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DIY PVC Pipe Projects To Make At Home | 50 Easy And Useful Options

Are you on a budget but still in need of a bicycle parking rack, toddler chair, or other essentials? Do you have some spare PVC pipes that you don't know how to dispose of?

20Super Cool DIY PVC Pipe Projects Worth Realizing

We have a DIY solution for any home project problems, whether you're short on finances but need to finish a project or have excess PVC pipes from previous plumbing works.

This article will present 50 easy and useful DIY PVC pipe projects you can make from the comfort of your home.

50 DIY PVC Pipe Projects You Can Do Today

Plastic pipes for the water system on grey background. Repair service, sale, online. Flat lay. Copy space 50 DIY PVC Pipe Projects You Can Do Today

Polyvinyl Chloride pipe, or PVC pipe, is a type of economical material used in sewer systems and water lines as it is durable and resistant to environmental factors over time.

Yet, there are instances where excess PVC pipes can be left rotting in the nooks and crannies of our storage space after construction or DIY repairs.

There will also be times when we'll need budget-friendly solutions for everyday needs, such as storage racks or even interior design elements.

So, instead of stocking PVC pipes, we can reuse them for other purposes which are laid down below. Let's get started!

1. PVC Pipe DIY Bike Rack

PVC Pipe DIY Bike Rack

Image Source

If you are a habitual cyclist who uses bikes to-and-from work or are a serious cyclist who competes in marathons and races, you'll surely need a bike rack for your two-wheeled buddy.

To make a sturdy and reliable PVC bike rack while keeping your budget on track, use 3/4-inch PVC pipes and assemble them to replicate the image above.

The key challenge here is ensuring that your front wheel can fit and balance between the gaps.

2. Toddler Chair

Toddler Chair

via Trisha Poffenberger

During summer beach days or camping trips, you would want your toddlers to feel comfortable sitting down while getting some sun through this DIY PVC pipe project – a toddler chair!

In making the toddler chair, you must have a 3/4" PVC pipe, eight elbows, and six PVC tees.

You will also need to add a cloth that will serve as the seat and backrest. You can use fabrics showing your toddler's favorite cartoon character, superheroes, or preferred colors.

3. Drill Dock

Drill Dock

Image Source

An organized station for your drilling tools can bring joy to every individual immersed in mechanical work. You can work with PVC pipes to make organization happen even on a budget.

In making a drill dock PVC pipe project, you'll need to measure your drills and buy PVC pipes with diameters that can fully accommodate your equipment once slotted in.

4. PVC Pipe Water Shooter

PVC Pipe Water Shooter

via Sarah Dees

Providing your kids (and kids at heart) a fun time means creating PVC pipe projects that are entertaining, like a water shooter.

Making this PVC pipe project is easy because you only need the barrel (external) and the piston (internal), both of which can be made with different-sized pipes.

You'll need to insert the piston into a relatively larger barrel with a seal cap on top that has a drilled hole. This creates enough pressure to push the water out in the signature super soaker style.

5. DIY Marshmallow Gun

DIY Marshmallow Gun

via : Cindy

Keep the intensity (and fun) high during kiddie parties or family gatherings by shooting marshmallows everywhere! To have enough for everyone, you must have a cost-effective alternative – a DIY PVC pipe marshmallow gun!

It is easy to make, as you only need to combine PVC pipes, tees, and elbows to create a gun-like shape. Just ensure both ends are open to blow on one end and push the marshmallow out the other.

6. Pool Noodles

Pool Noodles

via Fringe Sport

When teaching your kids, and even some adults, to swim, they need reassurance that they will float no matter what, and you can do that through pool noodles.

To elevate your pool noodle's buoyancy and ease your tutees, you can cut it in half and insert a PVC pipe between the two noodles for additional stability and rigidity.

You can also use this for pool photoshoot designs if you keep the water noodles festive and on theme.

7. Knife Holders

Knife Holders

via Ryan Grondin

If you want to keep your kitchen or working area neat and well-ordered, you can do this through another PVC pipe project.

A DIY PVC pipe knife holder is essential in keeping the knives and users safe by moving them off the counter and away from your child.

In making your DIY PVC pipe knife holder, cut PVC pipe according to the lengths of your knives from the tip to the end of the spine.

8. PVC Pipe Aquaponic Garden

PVC Pipe Aquaponic Garden

Image Source

As you create a PVC pipe aquaponic garden, sustainability and healthy living can now be found within your household.

To do this, you have to connect your PVC pipe (fluid conveyance) with holes to a water source (hose) and make sure that the latter can generate water throughout your pipe system.

9. DIY Laptop Stand

DIY Laptop Stand

via super ziper

Living in the modern world also calls for modern solutions, including a DIY laptop holder made of PVC pipes.

To do this, you need a 1 to 1-1/4-inch PVC pipe and six elbows. Then, you can sand and paint them to your liking. Lastly, connect them using glue to form an angled-laptop stand based on the size of your device.

10. Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer

via : April Stephenson

If your hobbies include collecting shoes, the first thing you need to remember is the answer to the question: where will I put the shoes?

The most obvious answer is a shoe organizer. Yet, if you are on a tight budget for organizers, as most of your funds are focused on buying shoes, PVC pipe may be your friend!

You can cut a standard-sized 6-meter PVC pipe into 15 to 20 short lengths, depending on your shoe size, arrange them like the image above, and you can have your very own DIY shoe organizer.

11. PVC Cabana

PVC Cabana

via JTM

Relaxation is not complete without a cabana, whether by the swimming pool, at the beach, or right in your backyard.

Lounging in the comfort of a cabana while sipping your coffee does not need to be expensive, as you can include it in your lists of PVC pipe projects.

To do this, you must have at least eight PVC pipes, which can be six to ten meters long, depending on your desired design. Then, connect these PVC pipes using L and T-shaped fittings.

12. PVC Starburst Pattern Mirror

PVC Starburst Pattern Mirror

Image Source

Recycling your stock PVC pipes can also help up your indoor design by making it the mirror's frame. As we know, mirrors are essential parts of a home that can create the illusion of a bigger space in a smaller area.

To make a starburst pattern mirror, any tutorial would include cutting each pipe, gluing the pipes together in your chosen design, and attaching them to your walls via screws.

Moreover, you can also elevate this inexpensive way to decorate your home through light spray paint or aerosol paint.

13. PVC Lemonade Stand

PVC Lemonade Stand

Image Source

During the summer, one thing that both you and your kids will enjoy doing is making a lemonade stand to sell lemonade.

Before we proceed with the selling part, you can create a lemonade stand PVC pipe project with your young entrepreneur using a 40-foot PVC pipe, and slip tees, all of similar diameters.

After you have assembled the PVC pipe system, you can paint the signage by hand or with spray paint, add a stand cover, and let your kids start selling!

14. Kids Sprinkler

Kids Sprinkler

via Danielle Ramsay

If you want to spark excitement among the young ones during your annual family gathering or just for your usual weekend leisure, DIY projects like this kids' sprinkler will be perfect for any occasion

To make this DIY PVC pipe happen, you must use your imagination, lay out a design, buy PVC materials, use colorful tape and design all over the sprinkler, and connect to a water source like a hose.

15. Ball Pit

Ball Pit

via Moesha Mercer

When you want your kids to feel the excitement and sensory stimulation from a ball pit without actually going to a ball pit park, ball pit PVC pipe projects are a great idea.

Aside from using a PVC pipe, it would be best to have some water noodles, elbow connectors, pipe glue, zip ties, netting, and balls.

Moreover, an additional way to boost your kids' mood is by incorporating their outdoor slides as an entrance to the kids' ball pit.

16) Bookshelf


via Amanda

In trying to introduce the world of books, and life in general, to your kids, you are left with so many books and so little space to keep them. A bookshelf DIY PVC pipe can save your day!

With a bookshelf DIY PVC pipe, you secure the books and keep your little ones' areas nice and tidy. Make sure to make a shelf they can reach when their need to read arises.


The bookshelf design in the image above can also be used as your bag organizer within your closet.

17. Kiddie Carwash

Kiddie Carwash

via Tanya Memme

During summer breaks, we need something that will keep our kids' minds busy, their bodies moving, and their hearts gleaming with joy, and there's no better way to do that than with a kiddie carwash in your backyard.

Aside from using a PVC pipe for the structure and fencing, make sure you have fabric, textiles, water toys, paper designs, sponges, a pool noodle, an expansive lawn, and colorful cones to add to the fun.

18. Overhead Camera Mount

Overhead Camera Mount

via Gina Michele

In the digital age, where content creation has been the topmost priority to earn money, and social relevance, an overhead camera mount is another essential that you need to have to take pictures or videos from a bird's eye view.

Overhead camera mounts on the market are expensive, so including this in your DIY PVC pipe projects is a must.

For this, you must ensure the lower PVC pipe mount is sturdy enough to support the neck and the weight from the camera once mounted.

19. Bird Bath

Bird Bath

via Richard Buse

Birds need water to drink and to keep their bodies clean. To do that, they will need a bird bath.

But, a bird bath does not need to be expensive, it just needs to be efficient, and you can do that by creating one in your backyard using PVC pipe.

You can use a thick PVC pipe as the column of the bird bath. You can also cut a PVC pipe into sections, cut them in half (vertical), and form a frame using elbows to create a table-like bath.

20. Photography Backdrop Stand

Photography Backdrop Stand

Image Source

Birthday shoots, homecomings, and other celebrations need a photo booth; in that booth, you will need a backdrop stand. Well, with that problem, the best solution is a DIY PVC pipe square frame covered in fabric.

It's easy to do as you only have to ensure the mount is well-built, the stands that hold it are well-balanced, and the fabric you attach is aligned with the theme.

21. Craft Room Tool Organizer

Craft Room Tool Organizer

via Aspen Flores

If you or your kids' hobbies involve arts and crafts, something that will surely spark joy in your lives is a craft room tool organizer.

Aside from the end product, you will also enjoy the process of making PVC pipe projects like the image above.

To make it more creative, aside from when you cut PVC pipe, remember to paint the tubes in your favorite hues and incorporate different patterns to make them lively and fun. 

22. Tool Pockets

Tool Pockets

via LifeProTips

Things can get messy in a hardware store or workshop when tools and accessories are in disarray. Yet, you can prevent it with tool pockets PVC pipe projects.

This project's straightforward process only involves cutting the PVC pipe into a tube with lengths depending on the tools.

Then, proceed by painting (optional), attaching them to a wooden wall board, or just letting them stand tall above your work desk.

23. No-Ladder Gutter Cleaner

No-Ladder Gutter Cleaner

via SBLY Media

Cleaning the gutter takes tons of energy as you need to climb the roof and clean it from there. However, times have changed, and the DIY PVC pipe projects game has leveled up as you can now have a no-ladder-toss gutter cleaner.

To make this gutter cleaner, you must assemble the nozzle and the valve. The nozzle will be the one that will clean the gutter, and the valve is the one connected to your air or water source.

24. PVC Pipe Bed

PVC Pipe Bed

via Sterling Acree

Having kids means providing them with their own beds. Yet, what if you are on a budget or have a small space? The answer is a DIY PVC pipe bed!

In building a pipe bed, the foundation is the main thing you need to stabilize. They must be adequately connected using elbows and have different columns attached through a T-shaped PVC pipe.

Moreover, you can use cute rainbow washi tape designs to make it more appealing for the kids and tape it all over the poles.

25. Fall Wall for Kids

Fall Wall for Kids

via Summer Keyser

If you are looking for fun and games to keep your kids away from the spell of gadgets during the summer, you can create a fall wall for kids inside your home or in your garden.

For a complete tutorial, what you need to have are PVC pipes, elbows, a board where you can glue these materials, and a container so that the balls will not go anywhere upon falling.

You can also add some colors to your pipes using spray paint. Make sure that the colors you incorporate are eye-catching and can stimulate visual sensations.

26. PVC Fence

PVC Fence

via Karina WA

A fence is a protective element that protects the perimeter of your yard, yet it sometimes costs a lot, especially in this economy. However, there are cheap but reliable alternatives, such as a PVC pipe fence.

Aside from securing your homes, it can also be an excellent addition to level up your garden aesthetics, especially when you know how to design the fence using T and L-shaped PVC pipes.

27. Cord Organizer

Cord Organizer

via Brittany

Another inexpensive way to organize your cords is by creating a PVC pipe cord organizer.

To do this, you only need to cut a PVC pipe horizontally to the lengths you need, attach them to the wall using glue or an adhesive, or drill a hole and lock them with a screw.

28. Drying Rack

Drying Rack

via Angie Hutching

In every pool session, your kids would gladly want a place to get or hang their wet towels to dry off quickly. A PVC pipe drying rack is the best affordable idea you can get in this case!

You can have it in a two-way parallel design or a layered rack similar to the image. Just remember to make the frame foundation well-connected to ensure the balance of the rack.

You can permanently mount the drying rack in your garden. It will act as your pool towel hanger and washed clothes dryer instead of letting them dry inside the bathroom.

29. Honey Spinner

Honey Spinner

via Permies

Extracting honey from honeycombs can be done quickly using a honey spinner. To help small-time beekeepers, a DIY PVC pipe spinner can be used as a cheap yet efficient alternative.

In making the PVC pipe honey spinner, you only need about a meter and a half of PVC pipe to seal the deal.

30. Wine Rack Drawer

Wine Rack Drawer

via Martha Stewart

There is no such thing as too much wine, but they must be kept perfectly secured in a wine rack drawer similar to this Martha Stewart piece.

For PVC pipe furniture projects like this to prosper, you need to buy PVC pipes with a diameter that fits the body of your wine bottles.

It would also help to cut the PVC pipe in lengths that can accommodate the bottom up to the caps of the wines.

Fun Fact

You can also design your wine rack with some wine corks, and to do that, you need to check out our article on DIY wine cork projects.

31. Odd Bits Organizer

Odd Bits Organizer

via Julie Salamone-Lee

If you have pets and kids, one of your priorities is to keep odd bits away from their reach. You can do that using a PVC pipe odd bits organizer.

To do that, cut your PVC pipe, arrange them in any manner you like, whether horizontal or vertical and screw them into your walls above their reach.

32. Sprinkler Socket System

Sprinkler Socket System

via samuel belknap

When you are a busy person who goes to the office before sunrise and leaves after sunset, you surely won't have spare time to water your garden. Yet, it's not a problem when you have a sprinkler socket system.

You must assemble and connect the pipes to a primary water source or hose for an irrigation sprinkler socket system to work.

33. Floating Window Planter

Floating Window Planter

via Mandi Johnson

A fun detail to add in a kitchen is a floating window planter for your herbs, which means having flavor and health benefits right within your reach while preparing food.

You must have at least a 4-inch PVC pipe to have this kind of magic indoors. Then, you must put holes in the pipe's body, depending on how many herbs and shrubs you will plant.

Also, ensure the holes are big enough for the plants to breathe and take in enough water for sustenance.

34. PVC Pipe Lamps

PVC Pipe Lamps

via decor8

If you are tasked to decorate your house's interior design, an idea worth doing is a PVC pipe lamp project.

For PVC pipe projects like this, you need to follow this tutorial: cut a PVC into a tube, depending on the diameter of your liking, carve different shapes and patterns on its shell, paint, and put a light source inside.

In addition, you can also put this as a table centerpiece to level up your table décor and preparations.


You can always complement the PVC with a wooden lamp by following the full instructions in this DIY wooden lamp article!

35. Ladder Golf Game

Ladder Golf Game

via Brielle and Karen

A PVC pipe can also save your dull day by helping you create a ladder golf game for kids and adults.

The tutorial for this project is simple, as you only need to connect the lower frame with the standing frame and add other accessories using yarns or ropes.

36. Soccer Goal

Soccer Goal

via Dave Fymbo

A PVC pipe can transform a plain and simple yard into a play and training area for kids who like playing soccer or association football.

To create a sturdy soccer goal, use a thicker PVC pipe about 2 inches in diameter, and attach a net around it. You'll have your little FIFA players scoring goals in no time.

37. Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead Garage Storage

via Dubois Cornell

Sometimes the floor area of your garage is not enough to cater to all of your stuff (given your car and associated tools), which is why you need to be creative and integrate additional overhead storage using PVC pipe.

To do it, you must connect the pipes and use a screw to safely fasten the pipes to the garage's ceiling.

38. Sanding Files

Sanding Files


PVC pipes surely come in handy, as they can also be used as sanding tools to contour surfaces of different materials.

To make it functional, you need to cut a parallel gap in the pipe's body and use it to buff the nooks and crannies of complex shapes.

39. Oil Recovery System

Oil Recovery System

via Ryan Keele

Oils can be reused, but sometimes, recovering them after every use isn't easy. Yet, it's an easy task to do when you have an efficient oil recovery system made of PVC pipe.

For this, you must assemble a tube that connects to a particular funnel. You will need another pipe that will act as the main line for all the other tubes and another connection that will lead the oil right into the recovery bin.

40. DIY Table

DIY Table

Image Source

If you think glass and wood are the only table materials that bring out the aesthetics in every house, then you're wrong because a PVC pipe table can be an elegant addition to your interiors, too.

Aside from being sophisticated furniture when it comes to visuals, a PVC pipe table can also be a valuable item that can house your fish, just like in the image above.

41. Dog Cot

Dog Cot

via Marìa Fernanda Alfaro Estrada

Dogs like to play and sleep anytime and anywhere, but it will surely make them feel more loved and cared for when they have their very own dog cot to play and sleep on.

A PVC pipe dog cot is simple to make. Its complete tutorial only involves making a frame, cot feet, and adding fabric that will act as the dog's bed.

42. PVC Pipe Baby Gym

PVC Pipe Baby Gym

via Karol Michels

In helping your kids learn how to walk, the best cheap solution is a PVC pipe baby gym, which they can hold on to when taking their first few steps.

The PVC pipe baby gym full tutorial only involves creating two parallel rails with bottom stands connecting to balance the baby gym out.

43. Vacuum Attachment Holder

Vacuum Attachment Holder

via Lori Taylor

When using a vacuum, we tend to forget where we placed a specific attachment, and in turn, delay our cleaning or storing.

To help you keep things tidy and secure, we have a solution allowing you to store all your vacuum attachments in a single area – a PVC pipe vacuum attachment holder!

All you need is a pipe with a diameter that fits the opening of your attachments, connect it to wood or wall using a screw, and stick and store your vacuum attachments.

44) Utensil Serving Station

Utensil Serving Station

via Brittany Bailey

Earlier, we discussed how to build a cabana, and the best pair to a cabana is a PVC pipe utensil serving station to complement your outdoor set-up with a fitting buffet.

To make your serving station, cut the PVC into the length of your utensils from the neck down to the handle. After that, you can style the pipes using ribbons or other colorful accessories.

Then, you can store the utensils inside your DIY PVC utensil serving station.


You better check out the tutorial on plastic spoon crafts to be aware of the other creative and fun activities you can do with your utensils.

45) PVC Pipe Playhouse

PVC Pipe Playhouse


If you can make an in-house ball pit, you can also do a playhouse using PVC pipes, clothes, and other fun materials for your kids.

Doing this is like imitating the complete tutorial of a cabana. The difference is that the PVC pipe playhouse is smaller in size.

46. Fishing Rod Organizer

Fishing Rod Organizer

via Carrie Haddican

When your life revolves around fishing, you most likely have a lot of fishing rods stored in your garage. That raises the question: how can I store all these rods?

The answer is simple, use a PVC pipe similar to the image above. A PVC pipe organizer can house at least eight fishing rods. But it can still accommodate more, depending on the size of your PVC pipe.


You can also do this for your golf clubs.

47. String Pipe Cutter

String Pipe Cutter

via Part Time Cowboy

You do not need heavy equipment to cut through a PVC pipe, as a string can help you get the job done.

This is done when you create friction by continuously rubbing the string around the area of the pipe you want to cut. After a few tries, the friction will neatly divide the PVC pipe.

48. Mattress Transport Sling

Mattress Transport Sling

via Jackie

Moving a mattress from one place to another is a no-brainer with a full tutorial on how to make a PVC pipe mattress transport sling.

To do this, you need to make a bottom structure based on the average length of your mattress, vertical stands to connect the bottom and top parts, and a rectangle-like upper part that will serve as holders.

49. Hair Dryer Stand

Hair Dryer Stand

via Matt's Finds

Doing your hair is all fun and games until you finish the actual hair styling part, and you are left with nothing but a question about where to put your hair dryer and flat iron.

Well, we have an answer – a PVC pipe hair dryer stand!

The complete tutorial for the hair dryer stand is undemanding, as you only need a Y connector PVC pipe to solve any hairy situations.

50. Flower Vase

Flower Vase

via Dot & Bo

Last but not least from this PVC pipe full tutorial list is the flower vase that can elevate the visual aesthetics of your home, office, or other places.

To do this, all you have to do is get a Y connector or an elbow PVC pipe, put some flowers on it, and display it on your coffee table or give it as a gift on Mother's day.

DIY PVC Pipe Projects FAQs

  • We know you want to clarify some things related to PVC pipes and DIY activities. Well, we have some of the answers to your FAQs in this section. Read on!

  • How can you make a PVC pipe look nice?

    You can make a PVC pipe look nice by doing the following:

    • Adding light to dark paint colors
    • Decorating with a stylish Washi tape
    • Reusing it in your garden, bathroom, or as house decor where you wouldn’t expect to see PVC pipes
  • How do you bend PVC pipe DIY projects?

    You can easily bend the PVC pipe by putting oven-heated sand inside the pipe for about a minute. 

  • DIY PVC Pipe Projects Conclusion


    With all the do-it-yourself projects on PVC pipes from this list, you can surely have an enjoyable, productive summer with your kids through the different activities listed above.

    Just remember that a PVC pipe is not only for sewers and water systems, as it can also be your best companion for a fun-filled activity and the best one for organizing stuff.

    Now, get your pipe, follow the tutorial of your preferred DIY, and create magic with your PVC pipe projects!