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Top 19 Children’s Room Wall Murals

Decorating a child;s room is something we have become more and more interested in the last few years. We begin an entire process of nesting from the creation of the baby nursery to its development further on and transformations as the kid's preferences evolve with time. An unique method of decorating a room without going through the expensive stage of changing furniture is the creation of a wall mural. Under this term we define a variety of wall treatments, including wallpaper, wall decals and even hand painting.Here are some tips on how to create a wall mural for your child's room:

wall murals

      •  if uncertain use pastel neutral hues
      • delicate flowers and canopies are suitable for a girl's room
      • tr and invest into an educational wall mural such as the animal world map mural
      • never forget about fairy-tale characters, they will always be loved
      • opt for a hand painted mural if you feel up to the challenge, it will mean more to everyone

Now let's cast a glance at a few wall mural ideas and projects and seek inspiration.

1. choose a mountain landscape and paint it onto a focus wall

Never underestimate the power of the natural landscape, it will create a dreamy serene and calm atmosphere you should desire in a child's room.

wall murals (2)


2. go for the abstract path

An abstract composition can be created by adding several focus points and elements and balancing them through color and texture.

wall murals (1)


3. choose a delicate flower canopy

A floral theme will feel right for a baby girl's nursery. Pastel tones and delicacy can compose the base for your interior design.



4. a cute pastel colorful animal world map

Educative and colorful at the same time, this animal world map will become a reference point in the years to come.



5. or go for the actual world map in a vintage graphic

If a navigator-vintage vibe is what you are seeking, choose an actual world map and teach your young one how to dream and travel.



6. a pastel mountain landscape with fading shades

Pastel neutral hues are suitable for both girls and boys so you will never go wrong with this choice.


7. a delicate tree canopy in shades of beige

You are searching for a calm serene atmosphere for your young one so a natural detailed landscape can fit this scenario.



8. watercolor flowers for a delicate nursery

The watercolor technique with its fading and merging hues is so lovely and perfect for a nursery, seek a wallpaper created in this manner.



9. maintaining a childhood-appropriate atmosphere

Panda bears and other cute animals should seek refuge in your kid's bedroom.

little hands wallpaper mural - slepping in the trees blog


10. simple trees and red birds

Opt for a minimal look that is more to your liking but don't forget to add a touch of color.



11. the underwater world holds no mysteries

You can even go for a marine theme with its many animals, fish, and mysteries.



12. a few cactus plants will cheer things up

Choosing a cactus plant as a wallpaper might seem odd but the green hues do seem cheerful, don't they?



13. never forget about woodland creatures

Cartoon characters and cartoon animals are fun, colorful, and educative at the same time.



14. a fairy tale atmosphere in the nature

Add more and more elements to your mountain landscape.



15. bringing the nature in

If a large tree is your chosen weapon, why not make it a 3d  creation that will truly stand out?



16. Imagination has no limits

Have fun representing book characters on the walls.



17. choosing the favorite fairy tale and depicting it

If you choose to wait for your little one to express an interest, opt for a fairy-tale character he adores.



18. an abundance of fresh colorful flowers

This epic mural is an extraordinary ambition if you decide to take it on and paint it by hand.


19. vividly colorful forest mural design

Colorful flowers, trees, and exotic birds, this is quite a mural, don't you agree?



Have you ever considered creating a mural in your child's room? Feel free to share your ideas and projects in the comment section below.