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20 Adorable DIY Coasters That Are Easy To Make

Elli Winter / November 6, 2017

DIY projects are my favorite thing to do when fall knocks on our doors, they`re easy, they are easy to get right and they are something that nestles coziness. If you have been wondering what to do to kill the boredom when you are staying most of the time at home, here you have anRead more

21 Sensational DIY Coasters For Parties or Simple Intimate Moments

Richel Ann Bolos / January 6, 2017

By definition, coasters are small beverage or cup holders that protect a table surface from scratches or unsightly marks usually left by beverages. These drink coasters are made of wood, cork, marble and cloth, but there are also other materials used for coasters. Though there are bountiful selections in stores for these small protectors, creatingRead more