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Do Pool Test Kits Expire? | Things You Should Know

Like all perishable goods, pool test kits expire after a certain period. If a pool test kit doesn’t come with an expiration date, we recommend discarding the bottle 180 days after you have opened it. 

Do Pool Test Kits Expire

Pool test kits have become an important part of a swimming pool store supply since you can check the quality of the pool water before diving in. For instance, if the swimming pool has high chlorine levels, it alters the pH level of the water, making it more acidic. This can cause skin and eye irritation while proving extremely uncomfortable. 

In this guide, we have discussed everything you need to know about pool test strips.

Can Pool Testing Reagents Go Bad?  

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Pool test reagents go bad because they have a limited shelf life, but they can last longer than regular pool test strips. Normally, pool test strips last for a few months till they become unusable.

Many pool contractors claim that chemicals can last for almost two years without getting expired. But there are a few factors that can reduce the lifespan of testing chemicals, which are as follows: 

  • While storing them in large bottles, make sure the bottles are clean 
  • Prevent dust and contamination to maintain the chemistry of the pool test reagents
  • Check the expiration dates of the test kits to make sure you are purchasing the newest kits
  • Don’t leave the testing kit in the wrong conditions, such as high humidity, moisture, etc. 
  • Low-quality or cheap test reagents don’t last long. 
  • Keep pool test strips away from direct sunlight

Can You Use Expired Pool Test Strips? 

Once the test strips cross the expiration date printed on the box, you should immediately discard the box to buy a new set of test strips. Old strips also tend to break apart if you dip them in water. 

One of the best ways to determine if the pool test strips are expired is when they provide inaccurate test results. Usually, an expired, or defective test strip will show no sign of changes whenever it comes in contact with the sample water. However, many pool owners are not aware of this fact, and end up adding excess chemicals that can ruin the chemistry of the water.   

Tips To Prolong Shelf Life Of Pool Testing Chemicals 

There are a few ways by which you can make the pool test kits last longer. 

For instance, one of the most important rules of preserving pool test strips is to store them at room-temperature. Since most pool testing chemicals are extremely sensitive to heat and freezing conditions, external conditions can prevent them from testing accurately. 

If you are storing the pool test strips in bottles, we recommend sealing them properly so that air and moisture can not filter in. Since all test strips are extremely sensitive to water, the slightest presence of humidity can activate them and render them useless for further use. 

Lastly, you should avoid mixing used test strips and drops with fresh units as they can contaminate the other kits and cause them to lose their accuracy. 

Can You Test Chlorine In The Pool Without A Kit?

If you are wondering how to test chlorine in a pool without a kit, we have a DIY solution. 

In general, most pool testing kits can be very expensive, which makes stocking them extremely tough. But you can prepare a DIY home kit by dicing a red cabbage into small shreds and letting them soak in boiling hot water. This will cause the red cabbage shred to lose some pigmentation which will get absorbed by the water. 

You can use this solution to test the chlorine and pH level of different samples by comparing the change in the sample’s color with a pH color chart. 

Can A Pool Test Kit Be Used For An Aquarium?

Most aquarium hobbyists wonder - can a pool test kit be used on an aquarium to keep the fish healthy by testing for the pool’s chemicals. Pool test kits are designed to give accurate results for a water sample, so you can use them to test the water quality of an aquarium. 

If you maintain the right pH levels, your fish will be healthier and develop brighter colors. Similarly, you can use the pool test kit to determine if the water quality is ideal for growing aquatic plants. 

Resort Private pool has weekly check maintenance test, Salt Meter Level, to make sure water is clean and can swim. Do Pool Test Kits Expire Conclusion.

Do Pool Test Kits Expire Conclusion 

Before signing off, here are a few common mistakes you should avoid while storing pool test kits. 

When it comes to storing pool test chemicals and strips, you should always make sure that the storage unit complies with the current safety and fire code to prevent accidents. Another factor you should keep in mind while storing the pool test chemicals is to keep them away from extreme temperatures. 

Accidentally exposing the chemicals to high temperatures can trigger them to react and cause severe damage to your property. 


While storing pool test strips, you should ensure the room is dry and cool as excess moisture in the room can cause the strips to give inaccurate test results later on.