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10 Fabulous DIY Coffee Tables That Are Easy To Make

Elli Winter / October 26, 2017

Are you missing a coffee table in your living room? If yes, stay tuned to see how you can make it on your own quickly and easily according to your personal taste and style. Scroll down and take a look at the Fabulous DIY Coffee Tables That Are Easy To Make. People prefer DIY craftsRead more

Acrylic Home Office Desks for Your Interior Design

Peekaboo Console Desk
Codreanu Andreea / May 12, 2014

Office furniture should always be associated with efficiency, and a Lucite office desk is a good choice if you want to organize a small corner without intruding too much in a room and keeping things clear and tidy.It’s his attribute of transparency that gives the furniture the illusion of taking little to no space andRead more

Acrylic Coffee Tables -Showcase for Your Interior Design

Square Acrylic Coffee Tables
Codreanu Andreea / May 8, 2014

Clear acrylic furniture has always been appreciated for its strong powerful impact in a room and, at the same time, the ability to preserve an airy, transparent, light feel, becoming a solution for small interior designs. Their transparent aspect makes them perfect as coffee tables in small crowded living rooms, as they appear to takeRead more