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How To Test CR123A Lithium Batteries? | All You Need To Know

There are several ways to test and find reliable CR123A batteries. For instance, you can use a multimeter to check the internal resistance and voltage fluctuations of the battery. Voltage drops are usually an indicator of poor-quality CR123A batteries. 

How To Test Cr123a Lithium Batteries

Nowadays, CR123A batteries have become a popular source of power for operating home appliances and devices. 

However, the quality of a battery can differ from one brand to another, which makes it hard to determine which battery is ideal for your home appliances. Moreover, several factors, such as internal resistances, voltage, and others, determine the quality of a good battery. 

Hence, we have compiled this guide to help you test and find high-quality and reliable batteries. 

What Is A CR123A Battery?

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In simple terms, a CR123A battery is a cylindrical cell that relies on lithium chemistry to produce energy for home appliances. When it comes to shape, it shares the same resemblance to a C-cell battery since it is small and compact. 

Moreover, these batteries can be used for all types of applications. For example, you can use them to power both military-grade technology as well as medical appliances. Since these batteries are so widely in demand, they are usually hard to stock due to their limited availability. 

Some of the top brands that manufacture these batteries are Duracell, Panasonic, and Energizer. In fact, some brands offer a charger with a rechargeable battery which makes it convenient since you can use the battery for a long period. 

However, you must be very careful while storing non-rechargeable batteries since they discharge quickly. Ideally, you should avoid hot places since they damage the cell and cause the battery to discharge faster. 

Most manufacturers provide clear instructions regarding storing the excess batteries in a cool and dry space since it prevents the batteries from discharging quickly. As such, the batteries can last for a long period. You can buy CR123A batteries from a local hardware store or a nearby convenience store. 

How To Test CR123A Lithium Batteries?

When it comes to checking the quality of CR123A batteries, there are several ways of testing them. In this section, we shall explore some of the common methods of testing CR123A batteries: 

1. Capacity And Shelf Life

Basically, one of the best ways to check the quality of CR123A lithium-ion batteries is by checking the capacity. Batteries with high capacities are usually a good indicator of high battery performance since they have a slow discharge rate. This makes them last longer than other batteries that have low capacities. 

Batteries with a good shelf life are another way of checking the quality and performance. If a battery has a short shelf life, it clearly indicates that it discharges faster. As such, it wouldn’t be helpful if you store batteries with short shelf life. 

2. The Torch Test

Another way of testing the quality of different CR123A batteries is by performing a torch test. Simply take three batteries from different brands and place them in three individual torches. If a torch shines more brightly than the other two, it clearly suggests that the battery within the brighter torch delivers higher performance. 

Also, if certain torches experience flickering during the test, then there is a high chance that the batteries are discharging quickly or experiencing higher voltage fluctuations. Sometimes, you might notice the torch reaching a high temperature since the battery is overheating. In such a situation, we recommend turning off the torch to prevent further increase in temperature, or else it can cause an explosion. 

If the torch refuses to turn on after multiple attempts to switch it on, it signifies that the battery is dead. Consequently, the cell doesn’t have any charge to power the device. 

3. Multimeter Test

This test is mostly used by professionals in the electrical and engineering field since they use this device for various purposes. However, you can easily find this device in a local hardware store, and they are affordable. 

For this test, you need to take a fully recharged battery and place it between the two ends of the two receptors of the multimeter. If the battery doesn’t display any power while not being in load, it indicates that the battery is dead. On the other hand, if you notice readings on the multimeter, the battery is in optimum working condition. 

But you should be careful since the battery can display higher voltages sometimes. This usually happens when the battery provides power without any load. Once you place the battery in a home appliance, it will display normal voltage reading. You can also use the multimeter to check if the internal resistance of the battery is performing the task optimally by preventing short circuits. 

Are All CR123A Batteries Rechargeable?

In general, cr123 batteries are primary batteries that are designed to be disposed of once they have died out completely. As such, attempting to recharge a CR123A battery can be dangerous since it can explode and cause severe damage to your property and yourself. 

On the contrary, some brands design CR123A batteries with different chemistries. This allows the users to recharge the batteries and use them repeatedly. However, only a few brands can design such batteries, and the stock is very limited. Thus, you should always check the packaging to see if you can recharge CR123A lithium batteries or not. 

Colorful battery. How To Test CR123A Lithium Batteries Conclusion.

How To Test CR123A Lithium Batteries Conclusion

Like any perishable good, batteries have a limited life span, and the quality of the cell decreases over the years. Nevertheless, you can always opt for rechargeable CR123A batteries since they last much longer. 

On the other hand, you can preserve the quality of the battery by following the storage instructions given by the manufacturer. For instance, fresh batteries should be stored in a cool and dry place since extreme heat can damage the cells and cause the batteries to discharge faster. 

If you are storing fully charged rechargeable batteries, you should check them once in a while to see if there are any voltage drops. Besides, you can purchase a multimeter to test the quality of the batteries from time to time. 

With that, we have reached the end of this guide, and we hope you found it informative. Stay safe, and see you next time!