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9 Best Online Art Supply Stores | A Complete Guide

BLICK Art Materials has a huge collection of art supplies at competitive prices with dedicated sections for educators and instructors. Utrecht Art is another art supplies online store with a large product range, easy to use website, and useful tips and tricks.

Best Online Art Supply Stores

When it comes to art, the quality of artwork depends as much on the tools as on the artists' skills. That is why it is crucial to put in a lot of effort when searching for the right supplies. But with such a large number of online stores, determining which one to shop from can be tricky.

Today I've reviewed some of the best options in this guide to help you out.

Best Online Art Supply Stores

Best Online Art Supply Stores
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1. BLICK Art Materials

BLICK Art Materials

BLICK Art Materials is one of the leading online stores specializing in art supplies. According to Newsweek, it is the best online shop for art supplies with excellent customer service. The store has a huge collection of art supplies, including watercolor paint, acrylic paint, oil paint, canvas and other painting surfaces, brushes, and more.

These are available at competitive prices, and you can also find some great deals. Besides the wide range of products, BLICK Art Materials has a dedicated section containing art resources like lesson plans for educators working in the field. And there is another section from where institutions like schools can buy supplies.

Navigating the website is quite easy as the different product categories are mentioned in a bar at the top. Additionally, there is a menu at the top left from where you can access the various sections, such as the learning resources and school discounts.

If you require assistance, customer service links are provided at the bottom. You can go through various FAQs, find out the pricing and return policy, and even request a product catalog.

2. Utrecht Art

Utrecht Art

Another excellent option for those looking to buy art supplies online is Utrecht Art, an art supplies manufacturer working in the industry since 1949. This manufacturer focuses on providing high-quality products for both professional artists and hobbyists.

Like the previous option I mentioned, the Utrecht Art online store lists the various categories of products at the top. These include paint products, canvas and painting bases, brushes, paper boards, etc. The product selection is extensive, and the products are some of the safest you can find.

In addition, a search box at the top right makes it easy to search for specific products. You can find links to gift cards, deals, and clearance sales on the right side.

The online art supplies store also supports artists through its featured artists section. Furthermore, you can consult with art experts directly through the website to learn new tips and tricks or clear doubts.

What I like most about this art materials store, however, is the deals section, which highlights some of the best offers and deals available at the store.

3. Cheap Joe's Art Stuff

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff is an online art supplies store that does things differently. It showcases new deals every week, allowing visitors to enjoy huge savings. The various product categories, such as paints, brushes, papers, canvas, and others, are present at the top.

Other than that, the checkout process is one of the easiest I've come across. You can click the cart button at the top to proceed to the checkout page, which lists all selected items. This makes purchases streamlined and quick.

Some of the most popular art supplies purchased by customers from the store are highlighted below. And new arrivals are mentioned under that section, while most products have reviews that you can check out, which can help make it easy to select suitable options.

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff has a dedicated blog section containing tricks and tips, and you can even check out some free art lessons using the YouTube links provided on the store. The contact information, including the email address, office address, and phone number, are all provided at the bottom.

4. Jerry's Artarama

Jerry's Artarama

Proceeding onward with this list of online art supply stores, I bring you Jerry's Artarama, which has some of the best art supplies for professional and casual use. Important links like contact information and order status are present at the top and there is a live chat option, which can be handy if you require assistance.

The best products available on the site, such as sketch markers and sets, brushes, canvas, etc., are showcased in the center. Products are separated into categories, and their links are provided at the top for easy access. You can select from painting surfaces, paints, brushes, easels, and even artist studio furniture.

One reason why this is such a popular art supplies store is that the prices are very competitive. And the online art supplies store regularly holds sales on various items, which can reduce the prices even further.

You can also check out some great art ideas using the link to the blog provided below. This section even contains free art video lessons, offering over 12,000 hours of content.

5. Plaza Art

Plaza Art

Plaza Art is a platform frequented by artists and hobbyists looking for affordable art supplies. With an overall blue color scheme that is easy on the eyes, this art supplies online store lists the product categories at the top, below a large search bar. This makes it easy to search for specific products from the large selection that includes brushes, canvas, frames, pads, and more.

In addition to the wide range of items, I recommend buying art supplies online from this store because it offers free shipping on orders over $69, though there may be some exceptions. Plaza Art also has a brick-and-mortar store from where you can pick up the items ordered online.

You can find art supplies from some of the most famous names in the industry at the store, including Winsor and Newton, Gamblin, Sakura, etc. at reasonable prices. One of the sections I found most useful was the custom picture framing option, where you can find all types of frames, including mat, glass, and others.

6. Mister Art

Mister Art

Whether you need painting supplies, drawing, illustration tools, or even resources like books on art, Mister Art has it all. The different product categories are mentioned in a list on the left side of the page, making it easy to visit any department quickly. At the top, there are links to favorites and gift certificates, while there is a search box allowing you to find products quickly.

If you regularly shop online for art supplies, Mister Art provides a subscription service that allows you to save money on purchases. This also makes it easy to buy art supplies online that are required frequently, ensuring greater convenience. Then, there is the bargain bin, where products are available at huge discounts.

Speaking of discounts, what helps Mister Art stand out from the competition is that it guarantees the best prices among online art supply stores. This, combined with the huge selection of products available, makes it a great choice for all your artistic endeavors. You can find brushes, easels, framing supplies, crafts, ceramics supplies, and more.

7. Amazon


While it is not strictly an art supply store, Amazon is an online platform with an excellent range of art products. Acrylic paints, sketchbooks, colored pencils, canvases, brush sets, and watercolor paints are just some of the items you can find there. These products are available from several different brands and at affordable prices.

When looking for art supplies at Amazon, you have the advantage of referring to the ratings. Most items purchased by other customers have a rating that indicates how good they are. This helps save a lot of time as you can eliminate products with poor ratings. Customers even write reviews of art items, providing detailed information after using them.

It becomes easy to find the best quality products quickly. Along with the ratings, you can look for items within a specific price range, which can be very handy. Similarly, the online store allows you to choose from different brands and departments, such as craft sets or drawing pens, from the menu on the left side of the page.

8. Etsy


Etsy is very similar to Amazon because it is not an exclusive art supplies store and deals in products from several categories, like clothing, jewelry, etc. However, it has a fantastic selection of supplies that you can use for making art, such as palettes, brush sets, watercolor paint sets, and much more.

Apart from these traditional art supplies, I discovered that Etsy even offers utilities for digital artists. This means you can find items like digital brush sets for drawing software like Photoshop and Procreate.

Like Amazon, Etsy has a star-based rating system that makes finding the best-quality art supplies easy. When searching for art supplies on Etsy, you can sort the available options by price, customer reviews, or relevancy. Additionally, you can use filters that categorize the available products into various segments based on their type, shipping location, price, and similar factors.

Apart from affordable art supplies, there are some great gift ideas and personalized tips while shopping from Etsy. And when compared to other online stores like eBay, it has more unique options.

9. Michaels


With its impressive range of high-quality art supplies, low prices, and amazing deals, Michaels is a great place to visit for all artists. This online store has a clean, sophisticated appearance with a menu on the top left with links to different sections. You can search for specific products using the large search box at the top.

Next to it, there is a drop-down button that allows signing in to your account and accessing your cart. Coming to the products, Michaels has a great selection of art supplies that includes brushes, erasers, crayons, easels, trays, etc. There are some great prices and special offers on these products.

Michaels online art supply store offers same-day delivery, which can be very useful if you run out of supplies in the middle of a project. Or you can sign up to get special rewards when shopping from the store. To check out the shipping and return policy, learn about the price guarantee, or visit the social media pages, use the links provided at the bottom.

Online Art Supply Stores FAQs

  • What are the advantages of shopping for art supplies from online stores?

    Purchasing art supplies from online stores offers several advantages compared to offline stores. Firstly, you get a much larger selection of items from many brands, while the prices are generally lower since there are many deals and discounts you can take advantage of. Additionally, many art supply stores offer extra resources, such as art tips, that can be pretty useful.

  • How do you know the art supplies available at online stores are safe?

    In most cases, reputed online art supply stores only offer safe products that do not contain any harmful substances. Information about the products is provided for customers to check out before they make a decision. In case a product contains materials that may be hazardous, it is usually mentioned on the page.

  • What are some tips to keep in mind when buying art supplies from online stores?

    The first thing to do is conduct proper research regarding the necessary supplies. Then, look for the most reputable online stores and compare the prices of the items among various online stores. Always make sure to read the reviews before making a final decision and go through the shipping and return policies. 

  • Do online art supply stores allow returns?

    Most stores allow returns on the majority of products offered but may not offer them on all products. So, make sure to read about a product on the page and find out whether it is eligible for returns or not. If it is not, consider purchasing it from elsewhere.

  • Is it necessary to sign up on an online art supply store when shopping from it?

    Creating an account on the online art supply store makes it easy to keep track of the order and can be really useful in case of recurring purchases. That is why most stores require you to sign up when shopping from them.

  • Tip

    Consider key factors when choosing an online art supply store: price, product range and quality, promotions, discounts, and return policies.

    Check the store's FAQ section to gain more insight on these aspects.

    Final Thoughts

    The online stores I've mentioned in this guide are among the best if you're looking for art supplies in the United States. They have a wide range of products, low prices, and great deals. While some, like Amazon and Etsy, do not cater to artists specifically, they do have some impressive products. 

    Aside from the products, most of these stores have a resources section, which I found to be quite useful for great art tips, tricks, and tutorials.