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20 Outdoor Jacuzzi Ideas for a Relaxing Weekend

Accommodating a Jacuzzi as the ultimate means of relaxation in your backyard is something people usually seek. Many might prefer gardens or pergolas to fill their small space or backyard, but for people who find comfort and relaxation in water, it's the classical Jacuzzi that comes to mind. Pools on the other hand require a large area for placement and therefore are not always a viable option for some homes. Jacuzzi have been used since 1915 and have, in time, become a symbol of luxury and comfort, the perfect alternative for the long desired swimming pool. 20 Outdoor Jacuzzi Ideas for a Relaxing Weekend have been featured below, cast a glance.


the perfect jacuzzi design for small space

With small spaces, a Jacuzzi is a much welcomed idea. This layout works well in a small backyard, allowing enough room for plants and the classical picnic table. The pallet wall inserted creates the privacy a person needs during a time for rest in the Jacuzzi.



the comfort of being surrounded by nAture

Hot springs often come with the perk of enjoying nature at its finest. This outdoor Jacuzzi design captures such delicate beauty and relaxation brought by nature. The green background is soothing for the eyes and the natural breeze coming from the area will surely make the dip in this outdoor Jacuzzi even more enjoyable.



elegAnt pallet wood

Pallet wood is an industrial miracle for people who want to save more and still get their desired design for any home craft. While distressed pallet wood is a good choice, a cleaner look suits this elevated outdoor Jacuzzi. The light brown color of the pallet becomes a perfect backdrop for greenery.



lovely pergola for jacuzzi shade

The sight of a pergola encourages relaxation and though the shade is very minimal, it can still feel very comfortable under one. The white outdoor Jacuzzi and the pergola creates the perfect mix of comfort, while plants and the bamboo wall create a lovely background that allows the white Jacuzzi to stand out.



for the romantic movie marathon night

A date night can change with the perfect setting- and this one might just be the best. Wine on hand, relaxing hot water, the soft glow from the candle light and a favorite movie can complete the romantic atmosphere this outdoor Jacuzzi brings.



metal outdoor jacuzzi for the young and old

Kids can be envious of how their elders relax during the night in a "mini pool" and might want to have their own. This outdoor Jacuzzi serves the purpose of being a water pen for kids in the day time and a relaxing hot tub for the grownups during night time. The metallic Jacuzzi is emphasized by the crates and the natural background of trees, allowing anyone, young or old, to get enticed to dip into the water and make a splash.



pure serenity in white

This outdoor Jacuzzi design screams Greek inspiration in every corner. The white bedding and pillows match the faux white-gray wall and the brown faux tiles. The plants in classic white pots still keep the natural green within the picture even at a small space, exuding a look that is so serene, one that can surely help a person relax.



flowing water and relaxing view

People find the sound of flowing water relaxing and inviting, encouraging the soul to take a break. Hot tubs create the same effect for the human body by releasing the tension accumulated from daily stress. The natural flowing water on the boulders create the best backdrop, along with the natural hues of green of the plants. The wood planks make the whole outdoor Jacuzzi look stunning.



enough privacy for an outdoor relaxation

Outdoor Jacuzzi are fun but not all appreciate being so fully exposed. This design helps keep as much privacy as possible without compromising the outdoor view. Soft, light-colored drapes and sliding doors are used to increase privacy.



romantic jacuzzi for a sunset dip

This outdoor Jacuzzi is perfect for rooftops and enjoying the sunset while the wood finish on the platform creates a beautiful contrast on the marble finish and the Japanese bamboo.



simplicity of nature and white

Outdoor Jacuzzi need not have elaborate designs to be stunning and this design is proof. The off white tub and white background become stunning with  just large lush plants as its main decor. Sensual, simple and surely enticing.



when red wood and lovely green collide

Red in wood is beautiful when lighter contrasting colors are mixed with it, such as the natural green hues of plants. This elevated outdoor Jacuzzi made from red planks of wood and surrounded by greenery is stunning. Adding the natural light of candles creates a dreamy atmosphere.



jApanese inspired outdoor jacuzzi

Outdoor hot tubs are very popular in Japan, usually made from wooden planks and on natural springs.



flowing wAter to ease stress

Imagine having a personal hot spring bath that can be used any time of the day. This very design encompases the natural stress relieving benefit of hot springs and its natural beauty.



lovely pergola and stones

A pergola can be used to protect an outdoor Jacuzzi, sheltering it from bad weather and offering a little bit of privacy.



dreamy and romantic night of relaxation

An alternative way of spending time with a loved one can become even more special with this outdoor Jacuzzi idea. The soft drapes create privacy even when outdoors, while the soft candle light sets the right soothing atmosphere.



clAssic hot tub with a waterfall backdrop

Going back to the powerful sounds of nature, this waterfall backdrop can create the sublime noise that can drown stress easily. With the hot water from this classic outdoor Jacuzzi, all cares in the world can be swept off by this marvelous design.



women's unique day out

This design is a perfect setting for that ladies' tea party you are waiting for.The flowers create a softer design against the lush greenness and the softer hue of the wood used for the outdoor Jacuzzi promotes a more feminine touch.



a closer design to what nature offers

Hot tubs and jacuzzis are the immitation of natural hot springs, and creating a design close to the natural will transform the appeal. The boulders and mix of plants and ferns in this design draw the attention of any anyone on first sight.



simple, modern and chic all the way

This is a simple design but one that can still captivate a modern and chic person easily. The black Jacuzzi stands out from the lovely polished wood. The pillows also stand out from the hue of the wood and add a bit color to the entire ensemble.



Have you ever considered incorporating a Jacuzzi into your backyard design or do you already own one? Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter in the comment section below.