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Pros and Cons Of A Counter-Depth Refrigerator: Is It Good?

If you're looking for one of the best refrigerators, we're sure you've spotted a counter-depth fridge somewhere along the way.

Pros and Cons of a Counter Depth Refrigerator

Many people are considering a counter-depth refrigerator because of its impressive looks and features. This alone might be enough to convince you to get one now.

But before making that big purchase, you need to know the pros and cons of a counter-depth refrigerator. This helps you decide if it's really the best fridge for you.

Pros of Counter-Depth Refrigerators

Pros of Counter-Depth Refrigerators
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We've noticed a lot of benefits to using counter-depth refrigerators. Because of this, trading them even for the best mini freezers is a hard task.

Before buying a counter-depth fridge, we've listed some of our favorite features about them, which we know you'll also love.

1. A Streamlined Look

Counter-depth fridges give your existing space a clean and seamless look. They hardly stand out, plus their dimensions are typically flush with your kitchen counter.

This is a clear winner for people who want a uniform-looking kitchen design. The last thing you'll have to worry about is trying to fit it in your kitchen without doing a major redecoration. 

2. Offers the Most Capacity

One of the first things we look for in a fridge is its storage capacity. In general, the bigger it is, the better.

The beauty of counter-depth refrigerators is that they look very unassuming on the outside. You wouldn't expect it to have a ton of storage inside!

This is perfect for big families who need a lot of space to store their treats and leftovers.

3. Seamless and Space-saving Design

Most counter-depth refrigerators come in a uniform design that suits any house's interior space. This helps improve traffic flow in your kitchen and prevent it from looking cramped.

Based on our observations, we noticed that counter-depth refrigerators are also perfect even for small apartments. It doesn't take up too much space, which might not be what you normally expect.

4. Wider Than Standard-Depth Version

We've all been in this tricky situation where we had to dig several inches deep in our fridge to access what we needed. Let's admit this is a hassle, especially if you're pressed for time.

With counter-depth refrigerators, this will be the last of your problems. The fridge is several inches wider rather than deep in-depth so that you can have better access to your refrigerator's contents.

5. Easier to See Fridge Contents

Finally, to tie everything together, a counter-depth refrigerator lets you see the contents of your fridge without taking everything apart. You can see where everything is at first glance.

This scores big plus points for us, especially since we always rush to grab a snack before running late for work.

Cons of a Counter Depth Refrigerator
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Cons of Counter-Depth Refrigerators

Now that we've discussed the pros, it's equally important for you to know the cons of counter-depth refrigerators.

Knowing the cons ensures you know what you're up against when choosing a counter-depth fridge over the standard depth fridge.

1. Not as Deep as Standard Versions

Some people prefer a deeper fridge to a wider one —and we understand where this preference comes from. A deeper fridge gives the appearance of more storage capacity.

There is some truth behind this, but the size difference isn't drastic. At the end of the day, the choice rests upon the style and storage capacity you prefer.

2. More Expensive Than Other Refrigerators

Unfortunately, most counter-depth fridges come with a pretty steep price tag. This can be very off-putting for some, especially those working with a budget.

People have to pay this trade-off when they want a streamlined look in the kitchen and an aesthetically-pleasing space to cook in.

3. Less Freezer Space

One of the reasons why we would trade a counter-depth fridge for a standard one is probably because of its freezer space. Unfortunately, standard fridges offer more inches of space which we need in our house.

Usually, the freezer compartment of a counter-depth fridge is found on the bottom. The space is adequate, but it feels limiting if you have many goods to store.

4. Shallower Depth Can be Limiting

Shallow-depth fridges limit the size of items we can put inside.

Based on our experience, fitting cartons of canned drinks and eggs is easy. But for whole fruits like watermelon, that's where the problem starts.

In some cases, fitting cake boxes can also be challenging. Standard refrigerators offer more clearance than counter-depth ones.

5. May Not Fit Into Existing Fridge Space

In general, most counter-depth fridges can fit any space. However, there will be certain instances when your apartment may need to be fitted for this type of fridge.

It may align with the cabinet depth, but the fridge might be too wide. We always recommend checking the counter depth refrigerator dimensions to see if it fits your kitchen.

What Are Different Types of Counter-Depth Refrigerators?
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What Are Different Types of Counter-Depth Refrigerators?

There are different types of counter-depth refrigerators to choose from. Knowing what these are can help you find the best refrigerator.

French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator

French door-style refrigerators are a classic. This type of refrigerator commonly has two french doors on the upper half of the refrigerator and freezer drawers at the bottom.

The door configurations usually open outwards, giving you instant access to the contents of your fridge. This type of appliance is generally perfect for homes with limited floor space.

This appliance doesn't differ from the standard fridge, apart from its wide size. They function the same way, and this appliance can last you many good years.

Side-By-Side Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Side-by-side refrigerators have full-length doors. They don't require complicated installation procedures, and you can plug them straight to use them.

One door is the freezer, and the other half for the refrigerator. These refrigerators have an even amount of storage on both sides, which could be a good thing or not for some people.

Refrigerators of this type typically come in a narrow build than your standard fridges. It maximizes height over width, perfect for cramped apartments.

Top-Freezer Counter-Depth Refrigerator

As its name suggests, the freezer for these models is at the top. We usually find the freezer space to be a bit lacking, and we can only fit a few frozen goods at a time.

The refrigerator space is pretty decent, depending on the model you choose. Some models are short, which doesn't provide too much space.

Thankfully, more models are coming out with an equal distribution between the top and lower drawers. Knowing how to maximize the space is important.

Bottom-Freezer Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Bottom freezers are the opposite of top freezers. It usually has a single door for the main refrigerator and a bottom drawer for frozen goods.

The single-door refrigerator is convenient because accessing your goods is much easier. The struggle is usually with fitting all the frozen goods in the compartment below.

Most bottom freezers are usually deep in depth, which still lets you store many things. However, it can be challenging to dig through the contents of your refrigerator at times.

What Is a Counter-Depth Refrigerator?

Counter-depth refrigerators have been a favorite appliance at home for a few years. It doesn't require any difficult maintenance procedure and doesn't stick out on the edge of your counters.

Counter-depth refrigerators have the same depth as your kitchen cabinets. This creates a seamless and streamlined look in the kitchen, which many people love.

Some counter-depth fridges fit spaces like a glove as if custom-made — and this is exactly one of the reasons why we prefer this over a standard-depth fridge.

Its edge-to-edge appearance helps create a clean look which I know you want to stick with at home.

Although there may be instances where there are several inches past the counter depth design (which isn't usually a deal breaker), it still gives it that built-in fridge look we're after.

What Is the Difference Between Counter-Depth and Standard Depth?

Dimensions are the only difference between a counter-depth and a standard-depth fridge.

Counter-depth fridges are generally wider and shallower than the standard fridge, making it look like they're built into your kitchen.

This type of refrigerator is usually aligned with the cabinet depth, which is perfect if you want to create a uniform appearance.

On the other hand, a standard-depth refrigerator tends to be bigger and bulkier than most appliances. It's ideal for homes that have a large existing space.

Notwithstanding this, small apartments can also use a standard-depth refrigerator, especially if they want more storage.

Counter-Depth Refrigerator FAQs

  • Before we leave with our parting words, we’ll answer some of the FAQs we always get about counter-depth refrigerators. Keep reading because you might find the information useful.

  • Who Should Consider a Counter-Depth Refrigerator?

    There could be a few reasons why you’d want a counter-depth refrigerator, and we’ve listed some of them here:

    • If you want to give your kitchen a seamless and high-end look;
    • If you want your refrigerator to line properly with your cabinetry; and
    • If you’re looking for a new appliance to match and look built-in during your home renovation.
  • How Much Do Counter-Depth Refrigerators Cost?

    We can’t put a specific price tag on counter-depth fridges. But one thing’s for sure, they’re more costly than a standard depth fridge.

    This is the trade-off you need to be willing to pay if you want a refrigerator with advanced and modern features.

    There are many different models, each featuring neat features that can change how you use your fridge.

  • Do You Lose Space With a Counter-Depth Refrigerator?

    You do not lose space with counter-depth fridges. If at all, you’ve saved space with these types of appliances. They’re usually smaller than the normal refrigerator, perfect for small apartments.

    Although you’ll only save several inches of space, it still is worth something. The space you save can be used as a pull-out cabinet for snacks or condiments!

  • Are All Counter Depth Refrigerators the Same Size?

    Not all counter-depth refrigerators have the same size. Some refrigerator appliances may be wider than others, and some align perfectly with your cabinets.

    Despite the varying sizes, finding the right style for your home won’t be a problem. There are many models out there to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

  • Pros and Cons of a Counter Depth Refrigerator Conclusion
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    Counter-depth fridges are one of the best kitchen appliances you can get today. It can look seamless in any room, making it look like you've got a streamlined look at home.

    In the long run, this translates to better traffic flow and makes your fridge look like it was built in!

    Feel free to check out our take on the best electric kettles in the market. Who knows, you might just be convinced to take home another new kitchen appliance.