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7 Best Travel Sketchbook to Unleash Your Creativity on the Go

Vermilion Red Artist Drawing and Sketching Travelogue comes with 6 artist-friendly formats which makes this sketchbook popular. The eco-friendly Pentalic Recycled Sketchbook also comes with acid-free recycled paper, which ensures that it won't fade or discolor over time.

Adding The Final Touches

Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, having a travel sketchbook or watercolor notebooks can help you capture the essence of your travels. This article will explore the best travel sketchbooks for artists who love documenting their travel experiences through art.

I have compiled a list of seven of the best travel sketchbooks available on the market, so read on to find the perfect travel sketchbook for your next adventure!

7 Best Travel Sketchbooks

1. Vermilion Red Artist Drawing and Sketching Journal Travelogue: Best With 6-Artist Friendly Formats

Handbook Journal Co. Artist Canvas Cover Travel Notebook for...
  • PREMIUM HEAVYWEIGHT 130GSM PAPER - This sketchbook is made...
  • 64 SHEETS/128 PAGES - Perfect for drawing and sketching with...

The Vermilion Red Artist Drawing and Sketching Journal Travelogue is an excellent pocket sketchbook for artists always on the go. It features 64 sheets/128 pages of thicker paper (130gsm) with a subtle tooth perfect for dry media such as charcoal, marker, and colored pencil. 

The paper weight also allows for easy erasing and prevents bleed-through, making it suitable for light watercolor washes. Although not designed for heavy acrylic paint or wet media, it's ideal for urban sketching and colored pencils.

Its spiral-bound sketchbook design ensures that it lies flat, making it easy to draw on both sides of the page, while the hand-bound cover is durable and has a professional look. The sketchbook comes in six artist-friendly formats, including a 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 inch square shape with a Vermilion Red cover, which is perfect for creating a photograph album or a travelog. 

Additionally, the clear envelope inside the back cover is convenient for storing art supplies, with the elastic closure keeping your pages secure.

Sheet Size: 5.5 x 5.5 inches | Paper Finish: Watercolor | Color: Vermilion red | Sheet Count: 64

2. Pentalic Recycled Sketchbook: Best For Water-Resistant Cover 

Pentalic 3" x 4" Pocket Sketchbook Traveler Journal, 160...
  • DURABLE COVER - Flexible book featuring a water-resistant...
  • ACID FREE - Our paper is made by using alkaline paper making...

This all-in-one sketchbook features a flexible, water-resistant cover designed to withstand daily use and protect your artwork. The cover is also available in various colors, allowing you to choose one that suits your style and preferences, which makes it one of the best sketchbooks.

160 pages of acid-free, recycled paper are perfect for painting, sketching, notes, or fieldwork. The paper uses alkaline paper-making technology, ensuring it won't fade or discolor over time. 

Moreover, the paper has a subtle tooth that provides a good grip for your painting supplies like pencils, pastels, alcohol markers, or watercolors and accepts light washes without buckling. The recycled paper used in this sketchbook has a natural color and texture that provides a unique look and feel. 

Other standout features of this Sketchbook are its expandable pocket and elastic closure. The elastic closure keeps your pages secure, so you don't have to worry about them falling out or getting damaged. 

The ribbon marker also is an excellent addition to this sketchbook, while the flexible cover of this Italian-made sketchbook makes it durable and functional. The cover ensures that the pages are protected, and the sketchbook can be easily carried in a pencil case. 

Most importantly, the cost of this sketchbook is reasonable considering its high-quality features.

Sheet Size: 3" x 4" | Paper Finish: Watercolor | Color: Black | Sheet Count: 160

3. Moleskine Art Collection: Best For Pocket-Friendly Size 

Moleskine Art Sketch Album, Soft Cover, Pocket (3.5" x 5.5")...
  • MOLESKINE ART COLLECTION: From sketchbooks and sketchpads to...
  • DURABLE COVER & ELASTIC CLOSURE: Hold writing projects &...

The Moleskine Art Collection highly recommends these high-quality notebooks designed specifically for artists, writers, and other creative individuals. Whether you're into sketching or writing, Moleskine notebooks offer the perfect platform for all your creative ideas and sketches.

These notebooks securely hold your writing projects and notes in place with a durable cover and elastic closure band. The inner storage folders provide additional space for essential documents, while the leather-like classic Moleskine cover and thick paper offers a luxurious writing experience every time.

Moleskine notebooks has designed deluxe quality pages with a textured surface that works great with ink, pencil, and brush. Thanks to micro-perforations, these pages are perfect for creating sketches or drawings that can be displayed. 

The paper is also suitable for watercolors as it doesn't bleed or smudge. Artists who love to work with different mediums will find it an excellent choice. Moreover, it is perfect for writing diaries or can be used for landscape paintings with a brush since it works well with eraser and pigment. 

Sheet Size: 3.5 x 5.5 inches | Paper Finish: Watercolor | Color: Black | Sheet Count: 72

4. Articka Hardcover Sketchbook: Best For Ultra Smooth Papers

Articka Note Hardcover Sketchbook – Square Hardbound...
  • THE PERFECT CHOICE: Whether you are a professional artist or...
  • FINEST QUALITY PAPER: This hardbound sketch journal is made...

The Articka hardcover sketchbook is a top-of-the-line journal perfect for professional artists and hobbyists. Its hardbound cover ensures that the notebook is durable and can be safely transported, while the elastic closure and ribbon marker make it convenient.

This sketchbook features 120 bright white pages made of high-quality paper, with a thickness of 180GSM/122Lbs, making it highly durable and perfect for dry media such as colored pencils, graphite, pastels, charcoal, and of course, pencils. 

It is suitable for pastel, watercolor painting ,markers and ink wash painting ensuring excellent results. The pages are smudge-resistant and easy to erase, giving your artwork a clean and professional look.

Measuring 8" x 8" inches, in the shape of a perfect square, the size makes sense for carrying around wherever you go.Its sturdy cover and high-quality white paper provide the perfect canvas to capture your artistic vision, whether it's through drawing, painting, or even photography.

To keep your sketches safe and secure, the Articka also includes a rubber band to keep the pages from falling out or getting damaged. 

Sheet Size: 4.5 x 4.5 inches | Paper Finish: Ultra Smooth | Color: Black | Sheet Count: 120

5. Premium Blank A5 Sketchbook: Best With Pocket And Pen Loop 

WA Portman A5 Small Sketchbook - 160 Page Hardcover Art...
  • Artist Grade Paper - W.A. Portman's 160 page hardcover...
  • Convenient Cover Pocket - The black sketchbook's front cover...

The Premium Blank A5 Sketchbook by W.A. Portman is the perfect sketchbook for artists of all levels. This hardcover sketchbook is designed to provide a sturdy and secure surface for all drawing and art supplies. With 160 pages of thick, 120 GSM (80 L.B.) paper, this sketchbook provides ample space for creative exploration.

It is designed to lay flat, making it easy for artists to work effectively without the frustration of flipping up or down pages. It also features a stretchy cover pocket that can hold a wide assortment of art supplies, such as pencils, erasers, sharpeners, art pens, and even smartphones. The elastic band and pen loop securely hold your pen or pencil so that you can always keep it with you.

This sketchbook is not only a great tool for creatives, but also weather-resistant, thanks to its sleek black waterproofing exterior. Measuring at a portable 5.8 x 8.3 inches, it's easy to carry in your bag or pocket, making it the perfect choice for artistic endeavors on the go, no matter the weather. Whether you're out in the field or traveling, this sketchbook is a must-have for any creative adventurer.

Sheet Size: 5.8 x 8.3 | Paper Finish: Watercolor | Color: Black | Sheet Count: 160

6. Viviva 64 Pages Mixed Media Art Paper Travel Sketchbook: Best With Sweden-Made Ivory Paper

Viviva 64 Pages Mixed Media Drawing Paper Sketchbook, 120...
  • Lessebo Design Paper - Smooth Texture & Cream Colour
  • 240 GSM Thickness, Hot-pressed, Acid-free

The Viviva 64 Pages Mixed Media Art Paper Travel Sketchbook is an excellent choice for artists who need a reliable companion for their travel sketching. This high-quality sketchbook features ivory paper made by Lessebo-Design in Sweden. 

Its smooth texture and cream color make it perfect for sketching, inking, and light painting. The paper is further hot-pressed and has a thickness of 240 GSM, providing a sturdy canvas for dry media and watercolor washes.

One unique feature of this sketchbook is the binding that allows it to lie fully flat, making it easier for artists to work on both sides of the paper without any creases or bumps interfering with their art. The sketchbook's faux leather binding is vegan-friendly and looks professional and stylish.

Another noteworthy aspect of the Viviva sketchbook is its handmade nature, crafted by local women from the community, adding a personal touch to the product and supporting local artisans..

Sheet Size: 4"x 6" | Paper Finish: Smooth, watercolor | Color: Cream | Sheet Count: 64

7. Versatile Sketch Pad: Best With Spiral-Bound Perforated Edge

Art-N-Fly Sketchpad for Travel and Portable Sketch Work -...
  • Versatile Sketch Pad: The perfect drawing pad for artists,...
  • Smooth, Sturdy Paper: Each 5.5" x 8.5" drawing book features...

The Versatile Sketch Pad is the perfect high-quality sketchbook for artists of all levels, from hobbyists to professionals. The sketchbook features smooth, sturdy paper for dry media applications and technique practices. The acid-free 70lb or 100g paper is medium weight, allowing easy erasing without damaging the surface.

The spiral-bound design of the sketchbook diary is an essential addition to your art supplies, with a perforated edge for cleanly removing the art paper. The 5.5" x 8.5" size makes it easy to carry anywhere.

This excellent sketchbook features a subtly textured surface that is ideal for use with various drawing supplies, including calligraphy pens, marker pen, sketching pencils, and even pastels. Moreover, the heavy paper quality makes it well-suited for watercolor applications, allowing you to explore different artistic techniques with ease.It's a space-saving option that can fit inside your backpack, allowing you to take your art with you wherever you go.

Additionally, the bookbinding is sturdy and durable, ensuring that your artwork will stay protected and secure within the sketchbook. So go ahead and use it to draw, paint, or journal your creative ideas, travel literature, etc knowing that this sketchbook is a trusted art supplies staple.

Sheet Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches | Paper Finish: Smooth | Color: Not Mentioned | Sheet Count: 100

Comparing Top Sketchbook To Travel With

Travel SketchbooksSheet SizePaper FinishColorSheet Count
Vermilion Red Artist Drawing and Sketching Journal Travelogue5.5 x 5.5 inchesWatercolorVermilion Red64
Pentalic Recycled Sketchbook3 x 4 inchesWatercolorBlack160
Moleskine Art Collection3.5 x 5.5 inchesWatercolorBlack72
Articka Hardcover Sketchbook4.5 x 4.5 InchesUltra SmoothBlack120
Premium Blank A5 Sketchbook5.8 x 8.3 inchesWatercolorBlack160
Viviva 64 Pages Mixed Media Art Paper Travel Sketchbook4 x 6 inchesSmooth, watercolorCream64
Versatile Sketch Pad5.5 x 8.5 inchesSmoothNot Mentioned100

Travel Sketchbook Buying Guide

1. Size

Consider the size of the sketchbook. A smaller size may be more portable, but it may also limit the space you have to work with. On the other hand, a larger size may be less portable but provide more space for your sketches.

2. Paper Quality

Look for a sketchbook with paper that can handle different media such as pens, pencils, watercolors, and markers. Also, make sure the paper is thick enough to prevent bleeding or ghosting.

3. Binding

Choose a binding that suits your needs. A spiral binding allows you to lay the sketchbook flat and make it easier to work on. A perfect-bound sketchbook is more durable but may not lay flat when opened.

4. Cover Material

Choose a cover material that can withstand the wear and tear of traveling. Consider options such as hardcover, leather-bound, or water-resistant covers.

5. Page Count

Decide on the number of pages you want in your sketchbook. A larger page count will provide more space for your sketches, but it will also make the sketchbook bulkier.

6. Weight

If you plan on carrying the sketchbook around while traveling, look for one that is lightweight and easy to carry.

7. Brand

Research the different brands available in the market and read reviews to determine which brand offers the best value for your money. Some reputable brands include Moleskine, articka, and Strathmore.

8. Price

Sketchbooks come in various price ranges. Consider your budget and choose a sketchbook that fits within it while also meeting your needs.

FAQs Related To Travel Sketchbook

  • What is a travel sketchbook?

    A travel sketchbook captures moments, sights, and experiences while traveling.

  • What makes a travel sketchbook different from a regular sketchbook?

    A travel sketchbook is typically smaller, more portable, and has features like a durable cover, elastic band closure, and a pocket for storing supplies.

  • Why use a travel sketchbook instead of a regular notebook or sketchbook ?

    A travel sketchbook is specifically designed for travel and can withstand the rigors of being carried around while inspiring creativity and capturing memories.

  • What should I look for when choosing a travel sketchbook?

    Look for a sketchbook with a durable cover, good quality paper, a convenient size, and additional features like pockets or an elastic band closure.

  • What type of paper should I look for in a travel sketchbook?

    Look for paper that is thick and sturdy enough to handle various mediums such as pen, pencil, watercolor, or markers.

  • Conclusion

    Proper travel sketchbook can make all the difference for artists who enjoy creating on the go. So, choosing a sketchbook that suits your preferences and needs as an artist is vital.

    The Vermilion Red Artist Drawing Sketchbook is an excellent option, as it has some fantastic features like a clear envelope for storing small items and a subtle tooth for dry media. Also, the Pentalic Recycled Sketchbook is the second best option available, owing to Its versatility and eco-friendly recycled papers. This makes it a good choice for preserving your artwork or important documents.

    Explore other options in this article and follow the buyer’s guide to choose the best travel sketchbook for your upcoming trip!