacity and food-preserving technology make it worth the price.

Dimensions: 78.88 x 23.5 x 23.88 inches | Total Capacity: 11 cubic feet | Refrigerator Capacity: 7.7 cubic feet | Freezer Capacity: 3.3 cubic feet | Consumption: 357 kWh per year | Ice Maker: One | Garage Ready: No

5. Blomberg BRFB1051FFBIN 22-Inch 8.4-Cubic-Foot Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Best Width

Even with a narrow kitchen space, you can still have room for a fridge.

Take it from me. I used this narrow yet reliable appliance while living in my solo apartment.

This Blomberg refrigerator effectively maximizes vertical space when you can't do much about horizontal space. What this appliance lacks in width, it makes up with its height, design, and technology.

Its bright digital display gives you the precise settings you need to control the refrigeration of your fresh and frozen items.

This refrigerator may be narrow, but it doesn't combine the cooling and humidity systems of your fridge and freezer in any way. What you get here is efficiency not only in terms of electric consumption but also in refrigeration.

Dimensions: 69.88 x 21.88 x 21.63 inches | Total Capacity: 8.4 cubic feet | Refrigerator Capacity: 6.1 cubic feet | Freezer Capacity: 2.3 cubic feet | Consumption: 387 kWh per year | Ice Maker: None | Garage Ready: No

6. Whirlpool URB551WNGZ 24-Inch 11.3-Cubic-Foot Refrigerator - Best Freestanding

I love how I can position this fridge from Whirlpool Corporation anywhere!

Both its front and rear are finished, allowing me to place them at the end of my cabinetry and into the surrounding cabinetry.

This was our first refrigerator when we moved into our home, and it easily matched the interiors of our kitchen then.

Its counter-depth design can fit virtually flush with our countertop giving me more space to move around in the kitchen.

When you look inside, this fridge has frameless glass shelves. Cleaning them was always a breeze for me.

If you want this in your home, you should know that its flat and smooth doors are reversible. This gives you additional freedom to orient this appliance in any way you want.

Dimensions: 74.5 x 23.5 x 27.94 inches | Total Capacity: 11.3 cubic feet | Refrigerator Capacity: 7.88 cubic feet | Freezer Capacity: 3.43 cubic feet | Consumption: 396 kWh per year | Ice Maker: None | Garage Ready: No

7. Galanz GLR10TBKEFR 27-Inch 10-Cubic-Foot Top-Freezer Refrigerator - Best Design

Don't you love how this fridge looks? I know I do.

This Galanz refrigerator has a retro-style design that extends up to the details of its handles and top-freezer build.

Its exterior may be retro, but its interior can still match modern refrigerators.

Aside from being frost-free, this refrigerator has an adjustable thermostat in addition to its adjustable shelves.

It even has a large-capacity crisper drawer that can keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for days.

This top-freezer refrigerator does not have a brushed steel finish. But any of its black, white, red, and blue finishes can spice up any tight kitchen.

Dimensions: 61.81 x 27.48 x 23.74 inches | Total Capacity: 9.84 cubic feet | Refrigerator Capacity: 7.42 cubic feet | Freezer Capacity: 2.42 cubic feet | Consumption: 292 kWh per year | Ice Maker: None | Garage Ready: No

8. LG LTNC11131V 24-Inch 11.1-Cubic-Foot Top-Freezer Refrigerator - Best Counter-Depth

Here's another one of LG's counter-depth refrigerators with great functionality.

This top-freezer fridge isn't only a skinny fridge. It is also a counter-depth fridge with a sleek design.

Starting with its exteriors, it has a contoured platinum door and curved door handles. This gives your kitchen a modern touch that isn't telling of this refrigerator's affordable price.

Even the interior space is brightened by LED lamp lighting, showcasing this refrigerator's four interior shelves and four-door bins.

This higher count of door bins helps you better organize your condiments, eggs, bottles, and small items while offering easy access.

This appliance may not have a built-in ice maker like high-end models on the market, but it offers great functionality and versatility you can benefit from daily.

Dimensions: 66.5 x 24 x 26 inches | Total Capacity: 11.1 cubic feet | Refrigerator Capacity: 8.49 cubic feet | Freezer Capacity: 2.62 cubic feet | Consumption: 339 kWh per year | Ice Maker: None | Garage Ready: No

9. Magic Chef HMDR1000ST 23.6-Inch 10.1-Cubic-Foot Top-Freezer Refrigerator - Best Budget

When you have a small kitchen all for yourself, you probably won't need many of the added features of the high-end models.

If so, get this Magic Chef top-freezer refrigerator and stick to your budget.

Even with its low price point, you can enjoy an above-average capacity of 10 cubic feet with this refrigerator.

It is a freestanding refrigerator with a reversible door to conveniently position it anywhere in your space.

What I love about this top-freezer refrigerator is how it seems to be designed for solo living.

It cools quickly, so you can plug it in even when you're just about to store your groceries.

On top of this, it also has an automatic defroster to save you from the effort and mess of manual defrosting.

If you ask me whether this appliance is reliable, I'd say it is, given its price.

Dimensions: 59.4 x 23.6 x 25.2 inches | Total Capacity: 10.1 cubic feet | Refrigerator Capacity: 7.4 cubic feet | Freezer Capacity: 2.7 cubic feet | Consumption: 297 kWh per year | Ice Maker: None | Garage Ready: No

What is the Best Narrow Fridge to Fit in Small Spaces?

If you're seeking the best narrow fridge that offers optimal space-saving, the table below compares dimensions measured in inches, total capacity measured in cubic feet, refrigerator capacity measured in cubic feet, freezer capacity measured in cubic feet, energy consumption in kilowatt-hours per year, whether an ice maker is included, and if they are garage-ready.

Top Narrow RefrigeratorsDimensionsTotal CapacityRefrigerator CapacityFreezer CapacityConsumptionIce MakerGarage Ready
GE GLE12HSPSS Refrigerator70 x 24 x 26.5 inches11.9 cubic feet7.71 cubic feet4.19 cubic feet405 kWh per yearNoneNo
LG Electronics Top-Freezer Refrigerator55.125 x 21.88 x 23 inches6.6 cubic feet5.05 cubic feet1.55 cubic feet255 kWh per yearNoneNo
Liebherr Top-Freezer Refrigerator79.56 x 23.56 x 24.81 inches12 cubic feet8.7 cubic feet3.3 cubic feet480 kWh per yearOneYes
Bosch 800 Series Refrigerator78.88 x 23.5 x 23.88 inches11 cubic feet7.7 cubic feet3.3 cubic feet357 kWh per yearOneNo
Blomberg Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator69.88 x 21.88 x 21.63 inches8.4 cubic feet6.1 cubic feet2.3 cubic feet387 kWh per yearNoneNo
Whirlpool Refrigerator74.5 x 23.5 x 27.94 inches11.3 cubic feet7.88 cubic feet3.43 cubic feet396 kWh per yearNoneNo
Galanz Top-Freezer Refrigerator61.81 x 27.48 x 23.74 inches9.84 cubic feet7.42 cubic feet2.42 cubic feet292 kWh per yearNoneNo
LG Top-Freezer Refrigerator66.5 x 24 x 26 inches11.1 cubic feet8.49 cubic feet2.62 cubic feet339 kWh per yearNoneNo
Magic Top-Freezer Refrigerator59.4 x 23.6 x 25.2 inches10.1 cubic feet7.4 cubic feet2.7 cubic feet297 kWh per yearNoneNo

Buying Guide for the Best Narrow Fridges

It's not enough for the best skinny refrigerators to fit your narrow kitchen space. Be an informed consumer and know what to look for when purchasing.

Storage Capacity

Your skinny fridge should not only fit in your kitchen. It should have convenient storage space inside to fit your groceries.

This is another dimension you should look into.

Many models have less than 10 cubic feet of space. That means less storage for you. Models with at least 10 cubic feet of storage have enough room for the weekly groceries of one or two people.

Is It Energy-efficient?

Look into skinny refrigerators with an Energy Star certification. They are at least 9 percent more energy efficient than those that meet the state efficiency requirement.

In short, you can save money on your electricity bills by using these models.

Top-freezer or Bottom-freezer Fridge?

They're likely not skinny if you're searching for the best side-by-side refrigerators. Most skinny fridges have freezer compartments on top or at the bottom of their refrigerator compartments.

Get a top-freezer refrigerator if you want more door storage. In contrast, get a bottom-freezer refrigerator if you want easier organization. Click here for the best bottom-freezer refrigerators.

Style and Finish

Common color options for the front of your fridge are black, white, and stainless steel. More expensive skinny fridges can have a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish.

Get a freestanding unit if you want to reposition your fridge. Choose a built-in unit if you want a seamless kitchen interior design.

Shelves and Cabinets

Your skinny refrigerator's shelves, drawers, and door bins help with your storage options.

Many skinny refrigerators on the market come with adjustable shelves. These shelves are easy to configure to give you more space. Through this, you won't need to add another home appliance dedicated to storage.

Here's a tip to maximize your fridge space. Use magnets or clips to hang your herbs, small bags, and condiments on the shelves and walls of your refrigerator.

Does It Have an Ice Maker?

Bigger refrigerators usually have external water dispensers outside the door that doubles as ice makers. In the case of skinny refrigerators, you can find the built-in ice maker inside the freezer.

This may be convenient but can also take up space for frozen items.

Is It Garage-ready?

A garage-ready skinny fridge can still operate and maintain its internal temperature even in uneven temperatures.

The garage is a perfect semi-outdoor space that can become hot or cold anytime. This gives you a good gauge of the durability of your appliance.

How are Energy Star models different?

Energy Star models are different because they meet strict standards for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. These products typically use less energy, saving consumers money on energy bills while protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How wide are small refrigerators?

The width of small refrigerators typically ranges between 15 to 24 inches, but the exact measurement depends on the model and manufacturer. Always check the specific product specifications for precise measurements.

Do narrow refrigerators cost more money?

Narrow refrigerators don't necessarily cost more money. The cost depends on various factors including brand, features, size, energy efficiency, and materials used. While some narrow models may be more expensive due to these factors, others may be quite affordable. Always check the product's exact price and features.

With the narrow refrigerators I've discussed, my top pick might not be yours, and that's okay.

Choose the best narrow fridge that fits your kitchen space and, more importantly, your needs. Consider how often you do your groceries and what items you want to store in your refrigerator.

You'll want a narrow fridge that seamlessly fits your kitchen and lifestyle.