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DIY Pool Volleyball Net Ideas | Things You Should Know

You do not always have to spend a lot on pool volleyball nets. If you can get hold of PVC pipes, an old net, nylon strings, and spray paint, you can make a pool volleyball net at home. 

Diy Pool Volleyball Net Ideas

Summer means pool party fun and pool games, and with the best pool volleyball nets, you can have a gala time with friends. 

However, you may have a ground pool in a unique size, and you may not be able to find the correct pool volleyball set for it. Well, there is nothing to worry about, as you can make your own net with PVC pipes. 

So, let’s start with the things you’ll need for this fun DIY project... 

Items Required

Items Required For Pool Volleyball


  • Three ten feet 0.5 inch PVC pipe
  • Ten 0.5-inch slip caps
  • Four 0.5-inch threaded male adapter
  • Two 0.5-inch 4-way cross
  • 0.5-inch top threaded tee 
  • Two 0.5-inch three-way tee 

Tools Required

  • Face mask
  • PVC cutter
  • PVC cement
  • Acetone 
  • Sandpaper or Dremel 

Other Essentials

  • Two foam noodles
  • Nylon string (50’)
  • Net (you can use an old basketball net as well)
  • Spray paint
  • Beach ball 

How To Make A Swimming Pool Volleyball Net

Step 1: Design Your Pool Volleyball Net

To begin with, you will need to design the net and make accurate measurements. If you want to make the swimming pool volleyball net light, then use half-inch PVC pipes as recommended. Thicker pipes may be needed in windy areas to hold the pool volleyball net in place. 

Also, the pipe needs to be a little smaller than the width of the pool. For example, if the pool is 11 feet wide, then you can opt for the ten-foot variant of this pipe after attaching the tees. 

Step 2: PVC Pipe Cutting

With the help of a blueprint, you can begin cutting the PVC pipe to the required length. 

Before you seal the cut ends with PVC glue, you'll need to deburr them. You can make use of good-quality sandpaper or even a Dremel. Put on a mask while you're doing this, as the particles can be dangerous to your health.

Cut the noodles to the desired size, and be sure that they're somewhat longer than your pipe. You can cut more of the noodles as you're working if needed. 

Also, clean any text and barcode from the PVC pipes with the help of acetone. You will have to wear a mask while doing this step. 

Step 3: Assemble The Parts

Next, you can proceed to put the frame together. To do so, you have to ensure that all the pieces are in place. Then put together everything but do not fix them just yet. Once you have an idea, disassemble it and begin the process of permanently fixing them. 

For this, you will have to wear a mask and then use PVC cement. This needs to be applied to the tee’s inner ring. Then you can connect the PVC pipe immediately. Just remember not to apply cement to the threaded ends.


Be quick with this process, as cement has a tendency to dry quickly, and that can make it difficult to position the pipe. 

After everything is in place, you can use a spray paint of your choice to color the different parts of the small pool volleyball net. Use a color that matches the pool so that it looks good. Then do not touch it for a day, and ensure your kids and pets do not go near it. 

Step 4: Making The Net

Once you have a proper frame, you will need to attach the net. But let the frame rest for an ample amount of time, so the cement dries well. Then you can take a net and cut it according to the frame size. You can use any old badminton net as your water volleyball net. 

Moving on, take a nylon string and tie it to the volleyball net. You can use cable ties to make sure the string and the net stay connected. Then drill a hole in the PVC cap on the top and make your string run through that. 

The best part here is that these top PVC caps are not pasted in the pool volleyball set frame. So, you can remove it in case that is needed. 

Step 5: Adding The Final Touch

After the cement and paint have dried, it is time to attach the net to the frame. Also, put the foam in place of the legs as well. Once you have mounted the pool volleyball net, you will have to tighten it to prevent it from floating away. It is best to tie the strings to the sides, filter trap, or the main pipe in the pool. 

Check if it is stable enough, and you are done. Now since this is a DIY floating pool volleyball set, there is a chance it might tip over while playing. But you can easily put it back in place and continue with your game. 

Tips To Remember

There is a tendency for the pool net to float in the pool if it is not fixed in place properly. As such, you can make a device that fits the side of the pool walls with the help of a spring. This should be able to hold the net better. 

Also, water volleyball is typically played with a depth that is dependent on the height of your players. The recommended height for a pool volleyball net is 2.5 to 3 feet. This will allow kids and adults to play in the pool. It's also good for pools with a depth of 3.5-4 feet, giving an overall height of 7 feet once the net is in place. 

However, if kids are going to play, it's best to keep the net a little lower so they can easily throw the ball into it. Ideally, the water should not be deeper than the person playing.

Diy Pool Volleyball Net Ideas FAQs ?

  • How to play volleyball in the pool? 

    The game of pool volleyball is usually played between two teams, each consisting of one to four players. The team choosing the service will never be allowed to serve more than twice in a row, alternating with the other team. The first team to score eleven points is the winner.

  • Is a repair kit necessary for pool volleyball nets? 

    Yes, it is best to keep a repair kit handy in case the net tears or snags in places. You might also need to tighten the strings that hold the frame in place at times. Also, for inflatable pool nets, it is best to keep patches handy in case a hole develops on the surface.

  • What material is best for pool volleyball nets?

    For making pool volleyball, there are a number of materials that you can use, like nylon ropes, vinyl ropes, or polyester. 

    However, when making the material selection, we would advise that you keep in mind that the net is going to get wet during your volleyball sessions. So, it is best to use materials that are resistant to water that would not get damaged easily. Doing so will ensure that the nets last longer, and you don’t need to change them frequently.

  • What is the ideal width for a pool volleyball net?

    For the best experience, we suggest that you keep the width of the pool volleyball net the same as the width of the swimming pool. This will help keep the net in place as you will be able to secure it better and also help you demarcate the playing area properly. 

    If you are in for a serious weekend sport in the pool, we suggest you do this. 

  • How deep should a volleyball pool be?

    Water volleyball is no doubt a favorite among kids of all age groups. But it is important to ensure that they have fun and are completely safe during their playing sessions. And to achieve both these goals, it is important that the pool they are playing in has the right depth. For that, you will need to know how to install a pool volleyball net in a way that all the players are safe. 

    Ideally, for pool volleyball, the depth should be good enough for the kids to be able to stand up but also swim when needed. So, a depth of three to four feet is the optimum mark. 

    If you are planning to create a “sports pool” for kids, you can keep the depth on the two sides to 3-4 feet and keep a depth of 5 feet at the center. That’s a configuration people generally opt for when constructing sports pools.  

  • How to maintain safety when playing pool volleyball?

    If there are kids in the pool playing volleyball, it is essential that you assign an adult water watcher. Make sure this person knows how to swim and, in case of any emergency, can come to the kids’ rescue. Using fences and nets around the pool can also help ensure that no pets or children fall into the pool unintentionally. 

  • Diy Pool Volleyball Net Ideas Final Words

    Diy Pool Volleyball Net Ideas Final Words 

    That’s all we have for you today! 

    Pool volleyball might not be as well-recognized as a game like water polo in the Olympics. But it can be a fun and energizing game for the little ones. As you must have understood, the rules of aquatic volleyball are pretty similar to regular volleyball, and there are no new rules to learn. 

    However, there is definitely a learning curve. Kids who are new will have to learn how to balance themselves in water and tackle the ball at the same time. The learning process is fun, and once they ace it, they will refuse to get out of the pool for hours! Know more on how wide a pool need to be to for volleyball with our exclusive article. 

    We hope that you found our DIY pool volleyball net ideas useful. If so, you can also check out our other reads like “insulated vs. non-insulated smoker.” 

    Until next time, take care!