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Author: Dylla Setyadji

Dylla Setyadji | Art Lead

Dylla is the lead artist on Homesthetics, she breathes illustrations and painting daily whilst occupying the position of lead illustrator on The Journey and studying architecture full time.From a simple sketch with mechanical pencils or colored pencils up to the latest stylus for digital artists, all go through Dylla’s hands as she is responsible for putting the drawing, painting and digital illustration gear to the test and fact-checking all the artistic content on the platform.Dylla’s illustrations are characterized by a sensible, delicate line and balanced pastel colors but surely you have noticed that by now in her work on the website.In her free time, Dylla enjoys playing musical instruments and knitting.
  • Art Lead on Homesthetics since 2021
  • Lead Illustrator at The Journey
  • Digital Art, Drawing and Painting Expert
Dylla’s sensible approach to drawing, painting and illustration is backed by 5 years of experience between different mediums from painting to graphic design . With a passion for exploring the new in all illustration mediums, Dylla is always eager to learn new techniques and push the boundaries of her craft. Her expertise ranges from pastels, watercolor and oil paint all the way to her sensible interpretation of digital art, digital watercolor interpretation that has caught the hearts of many on the Journey.Initially self-taught and driven, Dylla has always looked to improve her skills and create stunning works of art and thus she went forward to study architecture, adding technical drawing and detail drawing to her field of expertise. Composition, color balance and drawing principles studied in architecture school have only rounded her ever-growing skill set.
About Homesthetics
Homesthetics is a MKR.S Media brand, a website that promotes practical, down-to-earth designs and aesthetics with sustainable values in all their shapes and sizes. Learn more about us and our editorial practices and please contact us if you would like to see something reviewed on Homesthetics, our team of certified experts will answer your query with utmost care as soon as possible.
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Dylla Setyadji

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