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15 DIY Backyard Design Ideas That Will Refresh Your Landscape This Spring

There is nothing better than spending a warm evening outside in your patio enjoying a glass of wine around a fire pit and surrounded by family and friends.The spring season opens the garden party festival and mesmerizes us with its greenery and sweet scented flowers. It is time to start refreshing your garden and patio and set the right mood for special nights spent outside.The garden can be transformed into a little pieces of heaven, your personal retreat from the daily troubles and problems. As a consequence, no detail should be let to chance and every tiny element can make a big difference. A single strand of twinkling lights added to your favorite tree can set a romantic mood while a pallet sofa bed can turn out to be your favorite place in your home. Greenery is the key element to any patio design, placing it int he right area and carefully building every corner of your backyard exactly to your hearts desire. We have gathered a series of 15 DIY Backyard Design Ideas That Will Refresh Your Landscape This Spring. We invite you to browse the gallery below and start your own garden remodeling now.


1. Grow tall plants and use them as a screen

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2. Create a lounge area from cement bricks and a couple of pillows

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3. Let the greenery take over old pieces of furniture

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4. Create a retractable sun shield for your deck

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5. Insert wood in your backyard design

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6. Edging your garden with cement blocks or stones

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7. Or wicker and pine cones

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8. String lights add a touch of magic to every garden

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9. Old bed used as flower container

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10. A hanging bed is the perfect relaxation spot

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11. Create a defying gravity flower display

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12. Handcrafted fences look best from natural elements like stones and wood



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13. Using the old silverware in your garden


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14. Wood and concrete used in a minimalist style


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15. Old tires can be used as flower pots


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