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What To Do If Crockpot Blinking Red Light? | A Full Guide

If your crockpot starts blinking a red light, it indicates something is wrong.

What To Do If Crockpot Blinking Red Light

Holding down the select and power buttons for 30 seconds while the slow cooker is plugged in may be necessary to reset it. After that, you should unplug the device and re-plug it.

However, if this doesn't resolve the issue, we also have more advice for what to do if your crockpot's red light starts blinking.

Surely, you'll get your crock pot back up and running in no time - continue reading this website article!

What Happens When a Crockpot Has a Blinking Light?

What Happens When a Crockpot Has a Blinking Light?
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Depending on the model, a blinking light could mean several things, including a power outage, overheating, a broken lid, or a fault with the control panel.

When a crockpot (or any other electric home appliance) is in standby or sleep mode, the power light on the appliance likewise blinks or flashes.

The power light only indicates no power going to any of its heating functions. Therefore, a power light blinking may also indicate that its power-saving mode is active.

By pressing a button on the high or low setting of the crockpot, you may, however, end the power-saving mode.

A crockpot with a blinking light typically means an appliance issue.

Similar to how you need a slow cooker size guide before purchasing a new crockpot, it's vital to figure out why your pot lights turn red when you use them.

Ignoring the problem may result in the crockpot malfunctioning or perhaps posing a safety risk.

How to Fix Crock Pot Power Light Blinking?

The Best Small Crock Pots are equipped with built-in sensors to enhance the cooking experience of most.

And because they are electronic equipment, they are prone to issues.

In this section, we'll guide you through some simple steps to troubleshoot and fix the problem so you can get back to cooking your favorite food or meal.

1. Do Not Use Your Crock Pot if You Notice the Power Light Blinking

Safety should always be a top priority when fixing a slow cooker or crockpot because it is a kitchen stove or appliance dealing with an electrical system, heat, and potentially heavy or sharp iron parts.

A slow cooker can be hazardous to most people if it functions incorrectly.

For example, an electrical short could cause an electric shock, or a broken lid could cause hot liquids to spill and cause burns.

Therefore, following the manufacturer's instructions carefully when repairing a slow cooker or consulting a professional electrician first thing is important.

Safety always comes first, so only attempt easy solutions within your knowledge or skill level.

2. Check the Outlet You Plug Into

Check the outlet you're plugging it into.

The outlet might malfunction, making the crockpot or its lights blink. Ensure any removable cords or plug you use are in good working order and have no blown fuses or faulty connections.

Try to plug another device into an adjacent outlet to determine if it's working correctly or if the plug source is powered.

If the other plugged device does not work, you must repair or replace the outlet.

In most cases (for most people), after they plug in another new appliance like a mixer, blender, or iron - and it works, the outlet is not the issue.

Try the next troubleshooting step.

3. Plug the Crock Pot Back in if It's Unplugged

If you had previously unplugged your crockpot and now see the power light blinking, try plugging it back in.

The crock pot power light may keep blinking due to an electrical failure or a loose connection; reconnecting the crockpot after disconnecting it usually fixes the issue.

Before turning the crockpot on, ensure the socket plug is operational, and the lid is securely seated.

If the blinking light persists, move on to other troubleshooting steps or contact the manufacturer or a qualified electrician.

4. Reset Your Circuit Breaker

It may be time to reset your circuit breaker.

Sometimes a high temperature, energy surge, or electrical overload can cause the circuit breaker to trip, which can affect the performance of your crockpot.

Locate your fuses and identify the breaker that controls the outlet. Turn the breaker off, wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on.

This will reset the circuit breaker and may resolve the issue with your crockpot.

5. Reset Your Outlet Switch

If none of the previous troubleshooting tips still worked, you may need to reset your outlet switch, as there might be no energy going to any of its heating functions.

Some outlets have a built-in plug that can trip and cause the crock pot power light to blink.

To reset and stop the blinking lights, locate the outlet plug and look for a small switch on the faceplate. After, please turn it off and wait a few seconds before turning it back on.

6. Replace Your Outlet Switch/Fuse

The outlet switch/fuse replacement is your final hope to personally fix your slow cooker and continue your cooking experiences.

Your wall socket contains the fuse that powers your slow cooker.

A broken switch/fuse could result in electrical short and loose connections (breakers tripped) that would impair the crockpot's functionality.

Find the socket where your crockpot's plug is, unplug it, then carefully remove the faceplate.

Look for any evidence of damage, such as burning, charring, or corrosion, on your new appliance.

Replace the wall plug with a new one of the same rating if you see any damage.

Carefully turn off the electricity at the source before making repairs.

Crockpot Red Light FAQs

  • This FAQ will explore common questions and easy solutions to help you troubleshoot, explain, answer confusions, maintain, and save your slow cookers!

  • Why Is My Crock Pot Power Light Blinking?

    The crockpot power light blinks when the unit has been plugged in, but it’s not turned on.

    However, several reasons can cause the lights to flicker, including:

    • Loose connections
    • A defective extension cord or power strip
    • Breakers tripped
    • Malfunctioning thermostat
    • Overheating or hot crockpot temperature
    • Wrong wirings or wiring overload
    • Problem with the electrical system in your home

    The crock pot power light may also keep flashing if there has recently been an electricity spike or outage.

  • Should I Consult a Professional to Fix the Blinking Light Problem?

    If you have tried several basic troubleshooting to save your cooker and none works, YES, YOU SHOULD.

    Although following some troubleshooting steps, such as checking the socket and the adjacent outlet, resetting the circuit breakers or control, or replacing the extension cord or power strip, you may be able to fix the issue of your power light blinking.

    Like the best broiler pans, crock pots are designed to cook food at a low temperature over an extended period, making them a convenient and easy way to prepare food and meals.

    However, if a crock pot is not functioning correctly, it can be hazardous to the user.

    Note also that if the crockpot is still under warranty, attempting repairs yourself may throw away or void the warranty.

    If the power light blinking problem persists, it’s best to contact the manufacturer or a qualified electrician for an answer.

  • What To Do If Crockpot Blinking Red Light Conclusion
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    Don't let blinking or flashing red lights on your crockpot spoil your cooking plans!

    It may be concerning, but worry less and follow the above steps.

    So, whether you need to check the outlet, plug and unplug, reset the circuit breakers, or replace the removable cords, don't hesitate to take action and get your crockpot back in top shape.

    For cracked pot concerns, you may check our website for a Can I Use A Cracked Crock Pot? article.