Monday, September 26th, 2022

Tag: Experimental art

Field of Light by Bruce Munro Experimental Art bulb
Experimental Art: Willow Tree Saplings Cathedral by Patrick Dougherty
Underwater Sculptures by Jason de Caires Taylor scary art
snow flakes defying gravity floating Experimental Art Gravity-Defying Land Art Instalations by Cornelia Konrads homesthetics (10)
Experimental Art Horizont Field Instalation by Antony Gormley homesthetics (1) overlooking the mouintains
amazing picture at night Experimental ArtAnother Place- Instalation by Antony Gormley homesthetics (1)
The Uneven Floor by Hundertwasser Homesthetics
overlooking new york city and madison square garden Experimental Art Event Horizon Instalation-by Antony Gormley homesthetics (7)