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What Fan Blows The Coldest Air? | Things You Should Know

If you’re looking for the fan that blows the coldest air, the Lasko Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan is one of the best options for the price. Pelonis and Dreo also have competitive options in the same price range and they too are worth considering. 

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A heatwave is the worst nightmare for anyone who doesn’t have the best blower fan or an air conditioning unit in their home. 

To beat the intense summer heat, you can turn to a wealth of DIY ways to make your fan blow cold air. At the same time, you can invest in fan blowers to keep yourself breezy and comfortable without breaking the bank. So, ready to explore some effective ways to beat the heat? Dive in, then! 

What Fan Blows The Coldest Air?

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On the hottest days when your age-old ceiling fan doesn’t do much to keep you cool, concentrating on work becomes the biggest challenge. Sure, you may turn on the air conditioner, but you must save aside hundreds of dollars to pay the electricity bills. 

For folks who aren’t blessed with a fortune and are looking for affordable ways to keep their room cool, there’s good news for you. Luckily, there are tons of DIY hacks that you can adopt to blow cool air from fans. So, you can beat the summer heat and chill– literally, even in the scorching heat. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in to check out some brilliant fan hacks to keep your room cool during the heatwave. 

1. Keep The Fan On The Floor

Those who rely on a tower fan or oscillating fan to keep them cool during the summer months must consider keeping them on the floor to improve their efficiency. That’s because hot air rises while cool air stays near the floor. This is why when you position the fan on the floor instead of the table or desk, it is more likely to keep the room cold.

Have a not-so-large fan to keep your medium-sized room cool in humid climates? Keep the fan in the direction where you’re sitting with its face pointed towards you. 

And if you have a powerful fan, point it towards one of the walls of the room to produce a constant, forceful swirl of air. This way, the fan will circulate air in the entire room, no matter its size. 

2. Clean Your Fan

Irrespective of whether you have tower fans or ceiling fans in your space, clean them regularly to maximize their efficiency. Over time, fans collect dirt and dust that house on the blades and prevent them from blowing cold air. 

On box fans, dirt accumulates all over the intake vents, especially on the blade placed in the direction of motion. Even with dust and dirt accumulated, the fans blow air, but they fail to keep the room cool. 

Standard fans must be cleaned every month using a duster to wipe away the accumulated dust from the air intakes and exits. In case your fan hasn’t been cleaned for months, you must unclip the blade cover and clean the fan thoroughly. To unscrew the cover, you’ll have to check the product manual to avoid damaging the unit. 

You need not use any special cleaning agent to clean the fan; a damp cloth is enough to wipe away impurities from the unit. However, make sure you dry the intakes and blades of the fan before reassembling and plugging them back. Also, check the instruction manual to find the right way to clean your fan. 

That being said, make sure you clean the fan blades regularly to keep them in good condition and to improve their performance. 

3. Air-Dry Your Laundry By Placing Them In Front Of The Fan

Did you just toss your laundry in the washing machine? If yes, we suggest avoiding them drying in the tumble dryer; instead, dry them in front of the fan so that your fan blows cold air– surprising, isn’t it?

When clothes are dried in front of the fan, they dry more quickly than in the machine dryer. All you need to do is hang the clothes in the room and turn the fan toward them, and ta-da! Your entire room will become cool without running air-conditioning units. 

This hack is especially useful when you air-dry towels, bedsheets, and other large items instead of small clothing. 

4. Open The Windows And Direct Your Fan Outside It

If you don’t wish to skyrocket your utility bills by turning on the AC, we suggest using two fans to cool any space. All those who have a ceiling fan installed in their room will have to get a tower fan and place it on the windows to blow air out of it. This means the fan sucks the stale air and expels it out of the room through the window while improving air circulation. 

5. Use A Dehumidifier With Your Fan

Basically, the humidity levels are high during the summer months, which is why sweat doesn’t evaporate from the body as quickly as it should. In high humidity areas, even the best fans lose their cooling power, so they fail to drop the air temperature of the room. 

That’s where a dehumidifier comes into the picture. When paired with a cooling fan, dehumidifiers turn wet air into dry by sucking in moisture to provide the relief you need. 

Make sure you invest in a powerful dehumidifier that comes with a humidistat and run it alongside a cold air fan to stay cool during the hottest days. Also, a dehumidifier is an inexpensive unit compared to an evaporative air cooler and ac unit when it comes to cooling larger spaces. 

6. Make Your DIY Portable Air Conditioner 

Do you live in places where the humidity levels are always high? If yes, it’s likely that the evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, won’t likely bring down the humidity levels to keep you cool and breezy. 

However, we’ve got a cool DIY hack for you to make your room cool without breaking the bank. All you need is a few ice cubes, a fan, a bucket, and some pipes to build your portable fan that will circulate cooler air in the room. 

That being said, here we’ve mentioned the steps you’ll have to follow to build your portable fan. 

Step 1: Detach The Fan From Its Stand

First things first, you’ll have to detach the oscillating tower fan from the base that supports it using a screwdriver. At times, a screwdriver doesn’t do much to unfasten the fan from the base, which is why you may have to use a hacksaw to cut it off. 

Step 2: Draw The Fan Shape On The Bucket Lid

After detaching it from the base stand, you’ll have to trace the shape of the fan on the bucket lid. For this, place the fan on the bucket lid (with its face down towards the lid) and trace its shape by drawing lines along the rim of the fan. 

Step 3: Cut The Circle Using A Box Cutter

Next, grab a box cutter from your toolkit and start cutting around the traced circle. However, a box cutter will come in handy only if you’re cutting around a not-so-hard material. 

On the other hand, folks who have traced the shape of the front rim of the fan on a rigid plastic will have to use a jigsaw to cut it. For that, you’ll have to begin by drilling a small starter hole into the lid, take your jigsaw blade and slide it into the hole to cut the traced circle. 

Step 4: Put Styrofoam Liner In The Bucket And Drill Holes

After cutting the lid, take the styrofoam liner, place it inside the bucket, and double-check its placement. 

Next, you’ll have to drill three holes in the bucket lid, making sure they are evenly spaced. Also, the holes will be drilled at the center of the bucket, roughly midway down. This is usually done to support the bucket against the wall you wish to place the fan. 

Another thing you need to take care of is that the holes are to be drilled on both the plastic bucket and the styrofoam liner that is placed in it. 

Step 5: Cut PVC Pipes Into Pieces

Take PVC pipes and cut them into three pieces using a hacksaw, making sure that each piece measures about three inches. 

Step 6: Spray A Light Coat Of Paint Over The Parts

Before assembling the parts to make your portable fan or air conditioner, you’ll have to paint all the components. Though not necessary, painting the fan and the bucket will add to the aesthetics and spruce up the décor of your space. 

Spread all the parts on a drop cloth and spray a light coat of paint all over them until they are fully covered. Next, keep them aside for a few hours for them to dry completely before moving to the next step. 

Step 7: Mount PVC Pipes In The Drilled Holes

When the paint dries, you’ll have to mount PVC pipes to the bucket lid on the three holes drilled at the center. The good thing is that you need nothing to attach them to the bucket; all you need to do is slide them through the holes and push them firmly to make sure they are a snug fit. 

However, if the pipes are slightly loose, you can use a hot glue gun to secure them in place.

Step 8: Place Ice Packs In The Bucket

Now that you’ve attached the PVC pipes grab a few ice packs from the freezer and place them in the bucket. 

One thing to keep in mind is to always put the ice in a plastic container before placing it in the bucket, or you might run yourself into the risk of electrical shock. Using ice water or loose ice is a big no-no, so always use frozen ice to be on the safe side. 

Step 9: Attach The Fan To The Bucket

When everything’s done, it’s time to get the fan and affix it to the plastic bucket. First, place the traced lid on top of the bucket and attach the front rim of the fan through the opening of the lid. 

Now, plug the fan into an electrical outlet, turn the switch on, and ta-da! Your portable air conditioner is ready to blow colder air into the room and keep you cool for the next few hours. Before hitting the sofa to read your favorite book, keep another ice pack in the freezer to freeze, so you can swap it out when needed. 

7. Turn Your Fan Into A Cooler

Did you know that you can turn a tower fan and an oscillating fan into a cooler?-- Yes, you heard that right! 

To begin with, you’ll have to get a wicking fabric like a thin sheet of cotton. Make sure that the fabric has holes so that air can flow through them and keep the room cool. 

Next, soak the cloth in cold water for a couple of minutes, take it out and wring it out to drain excess water. After that, hang it over the seat of a plastic chair, ensuring that the fabric hangs down on each side. The next thing to do is to point the fan towards the fabric, which will supply very cold air as the water evaporates. 

If you don’t wish to go through the hassles of soaking and wringing the cloth, you can place packs of ice in front of the fan. 

4 Best Fans That Blow Cold Air

Fans That Blow Cold Air

1. Lasko Portable Electric 42” Oscillating Tower Fan

Looking for a portable electric fan that can keep you cool no matter where you go? Well, the Lasko Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan could be the one you’ve been searching for. 

This 42” fan boasts a slim and sleek profile, which means it won’t occupy much space and can stand on any corner of the room. Adding to that is its gray color body that blends seamlessly with the décor and furniture of every room, no matter the theme. 

What’s particularly impressive about this oscillating tower fan is that it is super-quiet and comes with three-speed settings to cater to the diverse needs of the users. Compared to other fans, Lasko is designed with a wide angle oscillation, which is why it promotes better airflow and cools the room excellently. 

This space-saving fan comes with an auto-off timer which can be adjusted between 30 minutes and 7.5 hours, making it user-friendly. If that’s not all, let us tell you that this remote control fan comes with a nighttime setting that changes the fan speed every hour and dims the control display. Rest assured, you’ll enjoy an undisturbed and peaceful slumber while staying cool throughout the night. 

The only downside of this otherwise excellent product is that it comes with a limited warranty of one year. 

2. PELONIS 40” Oscillating Tower Fan

The PELONIS 40” Oscillating Tower Fan is another innovative, high-performance fan that you can consider adding to your home to survive the summer heat. 

Offering a wider cooling coverage, this fan allows you to adjust the fan speed from low to high with the click of a remote button. And if your remote is nowhere to be found, you can adjust the fan setting by clicking the buttons on the top-mounted control panel. 

Want to switch off the fan in the wee hours of the morning without getting up? Simply set the timer, and the fan will shut off by itself so that you can sleep undisturbed, thanks to the 15-hour programmable timer. 

What’s more, the device is energy-saving because it allows you to switch to ECO mode and regulate the temperature of the room. Other than that, you can switch to normal, natural, and sleep mode to suit your needs. However, cleaning this high-quality motor and ten-segment blade fan is slightly challenging. 

With this tower fan, you need not worry about power surges or over-voltage, as it comes with a fused safety plug that keeps the unit safe from damage. Over and above that, its slim black silhouette oozes elegance into the space, so it’s perfect for every home. 

3. Dreo Cruiser Pro Tower Fan

Boasting a sleek body, the Dreo Cruiser Pro Tower Fan stands 40” tall, and its black body goes well with both modern and traditional decor. 

Though equipped with a powerful motor, it doesn’t produce much noise, so you can sleep soundly without getting disturbed. Of course, this fan comes with a built-in timer that allows you to decide the hour you want it to shut off. 

Whether you want to adjust fan speeds or wind modes, the remote control lets you control everything without getting up. Or, you can use the multifunctional control panel for adjusting the settings. 

At the top, you’ll also see a large LCD display that adds to the user-friendliness of the unit, allowing you to see the temperature and other settings. 

The fan is housed on a steady base and sports a fused safety plug to keep the unit and people safe from accidents. And if you prefer sleeping in a dark room, you’ll be pleased to know that the control panel lights turn off automatically in sleep mode. 

This ESL-certified compact and portable unit boasts a bladeless design and narrow fence for the safety of your children and pets. Assembly is slightly challenging, so you mustn’t be surprised if you break into a sweat while putting it together. 

4. KopBeau 42” Oscillating Cooling Fan

This battery-operated fan from the house of KopBeau is an excellent addition to your bedroom because of its super-quiet performance. 

Normal, natural, and sleep– you get to customize the airflow mode according to your preference. And if you want the fan to blow colder air, take the remote and change the fan speed from medium or low to high. 

While its widespread oscillation keeps every nook and cranny of the room cool, the auto shut-off LED display lets you enjoy undisturbed slumber for as long as you’re in bed.

Thanks to the remote that comes with the fan, you can adjust the settings from your bed without getting up. A heavy stand base is coupled with a narrow fence to ensure the safety of your loved ones. 

And the best part is that the height of this fan can be adjusted from 36” to 42” in a breeze without using any tools– sounds great, doesn’t it? However, it comes with a programmable timer of only seven-hour, which isn’t to our liking. 

Oh, and did we mention that it comes with built-in handles for easy transportation?

Reasons Why Your Blower Fan Isn’t Working

If your cooling system is running but isn’t blowing cool air, there is a high possibility that your blower fan isn’t working. 

Are you too tired of searching for– “why is my blower fan not working?” If yes, we’ve enlisted all the reasons why your blower fan might malfunction. 

  • Blocked air filter
  • Broken or bent fan blade
  • Faulty compressor
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Worn-out motor
  • Weak or shorted capacitor

Instead of taking the DIY route, we suggest calling professionals to detect the underlying cause and fix it in the best possible way. 

What Fan Blows The Coldest Air Frequently Asked Questions

What Fan Blows The Coldest Air Frequently Asked Questions ?

What fans blow the coldest air?

Usually, table-top and standing fans circulate warm air at high speed to keep the occupants of the room cool. However, these off-the-shelf products aren’t equipped with the latest features or CFM power, which is why they don’t provide colder air. 

So, do you want to know what fans blow the coldest air? Then industrial man cooler fans, portable drum fans, evaporative coolers, or air circulation fans are the best bet. 

How is a blower fan different from a standard one?

A blower fan is equipped with a large number of fans when compared to a standard one. And since blower fans have a powerful motor, blower fans provide higher airflow than standard fans. Though blower fans are expensive, they are beneficial in the long run, so you must go for that instead of standard fans. 

What should I do to make my fan blow cold air?

If your standard fan is blowing warm air, you can place packs of ice in front of it to blow cold air. Or, you can also hang a wet cloth over a chair and turn the fan in its direction to supply cool air to your room. 

Electric fan in white with a modern design for cooling the room on a blue background. Free space, minimalistic style. What Fan Blows The Coldest Air Final Words.

What Fan Blows The Coldest Air Final Words

The scorching summer heat makes it impossible to stay outdoors, but staying indoors can also be difficult if you don’t have air-conditioners or fans that blow cold air. 

Instead of relying on your ceiling fan, we suggest bringing home a high-performance oscillating tower fan to keep you cool, breezy, and comfortable even during the hottest days and nights. Till the time your fan arrives, try the genius hacks that we’ve mentioned above to make summers bearable. 

That said, we’ve reached the end of our guide on the topic. But, first checkout our other fan related articles, and start with "why is my ceiling fan not blowing air?"

Adios, folks!