Monday, June 5th, 2023

Creative DIY Paper Lotus Candlestick Project [Video Included]


Beautiful candlesticks are usually quite expensive and not everyone wants to spend money on them. Thus the idea of making your own candlesticks by using some basic materials and following a certain layout and pattern. Candle light is a great method of changing the atmosphere of a room, highlighting certain design elements and creating that relaxing, cozy romantic sensation we all need after a tiring day at the office. Paper candlesticks are, in our opinion, the easiest project to make and do not require some special skills in order to achieve a beautiful end result.The following example is extremely easy to replicate. You will require three pieces of paper which should be cut and folded according to the tutorial in order to create that volume and layered effect, which are in the end glued together. And basically, that’s it. pretty simple, no? You can choose any type of paper you like, we recommend you to look for special folding paper, in different shaded and even textures. In the end you can even decorate the  DIY Paper Lotus Candlestick with glitter or beads for a glamorous effect. All that remains then is to buy some small pretty candles, place them inside the lotus flower and light up the room. Enjoy!



-three piece of colored folding paper
-one pen
-a pair of scissors

DIY Paper Lotus Candlestick-homesthetics (5)DIY Paper Lotus Candlestick-homesthetics (1)

DIY Paper Lotus Candlestick-homesthetics (2) DIY Paper Lotus Candlestick-homesthetics (3) DIY Paper Lotus Candlestick-homesthetics (4) 

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