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50 Plastic Spoon Crafts and Project to Try Out at Home

Plastic spoon crafts are one of the first things kids can do. It's a great way to challenge kids' creative freedom!

DIY plastic spoons crafts

Not just that, but even adults will have a lot of fun with the different plastic spoon crafts ideas. You'd be surprised how lovely each craft turns out.

Take a break from the usual DIY bamboo projects. Today, we'll go through some of the best plastic spoon ideas you and your kids can make. Keep reading and start crafting!

50 Creative Plastic Spoon Crafts and Projects

Overloading oceans. Colorful dangerous plastic utensils killing animals in the oceans and harming our environment. 50 Creative Plastic Spoon Crafts and Projects

We always end up with a ton of extra plastic spoons at home. Instead of throwing them out, consider transforming them into beautiful art pieces!

1. Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

Make your Christmas memorable by creating small Christmas trees using plastic spoons. This project is easy, and you can use different colored spoons.

You can use green or red spoon heads in keeping with the Christmas spirit. Alternatively, you can go for a monochromatic look using only white spoons.

2. Lilac Rose Petals

Lilac Rose Petals

via : Purple Hues and Me

This rose petal vase is one of the most stunning ideas we've come across. It makes good home décor without costing you a fortune!

You only need plastic spoon heads, an old bowl, and some petals. Glue the petals to the spoon, and shape it along the bowl's curves.

3. DIY Spoon Roses

DIY Spoon Roses

via : Made by Marzipan

Did you know you can make roses out of plastic spoons? The results look stunning, especially if you use colorful spoons.

All you need to do is melt the spoon and mold it into a rose. Leave it to harden, and you're done! Just be careful with handling the heat, especially around kids.

4. Plastic Spoon Vase

Plastic Spoon Vase

via : DIYnCrafts

If you've got an extra plain vase at home, spruce it up with colored plastic spoons. All you need is a glue gun and spoon heads.

You can create an Ombre-inspired vase to give it a fun and chic look. Add some flowers to it, and you're done!

5. Plastic Spoon Peacock

Plastic Spoon Peacock

via : StyleEnrichDIY

Peacocks are stunning birds because of their bright and luscious feathers. You can create your very own peacock creation using plastic spoons!

Color your spoons with bright hues like green, yellow, and blue. Put them all together, and you have a stunning project to be proud of.

6. Plastic Spoon Puppets

Plastic Spoon Puppets

via : Creative Jewish Mom

Use your old plastic spoons as puppets! This is one of the easiest plastic spoon crafts you can do with your kids.

They can draw their favorite animals on the back of the spoon heads! They can even add felt and other materials to give it a textured effect.

7. Soda Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Soda Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

via : Kelly Leigh Creates

Don't throw your old plastic bottle just yet — you can repurpose it as a bird feeder. You hardly have to do anything except cut two parallel holes in the body.

Insert old wooden spoons in the hole, which will serve as a holder for the bird feeds. This bird feeder project will take you only a short time to do!

8. Plastic Spoon Wreath

Plastic Spoon Wreath

via : Tip Junkie

Creating a plastic spoon wreath is challenging, and it's something that will test your kids' patience.

In this DIY plastic spoon craft, they'll learn to bend the spoon into a wreath! Is your kid up for the challenge?

9. Plastic Spoon Ants

Plastic Spoon Ants

via : Surviving a Teacher's Salary

Other easy spoon crafts are plastic spoon ants. You can use a bright red plastic spoon like fiery red ants!

Wrap the body with pipe cleaners and add googly eyes to the spoon heads. That's everything you have to do.

10. Plastic Spoon Pumpkin Craft

Plastic Spoon Pumpkin Craft

via : Chica Circle

One of the most creative plastic spoon projects we love doing is pumpkin decors. It's a perfect project for kids to mark the start of fall.

All you need are orange plastic spoon heads, and start sticking them to a base. This is one way to get in a festive mood without buying pumpkins.

11. Salt and Sugar Spoon Heads

Salt and Sugar Spoon Heads

via : Smart School House

Plastic spoon craft ideas don't always have to be grand. Sometimes, the simplest projects can make a significant impact at home.

Take this salt and sugar spoon project, for example. It's a great way not to waste plastic spoons and have a use for them in your kitchen!

12. Paper Plate Birds

Paper Plate Birds

via : krokotak

Let your children's creativity unleash with this paper plate bird project. You only need a few crafting supplies — such as a spoon and a paper plate!

The plastic spoon will be the base, and the paper plate as the body. Stick a few feathers on the plate to make it more realistic.

13. Plastic Spoon Catapult

Plastic Spoon Catapult

via : Devin Collier

Children love catapulting things at each other, and they can get very creative with what they use. Why not teach them how to make a plastic spoon catapult?

You only need popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and old plastic spoons. Your kids can use it to catapult marshmallows at each other!

14. Spoon Toy Doll

Spoon Toy Doll

via : Skip To My Lou

Dolls are one of the most sought-after toys by kids. They can never have too many of them, and their collection grows yearly.

Teach your kids how to craft a spoon toy doll! They can design the doll however they want it to look.

15. Holiday Painted Spoon Heads

Holiday Painted Spoon Heads

via : Hello Wonderful

Prepare your children for the holidays by crafting this lovely holiday décor. You can liven up your home without having to spend a fortune!

You and your kids can paint your favorite Christmas characters on spoon heads. It could be a snowman, a reindeer, or even Santa Claus himself!

16. Vegetable Garden Spoon

Vegetable Garden Spoon

via : Twig and Toad Stool

Are you always confused about which plant is which in your garden patch? Why not add signage by using wooden spoons?

You can write the names of the plant on the spoon heads and even draw them! Stick it in your garden patch, and you will no longer have any trouble distinguishing them.

17. Disney Princess Spoons

Disney Princess Spoons

via : iHeartCraftyThings

Disney princesses are an icon to every child — they know each character by heart. Why not let them craft their favorite princesses with the help of plastic spoons?

You only need dollar-store materials to end up with a really beautiful project. Your child will surely love this idea.

18. Family Wooden Spoons

Family Wooden Spoons

via : Teach Me Mommy

An awesome project you can do as a family is this wooden spoon project. Every family member can create their spoon versions to showcase at home.

It's a great bonding activity you and your kids can do. Fun crafts like this will surely be part of your kids' core memory.

19. Lion Spoon Head Craft

Lion Spoon Head Craft

via : Bible Class Creations

It's so easy to create a lion out of a spoon head. You only need yarn and a marker for this spoon craft! No need to get more craft supplies.

You can use colored yarns to make the lion's mane look fun and quirky! Start pasting it on the outer edge, and leave it to dry.

20. Spoon Flower Napkin Ring

Spoon Flower Napkin Ring

via : Purple Hues and Me

You won't need to buy a napkin ring once you've mastered making this spoon craft.

All you need are a few plastic spoons to mold into a flower. You can use colorful spoons to match the color of your table napkins.

21. Thanksgiving Turkey Spoon Crafts

Thanksgiving Turkey Spoon Crafts

via : Hub Pages

Many children look forward to thanksgiving because it's one of the few holidays to bond with their whole family and eat out.

Make this holiday extra memorable by creating this spoon craft. Cut out a few pieces of art paper to use as turkey feathers. Add eyes and watch the spoon come to life.

22. Thanksgiving Chalkboard Wreath

Thanksgiving Chalkboard Wreath

via : PartyCity

Another awesome thanksgiving project is this chalkboard wreath. All you need is a chalkboard and some plastic spoons.

Line the board with your plastic cutlery, and stick it properly. You wouldn't want it to fall over the place before the holiday ends.

23. Plastic Spoon Centerpiece

Plastic Spoon Centerpiece

via : mygrowinghome

The next time you're looking for an art piece for your home, consider making one instead. This plastic spoon centerpiece looks stunning — you won't believe it only costs a few dollars!

All you have to do is stick your plastic spoons to a circular Styrofoam and spray paint it with your favorite color.

24. Small Flower Pots

Small Flower Pots

via : Crafts For All Seasons

Start with this simple flower pot project to teach your kids how to have a green thumb. You need a small pot/vase and a few plastic spoons to stick on the pot!

Use a sharpie pen to draw on the spoon heads to get more crafty. Remember to place beautiful flowers once you're done!

25. Clear Vase with Spoon Flowers

Clear Vase with Spoon Flowers

via : Purple Hues and Me

We love a clear vase because it looks chic and modern — it ties well in any room design. Spruce your clear vase with this spoon craft!

Melt your clear plastic spoons and shape them into a flower! Don't worry, you don't have to perfect it on your first try.

26. DIY Rose Accessory

DIY Rose Accessory

via : Cut Out + Keep

Who would have thought a plastic spoon could be used as an accessory? Plastic spoon flowers make a good addition to your collection without spending a fortune.

Paint it with your favorite color, and viola! You have a DIY rose accessory that will be a show-stopper and a good conversation piece.

27. Plastic Spoon Ladybugs

Plastic Spoon Ladybugs

via : DIYnCrafts

Plastic spoon heads have a perfect shape to make ladybugs. You can use a red spoon and put black dots on the back.

Alternatively, you can use spray paints if you have trouble finding colored spoons. We're sure your kids will love spray painting for the first time.

28. Colorful Tulip Flowers

Colorful Tulip Flowers

via : Risi Kids Play

Tulips are so beautiful, and it's a type of flower everyone wants to receive. It marks the start of spring because of its lively and bright colors!

Craft your very own tulips using plastic spoons! It's so easy to do, and you only need a bunch of colorful spoons to tie them together.

29. Neon Plastic Spoon Bangles

Neon Plastic Spoon Bangles

via : A Matter of Style

Another plastic spoon accessory on this list is these awesome neon bangles! They make a statement with their bold and bright colors.

All you have to do is melt the ends and shape them to the size of your wrist. We bet your kids will love showing off these bangles to their friends.

30. Tea Light Candle Holders

Tea Light Candle Holders

via : Purple Hues and Me

Repurpose your old plastic spoons as candle holders! This is one of the most useful plastic spoon ideas we love to do.

The only problem, however, is making sure the candle holders don't melt whenever we light up the candles.

31. Water Lilies Spoon Crafts

Water Lilies Spoon Crafts

via : Fab Art DIY

Crafting water lilies is so fun because of the overall results. There's something about the flower which looks so stunning, even if they're just plastic spoons.

Cut off the spoon heads, and start sticking them together until you form beautiful flowers. You can also paint the center yellow to make it more realistic.

32. DIY Chandelier

DIY Chandelier

via : icreativeideas

Wow your friends with this DIY project! They'll be impressed with how awesome this project turned out!

They probably won't believe you did this project and only used plastic spoons. Now, who thought that was possible?

Once you've mastered this project, you can try your luck making a DIY wooden lamp!

33. Plastic Spoon Watch Decorations

Plastic Spoon Watch Decorations

via : Healthy Way to Cook

Liven up your wall clock by adding colorful plastic spoons as the number indicators. You can be as creative as you want for this DIY project.

Just stick your plastic cutlery properly so it won't fall off your walls.

34. Frosty the Snow Spoon

Frosty the Snow Spoon

via : Blue Dolphin

Another awesome holiday project is this snowman spoon craft. All you need are plastic spoons, and some felt for fun projects like these.

Draw a snowman on the spoon, and top it with your kids' favorite accessory! This DIY plastic spoon craft will keep them preoccupied for a while.

35. Plastic Spoon Pot Decoration

Plastic Spoon Pot Decoration

via : Crafts by Amanda

There's something special about homemade décor, especially during the holidays. It's even more special knowing your children put much effort into making it.

This plastic spoon snow pot is one of the best DIY projects we love to plan for the winter. Let your kids dress up their plastic spoon to become their favorite snowman!

36. Bunny Spoon Crafts

Bunny Spoon Crafts

via : The Guardian

Children love Easter because of the many treats they get after an Easter egg hunt. Many surprises await them after a long, challenging day.

A great way to sneak in some rest is by making bunny spoons. It's just as fun as going on an Easter egg hunt!

37. Monster Spoon Heads

Monster Spoon Heads

via : Home Talk

Besides princesses, children are all about monsters that spook them out. Help them conquer this fear by making monster spoon heads!

They can spray paint a wooden spoon their preferred colors, that'll surely give them the spooks! Their imaginations can run wild with the type of monsters they can create.

38. Colorful Maracas

Colorful Maracas

via : Made Everyday with Dana

We loved playing with maracas as a child because of the different beats and rhythms to explore. Not just that, we were always so curious about where the sounds came from.

Feed your child's curiosity and craft maracas with them. This DIY project only requires plastic spoons, washi tape, and a few beads!

39. Wooden Spoon Bug Craft

Wooden Spoon Bug Craft

via : Handmade Charlotte

Help your child understand entomology with this project. Consider crafting bugs instead of plastic spoon flowers!

This is one of the best plastic spoon craft ideas to teach children about bugs and their significance in the ecosystem.

40. DIY Spoon Mirror

DIY Spoon Mirror

via : Craftaholics Anonymous

Transform your plain mirror into something spectacular! With the help of plastic spoons, you can spruce your average mirror to become a centerpiece.

We recommend using your favorite colors or one that matches the interior of your home. Creative plastic spoon projects like this one are always a crowd favorite.

41. Spoon Skeleton Craft

Spoon Skeleton Craft

via : Scrumdillydilly

One of the most interesting holidays is Día de los Muertos, which celebrates life and death.

This DIY project is a great way to introduce this tradition to your children! They can get crafty with their design as much as they want.

42. Plastic Spoon Bugs

Plastic Spoon Bugs

via : Paging Fun Mums

Making bugs out of plastic spoons is so easy. Crafty things such as this one only take a few minutes to do!

Have your child cut some wings and create eyes to stick on the spoons. Add this to your plastic spoon flower project so your ecosystem is complete.

43. Plastic Spoon Bugs and Branch

Plastic Spoon Bugs and Branch

via : Amanda Formaro

Take a break from the usual plastic spoon flower project and create this two-in-one masterpiece.

Have your kids cut felt to the shape of a leaf, and design the spoon head as bugs. Cut a hole in the felt and insert the spoon!

44. Chrysanthemum Mirror

Chrysanthemum Mirror

via : addicted2decorating

Chrysanthemums are a crowd favorite because of their beautiful and luscious flower petals. You can get lost counting how many petals each flower has.

So, why not create a chrysanthemum-inspired mirror frame? You can paint the spoon in shades to give it an Ombre effect.

45. Pineapple Lamp

Pineapple Lamp

via : DIY Project for Teens

This DIY project looks so stunning you'd think it cost a fortune! But it only uses an old plastic bottle as the base and several plastic spoons.

The challenge with this project is figuring out how to light up the lamp. But in terms of designing plastic bottles, it's very easy.

46. Chocolate Spoon Heads

Chocolate Spoon Heads

via : Bird's Party Blog

Use your plastic spoons to make lollipops. You can melt some chocolate on the spoon and have your children decorate it with their favorite sprinkles!

Put it in the freezer to cool, and serve it as a delicious treat to your child. You can even serve it to your friends and family.

47. Butterfly Spoons

Butterfly Spoons

via : krokotak

One of the first few things children learn how to draw is butterflies. It's a great way for them to master drawing lines and curves.

Level up their art skills and teach them how to make 3D butterflies! You can use paper plates and pipe cleaners to complete this project.

48. DIY Chrysanthemum Clock

DIY Chrysanthemum Clock

via : That's What Che Said

Another awesome chrysanthemum project is this clock frame. If it isn't apparent enough, we love chrysanthemum projects because they look stunning.

You can layer the spoon heads to create a luscious-looking frame. Just be sure to glue them properly, so they don't fall apart.

49. Plastic Spoon Garden Markers

Plastic Spoon Garden Markers

via : Amanda Formaro

You can never go wrong with making plastic spoon garden markers. There's always a need for it, especially if you love planting herbs.

No need to play the guessing game of which herb is which! All you need to do is design the spoon and label them accordingly.

50. DIY Christmas Candle Holders

DIY Christmas Candle Holders

via : StyleEnrichDIY

Mark the start of the Christmas season with these beautiful and festive candle holders. Christmas trees aren't the only thing to help you feel the holiday spirit!

Layer your spoon heads to make them look like flowers, and paint them with festive colors. Glue them together and make sure they can lay flat on your table.

Plastic Spoon Crafts Conclusion


If you've got a ton of plastic spoons to spare, consider creating all these stunning ideas we've mentioned!

The projects range from very easy to slightly hard — but we're sure you and your children are ready to take them on.

We hope you enjoyed this article!

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