A diy coffee bar in your home can help you entertain family, friends, loved ones. It can serve coffee, tea and all their variations rapidly, professionally, allowing you to focus on having a good time, enjoying their company and stories.

Coffee bars have no strict set of rules, you simply need mugs and a coffee maker, preferably an automatic one. The options when it comes to design are limitless, from fee market salvaged furniture up and pallet wood bars up to extensive bars and dedicated areas you can tailor anything that fits your needs in terms of space and design.

1. reclaimed wood coffee bar

Reclaimed wood has an immense value, it can shape the extraordinary, here taking the shape of small coffee bar, made to entertain.

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2. diy pallet coffee mug rack

A slice of pallet can showcase your mug collection, use it and bring coziness and warmth in through wood.

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3. complete scandinavian coffee rack

A simple and clear setup inspired by the Scandinavian-design can enhance your space, the presence of coffee at your grasp in a beautiful shape is something to cherish.

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4. coffee and sugar at your grasp

In the office a coffee station would help a great deal, regardless of proportions, size and features a coffee can comfort you in times of need, it can make you more productive.

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5. wood and black in a graphic display

Contrast between black and wooden surfaces ought to be pursued, it speaks of nobility, elegance.

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6. concrete top, rustic wood and chalkboard

The rustic presence combined with concrete and chalkboard is splendid. Slices of wood and inserts of greenery near glass recipients also contribute to this epic setting.

via The Tale Of An Ugly House

7. complete set in wooden simplicity

Old wood interiors create warmth, they set a delicate ambiance that roots the individual in well being, a strong feeling of appurtenance in the setting is evoked.

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8. withered white in scandinavian setting

White worn-out side by side with chalkboard frame and a splendid leaf wreath is here completed by delicate typography and wire baskets.

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9. diy coffee bar tailored from scratch

Follow a swift tutorial and craft your diy coffee bar from scratch, emphasize it with all the right coffee-related elements.

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10. petite teal coffee station

One low height teal and wire composition, practical and beautiful.

Souce Unknown

11. traveling inspired coffee bar

A corner of your home inspired by your daily and yearly adventures would be something phenomenal, use elements that you greatly care for to shape epicness.

via DIY for Life

12. shabby chic containers shape coffee bar

Tea and coffee collectibles from all around the world may define your coffee bar.

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13. one chalkboard and all the coffee

One chalkboard sign that presents your options might be sufficient, add greenery for a delicate epic contrast.

via Good Life of Design

14. chalkboard wall and rustic floating shelves

Extended counter-top space can help a great deal, use it if you have it.

via Thrifty Decor Chic

15. simple coffee mug gallery 

A collection of petite coffee mugs can look epic on open shelves, all aligned and ready to be used.

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16. simple hideaway diy coffee bar 

De-clutter your space by hiding the coffee inside the cabinets, swift rapid and insanely practical is this solution.

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17. minimalist black and white coffee station

Photography in the vertical plane, all the utensils needed for an epic coffee on a metal cart.

vis sfgirlbybay.com

18. simple cheerful coffee house

Prepare a cup of cheer in your coffee house with open shelves and a little bit of counter space.

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19. small coffee table corner

No huge intervention this coffee bar should be, simply design it to comfort you.

via Jenna Antonelli

20. neutral taupe PROFESSIONAL coffee display

Impressive and extensive coffee station that would surely make a big group happy, a great tool for entertaining.

via The Inspired Room

21. modern gray coffee station 

Simple, delicate.

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22. black pallet and red salvaged furniture

One piece of furniture salvaged from the flee market wearing red and one pallet keeping everything in your grasp in black, creating contrast.

via Del Hutson Designs

23. white coffee cart EMBELLISHED by light

Airy ambiance, flooded by light.

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24. small brilliant diy coffee bar

Use the bottom part of your bar to keep your winesat your grasp too.

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25. wire in black enhances wood and stark white

Simple, balanced, harmonious, beautiful.

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26. natural wood coffee bar in white setting

In diy projects wood will always be the ideal material, easy to work with, accessible and incredibly beautiful material that can emphasize any setting, any space.

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27. refurbish an old furnishing to your needs

A new light on an old piece of furniture can shape the ideal diy coffee bar, hit the flee market in the search of old gems.

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28. pallet wood tailored as mug display

A coffee mug display would put your collection in the right light whilst keeping them accessible, use it wisely.

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29. simple iron and wood coffee bar cart

A simple diy coffee bar cart that can be particularized a great deal, design that here shines in golden hues carying wooden surfaces.

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30. vintage floating coffee bar 

Wood and wire team up beautifully, here black creates an epic slight contrast on the olive green background.

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31. wall art coffee stash 

Inexpensive yet highly graphic and in case of emergency, vital, the wall art coffee stash is something that any coffee enthusiast would appreciate.

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32. shabby chic in a diy coffee bar

One coffee bar can translate into an epic side-dresser and floating shelves, simple presence that will help you entertain your guests.

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33. balanced scandinavian diy coffee bar

Black and white balanced by wood in multiple states. Typography and metal elements complete the setting brilliantly.

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34. memory in a sensible coffee bar

Small things in life add another dimension. Here the word faith and the happy couple smiling framed represent items with which one identifies, a personalized space that suddenly became much more than a coffee bar upon their arrival, here one finds calm, peace.

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35. RE-PURPOSE an old window for coffee

A simple addition to a coffee and tea station can be an old window, one ready to carry your mugs and potentially display memories. One glass surface can also carry things that you could write down, a spicy coffee recipe or a tea combination that you love a great deal.

Source Unknown

36. put unused space to good use

Sugar, cream or coffee, whatever you drink it needs a space of its own. The picture below exemplifies how unused space can rapidly gain a really interesting position in your kitchen. Shape your space to fit you needs, coffee is a very important need.

Source Unknown

37. use an old door to create your coffee heaven

One old side table and one old door can shape something really cool, shabby-chic looking, exemplary through a design language that can cost little to nothing.

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38. blue copper and white team-up

Copper matched with that blue hue below is simply extraordinary, a combination with which you simply cannot fail. The white brought by the mug is the cherry on the top, exemplary balance in such a simple design shaped by color and texture.

via jenwoodhouse.com

39. use TYPOGRAPHY to enhance your coffee lab

One could argue that typography cannot be overdone and the design makes this statement justice, it`s simple on its own but the abundance of great fonts and messages makes it stand out.

Source Unknown

40. reclaimed wood and wire 

Wire hooks are a recurring element that can make a diy coffee bar great justice yet in the composition below the reclaimed wood stands out through simplicity, the white-wood is subdued to its setting yet it complements the scene elegantly.

via 1001pallets.com

41. one simple coffee corner

A small portion of counter-top and all the right utensils can be enough sometimes; simple choose a space to particularize as a coffee bar and make it work as you see fit.

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42. chalkboard and FLOATING SHELVES

Chalkboard and the right typography can redefine your coffee bar, here emphasized by wooden textures, small pieces of greenery and earthy tones the composition is beautifully balanced.

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43. good IDEA diy coffee station

One small bar cart can receive a marble counter-top to enlarge its surface and accommodate all the utensils needed.

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44. exquisite french baker coffee bar design

An exquisite coffee bar might not be everyone`s cup of tea but there are options. A french-inspired design wearing white will not clutter your space despite the immense amount of detail.

via Junk Chic Cottage

45. metal and wood diy coffee table

Any side-table can carry salvaged wood tops, here the texture is clear, visible; they`re piece of wood with memory, piece of wood that contrast with black yet bring in a great deal of coziness and warmth.

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45. coffee station inside kitchen cabinets

It makes sense to hide your coffee station inside the cabinets, it is easier to maintain, it de-clutters your space and it offers a little privacy yet accessibility it lacks.

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47.  old and beautiful RE-PURPOSED 

An old furniture piece can be updated with the right color, here it serves the noble purpose of sharing coffee and tea to guests and family alike.

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48. gray and wood coffee and tea bar

Simple floating shelves can highlight your coffee bar, use mugs and frames to personalize your space with ease. Here the dark gray segment accentuates the bar a bit.

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49. simple ikea elements in coffee bar

You can use simple elements to shape the extraordinary and happily IKEA shelters lost of these. Simply shape your coffee corner to fit your needs with items that you actually love and the ensemble will surely end up beautiful, functional, ready to entertain.

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Coffee bars are something really splendid in one`s home, they welcome the individual and guests alike with something cozy, warm, something that most of us cherish. What do you think about these spaces and how do you see the ideal diy coffee bar? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

Anton Giuroiu